Ronnie Biggs has been played on 3414 lists, including 222 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Doc--Real Greaseball ShitDoc & DJ529
2.T. Switala 08USER00025528
3.Cartman- You're a Mean One Mr DeathUSER01013434
4.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 3USER02717427
6.POPE 01USER00108426
7.Andre's A-ListUSER00600424
8.Die2K TwoUSER01161423
9.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thumbdick Wears a DressFTG423
10.Dead Cat Bounce 7USER03714421
11.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Cancel YOUR ReservationUSER03755420
12.Letter Opener of Death - Limited To 50 CharactersUSER03669419
15.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Beauregard is YodelingFTG418
16.Chad - Won't U Come Inside My Sugarwalls?USER01115324
17.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Yellow BirdFTG324
18.Coatlicue-Old FavoritesUSER01513323
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old FrostyFTG323
20.T. Switala 05USER00025323
21.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: 76 Trombones Play TapsFTG322
22.Vicious Piranha-Lester Flatt Lives!!!USER02833322
23.Cartman- Kyle's Mom's a Stupid BitchUSER01013321
24.Chad - If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It!USER01115321
25.Chad - The Winner Takes It AllUSER03700321
26.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Larger Than DeathFTG321
27.T. Switala 11USER00025321
28.Die2K 2USER01161320
29.Die2K IIUSER01161320
30.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Taking Out Enough To WinFTG320
31.POPE 10USER03928320
32.T. Switala 01USER00025320
33.T. Switala 02USER00025320
34.T. Switala 06USER02800320
35.Vicious Piranha-Bob Your Uncle?USER02829320
36.Wild John's Power DectetUSER01057320
37.Dead Cat Bounce 2: PinballUSER01330319
38.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Tower FallsFTG319
39.Notorious CorpseUSER02783319
40.T. Switala 12USER03672319
41.Circling Vulture - No HopeUSER00780318
42.Die2K BUSER02661318
43.Die2K Jr.USER03682318
44.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ318
45.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Rare BreedFTG318
46.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotFTG318
47.Hell Is Other PeopleUSER00750318
48.T. Switala 03USER02799318
49.T. Switala 04USER00025318
50.And Then There Were NoneDePressED317
52.Doc--John O'Conner Memorial ListUSER03745317
53.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Reach For The Sky PardnerUSER03759317
54.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big CatFTG317
55.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Last BanditFTG317
56.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Trouble In The GlenFTG317
57.In The Event Bob Hope DiesUSER02738317
58.Mafia Actuary 05USER02729317
59.NVN: Who to leave offNo Viagra Needed317
60.Cartman- A Shitlist With TeethUSER03665316
61.Elvis Grbac is a pussyUSER01083316
62.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Swordfight At The FriarsFTG316
63.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big BatFTG316
64.Mafia Actuary 13USER00965316
65.Rick The Bastard 05USER00425316
66.Vicious Piranha-Jack Buck Stops HereUSER01260316
67.DePressED 6USER03721315
68.Nurseboy 09Nurseboy315
69.quincy 3USER01378315
70.Tobacco Death RoadUSER02783315
71.Doc--Washington Generals of the History ChannelUSER03744314
72.Marisa Tomei's Cat PredictsUSER02807314
73.DNR/DNI 1USER02763313
74.For Quickest Exit Please Use The RampUSER02807313
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Talk About a LadyFTG313
76.Lester Flatt? No, Lester Maddox.USER00008312
77.Already DeadUSER01128219
78.Already Dead AgainUSER01128219
79.Already Dead ResurrectedUSER03673219
80.Coatlicue-Aztec RitualUSER01513219
82.DePressED 9USER03722219
83.EB2: Gotti Milk?E-Brake219
84.Tsuga - Starfish and CoffeeUSER03782219
85.Vicious Piranha-Freddy's DeadUSER02833219
86.We Spin TerrorUSER01145219
87.Chad - You Are 'The Dancing Queen'USER03702218
88.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER02757218
89.POPE 03USER00108218
90.Chad - Think This'll Stop M.I. or V.P.?USER01115217
91.Dwyer's Death RowJim217
92.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeFTG217
93.I'll be grateful when they're dead 4USER00058217
94.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherUSER02621217
95.POPE 08USER03924217
96.Savannah StarDePressED217
98.T. Switala 09USER02802217
99.2002 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots216
100.C. Reeve - I Want VP's TrophyUSER00020216
101.Chad - Bree Daniel's Non-Sexual ClientUSER01115216
102.Dwyer's Dead DickheadsJim216
103.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: O'Rourke EnterprisesFTG216
104.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Two Guys From TexasFTG216
105.Heaven's DoorknockersUSER01127216
106.Mafia Actuary 02USER02729216
107.Mafia Actuary 11USER02726216
108.NVN: Penguin kabobsNo Viagra Needed216
109.T. Switala 10USER00025216
110.Vicious Piranha-A Dead KennedyUSER02831216
111.Vicious Piranha-Mean StreetsUSER03790216
112.Wild John's Coffee and Eggshell EnemaUSER01057216
113.Alberto Y Los Trios ParanoiasUSER00750215
114.Dead Cat Bounce 1: My Favorite Pastimes are DyingUSER01330215
115.Don Pescado-Thunder MountainUSER01513215
116.Either He's Dead Or My Watch Has StoppedUSER00750215
117.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Adventures in SilveradoFTG215
118.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BarqueroFTG215
119.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fighting Coast GuardFTG215
120.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old IronpantsFTG215
121.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Day The Indians WonUSER03763215
122.Graveyards Are Full Of Indispensable MenUSER00750215
123.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008215
124.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed215
125.NVN: Dust in a suitNo Viagra Needed215
126.She's Got Betty Friedan ThighsUSER03732215
127.Tsuga - Dance SuckaUSER00039215
128.Uncle Marty: I really suck at this USER01392215
129.Vicious Piranha-The New JackalUSER02827215
130.2002 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots214
131.Cartman- No TV and No Beer Make Homer Go CrazyUSER01013214
132.Celebrity DeathwatchStarwanderer214
133.Circling VultureUSER03690214
134.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Dangerous BusinessFTG214
135.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: TimestalkersFTG214
136.K-Team 2002USER01558214
137.NVN: Stiffs in the atticUSER03695214
138.Potted Plant 2DePressED214
139.Strom's Paddle BoyUSER00750214
140.Two Dead BeatlesUSER01440214
141.Vicious Piranha-Smells Like...Victory!USER02831214
142.Breaking News On Le Duc On Le Message BoardUSER00008213
143.COUNTESSQ 2USER00992213
144.COUNTESSQ 3USER03728213
145.Dead Cat Bounce 5USER01330213
146.Death Betombs HerUSER03779213
147.Nurseboy 02USER02750213
149.Vicious Piranha-Seashells and BalloonsUSER01260213
150.1sickbitch 1USER01264212
151.2002 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots212
152.AUNTIE ANNIE 3USER02627212
153.Cartman- Mr Hankey the Xmas PooUSER03664212
154.Circling Vulture - Dead of StateUSER00780212
155.Femme FataleUSER01205212
156.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Flaming Arrow, It's GeorgeFTG212
157.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Iron Horse Robber Go HomeFTG212
158.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: That's Show BizFTG212
159.HEETERGAL 1USER00996212
161.Nurseboy 03USER02750212
162.Road to 6ft UnderStarwanderer212
163.Sarah SmileUSER02783212
164.The CHOSENUSER00750212
165.C. Reeve - Wilder by the bunchUSER00020211
167.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Break In The CircleFTG211
168.Letter Opener of Death - They Just Can't Go Oned head211
169.Rick The Bastard 08USER00425211
170.Vicious Piranha-Long Shot GambleUSER02828211
171.C. Reeve - Georgia politicians eat dirtUSER03668210
172.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Aw, Sarge!FTG210
173.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The West Goes GhostFTG210
174.Rick The Bastard 01USER00425210
175.Ron Santo's Other LegUSER02807210
176.Doc--How's that working out for you?Doc & DJ29
177.Bart and DJ - What No Fuckin' Ziti?Doc & DJ28
178.Aliensheepdog Team Held CaptiveUSER00750110
179.Anastasia 2USER02619110
180.Bart and DJ - Show Me Screech's Name on the ListDoc & DJ110
181.City Till They DieUSER01405110
182.Dead Cat Bounce 3: Jai-alaiUSER03712110
183.Dr. Paul Shipherd 1USER00652110
184.Fatal DistractionUSER01205110
185.HEETERGAL 3USER00996110
186.KITTY GROHUSER00963110
187.Letter Opener of Death - Not Wishing Or Nothing, Bed head110
188.Mafia Actuary 04USER02729110
189.Mafia Actuary 06USER03791110
190.Nurseboy 01Nurseboy110
191.Nurseboy 07Nurseboy110
192.Nurseboy 08Nurseboy110
193.Nurseboy 10 Nurseboy110
194.NVN: Weekends are for hangoversUSER03694110
195.Paddy O'Bitchery 5USER02757110
196.POPE 05USER00108110
197.POPE 12USER03928110
198.Rick The Bastard 11USER03686110
199.Vicious Piranha-I Fought The PiranhaUSER02827110
200.Vicious Piranha-The Vish Is Back!USER00965110
201.C. Reeve - Ernie Ladd is my spiritual leaderUSER0002019
202.C. Reeve - Pols past their primeUSER0002019
203.HEETERGAL 2USER0099619
204.HEETERGAL 4USER0099619
205.HEETERGAL 5USER0269919
206.Johnny B. DeadUSER0057119
207.Legion Of Doom 2002 3USER0378719
208.NVN: Sorcerer of deaths constructionUSER0274719
209.NVN: Write in's gambleUSER0369619
211.Rick The Bastard 03USER0042519
212.Rick The Bastard 10USER0368819
213.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063219
214.Wild John's Cons, etc.USER0366619
215.All That JazzUSER0275618
217.NVN: No fancy name entryNo Viagra Needed17
218.Sheckadoo AnewUSER0112317
219.COUNTESSQ 1USER0099216
220.Sarky - Road Rash on Fucko's AssUSER0031216
221.Don Pescado-Reversal of FortuneUSER0151312
222.Tsuga - ElanUSER0003900


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