Newest Stiffs:

  • Jerry Lee Lewis

    Jerry Lee Lewis · 87

    September 29th, 1935 — October 28th, 2022

    If you can dig out a good obit for a guy who had one hit song and married a 13 year old, please do let us know.

  • Angela Lansbury

    Angela Lansbury · 96

    October 16th, 1925 — October 11th, 2022

    Died in her sleep, she wrote.

  • Loretta Lynn

    Loretta Lynn · 88

    April 14th, 1934 — October 4th, 2022

    From 1963 to 1983, she made on average two albums a YEAR. Then one every 3 years until 2003. Then a bunch after that. No wonder she died.

  • Kenneth Starr

    Kenneth Starr · 76

    July 21st, 1946 — September 13th, 2022

    You should only say good about the dead. Ken Starr is dead. Good.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II · 96

    April 21st, 1926 — September 8th, 2022

    This is where we write something nasty about the person who died.

    Turns out, she was a terrible skateboarder.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Richard Pryor

    Richard Pryor

    would have been 82 today
    December 1st, 1940 — December 10th, 2005

    His flame, finally, has gone out.

  • Woody Allen

    Woody Allen · 87

    (b) December 1st, 1935

  • Lou Rawls

    Lou Rawls

    would have been 89 today
    December 1st, 1933 — January 6th, 2006

    Just like a natural man.

  • David Doyle

    David Doyle

    would have been 93 today
    December 1st, 1929 — February 26th, 1997

    You may remember him as that marble-mouthed loser from Charlie's Angels. Or, you may remember him as Tom Bosley, which used to really piss him off.

  • Stansfield Turner

    Stansfield Turner

    would have been 99 today
    December 1st, 1923 — January 18th, 2018

    he ran the Naval War College. We had no idea there was a college for a war on navals. Good to know.

  • Le Duc Anh

    Le Duc Anh

    would have been 102 today
    December 1st, 1920 — April 22nd, 2019

    Loosely translated, his name means "He who is the leader of those who would follow, and will rule over the will of the people, and also looks like a Duck."

  • Cyril Ritchard

    Cyril Ritchard

    would have been 125 today
    December 1, 1897 — December 18th, 1977


Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Rick Majerus

    Rick Majerus · 64

    died 10 years ago today
    February 17th, 1948 — December 1st, 2012

    He had a 517-215 record is his 25 years of coaching, and went to 12 NCAA tournaments without ever winning a national title. He's also dead.

  • Tommy Henrich

    Tommy Henrich · 96

    died 13 years ago today
    February 20th, 1913 — December 1st, 2009

    Really old. Not reliable.

  • Prince Bernhard

    Prince Bernhard · 93

    died 18 years ago today
    June 29th, 1911 — December 1st, 2004

    He was often referred to as the most charismatic member of the Dutch royal family, which is kind of like being known as the smartest Oakland Raiders fan.

  • Dave McNally

    died 20 years ago today
    — December 1st, 2002

    He's off the map.

  • Stephane Grappelli

    died 25 years ago today
    — December 1st, 1997

    Now playing solo gigs at Le Cold Club, n'est-ce pas?

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