Warren Zevon has been played on 1198 lists, including 614 lists in The 2003 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Quiet GunFTG521
2.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The RebelsFTG520
3.Take This You Dirty Old High PricesFTG520
4.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Ride The Man DownFTG426
5.Save The Last Dance For MeUSER00008422
7.Can't You Put the Swab in Further?USER00750418
8.Rudy Russo For Senate Trust MeFTG414
10.Morris Chestnut Stars In Like MikeUSER01809320
11.Roy L. Fuchs Preowned AutomobilesFTG320
13.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Rage At DawnFTG319
15.Madam SpankalotDePressED318
16.Wracked's Saque O' ShellacUSER01712318
18.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeFTG317
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Coroner CreekFTG317
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Girl In The WoodsFTG317
21.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Real Harold HillFTG317
22.Jack Morris Wins In 10 InningsUSER01809317
23.Redsox Fan 041BCeltics317
24.The William Morris AgencyUSER01809317
26.Lifetime Achievement Award For Carrie HamiltonUSER00750316
27.POPE 11USER00108316
28.Redsox Fan 081BCeltics316
29.Bam Morris Up The MiddleUSER01809315
30.Blowing The Living Shit Out of High PricesFTG315
31.D.N.R. 3MarkMx315
32.DePressED 4DePressED315
35.I Was In Great Shape Until Roone DiedGhoul Girl315
36.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 1USER00058315
37.Mission Impossible, Starring Greg MorrisUSER01809315
38.A Little Big To Be Playing in the Fucking MudFTG314
39.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 3USER00058314
40.Look Dad Bare TitsFTG314
41.Mercury Morris Off TackleUSER01809314
43.The Ghost Who Walks 13USER01531314
45.Sarky - King MeUSER00312313
46.Stiff Upper Lip: Corpses of LondonUSER01332313
47.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Keeper Of The FlameFTG312
48.Oh Billy Jack When Are You Coming Back?USER00750312
49.Redsox Fan 011BCeltics312
50.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Game of InchesFTG311
51.The Ghost Who Walks 05USER01531311
52.The Ghost Who Walks 08USER01531311
53.Spinzo Has No Chance But Plays AnywayUSER0161837
56.SeaPepto '03SeaPepto217
57.Susie SickoSusie Sicko217
58.Already Dead- Old and in the WayUSER01128216
59.Dead Men Not Walking 6USER00977216
60.DePressED 6DePressED216
62.POPE 15USER00108216
63.10 for 10 baby!USER00423215
64.Chad - Enema Of The StateUSER01115215
65.DePressED 1DePressED215
66.DePressED 2DePressED215
67.Don Pescado-Smoker's UniteUSER01513215
68.Eyechart 3USER01382215
69.Georges DuroyChicken at Tresky's215
70.Jackalope Ghost Drunk With Uncle FloydJackalope_Ghost215
71.Legion Of Doom 2003 1USER00497215
72.Mary Tyler Morgue 1Mary Tyler Morgue215
73.Mary Tyler Morgue 2Mary Tyler Morgue215
75.Redsox Fan 071BCeltics215
76.Special K-Fried Chicken & PicklesUSER01535215
77.The ChosenUSER00750215
78.Warren ZevonDePressED215
79.Already DeadUSER01128214
80.And Then There Were NoneDePressED214
81.Die ya BastardUSER01452214
83.Don Pescado-What's your line?USER01513214
84.Mach MitUSER00750214
85.Morris The Cat's Nine Fractured LivesUSER01809214
86.PLAIN's Here's $15 more of my hard-earned moneyUSER00820214
87.POPE 05USER00108214
88.POPE 12USER00108214
89.Redsox Fan 061BCeltics214
90.Savannah StarDePressED214
91.TG RupertUSER01743214
93.1 000002213
94.Barbie SpreadumDePressED213
96.Dwyers Death Watch 1Jim213
97.Dwyers Death Watch 2Jim213
98.Dwyers Death Watch 3Jim213
99.FTG: The Sword Is Mightier Than The PenFTG213
100.I Got A MoussaouiUSER00999213
101.POPE 02USER00108213
102.A Journey in the DarkUSER00673212
103.Bart and DJ - Fashizzle my NizzleDoc & DJ212
104.C. Reeve - Crunchy ToejamUSER00020212
105.Cadillac JCadillacJ212
107.DePressED 7DePressED212
108.Errol Morris Directs Mr. DeathUSER01809212
109.FTG: Seattle Slew Is a Thumbdick TooFTG212
110.Ghoul Girl 2Ghoul Girl212
111.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 2USER00058212
112.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost212
113.Little Steveland MorrisUSER01809212
114.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost212
115.Loki 1Loki212
116.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER00059212
117.Redsox Fan 121BCeltics212
118.The Ralph Wiggum ArmyUSER01469212
119.Tsuga - Cemetary PolkaTsuga212
120.Viscous Pariah--Banned for LifeUSER01772212
121.$$DING DING DING$$Biff Thanatos211
122.Adios AmigosJoeRam211
124.DePressED 9DePressED211
126.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Never Say GoodbyeFTG211
127.Gentleman Death 2USER00545211
129.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED211
130.Now My Hair's Perfect TooUSER00750211
131.NVN: Submitted for deaths approvalNo Viagra Needed211
132.Redsox Fan 021BCeltics211
133.Redsox Fan 111BCeltics211
134.The Dead SopranosUSER01703211
135.The Ghost Who Walks 04USER01531211
136.Tragedy on a StickUSER01695211
137.Whodat Immunity ChallengeUSER00220211
138.Already Dead AgainUSER01128210
139.Damn am I DeadUSER01619210
140.Ghoul Girl 1Ghoul Girl210
141.Nurseboy 2USER01772210
142.NVN: Stiffs In The AtticNo Viagra Needed210
143.Special K-Princess PicksUSER01535210
144.Team OBE 1USER00909210
145.The Ghost Who Walks 01USER01531210
146.Venus LovemotionDePressED210
147.Bart and DJ - You're Dead Focker!Doc & DJ29
148.Doc--I'd Like to Meet Liz Taylor (Aaaaahooooo!)Doc & DJ29
149.Eyechart 1USER0138229
150.Jesus Palomino!FTG29
151.JMD - Ashes Alee in 2003Mr Wonderful29
152.Lifetime Membership at the Playbrave ClubFTG29
153.Lym PhomaMaudieG29
154.Mafia Actuary 14USER0137529
155.MK - MBalmed 1MBalmed29
156.MK - MBalmed 2MBalmed29
157.POPE 10USER0010829
158.Psycho Bitch From HellUSER0162329
159.Redsox Fan 101BCeltics29
160.Special K-Do Not F*$@ With The LuaUSER0153529
161.The Black Gate OpensUSER0067329
162.The Forbidden PoolUSER0067329
163.The Ghost Who Walks 02USER0153129
164.The Ghost Who Walks 03USER0153129
165.The Ghost Who Walks 12USER0153129
166.The Ghost Who Walks 15USER0153129
167.DePressED 3DePressED28
168.Die, Dancing Baby, Die 3USER0108128
169.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: You Call That Whiskey?FTG28
170.Hollywood Pool BoyUSER0174028
171.Jon 2Jon0006028
172.Jon 3Jon0006028
173.The Ghost Who Walks 07USER0153128
174.The Ghost Who Walks 10USER0153128
175.JMD - Dirt Nap DecathlonMr Wonderful27
176.Redsox Fan 031BCeltics27
177.Dead as a can of Spam 2Oh No You Ditten26
178.Goddammit 1goddammit26
179.Legion Of Doom 2003 3USER0049726
180.Pepster 1USER0158326
181.Pepster 2USER0158326
182.Watch Em Drop 4USER0059426
183.C. Reeve - I want the trophy!!USER0002025
184.Sorry I Had to Do ThisUSER0169125
185.Mafia Actuary 04USER0137524
186.The Dead Travel FastHasenji23
187.1st time playerUSER01741110
188.Baby Needs New ShoesUSER01690110
189.Bloody Mary 2USER01804110
191.Circling Vulture - Keeping Hope AliveUSER00780110
192.Crazed Monkeys Stole My SoulUSER01755110
193.Dangerous Dan's Death Brigade 3Dandy Dan110
195.DirtNapsters 2USER00032110
196.DirtNapsters 3USER00032110
198.Flamingo Nut 1FlamingoNut110
199.going gently into that good nightUSER01648110
200.Great Cthulhus ListUSER00284110
201.I Want To Be Hopeless (Z)USER01189110
202.Is the head dead yet?USER01678110
204.J RODUSER01417110
205.JMC Hearse 2JUSER00997110
206.Kasey 1USER00308110
208.Nurseboy 5USER01772110
209.Oldstersalan smithee110
210.POPE 01USER00108110
211.POPE 03USER00108110
212.POPE 04USER00108110
213.POPE 06USER00108110
214.Todd 1whit25110
215.Todd 2whit25110
216.Todd 3whit25110
217.Too Sick MindsUSER01711110
218.We Had Nuns Protesting in the Parking LotFTG110
220.3 to Get Ready GOUSER0174419
221.Abra CadaverUSER0178719
222.Agatha's HordeUSER0180719
223.AtomicDog 3USER0170619
224.Beach Blanket Bingone (Z)USER0118919
225.Big Os Dead ListUSER0049319
226.Bob Hope FloatsUSER0179619
227.Cankuhn & the ZombiesUSER0108919
228.Chad - Abe Vigoda Must DieUSER0111519
229.Chad - She's Called Lady BJ 4 A ReasonUSER0111519
230.Charlie Don't Surf & Barberie is a bitchCharlie Dont Surf19
231.Chicago JakeChicago Jake19
233.D.N.R. 1MarkMx19
234.Dead Men Not Walking 5USER0097719
235.death from aboveUSER0160619
236.Death on a StickUSER0169519
237.Death's GhoulfriendUSER0162319
238.die alreadyUSER0166219
241.Dirt Mongers 2USER0113419
243.ethnic cleansinghop196219
244.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Talk About a LadyFTG19
245.ghoulash 2003Ghoulash19
246.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER0148419
247.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER0148419
248.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER0148419
249.I finally entered from PA listKristyjk19
250.I M KRAZD R U 2USER0150019
252.Jeffrey Dahmer's buffetUSER0111019
253.Johnny B. Dead's All StarsUSER0057119
254.Kelsey's Nuts 1Exit Stage Four19
255.King of DeathUSER0145219
256.Krem 1Krem9919
257.Krem 2Krem9919
258.Krem 3Krem9919
259.La Petite CanadienTINOYES19
260.Last NaziUSER0067319
261.Life Will Kill Ya WarrenUSER0114619
262.Little ghoulashGhoulash19
263.Maggot MunchiesUSER0143919
264.Mary Tyler Morgue 3Mary Tyler Morgue19
265.maxomatic 1USER0151119
266.maxomatic 3USER0151119
267.Misery on a StickUSER0169519
268.My Wife Thinks We're A Bunch of Sick Fucks 1Tripper19
269.Necro Phil's Pea Green OldiesUSER0137119
270.Nick ShadowUSER0174319
271.No Hope for the PopeUSER0180119
273.Nurseboy 1USER0177219
274.Nurseboy 3USER0177219
275.Nurseboy 6USER0177219
276.Nurseboy 7USER0177219
277.Nurseboy 9USER0177219
278.NVN: Waste of money listNo Viagra Needed19
279.POPE 07USER0010819
280.POPE 09USER0010819
281.POPE 14USER0010819
282.princess barbie of darknesshop196219
283.Random DeadUSER0166419
284.Redsox Fan 051BCeltics19
285.Redsox Fan 091BCeltics19
286.Roger Gowiththrottleup 1Roger Gowiththrottleup19
287.SALMICK 3TheMick119
290.Something Wicked This Way Comes (Z)USER0118919
291.Soon B Gonn VEdhead2219
292.Team OBE 3USER0090919
293.The BeneficiariesUSER0168119
294.The Grinning Reaper says: Die Already!!!USER0176819
295.the tribe has spoken, it's time for you to goUSER0166219
297.Tsuga - Cold Cold GroundTsuga19
298.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga19
299.Valley Morgue 1USER0168019
300.Valley Morgue 2USER0168019
301.Watch Em Drop 1USER0059419
302.we are all gonna die somedayUSER0170419
303.who do i have to kill...USER0166219
304.Why didn't you die?USER0067319
305.A Tall Frosted Glass of Cat Vomit on the Rocks00000218
306.Beaver CleavageDePressED18
307.Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned (Z)USER0118918
308.Bloody Mary 1USER0180418
309.Chad - The Tropic Of CancerUSER0111518
310.Clean up aisle sevenUSER0074418
311.Corpse CavalcadeUSER0178718
313.DePressED 5DePressED18
314.DePressED 8DePressED18
315.Disco SuperflyUSER0085418
316.Doc--The Breast Damn Atwater List PeriodDoc & DJ18
317.DP PrimeUSER0092918
318.Embalmable BoyUSER0180118
319.Ethereal MattersUSER0171318
320.FemmeFatale 1USER0120518
321.Filthy Whores 2filthy whore18
322.GGDP 1USER0100418
323.Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadUSER0000818
324.Got a Stiffie!? '03USER0115818
325.Grim Rapper 3Grim Rapper18
326.i told you i was sick 2USER0164818
327.Later Dictator (Z)USER0118918
328.Loki 2Loki18
329.Mafia Actuary 02USER0137518
330.Mafia Actuary 08USER0137518
332.Mel AnomaMaudieG18
333.Midwest Morgue Mogul LariUSER0014118
334.MK - MBalmed 3MBalmed18
336.My Rides Here (Z)USER0118918
337.Not CheapAss but PoMoFoRD0218
338.Notorious D.E.A.D.USER0180118
339.Nurseboy 4USER0177218
340.Over-Stayed their Earth VisasUSER0173318
341.PLAIN's It's free so what the hellUSER0082018
342.POPE 13USER0010818
343.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER0138718
344.SecretSquare 1USER0081218
345.Special K-Go Choke On A PennyUSER0153518
346.Spinzo Throws Away Another $15USER0161818
347.Stiff Upper Lip: Filling Up the UrnUSER0133218
348.ta ta for nowUSER0162418
349.The Fun BunchUSER0067318
350.This Is It!USER0067318
352.Tonya SlickbootyDePressED18
353.Wild World Of CorpseUSER0178718
354.1 For the MoneyUSER0174417
355.Car CinomaMaudieG17
356.Cartman's Single Bullet TheoryUSER0101317
358.Die Monster, DIE!googuse17
359.DirtNapsters 1USER0003217
360.Don Pescado-OneUSER0151317
361.Filthy Whores 1filthy whore17
362.Garak the Tailor 1USER0174517
363.Gentleman Death 5USER0054517
364.GGDP 3USER0100417
365.Go See God- The Usual SuspectsUSER0077917
366.JMC Hearse 3MUSER0099717
367.let the bodys hit the floor again 1USER0094717
368.Mojo Not RisinUSER0177017
370.NVNNo Viagra Needed17
371.Putnam's Tom Glavine won't win 300Putnam's Tomahawk Chop17
372.Rick The Bastard 1USER0042517
373.Saturn MadamSaturn Madam17
374.Skool Bird's DadUSER0099917
375.SLEEPS WITH THE FISHMary Tyler Morgue17
376.Spooky T.USER0075817
377.Starch- Castle of Count Bakulastarch17
378.Starch- Hakan Loob is my deity of choicestarch17
379.The BagmanUSER0021617
380.The Ghost Who Walks 06USER0153117
381.The Ghost Who Walks 09USER0153117
382.The Ghost Who Walks 11USER0153117
383.The Ghost Who Walks 14USER0153117
384.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED17
385.Three GoonsUSER0054017
387.Warren's WinnersUSER0067317
389.Wonder If Hell Is Segregated (Z)USER0118917
390.Wracked, But Not ForgottenUSER0171217
391.Bride of Disco SuperflyUSER0085416
392.BubblesJohn 3:1616
393.Charlie Don't Surf & Sharon Tay RocksCharlie Dont Surf16
394.Dead as a can of Spam 1Oh No You Ditten16
395.Doubtless InfernoBarker J. Wagtail16
396.Dr. Who - Only the Good Die YoungUSER0014616
398.GGDP 2USER0100416
399.I Wish I Was Jesse's Girl (Z)USER0118916
401.Jon 1Jon0006016
403.Legion Of Doom 2003 2USER0049716
404.let the bodys hit the floor again 3USER0094716
405.MrJeff2000's Tomb of Terrormrjeff200016
406.NVN: 10 Gauranteed to liveNo Viagra Needed16
407.Stiff Upper Lip: Payne Stewart's CorpseUSER0133216
408.The Dirt NappersUSER0128016
409.Uncle Marty: I'm Still Not Good At ThisUSER0139216
410.We Spin Terror 1USER0114516
411.Yeah yeah buh bye 1yeah yeah buh bye16
412.Brian C.'s listBJCx7815
413.Dead as a can of Spam 3Oh No You Ditten15
414.Die, Dancing Baby, Die 1USER0108115
415.Disco Superfly Jr.USER0085415
416.Doc--Fuck Dave WannstedtDoc & DJ15
417.Garak the Tailor 2USER0174515
418.Gorgo ReptilicusUSER0121015
419.hocks house of painhop196215
420.L.O.D. - Last Year's List Again?!!ed head15
421.Maggie and Bianca Belong TogetherRhody Trash15
423.NVN: Exit light Enter deathNo Viagra Needed15
424.Osama Yo' MamaUSER0174315
425.Raven's Flock 1USER0100615
426.SALMICK 4TheMick115
427.Southpaw JoeUSER0169815
428.The Green Reapers All You Can Eat Maggot BarUSER0141415
429.The Viper StrikesUSER0171515
430.The Winning HandUSER0067315
431.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063215
432.2 For the ShowUSER0174414
433.2003 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots14
434.2003 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots14
435.AAAH!!!!!Free at lastBucket Kickers14
436.Bart and DJ - Who Wants a Mustache Ride?Doc & DJ14
437.BIG EUSER0136714
438.Chad - Operation 6 FT UnderUSER0111514
439.Charlie Don't Surf & so long Excitable BoyCharlie Dont Surf14
440.Dead Men Not Walking 3USER0097714
441.Dead People Server USER0038014
442.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ14
443.Don Pescado-Just OLDUSER0151314
444.End Of The LineUSER0165814
445.Excitable CorpseUSER0067314
446.Feeling SicklyUSER0067314
447.Filthy Whores 3filthy whore14
448.Goddammit 2goddammit14
449.Goddammit 3goddammit14
451.L.O.D. - Thanks For Blurtinged head14
452.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER0005914
453.Raven's Flock 2USER0100614
454.Spinzo Apparently Has Money To BurnUSER0161814
455.The Green Reaper - The Ultimate ZingUSER0141414
456.Watch Em Drop 3USER0059414
457.2-3-4-5 We are no longer alive!!Bucket Kickers13
458.2003 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots13
459.AAAH!!!!Dead at lastBucket Kickers13
460.Charlie Don't Surf & Sharpton Don't SwimCharlie Dont Surf13
461.D.N.R. 2MarkMx13
462.Dead To RightsUSER0067313
463.Dirt Mongers 1USER0113413
464.Gentleman Death 3USER0054513
465.Go Leni GoUSER0121013
467.Legion Of Doom 2003 4USER0049713
468.Legion Of Doom 2003 5USER0049713
469.Mafia Actuary 01USER0137513
470.Mafia Actuary 13USER0137513
471.Midwest Morgue Mogul MeganUSER0037113
472.Putnam's Beware of Birds on IcePutnam's Tomahawk Chop13
473.Susie's DeadbeatsSusie Sicko13
474.Whatever 1USER0045413
475.Yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye13
476.You are MeatUSER0067313
477.Aaahhh Blow Me and then DieUSER0122312
478.Bart and DJ - Bart's Gay Espresso MachineDoc & DJ12
479.Chad - The Zero FactorUSER0111512
480.Dead Star ExpressUSER0067312
481.Death Rattle 1USER0165812
482.E-Brake 2: Alt.Stiffs Mascots? Blurt and ErnieE-Brake12
483.Elvis GrbacUSER0108312
485.Joe Ram 1JoeRam12
486.Legion Of Doom 2003 6USER0049712
487.Mafia Actuary 10USER0137512
488.Mafia Actuary 17: FC Challenge Y2K3USER0137512
489.Moraxian - Go for the GustoMoraxian12
490.Pepster 3USER0158312
491.The Trilateral CommissionUSER0175812
492.vomit_god 1 - Alas, poor Urichvomit_god12
493.Watch Em Drop 2USER0059412
494.Yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye12
495.Bob Hope ForeverUSER0067311
496.Chad - Time 4 Johnny 2 CashoutUSER0111511
497.Dead Men Not Walking 2USER0097711
498.Dead Men Not Walking 4USER0097711
499.Die, Dancing Baby, Die 2USER0108111
500.Elvis Grbac 2 - Electric BugalooUSER0108311
501.Joe Ram 2JoeRam11
502.John 3:16John 3:1611
503.let the bodys hit the floor again 2USER0094711
504.Mafia Actuary 06USER0137511
505.NVN: Naked pillowfighting lesbiansNo Viagra Needed11
506.Preaching To The Choir (Z)USER0118911
507.Raging Household Immunity ChallengeUSER0022011
508.Wracked Her Brains USER0171211
509.1 Sick Bitch 4USER0126400
510.1 Sick Bitch 6USER0126400
511.10 Who Ashcroft Would Still See As SuspectsUSER0173300
512.Aaahhh Blow Me Again and then DieUSER0122300
513.Aaahhh Blow Me One Last Time and then DieUSER0122300
514.BairBones 1BairBones00
515.Bart and DJ - Krazee Eyez KillahDoc & DJ00
516.Bart and DJ - Ralphie's Head in a Bowling BagDoc & DJ00
517.Bastille's Immunity ChallengeUSER0022000
518.Big Gay Al UK teamtrollette00
519.Booger Thompson is my catRhody Trash00
521.C. Reeve - Tourettes, Dammit!!USER0002000
522.Charlie Don't SurfCharlie Dont Surf00
523.Charlie Don't Surf & Warren Zevon misses summerCharlie Dont Surf00
524.Cooter Croakerstom690400
525.Culling the HerdUSER0057200
526.Diane's DirtnappersUSER0166100
527.Doc--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ00
528.Doc--Robsen Got Him Some Ghetto GumsDoc & DJ00
529.Don Pescado-FourUSER0151300
530.Don Pescado-Krusty the KlownUSER0151300
531.Dr. Paul Shipherd 1USER0065200
532.E-Brake 1: Call Now for a Free Rascal!E-Brake00
533.E-Brake 3: Freefreefreefreefreefreefree. FreeE-Brake00
536.Elvis Grbac 3: The Search for SpockUSER0108300
537.Eyechart 2USER0138200
538.Frozen Head TedUSER0167200
539.Frozen Horse Snot on a Stick00000200
540.Gentleman Death 1USER0054500
541.Gentleman Death 4USER0054500
542.Gentleman Death 6USER0054500
543.Go See God- Stop Using My AirUSER0077900
544.Go See God-More Future RegretsUSER0077900
545.Gotta Have A KenedyBibsPal00
546.Grim Rapper 4Grim Rapper00
547.Grim Rapper 6Grim Rapper00
549.Hellacious AchersBarker J. Wagtail00
550.Hollywood She-DevilUSER0174000
551.i HOPE BOB dies this year 1USER0098600
552.International Flavor of DeathUSER0138700
553.JMD - Formaldehyde EnemaMr Wonderful00
554.Joe Ram 3JoeRam00
555.Just plain DJ's Remembering Old FriendsUSER0096900
557.Loki 3Loki00
558.LongShot ListerUSER0174000
559.LynnBob says you will all soon be deadUSER0168600
560.Mafia Actuary 03USER0137500
561.Mafia Actuary 05USER0137500
562.Mafia Actuary 07USER0137500
563.Mafia Actuary 09USER0137500
564.Mafia Actuary 11USER0137500
565.Mafia Actuary 12USER0137500
566.Mafia Actuary 15USER0137500
567.Mafia Actuary 16USER0137500
568.MATTOID - Fixing To DieThe Mattoid00
569.My Wife Thinks We're A Bunch of Sick Fucks 2Tripper00
570.My Wife Thinks We're A Bunch of Sick Fucks 3Tripper00
571.No Chemo-No CancerUSER0178700
572.No Viagra Needed 1No Viagra Needed00
573.NVN: Bury me boner side upNo Viagra Needed00
574.Offal TruthUSER0179700
575.One For The RoadUSER0067300
576.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER0005900
578.Pepster 6USER0158300
579.Please die, I'm poor 2USER0065700
580.Please just dieUSER0067300
581.POPE 08USER0010800
582.Putnam's Panther PridePutnam's Tomahawk Chop00
583.Pvt Ryan 100000200
584.Pvt Ryan 200000200
585.Pvt Ryan 300000200
586.Pvt Ryan 400000200
587.Pvt Ryan 500000200
588.Raven's Flock 3USER0100600
589.Raven's Flock 4USER0100600
590.Raven's Flock 5USER0100600
592.Sarky - Melody of MaladiesUSER0031200
593.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail00
596.Smegma Melt on Whole Wheat Toast00000200
597.Starch- Every inch of my lunchstarch00
598.Strom Thurmond's DiaperUSER0138700
599.Susie StinkoSusie Sicko00
600.Team OBE 2USER0090900
601.The Total Package's TombstonesUSER0128000
602.They must die.USER0067300
603.Tommytsled-Whack'em & Stack'emTomtsled00
604.Trollette UKtrollette00
605.Uncle Marty: And the Arishikage Ninja ClanUSER0139200
606.Unhealthy and UnamericanUSER0128000
608.vomit_god 2 - Frailty, thy name is Bob Hopevomit_god00
609.Von Pretty SmurfyRhody Trash00
610.Watch Em Drop 5USER0059400
611.We Spin Terror 2USER0114500
612.We Spin Terror 3 - The BigSoccer.com ListUSER0114500
613.Well HungSBUMP200
614.Z Diddy's Worm Chow 10USER0034800


Guess the Stiff!

Well, fuck. We always want someone solid to make fun of as the FIRST death of the year, and Tommy was NOT it. A baseball icon, an all-around good guy, and worst of all - NO scandals.

Sometimes running a deadpool sucks.

(d) January 7th, 2021