John Gotti has been played on 1849 lists, including 380 lists in The September '01 Lee Jr..

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1.Roberto Clemente and the Guppy That Loved HimUSER00750319
2.Makeshift MemorialUSER02691316
3.Time For Uncle TiltieUSER00008316
4.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Wrangler Jane's AddictionFTG314
5.Ridin' That Train With The RobberUSER00008314
6.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunUSER03586313
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Berle Is a ThumbdickFTG311
9.Putnam's Southern Comfort @ Seneca LakeUSER02768217
11.Frankie 1USER02839216
12.M.I.'s Sweet LordUSER03613216
13.Pam's GrandUSER02724216
14.PVT RYAN 1000002216
15.DePressED 6USER02839215
16.Frankie 2USER02839215
17.Give Me a E-Brake USER00750215
18.Go See Buckner and DentUSER00750215
19.And Then There Were NoneUSER02839214
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: For Whom The Bugle TollsFTG214
21.Venus LovemotionUSER02839214
22.Dead Cat Bounce 4USER01330213
23.DePressED 1USER02839213
24.Edward LionheartUSER02839213
25.John Gotti's 'Guys Who Crossed Me Stew'USER02839213
26.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008213
27.Xtreme Dead PoolingUSER02839213
29.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Dirge For The ScourgeFTG212
30.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Hoodlum EmpireFTG212
31.NVN - Who to leave off?USER03604212
32.Potted Plant 2USER02839212
33.Putnam's Courtney Smith Day JobUSER02768212
34.Vicious Piranha? - Roberto ClementeUSER02827212
35.Always Split AcesUSER00008211
36.Clark Kent Pops a WheelieUSER00750211
38.In The Event Bob Hope DiesUSER03601211
39.Unjust Lusty DJUSER03617211
40.Vicious Piranha? - Between Shit And SyphillisUSER02827211
41.Financial RooneUSER02839210
42.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BrimstoneFTG210
43.The CHOSENUSER00750210
44.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Iron Horse Robber Go HomeFTG29
45.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: It is Ballooon!USER0357929
46.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Swordfight at the FriarsFTG29
47.Stay On 2-Thru-6 Against 2-Thru-6USER0000829
48.ToeTag - Catch Your DeathUSER0134129
49.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Phantom MajorFTG28
50.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The PlunderersFTG28
51.How's It Goin' Eisenhower?USER0000828
52.PVT RYAN 3USER0358828
53.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 1USER0269028
54.Darryl Dingleberry 3USER0269027
55.DNR/DNI Nurseboy27
56.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Wise Owl's Final VisitUSER0268427
58.Andrea the Princess of Froot LoopsUSER00750110
59.Bah da-bum bump-bumpUSER02839110
60.DePressED 4USER02839110
61.Jonathan 1Jon00060110
62.Jonathan 2USER02714110
63.Potted Plant 1USER02839110
64.Putnam's King of the BumPutnam's Tomahawk Chop110
65.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersUSER02839110
67.Why Wasn't It Ringo?USER02839110
69.Zero hits so farUSER02839110
70.Bart and DJ - Barry won't do it...not a chanceDoc & DJ19
71.Bart and DJ - Within you, Without youDoc & DJ19
72.Cartman's B-ListUSER0101319
73.Cartman's F-ListUSER0360819
74.Christopher Reeve - Hollywood Henderson sucksUSER0273619
75.Christopher Reeve - Leonard Thomas hanging outUSER0273619
76.Dead And GoneUSER0269119
77.Dealey PlazaUSER0269119
78.DePressED 3USER0283919
79.DePressED 5USER0283919
82.Dr. Anton PhibesUSER0283919
83.DXRob 1USER0048919
84.DXRob 3USER0267619
85.EB03: Dedicated to the Other EBUSER0016519
86.EB09: Quando, Quando, QuandoUSER0016519
87.EB10: My Baby Does the Hanky-PankyUSER0016519
88.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Gift From the ChiefUSER0360619
89.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The West Goes GhostFTG19 dead picksUSER0361819
91.Gotti Get Me Some Of ThatUSER0000819
92.Heel Clicking NazisUSER0269119
93.M.I. a Bitch?..Once in a WhileUSER0280719
94.Mafia Actuary 1USER0137519
95.Mafia Actuary 2USER0137519
96.Mafia Actuary 4USER0137519
97.Mafia Actuary 5USER0137519
98.Mafia Actuary 6USER0137519
99.Mafia Actuary 7USER0273019
100.Mafia Actuary 8USER0273019
101.Manly BoxerVadnelly Voodoos19
102.NVN - Thank you, Al MichaelsUSER0275219
103.oh happy dayUSER0137719
104.Otis, You Want A Treat?USER0000819
105.Pepster 1USER0005519
106.Pepster 2USER0005519
107.Pepster 3USER0005519
108.Pepster 4USER0005519
109.Pepster 5USER0276019
110.Please die for meUSER0137719
111.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER0364019
112.SEE YA...LOVE YA...DIE!!!!!Bucket Kickers19
113.T. Switala 9USER0280219
114.The Perils Of PaulineUSER0000819
115.Vicious Piranha? - A Hit Is A HitUSER0282719
116.Vicious Piranha? - All Things Must PassUSER0282719
117.Vicious Piranha? - Blowing My March WinningsUSER0282719
118.Vicious Piranha? - Brave Last DaysUSER0282719
119.Vicious Piranha? - Fun At The Old BallyardUSER0282719
120.Vicious Piranha? - Game, Set, Gibson DeadUSER0282719
121.Vicious Piranha? - Gotti Dies BuckwheatsUSER0282719
122.Vicious Piranha? - I Must Be The GreatestUSER0282719
123.Vicious Piranha? - Illness And FatigueUSER0282719
124.Vicious Piranha? - Keep Hope Alive?USER0282719
125.Vicious Piranha? - Life'll Kill YaUSER0282719
126.Vicious Piranha? - Pagin' The DevilUSER0282719
127.Vicious Piranha? - Paul Harvey ? Lights OutUSER0282719
128.Vicious Piranha? - Seashells And BalloonsUSER0282719
129.Vicious Piranha? - Swimming With The SharksUSER0282719
130.Vicious Piranha? - Tabloid ParadiseUSER0282719
131.Vicious Piranha? - Talkin' 'Bout My Friend GeorgeUSER0282719
132.Vicious Piranha? - The Big KahunaUSER0282719
133.Vicious Piranha? - The Death Of A PresidentUSER0282719
134.Vicious Piranha? - The Last CrusadeUSER0282719
135.Vicious Piranha? - The M.I. Rich SpecialUSER0282719
136.Vicious Piranha? - The Quiet OneUSER0282719
137.Vicious Piranha? - The Sound and The FuryUSER0282719
138.Vicious Piranha? - The Triumph Of The WillUSER0282719
139.Vicious Piranha? - Untamed HawkUSER0126019
140.Vicious Piranha? - Wasted Days And Wasted NightsUSER0282719
141.Vicious Piranha? - Where Do We Find Such Men?USER0282719
142.Wild John's Dead or CanadianUSER0105719
143.Dead MeatUSER0011918
144.DePressED 2USER0283918
147.Dr. Who - Medical MarvelsUSER0014618
148.DXRob 2USER0267618
149.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Big Guy Beck's WillFTG18
150.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Jubilee TrailFTG18
151.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Taking Out Enough To WinFTG18
152.Go See God- The Red Sox go down in flames!(What elUSER0077918
153.Grassy KnollUSER0067318
154.Mafia Actuary 3USER0137518
155.Mandy's Lulu Of A ListUSER0275618
156.Mr. Justice WargraveUSER0283918
157.Pepster 6USER0363118
158.Rick The Bastard 1USER0042518
159.Rick The Bastard 3USER0277818
160.T. Switala 3USER0280118
161.T. Switala 4USER0002518
162.ToeTag - U R BreathlessUSER0357618
163.ToeTag - U R ItUSER0134118
164.Wednesday 1Wednesday18
165.You Sure I Can Take This With Vodka?Mr Wonderful18
166.Bart and DJ - ?pass it already?USER0361217
167.Buff Daddy 1USER0131517
168.Buff Daddy 3USER0362017
169.Cartman's C-ListUSER0101317
170.Cartman's E-ListUSER0360717
171.Christopher Reeve - Bob Mattick goes streakingUSER0273617
172.Christopher Reeve - Mousy Laws' brainUSER0273617
173.Christopher Reeve - Ray Gagnon's paddleUSER0273617
174.Dr. Paul Shipherd's Fail-SafeUSER0065217
175.End Of The WorldUSER0000817
176.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Emergency LandingFTG17
177.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Scourge of the WestUSER0360217
178.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Talk About a LadyFTG17
179.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: You Heard the Sarge!USER0359317
180.Mafia Actuary 9USER0273017
181.Paul ToombesUSER0283917
182.Putnam's Edna, I'm Glad I Met YaUSER0276817
183.Putnam's Pink House with Blue RamblerUSER0276817
184.PVT RYAN 200000217
186.Stiffed Part 7USER0269117
187.T. Switala 1USER0002517
188.Tommytsled-Center of MassTomtsled17
189.Warren ReportUSER0269117
190.Wild John's Animal Vegetable or Indian FoodUSER0105717
191.Bart and DJ - BINGO!!!Doc & DJ16
192.Bart and DJ - What are you doing Dave?USER0359116
193.Cartman's A-ListUSER0101316
194.Cartman's D-ListUSER0101316
196.Dead Cat Bounce 5USER0133016
197.Dead Cat Bounce 6USER0363616
198.Double Down On 11, AlwaysUSER0363516
199.EB14: I made too many listsUSER0362716
200.Final BroadcastUSER0269116
201.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeUSER0358416
202.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Johnny Eagle EyeFTG16
203.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: WarpathFTG16
204.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: With a Capital TUSER0268416
205.Jonathan 3USER0271416
206.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed16
207.POPE 2USER0010816
208.Putnam's Hollywood Henderson BreastsUSER0276816
209.Rick The Bastard 2USER0042516
210.Undisclosed CausesUSER0269116
211.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 2USER0269016
212.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 3USER0269016
213.Bart and DJ - Looks Like The Cancer StuckUSER0359215
215.Chad - What Chandra Screamed During Sex w/Gary ConUSER0111515
216.Christopher Reeve - Mark Gugino gets eggedUSER0273615
217.Circling VultureUSER0078015
218.Dead Cat Bounce 3USER0265315
219.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 2USER0269015
220.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 3USER0269015
221.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Ya Got TroubleFTG15
222.NVN - Flyers In 02No Viagra Needed15
223.SEE YA...LOVE YA...BYE!!!!!Bucket Kickers15
225.Bart and DJ - Oh Billy!Doc & DJ14
226.Buff Daddy 2USER0131514
227.Chad - From Miami-Dade County FLUSER0111514
228.Doc--His Apartment Looked Like ShitUSER0361014
230.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy14
231.Nurseboy 4Nurseboy14
232.POPE 1USER0010814
233.Tsuga- Big hitter, the Lama...USER0003914
234.Tsuga- Throw It Till It SticksUSER0359614
235.When the Saints Go Marching Out USER0131414
236.Big gay Al UK teamtrollette13
237.Chad - From Palm Beach County FLUSER0264313
238.Chad - Katherine Harris' CuntUSER0359513
239.Darryl Dingleberry 1USER0269013
240.Dead Cat Bounce 1USER0133013
242.Resting ComfortablyUSER0269113
243.T. Switala 7USER0002513
244.T. Switala 8USER0002513
245.Two maggots were fighting in dead ErnestUSER0361413
246.Chad - Jeb Bush's Shoplifting Convicted WifeUSER0111512
247.Christopher Reeve - Mrs. D'Antonio saves her penniUSER0273612
248.Corpse ParadeUSER0269112
249.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 1USER0269012
250.jnorris 1USER0126412
251.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy12
252.NVN - Have you seen Junior's grades?No Viagra Needed12
253.Putnam's Shriner Uncle from St. LouisUSER0276812
254.Sheckadoo and UUSER0112312 William Zabka's CareerDoc & DJ11
256.Lady LucidVadnelly Voodoos11
257.NVN - LA 02 ???No Viagra Needed11
258.T. Switala 2USER0002511
259.Too Damn Old To Be AliveUSER0364111
260.Tsuga- This is the Big One, Elizabeth!USER0003911
261.Wild ReaperUSER0139711
263.a Y incision to die forStarwanderer00
264.Bart and DJ - A Generic List NameDoc & DJ00
265.Bart and DJ - DJtheDJ drunk listDoc & DJ00
266.Beyond Oscar's GraveUSER0138500
267.Beyond Samson's GraveUSER0138500
268.Beyond Schroder's GraveUSER0138500
269.Blue Screen of DeathMBalmed00
270.Bone CollectorUSER0139300
271.Bucket Kicker 1USER0133300
272.Bucket Kicker 3USER0264000
273.Bucket Kicker 4USER0264000
274.Bucket Kicker 5USER0264000
275.Budda BingUSER0269100
277.Chad - Dick Cheney's Pacemaker PlusUSER0359400
278.Chad - From Broward County FLUSER0111500
279.Chad - Gary Condit's SonUSER0359000
280.Chad - George W Bush's CockUSER0111500
281.Chad - Rob Lowe's Brother USER0111500
282.Chad - The 'Zero Factor'USER0111500
283.Chad - The New Name For Politics & Corruption, FloUSER0111500
284.Chad - What Laura Bush Screams During Sex w/GeorgeUSER0111500
285.Chad - What The Mistress Scream While Having Sex wUSER0111500
286.Chad - What Tipper Screams During Sex w/ Al GoreUSER0358900
288.Christopher Reeve - Bootsy Salone's mouthful of peUSER0273600
289.Christopher Reeve - Chris Carlson's chirpsUSER0273600
290.Christopher Reeve - Ernie Cardenale's dramatic reaUSER0273600
291.Christopher Reeve - Joanne Moose's eyelidsUSER0273600
292.Christopher Reeve - Joe Guerra is the manUSER0273600
293.Christopher Reeve - Joe Manning gets gongedUSER0273600
294.Christopher Reeve - Mike Canale goes wildUSER0002000
295.Christopher Reeve - Where is Brad Fitch?USER0273600
296.Darryl Dingleberry 2USER0269000
297.Dead Cat Bounce 2USER0133000
298.Deadie LauderdaleUSER0139600
300.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ00
301.Doc--BeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcDoc & DJ00
302.Doc--Do My Dance When I ScoreDoc & DJ00
303.Doc--U Chance the FC, I'll Let These Guys Fuck MeUSER0361100
304.DocS Jr.USER0127800
307.EB02: Bring Out Your DeadUSER0016500
308.EB04: Dead, White & BlueUSER0016500
309.EB05: Alphabet SoupUSER0016500
310.EB07: The Official Hate ListUSER0016500
311.EB13: My dog Miep Gies'd on the carpetUSER0362600
312.EB15: Seriously, I'm running out of picksUSER0362800
314.Final FinishUSER0269100
315.Go For ItUSER0153100
316.God wants you NOWUSER0136600
317.Golden Girls ListUSER0000800
318.GUNSLINGER-Something DifferentGUNSLINGER00
319.Hard 10USER0358100
320.Hard 6Frankie Pentangeli00
321.Hard 8Frankie Pentangeli00
322.he who cannot be namedunit1300
323.HEETERGAL 1USER0099600
324.HEETERGAL 2USER0099600
325.HEETERGAL 3USER0269900
326.HEETERGAL 4USER0099600
327.HEETERGAL 5USER0099600
328.HEETERGAL 6USER0270000
329.Hope You DieUSER0044400
330.International Flavor Of DeathUSER0138700
331.Jerry's KidsUSER0362400
332.jnorris 2USER0364200
333.Joker ... JOKER ... Jacks and JohnsUSER0341100
334.Just Plain DJ - September is the cruelest monthUSER0364300
335.KMG365 1USER0138300 of the grieved, home of the graveUSER0363400
337.Letter Opener Of Death 1ed head00
338.Letter Opener Of Death 2ed head00
339.Libs And Let DieUSER0139800
340.Lucky LariUSER0014100
341.M.I. Flew Over The Cuckoo's NestUSER0000800
342.Moraxian - Fun FolksMoraxian00
343.mostly sick, mostly superannuated, mostly damn forUSER0034800
344.mourning has brokenStarwanderer00
345.MrJeff2000's Tomb of Terrormrjeff200000
346.Must Defeat M.I. And V.P.USER0000800
347.NVN - Custodians of hatredUSER0363000
348.NVN - Fuck the BravesNo Viagra Needed00
349.NVN - Ringing Hell's BellsUSER0275200
350.Obit 1USER0005900
351.Obit 2USER0275300
352.Obit 3USER0275300
353.Old FogiesUSER0269100
354.PookieJones 2USER0136100
355.PookieJones 3USER0358200
356.POPE 3USER0276400
358.Putnam's Need to AssimilateUSER0276800
359.Putnam's Wild Man CanaleUSER0276800
360.Rita RoundheelsUSER0269000
361.Road To RooneUSER0361500
362.SALMICK 1TheMick100
363.SALMICK 2TheMick100
364.SALMICK 3TheMick100
365.Scarface Kills 1USER0049500
366.Scarface Kills 2USER0278700
367.Snoopy's All Dead Stars 3USER0108100
368.Soon B. GonnEdhead2200
369.T. Switala 5USER0002500
370.The EndUSER0269100
371.Tsuga- Accuracy By VolumeUSER0003900
372.Tsuga- And who can forget classics like ...USER0359900
373.Tsuga- Max Attack!USER0003900
374.Tsuga- The Packy ContingencyUSER0359700
375.Tsuga- Two Pickets to TitsburgUSER0003900
376.Uncle Marty - The Road to ZanzibarUSER0139200
378.Wild Ass Dead GuessesUSER0363800
379.Woody Wayne 7DONT GET WELL00
380.You're Dead MeatUSER0139100


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