Roone Arledge has been played on 701 lists, including 173 lists in The March '02 Lee Jr..

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1.Cat Gotti Your Tongue?USER01063429
2.DePressED 2USER02659424
3.POPE 04USER00108424
4.DCB 5: In the Event Roone Arledge DiesUSER01330323
5.Ray Brent Marsh's To Do List - WednesdayUSER03876322
6.PUTNAM'S UTICA CLUB HANGOVERPutnam's Tomahawk Chop321
7.Vicious Piranha® The Rites Of SpringUSER02830321
8.POPE 10USER00108320
9.Justin Hale 2USER02686319
10.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 2USER02686319
11.Uncle Marty 4: Bring Back G.I. Joe!USER02819319
13.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 1USER02686318
14.Vicious Piranha® Sid SingsUSER02830318
15.Bart and DJ - Not inspired enough to be cleverUSER03852317
16.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Berle is a CrossdresserFTG317
17.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 2USER03873317
18.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 1USER03881317
19.DXRob 1USER00489316
20.Vicious Piranha® High And DryUSER02830315
21.Cherry RobertsDePressED314
22.Venus LovemotionDePressED314
23.Hugo Banzer Is FamousUSER00008313
24.Chad - A Double Dose Of SidsUSER01115219
25.Don Pescado-The Grammy's are ostinatosUSER01513219
26.DCB 1: In the Event Jack Buck DiesUSER01330218
27.Doc--Insert Sopranos Line HereUSER02665218
28.Mum's The TurdUSER00008218
29.POPE 09USER00108218
30.Sometimes Not Wise To Be WiseFTG218
31.Time For Uncle TiltieUSER00008218
32.Wun Hung Lo 1USER02686218
33.Wun Hung Lo 2USER02686218
34.Wun Hung Lo 3USER02686218
35.DCB 2: In the Event Ted Williams DiesUSER01330217
36.Justin Hale 1USER02686217
37.Justin Hale 3USER02686217
38.POPE 01USER00108217
39.POPE 15USER02763217
40.Private Ryan 1000002217
41.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER02686217
42.DNR/DNI 1Nurseboy216
43.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bugles in the AfternoonFTG216
44.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 1USER01531216
45.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 3USER03874216
46.Pepster 1USER01583216
47.Pepster 2USER01583216
48.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 2USER03882216
49.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 3USER02686216
50.All Men Must DieUSER01574215
51.Heavens DoorknockersUSER01127215
52.Always Split AcesUSER02738214
53.And Then There Were NoneDePressED214
54.BIG E - The Sporting (After)LifeUSER03869214
55.Die Bart DieUSER01494214
56.Headstones on Rush Order 1USER01486214
57.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008214
58.Mafia Actuary 14: Where do I mail the FC bribe?USER02726214
59.Pepster 4USER01583214
60.Redsox Fan Don't cremate them in GA.1BCeltics214
61.Tonya SlickbootyDePressED214
62.Vicious Piranha® Flushing The John'sUSER03885214
63.DCB 4: In the Event Tom Laughlin DiesUSER01330213
64.DePressED 1DePressED213
65.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: McCulloch TruckingFTG213
66.Frankie 2DePressED213
67.Potted Plant 1USER03816213
68.Vicious Piranha® My Aim Is TrueUSER02830213
69.Vicious Piranha® Untamed HawkUSER01260213
70.Chad - I, I, I Feel So AliveUSER01115212
71.DePressED 8USER03819212
73.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bye Bye BalloonFTG212
74.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: FootstepsFTG212
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Rock Island TrailFTG212
76.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: TimestalkersUSER02681212
77.Mafia Actuary 03: Jim, the grave is THIS wayUSER02727212
78.Oh Johnny I Love Shelf PaperUSER00750212
79.Really Ready To Piss On Reagan's GraveUSER03472212
80.Vicious Piranha® The Back Of The BusUSER02830212
81.Vicious Piranha® The Dutch OvenUSER02830212
82.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Take Out Enough to WinFTG211
83.Pepster 8USER02760211
84.Road To RooneUSER00008211
85.Vicious Piranha® My Last RequestUSER02830211
86.Zuckers is mmm mmm Good!USER03814211
88.DePressED 5USER02660210
89.Don Pescado-Ollantaytambo spells victoryUSER03842210
90.Mafia Actuary 07: Britney's greatgrandmum-in-lawUSER02726210
91.Vicious Piranha® KnuckleballUSER02830210
92.BUFF DADDY - Blinded by the LightUSER0131529
93.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Duke Used a StuntmanFTG29
94.Chad - It Starts With 1USER0111528
95.DePressED 6DePressED26
96.All That JazzUSER00008110
97.Bark of Tree Never Bitter to Hungry SquirrelUSER03828110
98.Bart and DJ - The Ray Brent Marsh Fantasy Tool SheDoc & DJ110
99.Cartman-Ten People I've Never MetUSER01013110
100.Chad - Encore Encore, Moore Moore!USER02644110
101.Chad - Thank God For Thalidomide!USER01115110
102.Coatlicue-Steve McQueen lives in WilmerdingUSER01513110
103.Day After Goose Fly SouthUSER03864110
104.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: California PassagesFTG110
105.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Meshuma HakanumaUSER03817110
106.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The YearlingFTG110
107.Headstones on Rush Order 2USER01486110
108.Osiris-Pyramid PowerUSER03866110
109.Pam's GrandUSER00008110
110.Pepster 3USER01583110
111.Pepster 5USER01583110
112.Pepster 6USER01583110
113.Pepster 7USER00965110
114.Pepster 9USER02760110
115.POPE 03USER00108110
116.Re-Education CommitteeUSER03884110
118.The Abominable Snowman of the HimalayasFTG110
119.The Elusive 10-For-10 PerfectoUSER00008110
120.Tsuga - The Living YearsUSER02817110
121.Wheel of FortuneUSER02722110
122.Who Needs Wampum? Send MoneyUSER03846110
123.Who The Hell Is Larry Kramer?USER00008110
124.Wild John's Georgia AshtrayUSER01057110
125.Wild John's River Styx Booze CruiseUSER01057110
126.Barbie SpreadumDePressED19
127.Bob Steele's Ghost: Back At the AlamoUSER0268119
128.DePressED 7DePressED19
129.Frank de Kova's Ghost: Wise Old Hekawi SayingFTG19
130.HEETERGAL 4USER0099619
131.Hugo Banzer Is Not FamousUSER0000819
132.Mafia Actuary 09: In case the masses are rightUSER0272619
133.Redsox Fan Eternal SleepUSER0384919
134.T. Switala 01USER0002519
135.T. Switala 04USER0002519
136.T. Switala 05USER0002519
137.That Boy Sure Can CipherUSER0075019
138.Vicious Piranha® A Couple Dead CrackersUSER0283019
139.Vicious Piranha® Is Bashful Lee H's Pops?USER0283019
140.Vicious Piranha® Seashells And BalloonsUSER0283019
141.Vicious Piranha® Train In VainUSER0283019
142.DePressED 9DePressED18
143.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeFTG18
144.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The War PriestUSER0268318
145.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Trouble in the GlenFTG18
146.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED18
147.NVN: fuck you Elizabeth WurtzelNo Viagra Needed18
148.NVN: your hearse is waitingNo Viagra Needed18
150.T. Switala 02USER0159118
151.Uncle Marty 1: Throwing My Money AwayUSER0139218
152.Bart and DJ - np - The StrokesUSER0157717
153.Cartman-People Die In Alphabetical OrderUSER0383417
154.Don Pescado-I'm not an accountant!USER0151317
155.Good Luck CharmUSER0272217
156.Madam SpankalotDePressED17
157.Potted Plant 2DePressED17
158.Chad - Let's Play OperationUSER0111516
159.DePressED 4DePressED16
160.Chad - 7 J's All In A RowUSER0264415
161.Chad - The Ex-Husband Of A PrincessUSER0111515
162.I see more dead peopleUSER0272214
164.Bottom of the NinthUSER0274913
165.Chad - What's Ailing You?USER0111513
166.Chad - I Have 3 Dicks & You Don'tUSER0111512
167.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED11
168.Chad - Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey!USER0111500
169.Chad - Hot Time At The CrematoryUSER0111500
170.Dr. Who - Long ShotUSER0385600
171.Femme Fatale 3USER0385000
172.Redsox Fan 61BCeltics00
173.We-R, We-R, The Youth Of The NationUSER0111500


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