For the 26th year running, we present our fondest farewells to the recently departed.

If they were on any lists — or if they mattered at all in the world — you'll find them here.

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Buck Henry


Buck Henry · 89

December 9th, 1930 - January 8th, 2020

Say what you will about the guy who played the pedophile babysitter on SNL - we liked him.

Neil Peart


Neil Peart · 67

September 12th, 1952 - January 7th, 2020

In no rush. At all.

Sam Wyche


Sam Wyche · 75

January 5th, 1945 - January 5th, 2020

No huddle.

David Stern


David Stern · 77

September 22nd, 1942 - January 1st, 2020

NBA commish for 30 years and only had FOUR lockouts! Talk about your overachiever!

Don Larsen


Don Larsen · 90

August 7th, 1929 - January 1st, 2020

First stiff of the year, and it's a Yankee. 2020 is looking good already.



Guess the Stiff!

He wrote Born Yesterday, but that was a long, long time ago.

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