Kirk Douglas has been played on 6267 lists, including 415 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Birdman - AK47Bird742
2.Birdman - he's a senator and can't spell BirdBird742
3.Lord Help the Mister Who Comes Between Me and My SisterGhost of Stiffs Past640
4.Birdman 6Bird538
5.Birdman - I will be DePressED if this doesn't winBird537
6.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 3JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag536
7.Birdman - Da Do Run RunBird535
8.PB: Let me get 3 this yearpbear535
9.Johnny Carson Gets Another Chance To Pet Zsa Zsa's PussyRottenToast534
10.Charlie Don't Surf with Kyung LahCharlie Dont Surf532
11.Nurse! Help me! 1Paul1681530
12.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: FootstepsFTG529
13.Ethnic Cleansing 2hop1962528
16.One Deadbeat Off 2Susie Sicko522
17.Birdman - I'll be glas when i dont have to type Z S ABird432
18.Birdman - maybe THIS is Abe's yearBird432
19.Birdman - Moore is lessBird432
20.Ta Ta For Now...and Forever!TheLeeJrwinna!432
21.Team Formalin: That's Showbiz!anarchess431
22.Death By Pinocle List 2oregontrail428
23.Death Rattle: Coughing Up Dirtanarchess427
24.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Vanishing AmericanFTG425
25.The Good Die Young IIITimur425
26.Fidel & Some FriendsPastaPower424
27.Passing Through Nature To EternityRus253423
28.perk's picksperks picks423
29.Aaaaah, Zsa ZsaNice Sicko422
30.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!DJ Badger422
31.Dr. Who - Free for AllDr. Who422
32.Im NOT on the listchadjeffsdad422
34.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484420
35.OldandriedupLittle Chip420
36.Stiff as a board!Chancedog420
37.Future Dirt NappersTeam Sleep419
38.Popular future dead peoplewet grave419
39.The Living DeadAutopsyTurvy419
40.Williams Bay Morticians 3Jerry's Kids419
41.My 2013 water fountainAndy418
42.Penguin's Picks 3ThePenguin418
43.Something to do with Corpses 1Shams418
44.CaSkeT CrAzY... Dead as dirt...CaSkeT CrAzY417
45.Plowing The Deephop1962417
46.Death Soup: Frontal LobotomyMJ and Friends416
47.Charlie Don't Surf with Mia LeeCharlie Dont Surf326
48.Grab a snickersSirMike10326
49.Drop Dead Already!PigPen325
50.Tumor Makes a Does-In / Two More Makes a DozenTumor_Makes_A_Does_In325
51.Brutesquad - Hollywoodbrutesquad64324
52.going with the odds.....bjaskols324
53.Ig's list of stiffs IIIThe Ig324
54.Last AssemblyRuns with Scissors324
55.Super stiffs Et Al 2Dead Eye Jack324
57.Charlie Don't Surf with Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf323
58.Live and Let DieRadler323
59.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed323
60.Plowing The Deep 2hop1962323
62.Yup, I had 'emHey, did you have. . . .323
64.Dying is an Artbridgy322
65.Killer Advocate Goes Onlaptoplg322
66.Last Ditch Efffortjminrod322
68.Toe Tag #1Painted Toe Tag322
69.All gomers die of somethinglindbergh321
70.Buried 'neath the sodDoubled484321
71.could be, might be....your outta herebjaskols321
72.Double D 484-1Doubled484321
73.ReaperMadness #3 (1pk)ReaperMadness321
74.Sarcophagus Sam's Silent StableSarcophagus Sam321
75.They were going to die anyway 2Maryjo80321
76.Autumn Harvest - Butter's BetsPezintree320
77.For the love of Marymommyster320
78.PigglesworthDr Drunk320
79.Rock N' Roll Me When I'm Dead IITrav320
80.Tits-Up IItits-up320
81.Caught DeadDonkey Sausage319
82.Hey You Took My ListnameRhody Trash319
83.Just Kickin' ItJLM211wx (Just Kickin It!319
84.The Dirt Bath 500toddjlyons319
87.A Sure Thing...Deckhawk318
88.Andy's 2013 list!Andrew Edling318
89.Deadly Debutante 1Deadly Debutante318
90.One Deadbeat Off 1Susie Sicko318
91.Otis' Cirrhosis - Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers318
92.Rachel's Walking Dead 6Rachel A318
93.Cemetery Girls 5Cemetery Girls317
94.Dancing on WOHLERT'S GRAVEonefunsob317
96.La Muerte2LaMuerte317
97.LOD - One Death At A Timeed head317
98.Oldy Von MoldyRhody Trash317
99.Zsa Zsa's "Good" Legbridgy317 fence 3rfenster316
101.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends316
102.The Clock is Tickingchriscott97316
103.Big G's Prospects For The Dirt Nap (Sleepers)Dead Fred315
104.Break on through to the other sidemikey the man315
105.Going going GoneBigsunset1967315
106.homerunOda Mae Brown315
107.Outta Here 2Nicky Hoi315
108.Sarky - Fucko da clown, face downSarky315
109.The Dirt Bath 500 Amateur Divisiontoddjlyons315
110.Trautz ExpendablesTeamTrautz1315
111.ZsaZsa's LegNomad66315
112.!!! ancienttitan360314
113.Knocking on Death's DoorDead and Loving It314
114.Leaders of the Packbillyd44314
117.No way they'll see 2014ashifman314
119.ScarlettDon't I look like myself.314
120.themayorpetes can't miss funerals of 2013themayorpete314
122.A few more people I just thought ofmoribundus313
123.Abby's Pet CemeteryDave313
124.Deathrider Is Backdeathrider313
125.Happy Trails to you...mikey the man313
126.Hardanger Dies TomorrowHardanger Dies Today313
127.Here for the RemovalKiller Swedes313
128.Knockout Kingsbillyd44312
129.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2013Meo312
130.Old or Sick People are Good Betswet grave312
131.Thelma Rice had her legs waxedlindbergh312
132.abe vigota needs to die this year!!uselessexistence311
133.Charlie Don't Surf with Luci LiuCharlie Dont Surf311
134.Death March1BCeltics311
135.Memphis Dead 2013trashking311
136.Out of TimeoutsMUWarrior82311
137.Outta Here 3Nicky Hoi39
138.This might win me the big one.Donkey Sausage39
139.I like games where people die.narwhalicorn25338
140.Sarky - Hugo fuck yourselfSarky37
141.Feasting Maggots 8Feasting Maggots219
142.Nothing Personal You Wrinkly BastardsOicho Throw219
143.Riding the Pine - 2013Ranger275219
144.Bring It OnDEATH DEMON218
145.Dancing With Mr. DBetter Off Dead218
147.Goddammit 2goddammit218
148.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!noseinbook218
149.You gon Dieflaco218
150.Abra Cadaverborn2run59217
151.CHAD: No, You Have To Die This YearCHAD217
152.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus217
153.Dead as Dillingerurbscholar217
154.I Got A StiffyI Got A Stiffy217
155.Ig's list of stiffs IThe Ig217
156.kevin's listkevin217
157.Rock N' Roll Me When I'm Dead IIITrav217
158.Death Table 2TitanPilot583216
159.Extreme Deathpooling List #1SFisher216
160.Macaulay and The Walking DeadDeathAlert216
162.Rat Bastards 2USER02215216
163.Sure to be dead soonMikeDog216
165.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing*Allah Willing215
166.AB's Reapers2ABs Reaper215
167.C'MON AND DIEHeart Stopper215
168.CHAD: Roger Roger, Over And Out - DEADCHAD215
169.Coffin CornerDRave13215
170.Dead Men WalkingMeanMom74215
171.Death will part us allT&D215
172.Extreme Deathpooling List #2SFisher215
174.The Graveyard...theappointment215
175.Bad News Bears 2012nlcfsemfc214
176.CHAD: How Old Are You Again?CHAD214
177.Death Race 2013USER02395214
178.I'm a Dead Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!bridgy214
179.Loki 3Loki214
180.One Pine Box is as good as AnotherMore Beer214
181.Poor Kittylindbergh214
182.Soul HuntersHunterbeer214
183.This Won't Hurt A Bit...Altois214
184.Toast CelebritiesCanucklehead214
185.z zis zor zookieGrime Reaper214
186.Carpe dead emdoorma213
187.Deadline for Death 1Burn'em All213
188.Egg SaladDr.Slime213
189.kysor 13The Bear Bowl Pool213
191.Open the Pod Bay Door, Hal!Crystal Balls213
192.Potts Kitchen and BaconMarkMx213
193.Sarky - Dead Dick TatersSarky213
194.Turning Turd TornadoUSER02609213
195.50 shades of crazyEvil Lemons212
196.Flirt With DirtasthedeadtuRNs212
197.Gone Baby Goneronnocoman212
198.list them they will die #2Wills212
199.Requiem AeternamThat's Entertainment212
200.Stiff thisshorty7ft212
201.The Back of Johnny Ola's HandFrankie Pentangeli212
202.UnforTENately, Your Number is UpTumor_Makes_A_Does_In212
203.Worm Food HelperT-Rex212
204.A Grateful Deadhead 2013 DosJudysomething211
205.Adios AmigosMarty211
206.Another losing entry from meBooBeau211
207.Ashes to AshesDestroyers211
208.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly211
209.Chuckles Bites The DustDave211
210.Jeri's 2013 Listjimdkc211
211.Montalban's GhostSkike211
212.Offal TruthUSER01797211
213.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb211
214.the city morgueYou kill em, we chill em211
215.The Real Housewives of Dead CelebsDave211
216.The Thatched Roof of DirtThe Gilberator211
217.Captain's Log, Stardate: 2013billyd44210
218.could be, might be....your outta here 3bjaskols210
219.guaranteed repeat championdie u sob210
221.My Random StiffsT-Rex210
222.NO CHANCEHeart Stopper210
224.Radtex: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex210
225.Six Feet Under IIIChelsea Dagger210
227.turn me on, dead man!USER01515210
229.Death Never Takes a Holiday 2Nipper29
230.deathbitch unbrideledPIANOGIRL29
231.Going down down downRastafarian Mormon29
233.NiceknowinyaWJG v3.029
234.NVN: Never trust a fat vegetarianNo Viagra Needed29
235.The Dirt Bath 500, redotoddjlyons29
236.WAH 2013 #1USER0259329
237.Yadier Molina is a good situational hitter.LMac29
238.Zsa Zsa nomore 2hancoach1329
240.Death- Leftovers Warmed OverJayRockers!28
242.It Tolls For BellePoodle28
244.Maria Le MuertaMkahros28
245.The Answer Key!FroggyB28
246.The Pine Box is CallingMore Beer28
247.Why won't you die?Altois28
249.Expiration Date 12/31/12Pokey2227
250.Late for SupperInexplah27
251.MY 2013 LISTLord Dickerson27
252.Next in Linejhaberli27
253.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #6Shoeguy27
254.RTA THREEHerm Boolie27
255.See Ya, Wouldn't wanna be yaBigsunset196727
256.Trout's Dead Fish IITrout27
257.Zsa zsa's last stand 2chick81327
258.It puts the lotion on its skinBuffalo Bell Biv DeVoe26
259.Its all over but the dyingfossilhead26
260.Joe Theismann's ProstateBagger26
261.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #2Shoeguy26
262.six feet underYou kill em, we chill em26
263.When you come to a fork in the road........dieThe Shadow26
264.Kirk Douglas and the Late Dinah Shore(ah)bridgy25
265.Old SmellUSER0252425
266.Stuffin' Sallybillyd4425
267.the price is rightYou kill em, we chill em25
268.Only Mostly Deadshroom24
269.Drop Like DominoesBison23
270.GA. BULLDAWGS FANThe rebel.23
271.Chicago's Voter RegistrationBeer Ninja110
273.High Anxiety - Its You That I Feardead presidents110
274.Jack Klugman Memorial Dead PoolWaaayBack110
275.Joe G ListJoe G110
277.Little terrlittle terr110
279.Ruck 2013USER00186110
280.Some People - Dance Cheek to Cheekdead presidents110
281.Too late for goodbyesPHALEX110
282.Well nobody died did they? #3Archangel110
283.Habeas CorpsesBradWalt19
284.Martha's listMartha19
285.No green bananasSwine19
286.RJ ThurmontRJ Thurmont19
287.Sudden DeathNeilix10119
288.Tears of Nelson Mandelanealybug19
289.The Billies GrahamTheyComeInThrees19
290.Zsa Zsa is a undead zombieDonkey Sausage19
291.Big Dirt SandwichTheBus18
292.Bunns 2012 LeftoversBunn's Bones To Be18
293.Burry'n Bill 2013ABurry'n Bill18
294.Chilly Dead 1chillybilly18
295.Death Becomes Uspeople meat18
297.Holocaust 2013FredNietzsche18
298.I Hope They Go - SJRJ Thurmont18
299.J Sizzle's 2013 Bucket ListJSizzle18
300.MrJeff2000's Vial of Vitriolmrjeff200018
301.My Ten Funerals Entertainers 2013Jerrytopdown18
302.The All-Star ListHugh G. Wrekshun18
303.You Never Know Iwhirlygirly18
304.You're Dead to Me INick ‘n Beth18
305.AKNAUF DLISTaknauf17
306.Come On Down!!Ravenna17
307.Dead and taxedTerminator17
308.Feral Fodder 2BMT33017
310.rotting corpsestowelielife17
312.We all gotta go sometime........Jeanne Rose17
313.Alternating Picks of DoomLMac16
314.Brat PackUSER0246116
316.NoNames 3jim dibello16
317.Number one with a bullet. Or knife, club, grenade....Big Guy16
318.POTUS 16USER0246416
319.Put Out the FlameYule Log16
320.Zsa Zsa and the GangDeathAlert16
321.........and in the end.The Shadow15
322.I hope this goes better than last year.Doctor Arcane15
324.Mom & Elizabethkristi15
325.Potty Humordead presidents15
326.Quietly DecomposingPushing Up Diasies15
327.RoadkillDr Drunk15
328.Virtual Cemeterycomputerstreber15
330.Dirtnappin' 2013RJ Thurmont14
331.Doctor of Death--More Menthe doctor of death14
332.Only Mostly Dead 2shroom14
333.Petey's HotDog IINancyD14
334.plummerspicks2Smokem Joe14
336.Skike's PicksSkike14
338.Cremation NationDestroyers13
340.Heavythumb 2013heavythumb13
341.Its all over but the dying 3fossilhead13
342.Sinatra is Still DeadT-Rex13
343.Azabache 2013 (1)azabachenegro12
345.bucket kickerscultleaderjessica12
346.Bucket Kickers 4Bucket Kickers12 fence 2rfenster12
349.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards12
350.Oldies but GoodiesPHALEX12
351.Pay DirtBigsunset196712
352.Rastalls Reapers 2013 IIRastalls12
353.Reap 'Em & Weep #1USER0055712
354.The Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It12
355.Waiting at heavens doorChuckie12
356.another ten bite the dustthemayorpete11
357.chalk'm upthemayorpete11
358.Dusty Musty & Crustygentilej11
360.Knocking On Heaven's DoorSlotmantex11
361.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 2Joker11
362.Please Capitalize on My Name when I' m Dead!themadhatter11
363.Sen 1Mr Sen11
364.Six Feet Under IIChelsea Dagger11
365.Sleddog11 1sleddog11
366.WAH 2013 DVHUSER0259311
367.Williams Bay Morticians 2Jerry's Kids11
368.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It00
369.Another foot in the gravegonnabedead00
370.bag of bricksMarshrat00
371.Bi-polar Tombstone RollersEchefgbs00
372.Burry'n Bill 2013BBurry'n Bill00
373.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's00
374.Dawn of the Dead1Dying 4 Cash00
375.Dawn of the Dead3Dying 4 Cash00
376.DC Deathwish 2013DC Celebrity Necrologist00
377.dead people of the future llTodd Blankenship00
378.Death in the Afternoon IIKiller00
379.Digger O Dell 19Digger O Dell 1000
380.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #9FrankJac00
381.DJ Badger: So long, MOM!DJ Badger00
382.Don't Let the Door....Crystal Balls00
383.Fredo let's go fishing!Fredo let's go fishing00
385.Go Ahead and DIE Already!Chris Goulart00
386.Go to the light NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!Voodoo00
387.Golden Oldiesthebrainsbackstage00
388.Greg's 2013 Dead pool list 3gfultz100
390.I Really Dig These GuysDick Rotten00
391.Its Not Fun or FunnyDead Already?00
392.JLK (names that start with J,L or K)knkaustin00
394.kicking it with jesus 3!!! i need help00
395.kicking it with jesus 4!!! i need help00
396.Lightest PyreDr. Doom00
398.MATTOID - Assorted Stiffs To BeThe Mattoid00
400.mayan overtime 2USER0056200
402.Older than dirtElster00000
403.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #4Shoeguy00
404.pool 1spookymagoo00
407.Rookie ReaperFredo let's go fishing00
408.Shanny Valleypisco00
409.SLB 2013sandyb00
410.Someone must die - 2013Double000
411.The Aunt Danielle killer list of all listsRex00
412.The Big SunsetBigsunset196700
413.The Mayans were wrong...Chris Goulart00
414.Tick Tock Tick TockK6lly00
415.Zsa Zsa NoMorehancoach1300


Guess the Stiff!

She won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Doreen Lewis in the TV adaptation of Private Benjamin. Yes. This is a CELEBRITY dead pool. We swear.

(d) July 28th, 2013