Newest Stiffs:

  • Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant · 41

    August 23rd, 1978 — January 26th, 2020

    Dude goes down in a helicopter with his daughter and you came here to see what nasty thing we write about him? What is WRONG with you?

    Just kidding. We couldn't think of anything.

  • Terry Jones

    Terry Jones · 77

    February 1st, 1942 — January 21st, 2020


  • Buck Henry

    Buck Henry · 89

    December 9th, 1930 — January 8th, 2020

    Say what you will about the guy who played the pedophile babysitter on SNL - we liked him.

  • Neil Peart

    Neil Peart · 67

    September 12th, 1952 — January 7th, 2020

    In no rush. At all.

  • Sam Wyche

    Sam Wyche · 75

    January 5th, 1945 — January 5th, 2020

    No huddle.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Keith Olbermann

    Keith Olbermann · 61

    (b) January 27th, 1959

  • John Roberts

    John Roberts · 65

    (b) January 27th, 1955

  • Mikhail Baryshnikov

    Mikhail Baryshnikov · 72

    (b) January 27th, 1948

  • Troy Donahue

    Troy Donahue

    would have been 84 today
    January 27th, 1936 — September 2nd, 2001

    His new exchange? Turfside 6.

  • Jerry Buss

    Jerry Buss

    would have been 86 today
    January 27th, 1934 — February 18th, 2013

    Buss Stopped.

  • Mohammed al Fayed

    Mohammed al Fayed · 87

    (b) January 27th, 1933

  • Skitch Henderson

    Skitch Henderson

    would have been 102 today
    January 27th, 1918 — November 1st, 2005

    His newest generation of fans had come to know him as "Skeeyotch."

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Barbara Hale

    Barbara Hale · 94

    died 3 years ago today
    April 18th, 1922 — January 27th, 2017

    She was in movies for 35 years and on TV for 48 years. And she'll still be remembered as Perry Mason's secretary. Raymond Burr can suck it.

  • John Hurt

    John Hurt · 77

    died 3 years ago today
    January 22nd, 1940 — January 27th, 2017

    I am not an animal! I am a human be - oh wait. Never mind.

  • Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger · 94

    died 6 years ago today
    May 3rd, 1919 — January 27th, 2014

    Where have all the folkies gone?

  • Howard Zinn

    Howard Zinn · 87

    died 10 years ago today
    August 24th, 1922 — January 27th, 2010


  • J.D. Salinger

    J.D. Salinger · 91

    died 10 years ago today
    January 1st, 1919 — January 27th, 2010

    Catcher in the Ground.

  • Zelda Rubinstein

    Zelda Rubinstein · 76

    died 10 years ago today
    May 28th, 1933 — January 27th, 2010

    Go into the light!

  • John Updike

    John Updike · 76

    died 11 years ago today
    March 18th, 1932 — January 27th, 2009

    Rabbit make space.

  • . Suharto

    . Suharto · 86

    died 12 years ago today
    June 8th, 1921 — January 27th, 2008

    He knew first-hand what the rest of us learned from Johnny Cash — it's tough being a boy named Suharto.

  • Tige Andrews

    Tige Andrews · 86

    died 13 years ago today
    March 19th, 1920 — January 27th, 2007

    Now Captain of the Sod Squad.

  • Jack Paar

    Jack Paar · 85

    died 16 years ago today
    May 1st, 1918 — January 27th, 2004

    Insert golf joke here.

  • Richard Slattery

    died 23 years ago today
    — January 27th, 1997

    Slattery will get you nowhere.

  • Cecil Lewis

    died 23 years ago today
    — January 27th, 1997

    He was decorated as a World War I flying ace, won an Academy Award for his screen adaptation of Pygmalion and also wrote 19 novels, but he'll be best remembered for the endearing relationship he shared with Beany.

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