Ted Kennedy has been played on 455 lists, including 353 lists in The 2009 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye744
2.Frankie 1DePressED738
3.yeah yeah buh bye yeah yeah buh bye642
4.Frankie 2DePressED639
5.DePressED01 - An Honorary Degree Too ManyDePressED637
6.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED636
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunFTG632
8.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 2Kolchak the Night Stalker540
9.And Then There Were NoneDePressED539
10.DePressED02 - I've Had The Time Of My LifeDePressED539
11.2009 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots538
12.2009 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots538
13.2009 Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots537
14.Beaten By A Connie Chung ChristmasRD02537
15.DePressED12 - All DunneDePressED537
16.2009 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots536
17.2009 Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots536
18.DePressED03 - I'll Raise You One PancreasDePressED536
19.I Don't Know The Way You Came AliveDePressED536
20.2009 Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots535
21.DePressED09 - You're Still Hanging Around?DePressED535
22.We Spin TerrorUSER01145535
23.Venus LovemotionDePressED534
24.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye534
25.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED533
26.Death Soup: Ghost Of A ChanceMJ and Friends532
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Three Violent PeopleFTG532
28.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: TimestalkersFTG532
29.Four Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past532
30.The Lynch MobTaugh532
32.DePressED10 - At The Tone Leave Your NameDePressED531
33.DePressED11 - And Who Exactly Is Bill Shamblin?DePressED531
34.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1Kolchak the Night Stalker530
36.Daisy A Day DearDePressED528
37.Rhododendrons are growing out of my buttUSER02598528
38.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: ChemosabeFTG527
39.Bury CorpesinFTG525
40.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED524
41.DePressED04 - Cancer ClubDePressED522
42.Cannot Make Fur Coat From Feather of GooseFTG434
43.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED434
44.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484433
45.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484433
46.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484433
47.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye433
48.DePressED07 - Down Cemetery Road For RealDePressED431
49.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed431
50.NVN: Lights out weirdosNo Viagra Needed431
51.The Dirt NappersTaugh431
52.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye431
53.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye431
54.Hurry up and die already part Ihurryupndiealready430
55.You Couldn't Die Last Year, ya Fuck?USER00750430
57.Counting bodies Like SheepDGambrinus429
58.Ghost of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past429
59.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED429
60.Von Ryan's ExpressTaugh429
61.Where the HekawiFTG429
62.Don't Be Like Ellie Nesler NowRD02428
63.Loki IIILoki428
64.Chicago Jake 1: Hold Me Closer, Tiny CancerChicago Jake427
65.Doc & DJ--Steve Walks Warily Down the Street?Doc & DJ426
66.FTG: Iron Horse Robber Go HomeFTG426
67.Who the Fuck CaresUSER00750426
68.Nineteen Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past425
69.Death Race 2009USER02395424
70.DIE you fucking WEASELS!USER02599424
72.vg-Nobody puts Swayze with a coronervomit_god424
74.Everything's Deader in TexasBluelena423
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost in the MachineFTG423
76.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Space Age PlasticFTG423
77.JT02: Smile and Say, SHIT!Tripper423
78.Cash from CancerCash From Cancer422
79.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Face KillaFTG422
80.Jeff Bird #11Bird422
81.DePressED06 - In The Water On 15 In 86DePressED420
82.Wracked Kharma FreezeWracked420
83.DePressED08 - Too Lovely To DieDePressED419
84.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Quiet Gun FTG419
85.Run Run StopUSER00750416
86.ReaperMadness #2ReaperMadness415
87.Cartman- Roger's Third EarUSER01013327
88.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends327
89.DGD - Something (In the Way She Smells?) DGD327
90.E-Brake1: Que Sara, SarahE-Brake327
91.E-Brake2: Winner WInner Chicken DinnerE-Brake327
92.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl327
93.Three Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past327
94.Eight Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past326
95.NVN: Preston and Steve RockNo Viagra Needed326
96.rotting girl 45rotting girl 45326
97.Atomic DogfuckerUSER02598325
98.NVN: Phillies 08 World FUCKING ChampionsNo Viagra Needed325
99.NVN: Suzie and Charlie go to hellNo Viagra Needed325
100.DGD - Don't Fear The Reaper DGD324
101.DGD - Me & Julio Down By the Graveyard DGD324
102.DGD - Wish You Weren't Here DGD324
103.DGD - You Got Another Thing Dying DGD324
104.Does He Know He's an Asshole?USER00750324
106.RADTEX: His and HearseRadtex324
107.RADTEX: I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex324
108.RADTEX: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex324
110.Death Becomes YouUSER02602323
111.Toonces Doesn't Drive Well EitherRhody Trash323
113.DGD - What is and What Should Never Be DGD322
114.DIE you fucking RODENTS!!USER02599322
115.Good Luck -- We're All Counting on You...to Diealan smithee322
116.NVN: may I have 10000 marbles pleaseNo Viagra Needed322
117.Yes, Have Some ... Deathalan smithee322
118.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve321
119.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve321
120.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve321
121.Dr. Steve 4Dr. Steve321
122.Dr. Steve 5Dr. Steve321
123.Dr. Steve 6Dr. Steve321
124.POTUS 7USER02464321
125.Betty Ford's Facelift BackfiresRhody Trash320
126.BringoutyerdeadMr Happy320
127.Cash from Cancer 2Cash From Cancer320
128.Cash from Cancer 6Cash From Cancer320
129.DGD - Fight The Good Fight, Then Die DGD320
130.I Can't Win But It's FreeRhody Trash320
131.Jeff Bird #2Bird320
132.Jeff Bird #3Bird320
133.Jeff Bird #5Bird320
134.Jeff Bird #8Bird320
135.NVN:shewaslightingafartandherbushcaughtfireNo Viagra Needed320
136.Pauly Shore is Still DeadUSER02524320
137.Seven Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past320
138.vg-Please die and make my girlfriend $3K richervomit_god320
139.Chicken at Tresky's 1Chicken at Tresky's319
140.Marked For TermiNeyTionTermiNeyTor319
141.Never Forget Sonny BlochUSER00506319
142.The Witches HammerUSER02537319
144.Die 4 Me Willya 2009-1Chickeyd318
145.Jeff Bird #12Bird318
146.alottagoodalltheprayingdidNice Sicko317
147.Lots o' sick bastardsBJCx78317
148.Dead KennedysReaperMadness315
149.EMFC Seve B is soon to be six underEMFCoffin312
150.I'm Back!!BibsPal312
151.Wun Hung Lo 06USER01531312
152.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(c)EdRulz38
153.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(a)EdRulz37
154.Dead AheadUSER02602219
157.DGD - Ooo oo, That Smell DGD219
158.dingy momome first219
159.Doktor RobertUSER01896219
162.Jeff Bird #1Bird219
163.Jeff Bird #10Bird219
164.Jeff Bird #4Bird219
165.Jeff Bird #6Bird219
166.Jeff Bird #7Bird219
167.Jeff Bird #9Bird219
168.Little GhoulashGhoulash219
169.MARY TYLER MORGUEMary Tyler Morgue219
170.Ned KellyUSER01896219
171.NVN: sorry lady your kids uglyNo Viagra Needed219
172.NVN: The girl likes gooNo Viagra Needed219
173.Offal Truth 2USER01797219
174.Otis' Cirrhosis from Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers219
176.Rest in Piecespeople meat219
177.RESTINPIECES 2Bucket Kickers219
178.RJ Thurmont: New MeatRJ Thurmont219
179.Susie SickoSusie Sicko219
180.Susie's DeadbeatsSusie Sicko219
181.A Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson218
182.Death- I Sell BoozeJayRockers!218
183.Flatliners 1The Shadow218
184.My Last Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown218
185.My Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown218
186.Old FezziwigUSER00336218
187.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER01387218
188.Team KessUSER02574218
189.6 FEET UNDER02495217
190.But Is It IIBut Is It Art?217
191.Cash from Cancer 3Cash From Cancer217
192.Death Rattle: Bright, Shiny Facesanarchess217
194.DGD - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath DGD217
195.DGD - Someday, they WILL hang that SOB DGD217
196.DGD - Spiro Agnew Must Die! Oh, wait? DGD217
199.Don't Fuck With Me!USER02583217
200.Flatliners 2The Shadow217
201.JT03: Pushin' DaisiesTripper217
202.Paulapoo the Firstpaulapoo217
203.Star StruckUSER02609217
204.But Is It IIIBut Is It Art?216
205.Death March1BCeltics216
206.Lights Out In The Boston HillsJoker216
207.My goo smells like cabbageUSER02598216
209.(Don't Fear) The ReaperUSER01832215
210.baby needs a new pair of shoesSAW THE LIGHT215
211.Dead Paul down the HallHuckleberry215
212.DIE you fucking RATS!!!USER02599215
213.Geaux SaintsUSER02609215
214.Hope Sprins a LeakUSER00750215
215.Jane HathawayJaneguy215
216.Making the News One Last TimeGregDean215
217.My Other Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown215
218.Offal Truth 1USER01797215
221.Putting the FUN in FUNeral 2USER01387215
222.Roger GowiththrottleupRoger Gowiththrottleup215
223.Rogue MarineRogue Marine215
224.Start DiggingUSER01832215
225.Susie's DeadmeatsSusie Sicko215
226.The Chick Magnet 02USER01531215
228.Death DefyingUSER02602214
229.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost214
230.LD 100Roger Gowiththrottleup214
232.Six Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past214
233.all gomers die of somethinglindbergh213
234.brenda's bodiesDRave13213
235.Destroyers 1USER00977213
236.EMFC Mary Jo & the Big C are in Teddy's headEMFCoffin213
237.Kid GhoulashGhoulash213
238.Otis' Cirrhosis from Jubal Foster's StillKudsKroakers213
239.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail213
240.The Chick Magnet 03USER01531213
241.Trout's Dead FishTrout213
242.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls212
243.Death Soup: Turn Me On Dead ManMJ and Friends212
244.No More BMS 3Digger O Dell 10212
245.Reap 'Em & Weep #2USER00557212
246.Team Formalin IIanarchess212
247.This is how rumors get started 2009USER02248212
248.Death Dujorfireflyt211
249.Going for the MoldDoozy211
250.Let the Bodies Hit the FloorDixie_Crystal211
251.Rachel's List 3Rachel A211
252.The Chick Magnet 01USER01531211
253.Wun Hung Lo 03USER01531211
254.Afraid of the Dark? #3Minnesota Neil210
255.Biffs Boneyard 2USER02367210
256.Buh-bye!Dead Person Specialist, E210
257.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends210
258.Dr. ShockMarkMx210
259.JMD - Dirt Nap DecathlonMr Wonderful210
260.Wun Hung Lo 05USER01531210
261.Wun Hung Lo 10USER01531210
262.Duh-duh-duh deadDead Person Specialist, E29
264.Dying to WinTitanPilot58328
265.Canaries in a Coal MineRoger Gowiththrottleup27
266.It's about time you left...northern reaper27
267.Just a Ghoul Who Cain't Say Noevilredhead27
269.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(b)EdRulz26
270.In The GroundIn the Box Looking Up26
271.Rachel's List 1Rachel A26
272.! ALBRECHT SAYS DIEAlbrecht25
274.Martha PearlDiane25
275.Soul HuntersHunterbeer25
277.Destroyers 3USER0097723
279.Thank Heaven for Little Ghouls evilredhead23
280.Aiming for Asystole Again LDM 1USER01857110
281.Aiming for Asystole Again LDM 2USER01857110
282.Aiming for Asystole Again LDM XUSER01857110
283.Beaurocratic Magget BearersUSER02609110
284.connies boyme first110
285.connies boy 2me first110
286.CROSSING OVER02495110
287.Dead Kennedys Cover BandTitanPilot583110
288.Deathwish 2009 the FirstDeathWish110
289.DGD - Dust in the Wind DGD110
290.DGD - Heaven or Hell DGD110
291.DGD - This Ain't the Summer of Love DGD110
293.Do You Like Phil Collins?alan smithee110
294.Drunkin Bi polar BimboAngelasMother110
295.god told me some first110
296.Gol Durn Liberals and a few other idiotsDEEJ110
297.I Think I Just Fartednorthern reaper110
298.Lilsqueaky's Non-Squeakerslilsqueakyone110
299.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost110
300.No More BMS 2Digger O Dell 10110
301.Northern Reaper Guessing Againnorthern reaper110
303.Suit 1 - Uncle TeddyPezintree110
304.Taking a Stance No MoreGregDean110
305.Thats All Folks 1Digger O Dell 10110
306.You've got to keep dyingUSER02045110
307.Cartman- Happy Deathday To YouUSER0101319
308.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E19
309.Dying to Win 2TitanPilot58319
310.Next ListGanefManx19
311.RJ Thurmont: One Breath From DeathRJ Thurmont19
312.SJJ HEYUSER0049219
313.Wun Hung Lo 01USER0153119
314.Wun Hung Lo 04USER0153119
315.Wun Hung Lo 12USER0153119
316.Beer HogsUSER0253518
317.Burry'n Bill Burry'n Bill18
318.Gator HaterDEEJ18
319.No More BMSDigger O Dell 1018
320.vg-We're the Dead Kennedys&we approve this listvomit_god18
321.Wun Hung Lo 02USER0153118
322.Wun Hung Lo 11USER0153118
323.DGD - Goin' Through the Motions DGD17
324.DGD - Take Me AwayDGD17
325.Last ListGanefManx17
326.Norther Reaper Keep Kickin', Peoplenorthern reaper17
327.Northern Reaper My Last Listnorthern reaper17
329.1. I LOVE THE DEADUSER0007016
330.Abra CadaverUSER0254816
332.HERE I COME coachgary16
334.One Last Kick at the Cannorthern reaper16
335.Rachel's List 2Rachel A16
336.September MournRadler16
337.The Night GalleryDiamondToothGertie16
338.They're Fucked listnorthern reaper16
339.We're Drivin' the Bus to Hell, AgainUSER0221516
340.A Grateful Deadhead IIIJudysomething15
341.Death Wish, the SequelHellbound Anyway15
343.Skateway to Heavenwsprotte15
345.A Waste of Timenorthern reaper14
346.A Weighty Issuenorthern reaper14
347.deathbitch rides againPIANOGIRL14
348.Jackalope Ghost - Uncle Floyd's RevengeJackalope_Ghost14
349.deathbitch unbridledPIANOGIRL13
350.First ListGanefManx12
351.Suck the coffin mushroom now!DiamondToothGertie12
352.IvyCliff Memorial 2009hodag2137811
353.Paul Anthony TTrajan11


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