Lady Bird Johnson has been played on 2358 lists, including 344 lists in The 2004 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.EBrake7: The Queen of StiffsE-Brake432
2.Mr. Kersey Just Shot Some of the Creeps!FTG424
3.Al and Trollette UK Combotrollette417
4.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost325
5.Death March 81BCeltics324
6.Excuse Me For Coffin 1USER00594324
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Death Valley DaysFTG324
8.GET STIFF!!USER01841324
9.JMD - Won't Survive to 2005Mr Wonderful324
10.Jealous of Zach Liking My Team Names-PatheticUSER00750323
11.MA11: Reunited with Jack BuckUSER01375323
12.Trollette UK teamtrollette323
13.I Can't Win If You Don't Die 1USER01728322
14.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost322
15.Coroner's Trophy Casebrianp88321
16.Midwest Morgue Mogul MeganUSER00371321
17.Venus LovemotionDePressED321
18.BIG E - The FavoritesUSER01367320
19.Death March 61BCeltics320
20.Death Soup DieUSER00540319
21.Tsuga - Shark's Patrol These WatersTsuga319
22.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunFTG318
23.Go Fish2USER01898318
25.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484317
26.Bottom FeederGhoul Girl315
27.Dead as a Can of Spam 2Oh No You Ditten315
28.Doktor Robert IIIUSER01896313
29.Special K - Remora Snack-PakUSER01535312
30.Angelina Haunt JolieUSER00026219
32.Grandma Cowman's Ghoulish GhoulashUSER02018219
33.Jackalope Ghost IIJackalope_Ghost219
34.Justin Hale 01USER01531219
35.Justin Hale 06USER01531219
36.Protect Home Like a Mormon Girl on Prom NightUSER00750219
38.Spooky T 2004USER02037219
39.Assuming room temperature...USER01690218
40.Bridgman's Crypt Keepersbridgy218
41.MI a Weasel? Ask My Anonymous SourcesUSER00750218
42.Bridgman's Death Squadbridgy217
43.Bridgman's Morgue Dwellersbridgy217
44.Death March1BCeltics217
45.Death March 31BCeltics217
46.Death March 71BCeltics217
47.NJ Deadlines IIIJackalope_Ghost217
48.Other People's LeftoversDGD217
49.Political Flavor of DeathUSER01387217
50.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER01387217
51.Spiny Norman 3USER01421217
53.They Better Wait Until Jan 1 2004RD02217
54.Wracked's Plot BoilersWracked217
56.Cake or Death 2USER01869216
57.Cancer & Alzheimers & Strokes - Oh My!DGD216
58.Cartman- Put Dutch On The DimeUSER01013216
59.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ216
60.Jeebus Clubs You 1Hugh G. Wrekshun216
61.Max Payne 19robbo216
62.My Dog Baxter's Death ListUSER00283216
63.Probate Lawyer Seeks WorkUSER00073216
64.Start DiggingUSER01832216
65.Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown216
66.Worm WarriorsUSER01998216
68.Cloth Horse 2000Larry215
69.Dead as a Can of Spam 1Oh No You Ditten215
70.Dead BedwettersUSER01937215
71.Fade to BlackFade to Black215
72.Handful of Dust - Tick Tick TickUSER01410215
73.Hellacious AchersBarker J. Wagtail215
74.Max Payne 18robbo215
75.Pearly GatesUSER01814215
76.Rotten to the CorpseUSER01797215
77.Safety Cat's Sure-Fire FatalitiesUSER01993215
78.Sarky - Zachs BitchUSER00312215
79.Soon B Gonn VEdhead22215
80.Special K - The People's PicksUSER01535215
81.The Original FuturestiffUSER01822215
82.The Reaper Cometh 2USER01973215
83.Toe TagUSER01763215
84.Angelina's unknown sisterUSER00026214
85.Anyone have a shovel- I need to dig a 6 ft holeUSER01946214
86.Cash In The Ash BinWormicelli214
87.Cloth Horse 1000Larry214
88.Drop Dead Gorgeous 2004USER01688214
89.MARY TYLER MORGUE IMary Tyler Morgue214
90.SeaPepto '04SeaPepto214
93.Copybird NevermoreUSER01089213
94.Eighty's EnoughUSER00073213
95.Goodbye To YouUSER00355213
96.Janice Soprano EthicsRhody Trash213
97.Nicer cup of teaUSER01880213
98.Nurseboy-Instant Run-offNurseboy213
99.Oldsters 3alan smithee213
100.Something smells ? oh God where?s Abe?!katt-zass213
101.A Tribute to Buddy Ebsentwinpete212
102.Buy THIS Farm!Joker212
105.Dr. Who - Lightning Strikes TwiceUSER00146212
106.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl212
107.Henley's Ticket to Hell 2Michenley212
110.La Muerte 1LaMuerte212
111.The Pope's DiaperUSER01387212
112.1. I LOVE THE DEADUSER00070211
113.10 Folks Who Won't Die Cause They're On My ListSickSister211
114.A Grateful Deadhead IIIJudysomething211
115.Cryptkicker 1JohnRandy211
116.Goodbye To You 3USER00355211
117.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed211
118.PJT 2004Paul of St. Augustine211
120.RigorMortis IRigor211
121.Spinzo: The Guy from Big CountryUSER01618211
122.Yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye211
124.As If It Were Your Last #2Minnesota Neil210
125.Bury Me ShallowUSER01948210
126.Deathwish UPSjoseph8080210
127.Filthy Fucking Whoresfilthy whore210
128.Notorious D.O.A.MarkMx210
129.hocks house of painhop196229
130.The Reaper Cometh 3USER0197329
131.Yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye29
132.Bastille: Serlings last cigaretteUSER0022028
133.Baxley - Class of '90Baxley28
135.Who Wants to Lick the Spoon This TimeUSER0150028
141.The Armchair MessiahUSER0174325
143.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 2USER0113023
145.10 for 10 2004USER00423110
146.Badger Kelley says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger110
149.Class of 90USER01832110
150.Corpse CavalcadeUSER01787110
151.Cowboy CorpseUSER01857110
152.Dancin on WOHLERT'S graveonefunsob110
154.DeFiCaToR LiSt OnEUSER01458110
155.Die Die Die - Cadged CodgersSarkon110
156.Digger's Dead Folks 04Digger00110
157.Dirt Nap TimeCorpse Counter110
158.Election Year With No HopeUSER00073110
159.Foolish Mortals IUSER01909110
160.Formaldehyde On The Rocks USER01857110
161.Grave ConsequencesUSER01919110
163.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper110
164.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484110
165.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484110
166.Happy deathday to youse!USER01879110
167.High MortalityUSER01857110
168.JMK- Decomposing HarryUSER01551110
170.Kasey 1USER00308110
171.Lary Bic is HungryUSER01842110
172.Lights Out in the Boston HillsJoker110
173.LilSqueaky's Non-Squeakerslilsqueakyone110
177.Rancid and Ready to Go! USER01941110
178.Ritz's Elder StatesmenUSER01786110
179.Sailor Goon 2004USER01797110
180.Team OBE 1USER00909110
181.The Buzzard's CrotchScott in Philly110
182.Tomb RatersTomB rater 666110
183.A Ballpeen Hammer Up Al Frankin's AssDGD19
184.Bag & Tag Angel of Death19
185.Boots picksUSER0155319
186.Bury me in EnglandUSER0187319
187.Cat's List 2Bucket Kickers19
188.Cold Cut Anyone2USER0087219
189.Cryptkicker 2JohnRandy19
191.Die Ya BastardsUSER0145219
193.Diggers Choicesoregontrail19
194.Dirt Nap Time 2Corpse Counter19
196.Do you Know you're Dead? 5Dead Like Me19
197.Doc SUSER0156019
198.Dragons BaneUSER0128919
200.Eton Rifles 1USER0147719
201.Excuse Me For Coffin 5USER0059419
202.Foolish Mortals IIUSER0190919
203.Foolish Mortals IIIUSER0190919
204.Give Me a StiffyUSER0192819
205.Half Gallon Of Love #1USER0031019
206.Just Die Already, please?Big Guy19
207.Just Die BabyUSER0127519
208.Krem's ListKrem9919
209.Leaving on an Astral PlaneUSER0203919
210.Max Payne 16robbo19
211.MK - Hanging ChadMBalmed19
213.Moraxian - Thanks Pistol PeteMoraxian19
214.Necro Phil's Simon Magus ImpersonationUSER0137119
215.No Chemo - No CancerUSER0178719
217.No Viagra Needed 6No Viagra Needed19
218.Patka's Daisy PushersUSER0037319
219.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!!!noseinbook19
220.R.I.P.people meat19
221.Shotrock's Hammer USER0172619
222.Someone poison the Pope's corn flakes for me...BJCx7819
224.Ted Williams on Ice 1USER0092519
225.Thats All Folks21Digger O Dell 1019
226.The Game Of LifeUSER0204519
227.The Ralph Wiggum ArmyUSER0146919
228.They are all old or sickUSER0120619
229.Tommytsled-Smells Like Feet And Ass Tomtsled19
231.Troll 1Death Troll19
232.Troll 3Death Troll19
234.Warpigs from HellUSER0185119
235.Wouldn't you rather be rotting?USER0111019
236.Zed's dead baby. Zed's deadUSER0179619
237.Bastille's Immunity ChallengeUSER0022018
238.Chad: Bedtime 4 Bonzo Jane & The Iron BitchUSER0111518
239.Chad: Your Body Is A WonderlandUSER0111518
240.Dead Men Not Walking 3USER0097718
241.Disco Superfly Jr.USER0085418
242.Doubtless InfernoBarker J. Wagtail18
243.Janet From Anotha PlanetUSER0202318
244.JT01: Some old FuckersTripper18
245.Lick Bush in 2004!USER0188218
246.Loops famous listUSER0155518
247.Shotrock's Burned StonesUSER0172618
248.SLEEPS WITH THE FISH 3Mary Tyler Morgue18
249.The Big SleepUSER0184118
251.Cankuhn's Zombies ReturnUSER0108917
252.Clean up aisle sixUSER0074417
253.Cold Cut Anyone???USER0087217
254.Death Rattle 2anarchess17
256.Die Please Thank YouUSER0056517
257.Great Caesar's GhostPaul168117
259.Half Gallon Of Love #2USER0031017
260.I Think I'll get myself some Ice CreamFTG17
261.Mojo Not RisinUSER0177017
262.Morticia IVUSER0179717
263.Roger Gowiththrottleup 3Roger Gowiththrottleup17
264.Run Lola RunE-Brake17
265.Special K - Coconut Junior's PicksUSER0153517
266.We Spin Terror 1USER0114517
267.Witches and Bitches in DitchesFrankie Pentangeli17
268.Yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye17
269.Big gay Al UK teamtrollette16
270.Chad: Breaking News: Pope All Pooped OutUSER0111516
271.DEADHEADS R US (The Sequel)USER0139116
273.Eyechart's 3rd 2004 ListUSER0138216
274.Feisty Old BroadsDollar Bill16
275.God's Waiting Room 2USER0185516
276.Half Gallon Of Love #3USER0031016
277.JT02: Mayberry, R.I.P.Tripper16
278.White Shores Are Calling 2USER0183016
279.Wolfman RatUSER0049216
280.AA3-Who do I choose now that Hope is lostUSER0175515
281.Call 1-800-RAT-FINKE-Brake15
282.Drinking With Cousin RogerUSER0195815
283.ethnic cleansinghop196215
284.IAGO 3IAGO15
285.JT03: It's High Time We Buried A Golden GirlTripper15
286.POPE 3USER0010815
288.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063215
290.AA1-Grim Reapers To do ListUSER0175514
291.Chad: The Zero FactorUSER0111514
292.Grim and Bear it 2USER0077514
293.JMD - Decaying Damsel Dirt NapMr Wonderful14
294.Michigan Militia StiffiesUSER0191514
295.Please Die so I can pay my billsUSER0189414
296.Toes UpUSER0202514
297.You Go GirlUSER0120514
298.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh Blow MeUSER0122313
299.Chad: The 10th VictimUSER0111513
300.IAGO 2IAGO13
301.We Spin Terror 2USER0114513
302.D.N.R. 1MarkMx12
303.Midwest Morgue Mogul Gigi (A)USER0062412
304.NJ Deadlines IIJackalope_Ghost12
305.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 1USER0113012
306.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 3USER0113012
307.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 4USER0113012
308.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 5USER0113012
309.The Sylvesters - Nick Laurie & Little Nick - 6USER0113012
310.Chad: Breaking News: Kitty Turns 2 LitterUSER0111511
311.EBrake6: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonderE-Brake11
313.1 Sick Bitch 2USER0126400
314.Al Bundy- Ladies FirstBig Bald Jon00
315.Baby Don't Fear The ReaperUSER0188600
316.Bloody Mary #3USER0180400
317.Bunts Number 3USER0167500
318.Chad: Breaking News: Dangerfield DEADUSER0111500
319.Chad: Yasser - THAT'S My BabyUSER0111500
320.Chad: My Phone's On Vibrate 4 YouUSER0111500
321.Chad: She's Called Lady BJ 4 A ReasonUSER0111500
322.Chad: Voting 6ft Down - WAY Down On EbertUSER0111500
324.daisy pusherssquidly76600
325.Dead Wish ListUSER0200000
326.Death Wish 2004DeathWish00
327.dig-a-hole2cape cadaver00
329.EBrake2: Dead-Poolin' my ass offE-Brake00
330.Go See God- Word to Your MotherUSER0077900
332.I Got Another MoussaouiUSER0099900
333.I told you I was sickUSER0164800 can happen to youUSER0174100
335.Let the BODIES hit the floor 1Angel of Death00
336.NJ DeadlinesJackalope_Ghost00
337.Nurseboy 3Nurseboy00
338.PLAIN's Freebie AKA The really-old-folks homeUSER0082000
339.princess barbie of darknesshop196200
340.Soul HunterUSER0087500
341.The Reaper Cometh 1USER0197300
342.The Stiff In Phoenix Is Dead TiredUSER0081400
343.Toes Up 2USER0202500
344.Wednesday #3Wednesday00


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