Newest Stiffs:

  • Anne Heche

    Anne Heche · 53

    May 25th, 1969 — August 12th, 2022

    Almost survived six days, seven nights.

  • Olivia Newton-John

    Olivia Newton-John · 73

    September 26th, 1948 — August 8th, 2022

    Look at me
    I'm Sandra Dee
    Dead as a
    Doornail can be.

  • Vin Scully

    Vin Scully · 94

    November 29th, 1927 — August 2nd, 2022

    And a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be.

  • Bill Russell

    Bill Russell · 88

    February 12th, 1934 — July 31st, 2022

    We don't care what anyone says - this guy was REALLY good at basketball.

  • Nichelle Nichols

    Nichelle Nichols · 89

    December 28th, 1932 — July 30th, 2022

    Seriously? The best Star Trek could do was to have her answering the space phone?

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Andy Samberg

    Andy Samberg · 44

    (b) August 18th, 1978

  • Christian Slater

    Christian Slater · 53

    (b) August 18th, 1969

  • Marvin Isley

    Marvin Isley

    would have been 69 today
    August 18th, 1953 — June 7th, 2010

    A little bit softer now.

  • Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze

    would have been 70 today
    August 18th, 1952 — September 14th, 2009

    Dirt Dancin' is too simple, and "Somebody sent Swayze to the coroner," is too obscure. Ghost? Fuck! This is when running a dead pool is just plain HARD.

  • Robert Redford

    Robert Redford · 86

    (b) August 18th, 1936

  • Vincent Bugliosi

    Vincent Bugliosi

    would have been 88 today
    August 18th, 1934 — June 8th, 2015

    So Vinnie is dead, and that nutjob Manson is somehow still alive? How the hell did that happen?

  • Marge Schott

    Marge Schott

    would have been 94 today
    August 18th, 1928 — March 2nd, 2004

    Her wad.

  • Shelley Winters

    Shelley Winters

    would have been 102 today
    August 18th, 1920 — January 14th, 2006

    She once said, "Now that I'm over sixty, I'm veering toward respectability." She finally crashed right into it.

  • Caspar Weinberger

    Caspar Weinberger

    would have been 105 today
    August 18th, 1917 — March 28th, 2006

    The friendly spook.

  • Marcel Carne

    Marcel Carne

    would have been 116 today
    August 18th, 1906 — October 31st, 1996

    He directed Les Enfants Du Paradis, and now he's one of them.

  • Max Factor

    Max Factor

    would have been 118 today
    August 18th, 1904 — June 7th, 1996

    Turned in, tuned out, dropped dead.

  • Jean Guitton

    Jean Guitton

    would have been 121 today
    August 18, 1901 — March 21st, 1999

    Oldest member of the Academie Francaise, and the author of dozens of books on Catholic philosophy, he was also said to have the ear of Pope Nicholas IV, back in the late 13th century.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Kofi Annan

    Kofi Annan · 80

    died 4 years ago today
    April 8th, 1938 — August 18th, 2018

    Even winning the Nobel wasn't enough to rank him higher than Boutros Boutros-Ghali in the list of all-time great United Nations Secretary-General names.

  • Don Pardo

    Don Pardo · 96

    died 8 years ago today
    February 22nd, 1918 — August 18th, 2014

    Saturday Night De.. - no. Wait. We can't do that. That's ridiculous. What have we become? Just going for the obvious? No. This game has a long, proud tradition of finding the funniest blurb we can from a giant pile of steaming obvious. It's time to kick it up a notch. Time to light the collective fire under our asses, and come up with something more than good. Something GREAT. Here we go:

    Dammit. Nothing. Fuck. Sorry.

  • Bob Novak

    Bob Novak · 78

    died 13 years ago today
    February 26th, 1931 — August 18th, 2009

    Now he gets to meet the real Prince of Darkness.

  • Pervis Jackson

    Pervis Jackson · 70

    died 14 years ago today
    May 17th, 1938 — August 18th, 2008

    Despite his repeated assurances to the contrary, it now appears that the bass vocalist for the Spinners will not, in fact, be around.

  • Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein · 82

    died 18 years ago today
    April 4th, 1922 — August 18th, 2004

    Apparently, he dabbled in movie music, but he'll forever be remembered for creating that kick-ass glue.

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