Newest Stiffs:

  • Toby Keith

    Toby Keith · 62

    July 8th, 1961 — February 6th, 2024

    Well? How DO you like him now?

  • Shecky Greene

    Shecky Greene · 97

    April 8th, 1926 — December 31st, 2023

    He was funny. Mostly because his name was actually Shecky.

  • Les McCann

    Les McCann · 88

    September 23rd, 1935 — December 29th, 2023

    Les no more.

  • Gaston Glock

    Gaston Glock · 94

    July 19th, 1929 — December 27th, 2023

    Bang! You're dead!

  • Tommy Smothers

    Tommy Smothers · 86

    February 2nd, 1937 — December 26th, 2023

    Bald. Played guitar. Yo yo master. Quite the ladies man.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy

    would have been 66 today
    February 27th, 1958 — December 31st, 1997

    Another year, another dead Kennedy. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Lee Atwater

    Lee Atwater

    would have been 73 today
    February 27th, 1951 — March 29th, 1991

    Famous? You bet your ASS he's famous.

  • Carl Anderson

    Carl Anderson

    would have been 79 today
    February 27th, 1945 — February 23rd, 2004

    Poor old Carl. So long Carl.

  • Mary Frann

    Mary Frann

    would have been 81 today
    February 27th, 1943 — September 23rd, 1998

    Serves her right for trying to fill Suzanne Pleshette's girdle.

  • Liz Taylor

    Liz Taylor

    would have been 92 today
    February 27th, 1932 — March 23rd, 2011

    8 weddings and a funeral.

  • John Connally

    John Connally

    would have been 107 today
    February 27th, 1917 — June 15th, 1993

    A permanent reminder to NEVER take rides from strangers.

  • Gene Sarazen

    Gene Sarazen

    would have been 122 today
    February 27th, 1902 — May 13th, 1999

    He's credited with inventing the sand wedge. This guy was old.

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy · 83

    died 9 years ago today
    March 26th, 1931 — February 27th, 2015

    At least he prospered.

  • Van Cliburn

    Van Cliburn · 78

    died 11 years ago today
    July 12th, 1934 — February 27th, 2013

    He won the first quadrennial International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow at age 23, which means there is absolutely no chance he ever got laid. Have a little respect.

  • Duke Snider

    Duke Snider · 84

    died 13 years ago today
    September 19th, 1926 — February 27th, 2011

    The only thing more impressive than his baseball record was the fact that he made it out of Compton High School alive.

  • Frank Buckles

    Frank Buckles · 110

    died 13 years ago today
    February 1, 1901 — February 27th, 2011

    You would too, if you were 110.

  • William F. Buckley Jr.

    William F. Buckley Jr. · 82

    died 16 years ago today
    November 24th, 1925 — February 27th, 2008

    As the world bids farewell to this emphysema-ridden blow-hard, we'd like to join his son Christopher in saying, "Thank you for smoking."

  • Otis Chandler

    Otis Chandler · 78

    died 18 years ago today
    November 23rd, 1927 — February 27th, 2006

    Where else but in L.A. could a major metropolitan newspaper be successfully run for decades by the town drunk?

  • Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers · 74

    died 21 years ago today
    March 20th, 1928 — February 27th, 2003

    There goes the neighborhood.

  • Spike Milligan

    Spike Milligan · 83

    died 22 years ago today
    April 16th, 1918 — February 27th, 2002

    On his way to Lewisham.

  • J.T. Walsh

    J.T. Walsh · 54

    died 26 years ago today
    September 28th, 1943 — February 27th, 1998

    He made his first movie in 1983, and he's been in 57 since then. No wonder he died.

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