Warren Zevon has been played on 1198 lists, including 289 lists in The March '03 Lee Jr..

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3.Redsox Fan 71BCeltics322
5.Madam SpankalotDePressED318
7.E-Brake 02: Use the forksE-Brake317
9.Spinzo's List Won't Win Any Naming AwardsUSER01618315
10.MA 7: The State Vegetable of CaliforniaUSER01375314
11.FTG: Don't Worry We'll Think of a TitleFTG313
12.George StiffanopolisUSER01841312
13.Stiffi GraffUSER01841310
14.E-Brake 04: Kiss my hairy yellow buttE-Brake38
15.AAA Base Stealer in Strat-o-MaticUSER00008219
16.Barry BondsDePressED218
18.February 28 NewsUSER00008218
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The WesternerFTG218
20.Love's Grand for MoIUSER00008218
21.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy218
24.No Hope LeftUSER01842217
25.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy217
29.And Then There Were NoneDePressED216
31.MA15: And Bobby Bonds Can Play for EveryoneUSER01375216
32.Maroon Car My Ass This Motherfucker Red!FTG216
33.Redsox Fan 61BCeltics216
34.Tsuga - Racecar Backwards Spells Racecar Tsuga216
36.Gwen StiffaniUSER01841215
41.Savannah StarDePressED215
42.What The Fuck Is This Rudy?FTG215
43.Zach Censored This List NameUSER00750215
44.Barbie SpreadumDePressED214
50.alisa's pixUSER01834213
51.Another Broccoli Related DeathUSER00750213
52.Beaver CleavageDePressED213
53.Chad - Violet Bites The DustUSER01115213
57.Redsox Fan1BCeltics213
58.The Grim Assclowns 1USER01637213
59.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED213
60.Cherry RobertsDePressED212
62.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Bangs Betty GrableFTG212
63.POPE 2USER00108212
64.Redsox Fan 21BCeltics212
65.Corpses For Cash NJJackalope_Ghost211
66.H. R. PuffinstiffUSER01841211
67.Joe Foss Is So Famous, Giving Morris The LeadUSER01809211
68.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED211
69.MA14: With Carol Shields for All-Day ProtectionUSER01375211
70.Morris Chestnut Stars In Like MikeUSER01809211
71.You Want the Solution to Inflation?FTG211
72.Chad - Ok Johnny, I Will Let You DownUSER01115210
74.Don Pescado - Slabdwellers WantedUSER01513210
75.E-Brake 03: Could you dumb it down a shade?E-Brake210
76.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Phantom MajorFTG210
77.FTG: Off to Dodge City to See the Dancing GirlsFTG210
78.Redsox Fan 81BCeltics210
79.Sawney Bean's 10 Corpse MealUSER01315210
80.Venus LovemotionDePressED210
82.FTG: Serving Whiskey In Our WhiskeyFTG29
83.Jackalope Ghost RevivedJackalope_Ghost29
84.MA 9: Warren/Oates tribute: Lighten up, FrancisUSER0137529
85.Cartman- Holy GlioblastomaUSER0101328
88.Justin Hale 14USER0153128
89.Oat Cell CarcinomaUSER0184227
90.Die, aging Republicans, die!USER0183826
91.MA 2: Issue #1--Tom Laughlin's Health!USER0137526
92.Tsuga - There Ain't No Pretty Girls In FranceTsuga26
93.Wild John's Triumphant ReturnUSER0105725
94.Bart and DJ - The List with No NameUSER0157724
95.Bam Morris Up The MiddleUSER01809110
96.Bart and DJ - List 6USER01577110
97.Bart and DJ - The Norwalk VirusUSER01577110
98.Brooklyn Bitch 1USER01804110
99.Chad - Original List Name Rejected By Tom RidgeUSER01115110
100.Daddy These Rubber Pants Are HotUSER00750110
102.Drop Dead GorgeousDead Person Specialist, E110
103.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Face KillahFTG110
104.FTG: Lt. O'Rourke Front and CenterFTG110
105.I told you I was sick - 3USER01648110
106.POPE 1USER00108110
107.POPE 3USER00108110
108.Redsox Fan 31BCeltics110
109.Stats lie - but they win!!!Baxley110
110.they should thank meUSER01606110
111.will live foreverUSER01606110
112.(limit 47 characters)rwt19
113.Agatha's Horde 4USER0180719
115.Before They Get Bored & Switch to the 700 ClubFTG19
116.BIG E - Everyone's Top TenUSER0136719
117.BIG E - Johnny Johnny Johnny & RonnieUSER0136719
118.Bob Collins Photography StudioFTG19
119.Carcass Cavalcade 2robbo19
120.Deadaphids Pop ContestUSER0182319
122.Don Pescado - TooUSER0151319
123.Errol Morris Directs Mr. DeathUSER0180919
124.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Whams Whitney BlakeFTG19
125.fr0gs list o deathUSER0184019
126.FTG: Berle Had to Use Tweezers To PissFTG19
127.I Know Where The Fuck Miami Beach Is, DummyFTG19
128.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost19
129.Knocked Them Muthafuckers Right on They Ass TooFTG19
130.Little Steveland MorrisUSER0180919
131.Mission Impossible, Starring Greg MorrisUSER0180919
132.Morris The Cat's Nine Fractured LivesUSER0180919
133.Morris Udall Would Have Made A Funny PresidentUSER0180919
134.New Deal Used Cars! Did Ya Hear What I Said?FTG19
135.Now Wait Just a Goddamn MinuteFTG19
136.Pushin' Daisies 1Tripper19
137.Pushin' Daisies 6Tripper19
138.Pushin' Daisies 7Tripper19
139.Pushin' Daisies 8Tripper19
140.Redsox Fan 101BCeltics19
141.Redsox Fan 111BCeltics19
142.Redsox Fan 121BCeltics19
143.Redsox Fan 131BCeltics19
144.Redsox Fan 41BCeltics19
145.Redsox Fan 91BCeltics19
146.Soon B Gonn VIEdhead2219
147.Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Spinzo BackUSER0161819
148.The City of GodUSER0075019
149.The William Morris AgencyUSER0180919
150.Untitled rwt19
151.Wave Bye ByeUSER0075019
152.Wild John's Mausoleum-Go-RoundUSER0105719
153.You Mean I Gotta Hump Her For Nothin'?FTG19
154.A Red Chariot to Take My Ass Straight to HellFTG18
155.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E18
156.Dead On Their FeetDead Person Specialist, E18
159.Don Pescado - McfeelymeupUSER0151318
160.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: La Dolce CourageFTG18
161.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Tuck EverlastingFTG18
162.Jack Morris Wins In 10 InningsUSER0180918
164.Mercury Morris Off TackleUSER0180918
166.Pushin' Daisies 4Tripper18
167.Pushin' Daisies 5Tripper18
168.Pushin' Daisies 9Tripper18
169.Tonya SlickbootyDePressED18
170.Tsuga - Funky CeiliTsuga18
171.Tsuga - Sharks Patrol These WatersTsuga18
172.Tsuga - We've Got to Get On With the Film ShowTsuga18
173.Bart and DJ - Hilarity EnsuesUSER0157717
176.Dr. Paul Shipherd's Other Fail-SafeUSER0065217
177.E-Brake 05: Bad corpse! Stop...scaring..SmithersE-Brake17
178.Forrest Tucker's Ghost of a ChanceFTG17
180.Great Green Orb: Blue LightUSER0143117
181.I Wish Jason Robards Could Die AgainUSER0075017
182.Justin Hale 01USER0153117
183.Justin Hale 02USER0153117
184.Justin Hale 03USER0153117
185.Justin Hale 04USER0153117
186.Justin Hale 05USER0153117
187.Justin Hale 06USER0153117
188.Justin Hale 07USER0153117
189.Justin Hale 08USER0153117
190.Justin Hale 09USER0153117
191.Justin Hale 10USER0153117
192.Justin Hale 11USER0153117
193.Justin Hale 12USER0153117
194.Justin Hale 13USER0153117
195.Justin Hale 15USER0153117
197.Philip Morris Wants You To Smoke, Drop And RollUSER0180917
198.Rotting Away in MargaritavilleUSER0131517
199.Agatha's Horde 6USER0180716
200.Angelina Scary DollUSER0002616
201.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Goes WestFTG16
202.I Would Have Made A Good PopeUSER0075016
203.Little Stiffie Van ZantUSER0184116
204.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER0005916
205.Pushin' Daisies 2Tripper16
206.Pushin' Daisies 3Tripper16
207.Why? Why? Why?USER0183516
208.Agatha's Horde 5USER0180715
209.Forrest Tucker's Ghost In The MachineFTG15
210.FTG: Cancel YOUR Reservation BobFTG15
211.FTG: Matthew Broderick Sucked as Harold HillFTG15
213.MA 1: March Mortality MadnessUSER0137515
214.MA12: That be up the Butz BobUSER0137515
215.MORERE NUNC !USER0028315
216.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER0005915
217.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 1USER0113015
218.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 10USER0113015
219.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 11USER0113015
220.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 12USER0113015
221.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 13USER0113015
222.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 14USER0113015
223.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 15USER0113015
224.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 2USER0113015
225.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 3USER0113015
226.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 4USER0269515
227.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 5USER0269515
228.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 6USER0269515
229.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 7USER0269515
230.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 8USER0113015
231.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 9 USER0113015
232.Brooklyn Bitch 3USER0180414
233.E-Brake 01: Foxy Boxing?E-Brake14
234.E-Brake 09: Our money sure is gayE-Brake14
235.Great Green Orb: Suitable Case For TreatmentUSER0143114
236.id rather be dead than redUSER0160614
237.MA 5: 106 years later, hungry for her to croakUSER0137514
238.Agatha's Horde 2USER0180713
239.Bay Area Sports StiffsRD0213
240.Great Green Orb: Queen BeeUSER0143113
241.E-Brake 06: Oh yeah, stay out of my boozeE-Brake12
242.E-Brake 07: Burns es el diabloE-Brake12
243.Great Green Orb: One Way Ticket To MidnightUSER0143112
245.MA13: Hello Pontiff--A Guten Yuntif!USER0137512
246.Oldies but GoodiesUSER0131512
247.Agatha's Horde 3USER0180711
248.E-Brake 10: Purple is a fruitE-Brake11
250.MA11: If NY blows up send my $ to next of kinUSER0137511
251.Team FormalinUSER0165811
252.Agatha's Horde 1USER0180700
253.Bart and DJ - Like the Smell in Barts ApartmentUSER0157700
254.Bat and DJ - You're Dead Focker!USER0157700
255.BIG E - Girls Night OutUSER0136700
256.Cumbow's Naked Babes love coffeeUSER0077900
257.Don Pescado - Five finger discountUSER0151300
258.Don Pescado - Six PistolsUSER0151300
259.Don Pescado - Wrong Way USER0151300
260.Dr. Who - Cancer ClubUSER0014600
261.Femme Fatale-Time's UpUSER0120500
262.GAME SHOW (G)HOSTBucket Kickers00
263.Great Green Orb: Radar RiderUSER0143100
264.Great Green Orb: True CompanionUSER0143100
266.Iraq'em, You Breaq'emTomtsled00
267.MA 3: Goodbye, city life!USER0137500
268.MA 4: Happy Birthday from Trent LottUSER0137500
269.MA 6: Manchester United with his MakerUSER0137500
270.MA 8: Survived by wife Betty and son Bam-BamUSER0137500
271.MA10: In case we don't screw up in IraqUSER0137500
272.MA16: Couldn't she just have used the Chunnel?USER0137500
273.March GladnessFrankie Pentangeli00
274.Moraxian - Something SickMoraxian00
275.Necro Phil's Ten Little CelebsUSER0137100
276.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER0005900
277.Ren & StiffyUSER0184100
278.Semen is not a beverage choice.USER0077900
279.skunkhair jrskunkhair00
280.Soul Train 1robbo00
281.Spinzo the Mighty Thread KillerUSER0161800
282.Start DiggingUSER0183200
283.Surely You're Choking?! 2USER0169000
284.Surely You're Choking?! 3USER0169000
285.The Grim Assclowns 3USER0163700
286.The Viper Strikes AgainUSER0171500
287.The Viper Strikes Again and AgainUSER0171500
288.The Viper Strikes Again and Again and AgainUSER0171500
289.Tusga - The Sky Was Yellow and the Sun Was BlueTsuga00


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