Kirk Douglas has been played on 6267 lists, including 372 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Swan Songs 2012USER00621740
2.Osama Ben Who?evilredhead540
3.Return of the Dead GuysGregDean539
4.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail536
5.The Good Die Young IITimur536
6.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends535
7.10 for 10BarisAurelius533
8.Chancy's Second Stiff List #1Chancedog533
9.And Then There Was Nonefireflyt526
11.Sarah Karma's PicksSarah Karma432
12.Radtex : I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex430
13.Run for Your LifeGhost of Stiffs Past430
14.The Old Crojoepeters430
15.2 for the showTheOriginalDub429
16.Egg SaladDr.Slime429
17.JON 2Jon00060428
18.Thought they were already goneSwine428
19.andrew knauf's listaknauf427
20.Asystole 8Ben Dover427
21.6 feet underChelsea Dagger425
22.Abby's Pet CemeteryDave425
24.That WAS Entertainment 2012aFilmslave425
27.Otis' Cirrhosis - Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers424
28.Age Before Beauty IISilentcalvin423
29.Top Of The Mournin'DeathRace423
31.One of these days, it HAS to be Zsa ZsaLessThanThree422
32.Future fossilsfossilhead421
33.Ignatius' Rubber GloveIgnatius' Rubber Glove421
34.nature's callingbuh-bye now421
35.Slouching towards GommorahDave the Vampire421
36.Baxley - Frucking Stats 1Baxley420
37.BURRY'N BILL 2012Burry'n Bill420
38.I See Dead People v2Barzini420
39.The person you've reached has been disconnectedBetter Off Dead420
40.2012 Best Guesses Listvalberts1963419
42.Siempre viva! Zsa Zsa lives forever!Pokey22419
43.Dead Bagsrojoepeters418
44.Death Becomes Uspeople meat418
45.Yitzhak no moCosmo Underground418
46.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #2Shoeguy416
47.Terry Pendleton was a Good Situational HitterLMac416
48.No Chance In Helltoomanycards414
49.bird don't livePIANOGIRL327
50.Cancer is the AnswerTumor_Makes_A_Does_In327
51.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots327
52.Letter Opener of Death Reduxed head327
53.Sandbags n' CordwoodBlue Cock327
54.You can't spell Eydie without DIEBird327
55.Break a Leg and the RestGregDean326
56.Radtex : His and HearseRadtex326
57.Death-Smoke 'em if You've Got 'emJayRockers!325
58.MJ Lives!MJ Lives325
59.No one can hear your falsetto in HellSarky325
60.Stand and deliver 2012Sgrayva325
61.why am i still here?bjaskols325
62.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus324
63.Dels Dixie Catswsprotte324
64.Happy Apocalypse 2012!HauntedWebmaster324
65.Hollywood Deadbrutesquad64324
66.Soon B. Gonn 2Edhead22324
67.A Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson323
68.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part IIIhurryupndiealready323
69.Poor kittylindbergh323
70.POTUS 13USER02464323
71.Ashes to AshesNelle322
72.Free and Worth Every Penny MarshallRhody Trash322
73.Girls Kick Butt 2oregontrail322
75.McSwindlers Listhop1962322
76.MsWhatsit's 2011 Survivors ListMsWhatsit322
77.Two snaps up!!USER00562322
78.CHAD - 10 Easy PiecesCHAD321
79.Corpse a DiemDave321
80.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 3oregontrail321
81.Death March 21BCeltics321
82.Easy MoneyEasy Money321
83.Girls Kick Butt 1oregontrail321
84.Half Past DeadDashaAndBethers321
85.Mary Worth Takes Over for KevorkianRhody Trash321
86.Rock N' Roll Me When I'm DeadTrav321
87.Styrofoam Bologna 1Gina3030321
88.Die Easyshroom320
89.Gone Like Cianci's ToupeeRhody Trash320
90.Look How They Massacred My BoyFrankie Pentangeli320
92.11 The Hard WayAbartel319
93.Petey's HotdogNancyD319
94.CHAD - I Was NOT Born This WayCHAD318
95.Die U SOBdie u sob318
96.JCudds 2JCudds318
97.My Ten Funerals 2012Jerrytopdown318
98.Nobody's Fool (Least of All Yours)RJD318
99.Put Out the FlameYule Log318
100.Tomtsled-I've Shot People I Like For LessTomtsled318
101.Andy's 2012 list!!!Andrew Edling317
102.Chicago's Voter RegistrationBeer Ninja317
105.Dr. Who - A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who317
106.Fake ShempGhoulash317
107.go to the lightbuh-bye now317
108.Ham SandwichBigFishAZ317
109.Post your dead bee gee joke herezombie lover317
110.The Second Mile Boys Choirzombie lover317
111.Tombstone TerritoryBetter Off Dead317
112.Two Zsas for the Price of OneScott in Philly317
113.Bastu's Competitive CorpsesBastu666316
114.Worm BuffetJerry's Kids316
115.YCB's #2USER05897316
116.Death in the AfternoonKiller315
117.horcrux haterzboshh315
118.If he dies, he diesTireBiter315
119.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 - Bhodag21378315
120.Smokin' MotherfuckersUSER01054315
121.There Can Be Only 1ThatDudeAR315
122.Would of, Could of, Should of!Queenvingle315
123.home to jesus2bjaskols314
125.Stacking the Deck ChairsHugh G. Wrekshun314
126.The Maggot HotelNick ‘n Beth314
127.Dannykel's Deadpool Comes In Threesdannykel313
128.GA. BULLDAWG FANThe rebel.313
129.Rat Bastards 2USER02215313
130.Really Old Shitprguy72313
131.Same time next year?bjaskols313
132.Death's Olympic PoolSandifur312
134.Lewis Elevenbrucelew312
135.The Lascaux Cave Paintings: Younger Than Run Run ShawDiamondToothGertie312
136.27 Club: Run, Kirk, Run!1000_Ways311
137.Irwin Corey; end of storyCash From Cancer311
138.Our Ten Funerals 2012Jerrytopdown311
139.Afraid of the dark? #3Minnesota Neil310
140.Bunns LeftoversBunn's Bones To Be310
141.Monkey Knife FightGaelFC39
142.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy39
143.You're All Royally ScrewedDeckhawk39
145.Hardanger Dies TomorrowHardanger Dies Today38
146.Old PeopleAngel of Death Repellent38
147.Bad KarmaKgent219
148.My wife finds this offensiveknkaustin219
149.The Dead Travel FastHasenji219
150.All gomers die of somethinglindbergh218
151.Cancer Committe MemberTitanPilot583218
152.Death Wish 2012achieved room temperature218
153.Deathpool Dave - Let Them Eat Cakelucky punk218
154.Sunshine Up My SkirtSunshine Up My Skirt218
155.The Dead ZonezChris Goulart218
156.Bad News Bearsnlcfsemfc217
158.Dancing on WOHLERTS graveonefunsob217
159.Death BenefitsBuck217
160.Death Never Takes a Holiday IINipper217
161.Destroyers 1Destroyers217
162.Extreme Deadpooling List #1SFisher217
165.Karaoke Jamsfray217
166.The Big GoodbyeAUTOGRAPHHOUND1217
167.the shit listdarth caedus217
168.DC Dead Hopefuls 2012DC Celebrity Necrologist216
169.Dorothy's Designeessplittertogo216
170.Hoosier Daddy 2littlejohn1954216
171.Mary's Mom knows her dead CelebsMaryjo80216
172.No Time Left To Lawn BowlRexhanover216
173.That WAS Entertainment 2012cFilmslave216
174.Too Stiff For 2012BigTimeKiller216
175.Will Chillequestzim7216
176.Extreme Deadpooling List #2SFisher215
177.Extreme Deadpooling List #3SFisher215
178.GuessWhosComingForAnal 2: Anal BoogalooGuessWho'sComingForAnal215
179.Killer Advocatelaptoplg215
180.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2012Meo215
181.rlp winner #1azabachenegro215
182.Worm Buffet IIIJerry's Kids215
183.1 for the moneyTheOriginalDub214
184.2012 of the worldUSER00562214
185.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's214
186.Deadly DebutantDeadly Debutante214
187.I am Sorry....There's Been No Phone Call From the Governor. Pull The Switch!!!Better Dead Than Red214
188.Little Dix 2LittleDix214
189.Live and Let DieRadler214
190.Old people who are going to die soon...Clever Team Name214
191.Rastalls ReapersRastalls214
193.We have just been informed that you are DEAD.Sarkon214
194.CHAD - Here We Go AgainCHAD213
195.deathbitch rides againPIANOGIRL213
196.Digger O'Dell17Digger O Dell 10213
197.Living Past 90 Should Be Enough AlreadyHugh G. Wrekshun213
199.NoNames 3jim dibello213
200.That WAS Entertainment 2012bFilmslave213
202.DJ Badger: So long, MOM!DJ Badger212
203.Life's a GambleBuck212
205.Walking Through The ValleyNelle212
207.cd5dh - death is the cure of all diseasescerista211
208.Celluloid HeroesRuns with Scissors211
209.Close; Very CloseGizmo211
210.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 2oregontrail211
211.ExeuntOmnes12onthehouseExeunt Omnes211
212.Golden Ticketkeep_croakin211
213.Kevin's listkevin211
214.La Muerte2LaMuerte211
215.Oxpeen 2012 Stiffy'sOxpeen211
216.PB: This is My Yearpbear211
217.RoadkillDr Drunk211
218.We have a piper down 3dryden2911211
219.Xena's 7 Feet Down Underxena211
220.Zsa Zsa will out live us allMaryjo80211
222.Death Be Proud for Once No Matter What Everyone Sayskierkegaard216210
223.Feral Fodder #1BMT330210
224.Good night Chuckles...kewlness210
226.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #5Shoeguy210
228.Time for a dirt nap 3chick813210
229.We didn't have a cream for thatpeatey210
230.Bonnie and ClydsedaleDave29
231.Copy kat killersNhirish Joe29
233.FreakDr Drunk29
234.JSizzle's 2K12 Death ListJSizzle29
235.Minerva, Mayhem and MortalityBooBeau29
236.Mr Bungle's Dead FolksMr Bungle29
237.One Way Ticket HomeKeath Graham29
239.The Deadest!Altois29
240.666 I am the beastDiablo28
241.bugs and bones old fartsUSER0592728
242.Deliciously Safe CandyGaelFC28
243.Doornails IIronnocoman28
244.Down and Out on The RidgeDigger O Dell 1028
246.Let's hear it for the boysLessThanThree27
247.Swimmer in the Dead PoolBunzer27
248.Whayne 2012 - DVHUSER0259327
249.Worm Buffet 2Jerry's Kids27
250.Chicken BoneBigFishAZ26
251.Death Eater Set MenuOzCube26
252.Grim Assclowns 1USER0163726
253.I sorta hope I'm wrong here (with some of them, anyway)sureiscoldinhere26
254.Ima GonerUncle Stiffy26
256.Elizabeth/Mom list #3kristi25
257.Loki 3Loki25
258.Zombie FlandersDr.Burryum25
260.Celebrity SniperTitanPilot583110
261.Dave's Deadpool ListUtica Dave110
262.Death to the Infidels!aliveandkicking110
263.Destroyers 7Destroyers110
265.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo110
266.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2012calvey110
267.Nurse! Help me! 2012Paul1681110
268.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #6Shoeguy110
269.Poof!, What a waste!splittertogo110
271.Rachel's Salem Haunting 3Rachel A110
272.Roll them bonesChris Boland110
274.The Pine Box is CallingMore Beer110
275.The Scooter Inaugural Stiffie ListQueenvingle110
277.Casket Christiebitsybug19
278.Not Stiff in the PantsWanted Dead Not Alive19
279.Time for a dirt nap 2chick81319
280.Tomtsled-Gunslinger Come BackTomtsled19
282.Demisers-Show me the Dead MoneyDemise Moore18
283.Diggin' Deeper by the DozenClever Team Name18
285.Lots 'o old and sick bastards IVBJCx7818
286.Please Please DieMistressLila18
287.adeadguyOh you're dead now17
288.Flatliners 1The Shadow17
289.Fuck you, you fucking fucker...CaSkeT CrAzY17
291.Greg's 2012 Dead Pool 1gfultz117
293.BringOutYerDeadSomeMoreMr Happy16
295.hoosier daddylittlejohn195416
296.Synrose's Listsynrose16
298.Expiration Date: 12/31/11Pokey2215
299.Just Kickin' It!JLM211wx (Just Kickin It!15 patience wears thinBairBones15
301.Reap Em & Weep #1USER0055715
302.RTATHREEHerm Boolie15
304.!!! ailingtitan36014
305.Baxley - 1998 Atwater Worst ReduxBaxley14
306.Buncha Dead Folks!RcktManIL14
308.Doc & DJ--Bob Hope All-Stars (Die Already!)Doc & DJ14
309.Last call for Death....captaindabby14
312.Coffin CornerDRave1313
313.CricketsCosmo Underground13
314.Death by Chocolate Milkmommyster13
315.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ13
316.Go into the Light 12NVRGVUP13
318.Ike's likestbone13
319.Jake the Snake's Pistol Pete Bonus ListJake the Snake13
320.MATTOID - Come on, die already...The Mattoid13
322.MausoleakumUncle Stiffy13
323.The Ghost of Natalie WoodMaryjo8013
324.Time for a dirt napchick81313
325.Time for your dirt napBig Guy13
326.Toxic AvengerGaelFC13
327.Vadnelly VoodoosVadnelly Voodoos13
328.Kim's listKLF12
330.Stones Girl 2012Stones Girl12
332.Team Worm Chowworm chow12
333.The Regulator ListWarren G12
334.Chuckles Bites the DustDave11
335.Dying Room OnlyBarrCreeWenn11
336.flatliners the usual suspectsThe Shadow11
337.God Please Take Tim Tebow Already ListUSER0533711
338.Last Ditch effortjminrod11
339.No Chance In Hell 3toomanycards11
340.(Kick the) Bucket ListFallsguy00
341.1+1+1+.....nevermindGrime Reaper00
342.11 ajlposhajlposh00
343.2012 TB_2Dead Eye Jack00
344.A Total CrapshootDoctor Arcane00
345.Barry D LiveUncle Stiffy00
346.Cagehead 2012 CDPCagehead00
347.Chilly Dead 1chillybilly00
348.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly00
349.Death By Chocolate 2012mommyster00
350.Debbie Downerwhirlygirly00
351.Deez NutzDeeNutz00
354.GagaBurn'em All00
355.Glutten for punishment, again!Teebabe00
356.Googuse's TV Partygooguse00
357.Jerry's KidsPastaPower00
358.Kristin's List of Celebrities She Thinks Will Die in 2012kristinsince198400
359.Lewis Eleven (2)brucelew00
360.Lighter PyreDr. Doom00
361.List O LosersCaSkeT CrAzY00
362.Marked for Death By MarxieMarxie Von Trapp00
363.Money Maker$PoofyMonroe00
364.MR RUPP'S DEATH WATCHR U dead yet00
365.NJM Green MileNJMCW00
366.NutseyMs. Antrope00
367.Satirical Alexadria's listSatiricalAlexandria00
368.Silence of the LambsPushing Up Diasies00
369.Someone must die - 2013Double000
370.Star list 2012 ChancedogChancedog00
371.Ya All Below Meshorty7ft00
372.You Stab 'Em, We Slab 'Emwhirlygirly00


Guess the Stiff!

She provided the voice of the possessed Regan in The Exorcist, and is now sucking cocks in hell.

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