Lady Bird Johnson has been played on 2358 lists, including 240 lists in The 2003 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Redsox Fan 081BCeltics316
2.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 1USER00058315
3.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 3USER00058314
4.Redsox Fan 011BCeltics312
7.Jackalope Ghost Drunk With Uncle FloydJackalope_Ghost215
8.Mary Tyler Morgue 1Mary Tyler Morgue215
9.POPE 12USER00108214
10.TG RupertUSER01743214
11.Big D's Dead Top Ten 2USER01746213
13.JMK- A corpse is a corpse of corpse of corpseUSER01551213
14.Cadillac JCadillacJ212
16.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost212
17.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost212
18.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER00059212
19.Adios AmigosJoeRam211
20.Chad - I'm Cleanin Out My ClosetUSER01115211
21.Now My Hair's Perfect TooUSER00750211
22.NVN: Submitted for deaths approvalNo Viagra Needed211
23.The Dead SopranosUSER01703211
24.Whodat Immunity ChallengeUSER00220211
25.Ghoul Girl 1Ghoul Girl210
26.NVN: Stiffs In The AtticNo Viagra Needed210
27.Paar and BirdieUSER00750210
28.JMD - Ashes Alee in 2003Mr Wonderful29
29.Hollywood Pool BoyUSER0174028
30.Goddammit 1goddammit26
31.Legion Of Doom 2003 3USER0049726
32.Pepster 1USER0158326
33.Watch Em Drop 4USER0059426
34.Necro Phil's Nouveau SickeUSER0137125
36.1313 Mockingbird LaneUSER01657110
37.Baby Needs New ShoesUSER01690110
39.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 1USER01531110
40.Circling Vulture - Keeping Hope AliveUSER00780110
42.Death wish 2003DeathWish110
43.Doktor Robert 1USER01543110
45.Great Cthulhus ListUSER00284110
47.Handful of Dust - Slow DissolveUSER01410110
48.Henley's Ticket to HellMichenley110
49.ilgrmreaper 3USER01738110
50.Kasey 1USER00308110
51.Late for the SkyUSER01800110
52.Maggots need to eat tooUSER01771110
56.Nurseboy 5USER01772110
57.Probate Lawyer Seeks WorkUSER00073110
61.They are all old or sickUSER01206110
62.THROW SOME DIRT ON ME 1Angel of Death110
63.Todd 2whit25110
64.Toe Tag 3USER01763110
65.Troll 3Death Troll110
66.Watch Em Drop 6USER00594110
67.Badger Kelley says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger19
68.Cankuhn & the ZombiesUSER0108919
69.Chad - She's Called Lady BJ 4 A ReasonUSER0111519
70.Copybird NevermoreUSER0108919
72.D.N.R. 1MarkMx19
73.Daisy Pusherssquidly76619
74.Eighty?s EnoughUSER0007319
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Talk About a LadyFTG19
76.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER0148419
77.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER0148419
78.I M KRAZD R U 2USER0150019
79.ilgrmreaper 1USER0173819
80.ilgrmreaper 2USER0173819
81.Kelsey's Nuts 1Exit Stage Four19
82.Krem 3Krem9919
83.La Muerte 1LaMuerte19
84.La Petite CanadienTINOYES19
85.My Wife Thinks We're A Bunch of Sick Fucks 1Tripper19
86.Name that Tomb 3USER0172019
87.No Hope for the PopeUSER0180119
89.princess barbie of darknesshop196219
90.Roger Gowiththrottleup 1Roger Gowiththrottleup19
91.Small Pox Expressonefunsob19
92.Soon B Gonn VEdhead2219
93.Team OBE 3USER0090919
94.The BeneficiariesUSER0168119
95.the tribe has spoken, it's time for you to goUSER0166219
96.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga19
97.Watch Em Drop 1USER0059419
98.we are all gonna die somedayUSER0170419
99.Big D's Dead Top Ten 1USER0174618
100.Bunts 3USER0167518
101.Chad - The Tropic Of CancerUSER0111518
102.Clean up aisle sevenUSER0074418
104.Deadheads Rule 3USER0139118
106.Dr. Proctor's Mass of MorbidityUSER0170718
107.Ethereal MattersUSER0171318
108.Grim Rapper 3Grim Rapper18
109.He Who Dies With The Most Toys...Still DiesUSER0170718
110.i told you i was sick 2USER0164818
113.Not Dead YetUSER0179818
114.Over-Stayed their Earth VisasUSER0173318
115.POPE 13USER0010818
116.RedhotInOC Best GuessUSER0178418
117.SALMICK 2TheMick118
118.SecretSquare 1USER0081218
119.ta ta for nowUSER0162418
121.1 For the MoneyUSER0174417
122.Dead Tired Stiff In Phoenix 1USER0081417
123.Deadheads Rule 1USER0139117
124.DEEJ 2DEEJ17
125.Do you know your dead? 3USER0165217
126.Don Pescado-OneUSER0151317
127.Get Ye GoneUSER0007317
128.Grim Rapper 5Grim Rapper17
129.Joy and Pain IUSER0151817
130.let the bodys hit the floor again 1USER0094717
133.Northern Reaper - The Las Vegas Yearsnorthern reaper17
134.Reaping is Fundamental 1USER0077517
135.Reaping is Fundamental 2USER0077517
136.Skool Bird's DadUSER0099917
137.Starch- Castle of Count Bakulastarch17
138.The Ghost Who Walks 14USER0153117
139.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED17
140.Wracked, But Not ForgottenUSER0171217
141.Billy GrahamUSER0178316
142.BubblesJohn 3:1616
143.Doubtless InfernoBarker J. Wagtail16
144.Eton Rifles 1USER0147716
145.Good Mourning Evanston 2Good Mourning Evanston16
146.Reaping is Fundamental 3USER0077516
147.Wednesday 1Wednesday16
148.Yeah yeah buh bye 1yeah yeah buh bye16
149.Deadheads Rule 2USER0139115
150.Die, Dancing Baby, Die 1USER0108115
151.Gorgo ReptilicusUSER0121015
152.The Viper StrikesUSER0171515
153.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063215
154.2003 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots14
155.Bart and DJ - Who Wants a Mustache Ride?Doc & DJ14
156.BIG EUSER0136714
157.Chad - Operation 6 FT UnderUSER0111514
158.Excitable CorpseUSER0067314
159.Filthy Whores 3filthy whore14
160.Goddammit 2goddammit14
161.Goddammit 3goddammit14
162.Grim Rapper 2Grim Rapper14
163.Sarky - Bitches ... Nuthin but BitchesUSER0031214
164.Watch Em Drop 3USER0059414
165.AAAH!!!!Dead at lastBucket Kickers13
166.Derek BlankDiamondToothGertie13
167.Go Leni GoUSER0121013
168.JBC ListUSER0136013
169.Legion Of Doom 2003 4USER0049713
170.Legion Of Doom 2003 5USER0049713
171.Morgue ManCheetahisDead13
172.Putnam's Beware of Birds on IcePutnam's Tomahawk Chop13
173.Whatever 1USER0045413
174.Yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye13
175.E-Brake 2: Alt.Stiffs Mascots? Blurt and ErnieE-Brake12
176.Elvis GrbacUSER0108312
177.JMK- Bound for the groundUSER0155112
178.Joe Ram 1JoeRam12
179.Legion Of Doom 2003 6USER0049712
180.Moraxian - Go for the GustoMoraxian12
181.The Trilateral CommissionUSER0175812
182.Watch Em Drop 2USER0059412
183.Yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye12
184.Chad - Time 4 Johnny 2 CashoutUSER0111511
185.Die, Dancing Baby, Die 2USER0108111
186.Elvis Grbac 2 - Electric BugalooUSER0108311
187.John 3:16John 3:1611
188.let the bodys hit the floor again 2USER0094711
189.Raging Household Immunity ChallengeUSER0022011
190.Wracked Her Brains USER0171211
191.1 Sick Bitch 3USER0126400
192.10 Who Ashcroft Would Still See As SuspectsUSER0173300
193.Aaahhh Blow Me Again and then DieUSER0122300
194.and away they goUSER0164800
195.BairBones 1BairBones00
196.Bastille's Immunity ChallengeUSER0022000
197.Booger Thompson is my catRhody Trash00
198.davesdead 3Die Now00
199.Dealin Dirty 2USER0168200
200.Die Politician DieJohnRandy00
201.Die ya BitchUSER0145200
202.Don Pescado-FourUSER0151300
203.E-Brake 1: Call Now for a Free Rascal!E-Brake00
204.E-Brake 3: Freefreefreefreefreefreefree. FreeE-Brake00
205.Eton Rifles 2USER0147700
206.Eton Rifles 3USER0147700
207.Eyechart 2USER0138200
208.Feisty Old BroadsDollar Bill00
209.Gentleman Death 4USER0054500
210.Georgie PillsonDiamondToothGertie00
211.Gotta Have A KenedyBibsPal00
212.Grim Rapper 4Grim Rapper00
214.Hellacious AchersBarker J. Wagtail00
215.Hollywood She-DevilUSER0174000
216.In frail health.....USER0177200
217.In Memoriam USER0016400
218.JMD - Femme FatalitiesMr Wonderful00
219.MK - Hanging ChadMBalmed00
220.MOOKIE 2USER0161100
221.Moraxian - Damsels in Distress Part 2Moraxian00
222.Offal TruthUSER0179700
223.One For The RoadUSER0067300
226.Pepster 6USER0158300
227.Please just dieUSER0067300
229.Putnam's Panther PridePutnam's Tomahawk Chop00
230.Raven's Flock 3USER0100600
231.Ritz's Sleeping StiffsUSER0178600
232.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail00
233.Special K-Butterknife DeathUSER0153500
234.Strom Thurmond's DiaperUSER0138700
235.The Embalmersecho081600
236.THROW SOME DIRT ON ME 3Angel of Death00
237.tombstoned 1USER0176500
238.Tommytsled-Whack'em & Stack'emTomtsled00
239.Von Pretty SmurfyRhody Trash00
240.Watch Em Drop 5USER0059400


Guess the Stiff!

Are you expendable? Haven't you always been expendable?

(d) May 12th, 2003