Kirk Douglas has been played on 6267 lists, including 423 lists in The 2015 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Death March 21BCeltics634
2.He Dead !DEEJ429
3.Victory AND Death 1Shams426
4.2015 rockslittle terr425
5.Not Dead Yet VTimur422
6.Cash from Cancer: Yes, it is awkward that you are still aliveCash From Cancer419
7.La Muerte -- No Country for Old MenLaMuerte419
8.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484418
9.Age before BeautyRook416
10.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag324
11.Ethnic Cleansinghop1962323
12.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ322
13.McSwindlers Listhop1962321
14.An Old Cold Tater, IndeedNumber1User320
15.Die, you old farts! Die!!!USER00353320
16.Heywood Jablome XVIIIUSER00119320
17.Dead Is As Dead Does 2015Bison319
18.Lisa ZHerb319
19.Better Off Dead or Getting HeadLindsay Lohan's Liver318
20.Everyone Must Die!!!Sickle Cell - #2 cause of318
21.Shenanigans? Did you just curse me out in Irish?DGD318
22.Blake's Bones: It's Time IIMr. Blake317
23.Casa De Los Muertos 1Toe Tagged Luminary317
24.A Trophy For Atrophyhop1962315
25.Dirtiest Nappymommyster315
26.Rat Bastards 2USER02215315
27.Kick The Bucket ListKick The Bucket List313
30.The Regulator ListWarren G311
32.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl219
33.WE HAVE A PIPER DOWN! 1dryden2911219
34.Concrete Shoes 2Concrete Shoes218
35.Simon says - amanda over lindsayThe Shadow218
36.Vg - Bukkake Karaokevomit_god218
37.2015 #2Donkey Sausage217
38.Naha Assassins1BCeltics217
39.NoNames 2jim dibello217
40.Raccoonlucky punk217
41.Victory AND Death 3Shams217
42.$15 wastedVaGentry216
43.A Grateful Deadhead 2015Judysomething216
44.Concrete ShoesConcrete Shoes216
45.Fossil Farmhop1962216
46.I Really Dig These GuysDick Rotten216
47.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost216
48.LIGHTS OUTThe rebel.216
49.The List 2015lemkerl70216
50.Time to GoRook216
51.Big G's list of Dirt NappersDead Fred215
53.My Bucket Listptgkc215
54.Vg - Bukkake Kamikazevomit_god215
55.A reprieve from the big Cfireflyt214
56.Cupcakes and Champagnenlcfsemfc214
57.Dick Van Death 2Poodle214
58.Donne In!splittertogo214
59.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb214
61.Touch My Sister Again, I'll Kill YouFrankie Pentangeli214
62.AIDS Fist IIYour Mom213
63.Chillydead 2chillybilly213
65.Heywood Jablome XVIIUSER00119213
66.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail213
67.Pickle PiratePickle213
68.Riding the PineRook213
69.The People's CorpseBea Hind213
71.AAAAAAhhhh List 1jwin55212
72.After All, We Are Not CommunistsFrankie Pentangeli212
73.Black AIDS Fist IIYour Mom212
74.Burryn Bill 2015ABurry'n Bill212
75.Digger O Dell 72Digger O Dell 10212
76.Dying to Win 2015jhaberli212
77.Pop Goes The WeaselThe Coroner212
78.Victory AND Death 6Shams212
79.Victory AND Death 8Shams212
80.Wanted dead, not aliveshroom212
81.2015 dirt napsDirt napper211
83.Cash from Cancer: Robert Mugabe finally does something good for his countryCash From Cancer211
84.Death and Taxeshossdaddynick211
85.Joe Bacon's 2015 Dirt NappersChancellor D'Exchecker211
86.Time to Say GoodbyeCheck, Please!211
87.Arnold Embalmerplanetearth66210
89.I Blame Her For Sarah PalinRottenToast210
90.Just DieBrown Widow210
91.Of Corpse You're Dead 4Shoeguy210
92.Pokey's Picks 2015Pokey22210
93.Vg - Bukkake in Milwaukeevomit_god210
94.Dearly Departedhop196229
95.Joke's on You...I've been dead inside my whole life!Embalmination829
96.PB: Aiming for 4pbear29
97.The Grass Is Always Greenergrassisalwaysgreener29
98.Coming Soon, to a Coffin Near You!Altois28
99.Death- Cuts Like A KnifeJayRockers!28
100.Next on the List 1CaliReaper28
101.Of Corpse You're Dead 6Shoeguy28
102.oldies but goodies 02TenPaces28
103.This Is The Year!Altois28
104.Baxley - Actuarial WhippiesBaxley27
105.JMD - Urge to DirgeMr Wonderful27
106.JoeG20151Joe G27
107.Sine Die: Atropos To Do ListSine Die27
109.2015 and BeyondBigsunset196726
110.Does Worm Food Expire?FMCDH26
111.MK - Oldies But GoodiesMBalmed26
112.They're Dead, Jim!Mr Bungle26
114.Stones Girl in 2015Stones Girl25
115.Super OldstersBengals31125
116.There is only one God, and his name is Death...Embalmination825
117.Victory AND Death 4Shams25
118.Who can turn the afterworld on with her smileRottenToast25
120.Not UnexpectedJinxed24
123.!!!!Kitten Kaboodle!!!! Love you, boo-boo!!!!ABBO110
124.2015 LeeLord Dickerson110
125.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It110
126.Abe Vigoda, your number is upplanetearth66110
127.Alphabetically EliminatedCaliReaper110
128.Betsy's Bodies 2Betsy110
129.Concrete Shoes 3Concrete Shoes110
130.Deadly DebutanteDeadly Debutante110
131.Grimey Reaper 1grimyreaper110
132.Grimey Reaper 4grimyreaper110
133.Headstone CowboyPozzo110
134.Hope I'm wrongFrogSoda110
135.I just heard King Saud was in hospitalringbark110
136.It Puts the Lotion on its SkinBuffalo Bell Biv DeVoe110
137.Late for SupperInexplah110
139.Mom and Elizabethkristi110
140.Sack-O-Stiffies Part TroisVicLic2110
141.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb110
143.Sick BayOldDocMcCoy110
144.Sick Transit 1sictransit110
145.Sick Transit Blendedsictransit110
146.Simon Says - zsa zsa is the anti-christThe Shadow110
147.Simon Says GoodbyePokey22110
148.The Big Dirt SandwichTheBus110
149.The Good, the bad, and the deadMarch Of The Maggots110
150.Z TeamMarkMx110
151.Cemetery Girls 5Cemetery Girls19
152.Death Soup: Make My Funk the P-FunkMJ and Friends19
155.Nedermeyer... DEAD.Boner Stabone19
156.Old Man Look at your lifeplanetearth6619
157.sbump2-Dying to win-ChuckSBUMP219
158.Trautz Bulls-EyesTeamTrautz119
159.Try The Veal. Best In The CityFrankie Pentangeli19
160.Cash from Cancer: The end of Ramona's WorldCash From Cancer18
161.Chillydead 1chillybilly18
162.DeathList #1jminrod18
163.Dee En ArrasthedeadtuRNs18
164.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx18
165.God rest ye merry gentlemen and womenTwisted Freak18
166.Grave DwellingsJanisdoll18
167.If you can't beat em, just die.urbscholar18
168.MATTOID - What the Hell, We're back...The Mattoid18
169.Pots Kitchen and BaconMarkMx18
171.Rock N' Roll Me When I'm DeadTrav18
172.Say Hi to Elvis 2015Spudboy18
173.Sbump2-Dying to win-PrimeSBUMP218
174.Slippery When Deadcorq18
175.thanksfordieingWJG v3.018
176.turn me on, dead manUSER0151518
177.1st TimerChloeM17
178.Big Dirt 2TheBus17
179.Charlie Don't Surf with Nephew BenCharlie Dont Surf17
181.Dust to DollarsDRave1317
182.Ivy Cliff Memorial - Ahodag2137817
183.list 1Crystal Balls17
184.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed17
185.Abe, you gotta gouselessexistence16
186.Bottoms up!addier16
187.Dancing with Mr. DBetter Off Dead16
188.Death Watch Waltz IIITitanPilot58316
189.Diggin' Up BonesJagrnut16
190.Dirt Nap 2015nrubsol16
191.Famous Fossils 4Hugh G. Wrekshun16
192.It's over - go home!Crystal Balls16
193.oldphux3gatekeeperofvalhalla16 don't stopClever Team Name16
195.Rastalls 2015 Reap and Weep 1Rastalls16
196.Sick Transit Crowdsourcedsictransit16
197.That WAS Entertainment 2015bFilmslave16
198.The 90's will be the death of MeBigsunset196716
199.To Kill a Harper LeeBetter Dead Than Red16
200.Two Ghoulsdoorma16
201.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk15
203.billsfourthBill J15
204.Bought The East Hill Farmsplittertogo15
205.FavoritesOda Mae Brown15
206.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl15
207.Grimey Reaper 3grimyreaper15
208.Herb's lucky 10del bird15
209.Lots o' old and sick bastards VIIBJCx7815
210.MrJeff2000's List of Destinymrjeff200015
211.Older than DirtNVRGVUP15
212.oldies but goodies 01TenPaces15
213.The Game of LifeUSER0204515
214.Times upchick81315
215.2015 Main Listonyx278314
216.Cash from Cancer: Yup, you be SpartacusCash From Cancer14
217.Death of a ClownRuns with Scissors14
218.Death Watch Waltz VTitanPilot58314
219.Deathleague 2015Quincy14
220.Dogs do you want to live forever?moribundus14
221.get some coldcuts !!!!!chick81314
222.Ghostly GatheringsJanisdoll14
223.Killer Advocate 2015laptoplg14
225.Really, really old peopleCosmo Underground14
227.Skunkhair 2015 #1Skunkhair 201314
228.Stiffies 2015heathrow1314
229.The Hen's Stiff List 2015Motherhen71114
230.The Long Rest 2scm9914
231.This is the year, Zsa ZsaCosmo Underground14
232.why is there no light at the end of the tunnelReaper Crew14
233.will be missedFrogSoda14
235.2015 Dirt Bag onealb00713
236.Coffin CornerDRave1313
237.Farewell TourVestament13
238.I C Dead PeoplePrinceCharming13
239.I'd be OK if none of these folks died this yearexilion13
240.Ig's Stiffs IIIThe Ig13
241.JIll's Predictions for 2015jchudson6813
242.Lights Out 1Joker13
244.Roll of the DiceBetter Dig Two13
245.Taking up SpaceChris Goulart13
246.Ten Funerals 1Jerrytopdown13
247.Your dead to meMaryjo8013
249.2014 o-fer = 2015 winnerFroggyB12
250.Big Dirt 3TheBus12
251.CarrolliosUK v3nlcfsemfc12
252.dead woodDeath Row12
253.Erika Anne:'Rollin the die...Buffiedee12
254.Famous Fossils 1Hugh G. Wrekshun12
255.If I Don't Win This Year I QuitBig Guy12
256.Ig's Stiffs IThe Ig12
257.My first listkickstand12
258.Oldies always diedisplayname00712
260.Soul HuntersHunterbeer12
261.This is how old rumors get started 2015USER0224812
262.!!! elderlytitan36011
263.96 and up clubRook11
265.Beat the ReaperThe Reaper11
266.cd5dh - Unbeing dead isn't being alivecerista11
267.Drop Dead 1Drop Dead11
268.Easy Come Easy Goeasy come easy go11
269.Golden Oldie Deaths too beNascar91211
270.No Chance In Helltoomanycards11
272.Old as DirtNVRGVUP11
273.Reap Em and Weep #1USER0055711
274.Reaper Madness #3ReaperMadness11
275.rotting corpsestowelielife11
276.SEE YA !!!!!!!!!shopguy11
278._dead phucks make me smileJamoke11
280.!Albrecht Says Die2!Albrecht00
283.27 Club: Not Enough Deaths in 20141000_Ways00
284.6 feet underbjaskols00
285.6 feet under the La Brea TarpitsSnailFury00
286.A wife finds this offensiveknkaustin00
287.Aknauf D list 2015aknauf00
288.Alice Doesn't Live Anymore 2Poodle00
289.all gomers die of somethinglindbergh00
290.Amy P's Walking DeadMr Bungle00
291.And The Horse You Rode In OnDEEJ00
292.Armageddon - none under 97nightjy00
293.ashes to .......2015bjaskols00
294.Azabache 2015azabachenegro00
295.Best Wishes for 2015Debizzydead?00
296.Beverly is busyAdorn Ale00
297.Big M's list of people that should die soonDead Fred00
298.Bob's Death PicksRobert Haley00
299.Boonsters bucket listBoonster00
300.Boot HillPushinUpDaisies00
301.BringOutYerDeadMr Happy00
302.Bucket KickersUtica Dave00
303.Bucket Kickers '15The Schwing Alongs00
304.Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who00
305.C ya wouldn't wanna be yacristalblu00
306.Cash from Cancer: The Man has a Sterling reputationCash From Cancer00
307.Cash from Cancer: We'll meet again? NopeCash From Cancer00
308.CG's LIST 2015CGray00
309.Chicago Jake 2: Girlfriend In A ComaChicago Jake00
310.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's00
311.Chris Knauf 2015Chris Knauf00
312.Ciao For NowBrucovitch00
313.Coffin ListRook00
315.Courtney Love...and A BUNCH OF WHINY BITCHES!!!Embalmination800
316.Daisey Pusherssquidly76600
317.Damn near deadBada Bing00
318.DANCING on WOHLERTS grave.....onefunsob00
319.Darth Vader Dies in 2015Two Worlds00
320.Dave's Dead Pool 2015 tooYour Dead Pool Highness00
321.Dead as a DoornailPushing Up Daisies00
323.Deadly WishesJanisdoll00
325.DEATH BECOMES USpeople meat00
326.Death Pool Gambler list 1Death pool gambler00
327.Del 's Petuniadel bird00
328.Dirt Nappymommyster00
329.DJ Badger: SO LONG, MOM!DJ Badger00
330.Dr of Death 1--If I'm ninety, I'm a daythe doctor of death00
331.drop dead divatheappointment00
332.DRT (Dead Right There) #1Jerry's Kids00
333.DRT (Dead Right There) #2Jerry's Kids00
335.Expiration Date 12/31/14Pokey2200
336.Fade to BlackFade to Black00
337.Fade to Black 2Fade to Black00
338.Famous Fossils 6Hugh G. Wrekshun00
339.Fredo time to go fishingFredo let's go fishing00
340.From Stagerobber to GraverobberEradicator00
341.Fun and OldBengals31100
342.Future Dirt NappersT-Rex00
343.Getting Their WingsBuck00
344.go awaybuh-bye now00
345.Go To The LightFrankJac00
346.goddammit 1goddammit00
347.goddammit 2goddammit00
348.goddammit 3goddammit00
349.Gone With the SchwindogsEradicator00
350.Herm BoolieHerm Boolie00
351.Hugh is my heroPhillys Fish00
352.I bereave, I can flyDave00
353.I'm Always Losing This Gamedulcinea00
354.IAGO 1IAGO00
355.IAGO 3IAGO00
356.Invest in Cyrogenicschadjeffsdad00
357.Is PeopleSoylentGreen00
358.It's raining corpsesmikegldn00
359.janee 1bjaskols00
360.Jason's Seeming to Die Soon + OldstersBengals31100
361.Jiggaboos and JiggawhatsLindsay Lohan's Liver00
362.John's " dead but don't know it" listR U dead yet00
363.Kick The Bucket List 3DKick The Bucket List00
364.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2015calvey00
365.Knock Knock Knockin'On Heavens DoorHeresJack00
366.Knocking on heavens doorChuckie00
367.Krem Says It's Time to DieKrem9900
368.LA LISTE DE MEO 2015Meo00
369.Les's List of Future GhostLeslieW00
370.little chip 2015Little Chip00
371.Live Free Or DieRobin00
372.Liveleak PrognosticatorDogmatic Dingus00
373.LMB 1lisa-b00
374.McMurdo2015.2McMurdoMan00 park ranger 2memorialparkranger00
376.Meteorology IISunshine Up My Skirt00
377.Movin on upDead Eye Jack00
378.Moving on UpBigsunset196700
379.Next on the List 2CaliReaper00
380.night night timekissoff4400
381.Nixon is waiting for youAndy00
383.Of Corpse You're Dead 1Shoeguy00
384.Old ArtsBud Santimyer00
385.Orcas Island Death PoolWhat?! Me worry?!00
386.Peggy's PerishablesUSER0246100
387.perks picks 2perks picks00
388.Petey's Hot Dog VIINancyD00
389.Petey's Hot Dog VIIINancyD00
390.Please Don't Take This PersonallyKram00
391.poor kittylindbergh00
392.Prince Sirki's Dead Zone1Prince Sirki00
394.Rachel's Rotting List 5Rachel A00
395.Really old timersNVRGVUP00
396.Ruck 2015USER0018600
397.Same Names descrambledSarkon00
398.Say Hello to the Man UpstairsLights Out00
399.September MournRadler00
400.Shhhh let the dark wash over youDieDan!00
401.Stiff List 2015Jeepman1014600
402.Styrofoam Bologna #1Gina303000
403.Styrofoam Bologna #2Gina303000
404.Surviving nonagenariansringbark00
405.Taking a Permanent VacationBuck00
406.That WAS Entertainment 2015Filmslave00
407.The Clock is Tickingchriscott9700
408.The Other Side of the LawnCampasaurus00
409.Time, People!humanmeal00
412.Traded to the AngelsLady Die00
413.Turning Green in '15Scott in Philly00
414.Voted Most Likely To Kick The BucketMissMorbid00
415.WAH - DVHUSER0259300
416.WAH - List 2USER0259300
417.Wake up the Gimpzombie lover00
418.Well Nobody Died Did They? IIArchangel00
419.Year of the pine boxchick81300're dead to metheappointment00
421.Zsa Zsa Pallbearers Take DeuxRastafarian Mormon00
422.Zsa Zsa, meet Run Run.Nick ‘n Beth00
423.Zsa Zsa...Please Die!T-Rex00


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