Jimmy Carter has been played on 1887 lists, including 215 lists in The 2016 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.Celebrity lives DONT matterSickle Cell - #2 cause of533
3.Sorely missedmoribundus531
5.Aren't they gone yet?RcktManIL430
6.Dropping Like FliesThe Coroner427
7.Death By Pinochle List 2 2016oregontrail426
8.The Producerslucky punk426
9.Coffin Rattler - Infirmedcoffinrattler425
10.Call on Mealan smithee424
11.DJ Badger: My wife Lanna says DIEDJ Badger424
12.You made the list!AdamTheO423
13.Bag it and tag it DuckyBig Guy422
14.Pokey's Picks 2016Pokey22421
15.2016 1mirandate420
16.Fake ShempGhoulash420
17.Herm BoolieHerm Boolie420
18.Worm Farmer's Ultimate Worm FoodWorm Farmer419
19.Dario's Dead ListDario Barbalinardo416
20.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail416
22.Croakers,#1More Beer323
23.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ323
24.Doc & DJ--Kylo Ren and StimpyDoc & DJ322
25.OF Corpse You're Dead 9Shoeguy322
26.Death Soup: He's A Hall of Famer! FAMOUS!MJ and Friends321
27.Come On I Wanna See Em In a Mausolieum 2EdRulz320
28.Leftovers from 2015moribundus320
30.That's all folks!Toe Tagged Luminary320
31.Bottoms Up!addier319
32.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison319
33.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ319
34.Droppin' Like FliesThe Coroner319
36.No Chance In Helltoomanycards319
37.Bobby Brown's BathtubCDPNYC318
38.Bone Homies! All Good Things Must Come To an Endbonevoyage318
39.Doc & DJ--If Our Rhyme Was A Drug We'd Sell It By The GrahamDoc & DJ318
40.Doc & DJ--Jello Pudding PoppedDoc & DJ318
41.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E318
43.Reap Em and Weep #2USER00557318
44.Zsa Zsa -- Really, it's time...Deckhawk318
45.Death Soup: Hail To The ChiefMJ and Friends317
46.Death.. Time To Get Them!!!people meat317
47.Drop Dead 2Drop Dead317
48.Old BallsBrown Widow317
49.Orange You Glad I'm Dead?Bea Hind317
50.Toodlum....Is That You???Bison317
51.Show them the light!Rastafarian Mormon316
52.Zsa Zsa's Fabreze BathZsa Zsa's Toe Tag316
53.Ferry Road FlyerTrout315
54.Fitzy's wish list IPhitz1315
55.Moraxian - 90's MusicMoraxian315
56.Sen 2Mr Sen315
57.#DeadLivesMatterBrown Widow314
58.CHAD - One For The SeesawCHAD314
59.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl313
60.Politics and Mansonthedeadmanshand311
61.The Clock is Ticking 2chriscott97311
62.Death Pool Gamblers 2016cDeath pool gambler219
63.Forrest Tucker's GhostFTG218
64.It's Not My FaultHeidi218
65.Come On I Wanna See Em In a Mausolieum 3EdRulz217
66.Death- Wild ThingJayRockers!217
67.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ217
68.Doc & DJ--You Threw Food at Vito. That's Gotta Be Resolved.Doc & DJ217
69.Down and Dirty Dirt NapSufferosis217
70.Hollywood & Pennsylvania AveBack to the Dead Life217
71.Jenny Was SweetDePressED217
72.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed217
73.Pushing up Daisies 2016nrubsol217
74.Say Hi to Elvis #1 2016Spudboy217
75.Turn Me On, Dead ManUSER01515217
76.FLAT LINEHeart Stopper216
77.Michael Jackson Lives in AustraliaMJ Lives216
78.2016 Invational Dead Pool (Winning this time).onyx2783215
80.Doc & DJ--She Just Turned 30 and Is Raising My ChildDoc & DJ215
82.Tsuga - Die EngelTsuga215
83.We need some room on the planet old people...Rastafarian Mormon215
84.Will Chillequestzim7215
85.Cash from Cancer: Valerie Harper LeeCash From Cancer214
86.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ214
87.killer advocate 2015 preslaptoplg214
88.Phillys Dead FishPhillys Fish214
89.The Political GraveyardChris Goulart214
90.Death, pleaseAltois213
91.Do you really give a fuck?zombie lover213
92.Ground BreakersDemise Moore213
93.No Chance In Hell 3toomanycards213
94.The Fountain of Youth 2016Lord Dickerson213
95.WAS 2016 - DVHUSER02593213
96.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye213
97.youre really dead to metheappointment213
98.Carpe Dead'emdoorma212
99.Death- FunkytownJayRockers!212
101.Looking Kinda' BlueDead Person Specialist, E212
102.10 less clowns to worry aboutUSER02397211
103.Blake's Bones 3Mr. Blake211
104.Del's Catsdel bird211
105.Freddie Gray's AnatomyDeath Row211
106.Hearse HeresayRichardHertz211
107.Jill's Bad Karma Predictionsjchudson68211
109.Stiff HuxtableJustin9700211
110.Daisey Pusherssquidly766210
111.DIE FOR DOLLARSThe rebel.210
112.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl210
113.Haystacks CalhounTex Antoine210
114.JoeG20163Joe G210
115.Lemmy is Dead, Who cares...More Beer210
116.Stop alreadyNVRGVUP210
117.CHAD - Ocean's 10CHAD29
118.Death-a-ramaCorpse Counter29
120.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger29
121.goddammit 2goddammit29
122.goddammit 3goddammit29
123.Prince Sirki's Holiday3Prince Sirki29
124.The Force SleepsUSER0056229
125.dead bones roasting on a funeral pyrefireflyt28
126.Martha PearlDiane28
127.Martha's listMartha28
129.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots27
130.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl26
131.Our Ten Funerals 2Jerrytopdown26
132.!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 3Albrecht25
133.Cash from Cancer: a Coney Island of the CorpseCash From Cancer25
134.CHAD - SixCHAD25
135.Davy Jones Bucket Listguywithtoaster25
136.Papa ZHerb24
137.Dylan Old Man & a Bunch of Long ShotsNascar91223
138.A Death Pool Gambler 2016bDeath pool gambler110
139.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls110
140.Dead Againdeadwebb110
141.Die Listshroom110
142.Down and DirtyDRave13110
143.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl110
144.It's not the cancer that will kill himurbscholar110
145.Kelly's crewnicegrrl333110
146.Pennies on your Eyesdoorma110
148.! Algor Mortis to Livor Mortis - Politiciansnightjy19
149.Bone Vivants! Napoleon Bonesapart Specialbonevoyage19
150.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus19
151.Daves Dead DicksDirtyDESDAVE19
152.Dead Serious!Dead Person Specialist, E19
153.I just saw him alivelindbergh19
154.Tsuga - Dirt in the GroundTsuga19
155.WAH 2016 - #1USER0259319
157.Final SummonsNick ‘n Beth18
158.Nobody Dies For FreeHeidi18
159.Obamacare death listLpb18
161.The People's CorpseBea Hind18
162.Well nobody died did they? 3Archangel18
163.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye18
165.And so I face the final curtainBuck17
166.BuhByeNow, SeeYa!Brummett17
167.Cash from Cancer: They will be dead, we will be GratefulCash From Cancer17
168.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #2FrankJac17
169.Feasting Maggots 3 The Wrecked CrewFeasting Maggots17
170.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and WomenTwisted Freak17
171.Knock, Knock, Knocking on Death's DoorDead and Loving It17
172.no 1 gets out alivedisplayname00717
173.rlpx 2016azabachenegro17
174.Fatal AffairJanisdoll16
175.goddammit 1goddammit16
177.Mark's religion and politics picksBonusPants16
178.Erika Anne Has A ChainsawBuffiedee15
179.Someone, please dieAltois15
180.DEAD BEETSHeart Stopper14
181.Lemmy is Dead; Who cares #3More Beer14
182.Smoked Banditchunkemintheclay14
183.Betsy's bodies..to be died later..Betsy13
184.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards13
185.Rastall Reapers 2016 IIRastalls13
186.Body bags and Toe tagstrojones12
187.vroom/criv boneyardVroomfondel12
188.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye12
189.Death Be Not Proud VIITimur11
190.Jimmy Johns 2016Ranger27511
191.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED11
192.PB: A Good Year in the Makingpbear11
193.That WAS Entertainment 2016bFilmslave11
194.We have a winnerAltois11
196.2016 death listcarelief100
197.ALS Ice Bucket Challengehossdaddynick00
198.American Ayholes - 2016Ranger27500
199.Bone DieU! Billy G & Ben Ex-Pbonevoyage00
200.Bone Fete! Reporting from the Party at the Pearly Gates on JUDGEment Day!bonevoyage00
201.Cartman- Stunning and BraveCARTMAN00
202.CHAD - 3 For TexasCHAD00
203.CHAD - 9CHAD00
204.CHAD - Jim Jim Jimmy, Jim Jim Jimmy, Jim Jim Jimmy!CHAD00
205.Hollywood & Pennsylvania Ave 2Back to the Dead Life00
206.Kmac's invitation to hellkmac00
207.Let's give it a "Shot"Chris Goulart00
209.Morte Elenco dei VonMax dueBVMax00
212.They Gonefouriikc00
213.Three Cement StepsCement Steps00
214.we already went to heavendisplayname00700
215.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye00


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