Bob Barker has been played on 2090 lists, including 339 lists in The 2023 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.I Am Thirdlaptoplg534
3.Written in pencil.SpeculativelyMorbid533
5.Kick The Bucket List 8: The BulletKick The Bucket List527
7.Anarchy Is Hangin' With The Raisin GirlsAnarchy and a biscuit524
8.To The Next Levelbrianp88520
9.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2023calvey432
10.Jackalope Ghost II Joey Ramone's YooHooJackalope_Ghost431
11.Doctor of Death IIIthe doctor of death430
12.Mr. Blakes Last DanceMr. Blake430
13.Alive and Kickin' (not)The 7FOOTER428
14.Maker Meeters 2zombiebait428
15.Rat Bastards 1USER02215428
17.Sucks that Benedict died in 2022Elster000428
18.The Velvet Lined Undergroundgidget428
19.Maker Meeterszombiebait427
20.Say Yes to the Death! 3berg1199427
21.Big boner 3AndyPants426
23.Lust To DustComfortably Numb426
24.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death425
25.Past the StandsHOOFBEATS425
26.RoadkillDr Drunk425
27.Doctor of Death IIthe doctor of death424
28.It's all fun and games until someone ... oops, nevermindShannon Fisher424 of the popsUSER00562424
30.Top of the Heapthedeadmanshand423
32.Don't I look like MyselfDon't I look like myself.421
33.Surly DeathlistSurly1421
34.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and WomenTwisted Freak420
36.Pots Kitchen & BaconMarkMx420
37.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx419
38.DIE LIZA DIE...and all that jazzpignap418
39.The Game of LifeUSER02045417
40.Ig's Stiffs #2The Ig416
41.Anarchy Knows Donny DarkoAnarchy and a biscuit412
42.Chindon, That's Enoughptgkc325
43.Death By Pinocle #3oregontrail325
44.Easy Reapingsphotosurrealism325
46.Well byeGunny Tom325
47.A Tisket, A CasketDed Yet??324
48.An avocado that had sex with an uglier avocadoswingman324
49.Ivy Cliff Bhodag21378324
50.Not Dead Yet '23shroom324
51.Pronghorn Watcher 95Thedudescrew324
53.Enough of you AlreadyCcantu902323
54.Jack of Mary 2023Bones Marie323
55.Zsa Zsa's Still DeadJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag323
56.Death to All (1)The Force is Deathening322
57.Geist Gone WildGeist here322
58.JMD - Dirt Nap DecathlonMr Wonderful322
59.Luzers 2Ming322
60.sleddog 2023sleddog322
61.All The Young Dudes MMXXIIIel bobbo321
62.Anarchy Never Was A Cornflake GirlAnarchy and a biscuit321
63.Chicken at Tresky's #1Chicken at Tresky's321
65.Pope B.. you could have waited another day!splittertogo321
66.Putin's Honey Do ListChris C.321
67.This is gonna be the yearAndrew Edling321
68.23 deadnesssnakedya320
69.Dead Writefromthetomb320
70.Death Pool For CutieThunderKatz320
71.I'm Not Feelin' Too Good MyselfPanama Luke320
72.Mr Stiffs PicksMr. Stiffs320
73.Rage, rage toward the dying of the light!uselessexistence320
74.Red Dead Redemptionswingman320
75.Say Yes to the Death!berg1199320
77.The Usual Suspectsswingman320
78.You never know what's comin' for youEuro-trash320
79.Ah-Dee-Ohs 2023DuctTapeSmith319
80.Geist TouchGeist here319
81.JoeRam3Adios Amigos319
82.Petey's GiftNancy_D319
83.Taking Dead Aimtrail of blood319
84.Another 1 bites the dustabednego318
85.Boot HillAll My Stiffs318
86.Down and DirtyDRave13318
87.Dudley DeadrightDead Person Specialist, E318
88.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl318
89.Grateful Dead '23Deader Than A Doornail318
90.Killer TomatoesIndyHawk318
91.Lets Go Now!Thinking318
92.Maloyo 2023-2Maloyo2317318
94.Beelzebruh- One last song and danceunit13317
95.Boneyard 2023abone317
96.Death is a many splendid thingsplittertogo317
97.Death March1BCeltics317
98.Let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa317
101.Pawn of the DeadTarotGuy317
102.Petey ReturnsNancy_D317
103.Please Don't Die, Really!thedeadmanshand317
104.Assuming Room Temperaturechriscott97316
105.Deader than DiscoLonghorn316
106.Feed The Treesaudioboss316
107.Maloyo 2023-4 (mix)Maloyo2317316
108.Pronghorn WatcherThedudescrew316
109.Saw The Light #1SAW THE LIGHT316
110.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail316
111.Vaxxed and Boosted 4NotComingDownForBreakfast316
112.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's315
113.Geist Within Your SoleGeist here315
115.IGNATIUS'S RUBBER GLOVE VOLUME 1Ignatius' Rubber Glove315
116.They are done 2023Kirksbudlight315
119.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl314
120.2023 Last Callonyx2783313
121.Achieved Room Temperatureachieved room temperature313
122.Big boner 5AndyPants313
123.Bugs and Bones 2Bugs and Bones313
124.dead gumboUSER00562313
125.Dead White and Blue Toosokrazed1313
126.Death be Not Proudsplittertogo313
127.English Dave's PredicticatorBones Marie313
129.Saw the Light #3SAW THE LIGHT313
130.DX Rob IIDX Rob312
131.Time to die iron eagleJames30224312
133.2023 best yet to comeBud Santimyer311
134.Sad News from HollywoodBagger310
135.Strike TwoJoker310
136.Stiffpicker 2Stiffpicker39
138.Aunt GrimmCBS219
139.Big boner 4AndyPants219
141.Off You Go...Ded Yet??219
142.The People Formerly Known As AliveDr Drunk219
143.There is a Light That Always Goes OutBri8448219
144.Toe Tagger 23Wallbanger219
145.Too Sick, Too Old, Gotta Goptgkc219
146.Aardvark1Hugh G. Wrekshun218
147.Bob, it's time IIIztreto218
148.Cemetery Girls 5Vera218
149.Ig's Stiffs #1The Ig218
150.Ivy Cliff Ahodag21378218
151.Skunkhair 2023 #1Skunkhair 2013218
152.Skunkhair 2023 #3Skunkhair 2013218
153.TV Legends I Will MissRastafarian Mormon218
154.Big boner 1AndyPants217
155.Catholic Schoolgirl Revenge BrigadeCzechpointChrly217
156.Chilly Dead Toochillybilly217
157.Dead White and Blue Freesokrazed1217
158.Death by Misadventuremr smarty-pants217
160.Kick The Bucket List 7: In HeavenKick The Bucket List217
161.La Muerte Es Mi VidaLaMuerte217
162.Maggot Farm 1Dead Pharaoh217
163.Really OldBunn's Bones To Be217
165.THREESTICKSHerm Boolie217
166.2023 Dead BeatsChuckie216
167.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive216
168.Bloodbath & BeyondBloodbath & Beyond216
169.Deathrider 2023deathrider216
171.MBalmed 1MBalmed216
172.MBalmed 2MBalmed216
173.MBalmed 3MBalmed216
174.Now Departing Gate 2022Nick ‘n Beth216
175.Susie Sicko 2Susie Sicko216
176.Time To Die In 2023Larry4444216
177.Victory AND Death 2Shams216
178.Abra-CadaversNick ‘n Beth215
179.AbracadaversNick ‘n Beth215
180.Big boner 2AndyPants215
181.Building OperatorsBuildingMaintenance215
182.Chicken at Tresky's #2Chicken at Tresky's215
183.Cordell CordellPrincess Tessa215
184.Die Die My DarlingHauntedWebmaster215
185.Knock knock, you deadDead Person Specialist, E215
186.Live Free Or DieRobin215
187.OK One More ListBunn's Bones To Be215
188.PEOPLE MEATPeople Meat215
189.Reap Em and Weep #1USER00557215
190.Shipping ListMort d'Zsa Zsa215
191.Some Old MotherfuckersUSER02524215
193.Vaxxed and Boosted 2NotComingDownForBreakfast215
194.3rd listUSER00562214
195.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk214
196.Cast the DieNick ‘n Beth214
197.Dasiey Pushers IIIsquidly766214
198.Gotham 2023aknauf214
199.JoeRam2Adios Amigos214
200.Joined the Choir Invisible 2splittertogo214
201.Kick The Bucket List 9D: 3D Times 3Kick The Bucket List214
202.Worm BuffetNick ‘n Beth214
203.Dark Bidding on the InternetJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag213
204.Erika Anne Wins it This YearBuffiedee213
205.Just Die AlreadyPoke the Bear213
206.Mike's ListMontrealMike213
207.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy213
208.Para Norman ActivityBig Bald Jon213
209.The Regulator ListWarren G213
211.CROSSING THE VEILPeople Meat212
212.Donne In!splittertogo212
213.Geist WorldGeist here212
214.goddamit 3goddammit212
215.goddammit 1goddammit212
216.goddammit 2goddammit212
217.Naha Assassins1BCeltics212
218.option zerorcwilliams212
220.Here Today, Gone TomorrowIn the Box Looking Up211
222.Regrettably yours.ColFitz68211
223.Serious Wild Ass Guesses 2023Chickeyd211
225.Team DeathWish (3) 2023gfultz1211
227.In Russia, Window Throws You!merder4eva210
228.No One Gets Out AliveTitanPilot583210
229.The 20\'s, they be roaring...LMac113210
230.The Fallen Who Can't Get UpBoJack Hearseman210
231.The List - 2023Lord Dickerson210
232.Trump Gets Gang raped in Prison 2023FroggyB210
233.Death Wish 2023DeathWish29
234.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl29
235.I hope Benedict dies in 2023 and doesn't do a Betty WhiteElster00029
236.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo29
237.TG 2023 StiffsTaz9029
238.TLMD 2023 Death Listbitzofdisndat29
239.Age Against the Machinetkdmel28
240.Dead Still not DancingDead Person Specialist, E28
241.Down With The StiffnessTheJtizzle1328
242.Dust to DollarsDRave1328
243.Easy Bets 420scb420828 knockoffs#3Kywildcatmike28
245.Poof ListGremory28
246.Stiffpicker 3Stiffpicker28
248.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison27
249.Death be Not Proud 2splittertogo27
250.Azabache 2023azabachenegro26
251.Buck & MichelleBuck25
252.CT Mikes ListMikek663425
253.Maker Meeters 3zombiebait25
254.Only Button Pushers AllowedPushing buttons since Oct25
255.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E25
256.One dog goes one way and one goes the otherPrincess Tessa24
257.Another one bites the dustsplittertogo23
258.In Through the Out Doorptgkc23
260.Bob, it's timeztreto110
261.Bye Bob!Nick ‘n Beth110
262.Coffin Up BloodNick ‘n Beth110
263.Dirt NapNick ‘n Beth110
264.Hollywood's Dirt Nap CowboyStrlinmoss110
265.I am the dark on List #6I am the dark one110
266.I am the dark one List #1I am the dark one110
267.I am the dark one List #4I am the dark one110
268.I am the dark one List #6I am the dark one110
269.I am the dark one List #8I am the dark one110
270.I am the dark one List #9I am the dark one110
271.I Don't Hear Enough RIPpingrazorben110
272.Lashern\'s Folly 2023Lashern110
273.Leftovers 1USER00562110
274.List Aerstauf110
275.No Need to Make My Bed, I'll Sleep When I'm DeadSafeList110
276.Not Dead Yet XIIITimur110
277.Not That I Want To Lose Them, But...HadesGirlfriend110
278.Nothing matterstowelielife110
279.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers110
280.Pushing up Daisies 1firewife4life110
281.Show Biz 2023Ranger275110
282.Smith IVlaptoplg110
283.Somewhere Over The Rainbow BridgeNick ‘n Beth110
284.Behr 2023bTeddiebehr2719
285.Bring Out Your DeadWhitney Houston's Sober19
286.Death's Design 2023Death’s Design19
288.Gold Medalist In The Underground LugeMcPutt19
289.Lots o' old and sick bastards XVBJCx7819
290.Memorial Park Ranger 1memorialparkranger19
291.No More Hippies AllowedNo Hippies19
292.Time Is A Tickin\'taylorsannicolas19
293.Time Is A Tickin\'taylorsannicolas19
295.Any day nowIMPoe18
296.Bob, it's time IIztreto18
297.Damn Near Dead IIBada Bing18
298.FatherTimeIsUndefeatedStiff Curry18
299.Gone in 23Denern18
300.Happy clam house of deathHappyclam9918
301.hey yoahSirJacob18
302.I am the dark one List #3I am the dark one18
303.If you're gonna ride my ass at least pull my hairJleetz18
304.Meet The WormsHauntedWebmaster18
305.Nicoles 2023 List of People Who Will Live 4everspol8518
306.Old Hags With Toe TagsTheMorrill18
307.Robert Clary is deadBig Guy18
308.Sand Mountain Bucket ListWallbanger18
309.Three Forks, MTDeath is too good for him18
310.$1 please BobTheyComeInThrees17
311.Bugs and Bone 3Bugs and Bones17
312.Dead White and Bluesokrazed117
313.Death- SuperfreakJayRockers!17
314.From The Depths Of The Chesapeake Vol. 7BillFromDaShore17
315.Robbie & The RottensThedudescrew17
316.Saints Preserve Us!Paul of St. Augustine17
317.Ye Gonna Yeet HimselfGreatDaneMom17
318.Black Dog Down, Down, Down 23Black Dog Down16
319.Gone and forgottenBrandy16
321.Ted Meets BobTheodore Stanek16
322.Death Pool Gambler 3Death pool gambler15
323.Death- JoleneJayRockers!15
324.EXIT STAGE DEATHPeople Meat15
325.I love you...NOW DIE BABYpignap15
326.Ig's Stiffs #3The Ig15
327.Knock, knock, knocking....Johnny WhiteCloud15
329.Stanek's BonerTheodore Stanek15
330.The FloatersCheswick15
331.BLISSTERS 2-2023rjb12116214
332.Cemetery Girls 2Vera14
333.Dawna\'s DeadsvilleDawnaODead14
335.Kiss of Deathrhook91314
336.Well nobody died did they? #3Archangel14
337.Nespy's Necro NotebookCTNespy13
338.I am the dark one List #5I am the dark one11
339.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko11


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