Dudley Moore has been played on 1156 lists, including 225 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.The Carl's Junior picksUSER01377525
2.Skool Bird's DadUSER00999524
3.Justin Hale 3USER03788427
4.Got a Stiffie??USER01158423
5.Dead Cat Bounce 7USER03714421
6.Excuse Me for Coffin 1USER00594420
8.Letter Opener of Death - Limited To 50 CharactersUSER03669419
9.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl326
10.POPE 13USER03931326
11.Gorgo ReptilicusUSER01210325
14.JMC Hearse 2USER00997321
17.Otis, You Want A Treat?USER00008320
18.Paddy O'Bitchery 4USER02757320
19.Pepster 1USER00055320
20.Tommytsled-Driving Too Fast, Steering Too SlowTomtsled320
22.Funeral for a Friend 1USER00594319
23.Mary Tyler Morgue 1Mary Tyler Morgue319
24.BIG EUSER01367318
25.Sarky - Fucko Bites the PillowUSER00312318
26.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Trouble In The GlenFTG317
27.NVN: Means More RockNo Viagra Needed317
28.NVN: Who to leave offNo Viagra Needed317
29.Elvis Grbac is a pussyUSER01083316
31.quincy 3USER01378315
32.Tobacco Death RoadUSER02783315
33.Bob Hope will die as soon as I take him off my lisBibsPal314
34.Heroes of the HeadstoneUSER00594313
35.vomit_god1 - Wish You Weren't Herevomit_god312
36.Already DeadUSER01128219
37.Already Dead ResurrectedUSER03673219
38.Blackadder 2000002219
40.My First BlumpkinUSER00999219
41.Vile JellyUSER00336219
42.NVN: Too old or Too sick to all surviveNo Viagra Needed218
43.Terror TabbyUSER00576218
44.Jackalope Ghost RevivedJackalope_Ghost217
45.Mary Tyler Morgue 3USER02742217
46.MK EmbalmedMBalmed217
47.Spinzo's Can't Miss 2002USER01088217
48.The All-KnowingJohn 3:16217
49.World Harmony and DeathUSER02783217
50.Blackadder 1000002216
51.C. Reeve - I Want VP's TrophyUSER00020216
52.Honors List 2002USER02783216
53.LOOPS' LISTUSER01555216
54.NVN: Penguin kabobsNo Viagra Needed216
55.Special K - The PrincessUSER03795216
56.Team O.B.E. 2USER00405216
57.Wild John's Coffee and Eggshell EnemaUSER01057216
58.Cadillac JCadillacJ215
59.Excuse Me for Coffin 3USER03650215
60.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BarqueroFTG215
61.Gentleman Death 3USER03699215
62.Go See God-Janet Reno is an Ugly MoronUSER00779215
64.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed215
65.NVN: Dust in a suitNo Viagra Needed215
67.The Ralph Wiggum ArmyUSER01469215
68.Todd 1whit25215
69.Todd 3USER02814215
70.Uncle Marty: I really suck at this USER01392215
71.vomit_god2 - Dark Side of the Morguevomit_god215
72.Circling VultureUSER03690214
73.JMD - It's 4th down, now puntUSER03776214
74.Mulch Monkey 1USER00309214
75.NVN: Stiffs in the atticUSER03695214
76.Two Dead BeatlesUSER01440214
77.Angry BomberUSER01470213
78.COUNTESSQ 3USER03728213
79.Im REALLY REALLY Fillin Up Uncle PercyUSER03698213
82.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko213
83.1sickbitch 1USER01264212
85.Dominick John Sylvester III 01USER01130212
86.Dominick John Sylvester III 13USER01130212
87.Drooling at the obit deskUSER03804212
88.Go See God-Adios Axehandle!USER00779212
89.HEETERGAL 1USER00996212
90.Im Fillin Up Uncle PercyUSER01167212
91.Probate Lawyer Seeks WorkUSER00073212
92.Reap 'Em & Weep 1USER00557212
93.RigorMortis 2USER02779212
94.vomit_god5 - A Momentary Lapse of Breathingvomit_god212
95.WE HAVE A PIPER DOWN!dryden2911212
96.Chicago JakeChicago Jake211
98.Go See God-Snowball's Chance in HellUSER00779211
99.Letter Opener of Death - They Just Can't Go Oned head211
101.C. Reeve - Georgia politicians eat dirtUSER03668210
102.Guess Who Died? 5ZUSER01484210
103.HUGGY 3USER03767210
104.DEAD DOGUSER0149629
105.The Otter picksUSER0367929
106.Wednesday 1USER0380729
107.Special K - The People's PicksUSER0379428
108.Tsuga's Little OneUSER0003928
110.GGDP 2USER0268827
111.Don Pescado-Ease into EternityUSER0369226
112.goddammit 1goddammit26
113.Anastasia 2USER02619110
114.BAIRBONES 1BairBones110
115.Bart and DJ - Osama bin blown da fuck up!Doc & DJ110
116.Dead or Alive - Just BarelyUSER01486110
117.Disrespecting the BingUSER01222110
118.gravediggers 1USER01233110
119.Hold Me Closer Tony DanzaUSER03796110
120.Letter Opener of Death - Not Wishing Or Nothing, Bed head110
121.Nurseboy 07Nurseboy110
122.NVN: Weekends are for hangoversUSER03694110
123.Tsuga - The Piano's Been DrinkingUSER00039110
124.Two Ol' BoogersJohn 3:16110
125.C. Reeve - Ernie Ladd is my spiritual leaderUSER0002019
127.Dying..., Dying..., DEAD! 2USER0267719
128.I LOVE THE DEAD 2USER0007019
129.IAGO 1IAGO19
130.IAGO 3USER0270419
131.Moraxian - The British are DyingMoraxian19
132.NVN: Sorcerer of deaths constructionUSER0274719
133.NVN: Write in's gambleUSER0369619
134.NVN: You cant have everyoneNo Viagra Needed19
137.SALMICK 2TheMick119
138.The MasterBig Guy19
139.The RavenUSER0152919
140.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063219
141.Uncle Marty: That's not salad dressingUSER0378419
142.woody/wayne sixteenDONT GET WELL19
143.Bigherb 2Kirby18
145.Jimmy's Essence of Death - BAMUSER0123418
146.JMD - Please turn blue in 2002Mr Wonderful18
147.Loki 1Loki18
148.Meet Your Maker AlreadyUSER0114918
149.Nurseboy 06USER0275018
150.P.L.A.I.N. 3USER0365218
151.Putnam's Die Dudley, Die!USER0379918
152.Reaper MadnessUSER0143118
153.Spinzo's Second Chances 2002USER0279318
154.vomit_god3 - Another Stiff in the Wall, Part 2USER0367018
155.vomit_god4 - The Coroner's Final Cutvomit_god18
156.Aahhh, blow me and then die!!!USER0122317
157.As If It Were Your Last 1Minnesota Neil17
158.Black Diamond 1USER0131117
159.C. Reeve - Write these people offUSER0002017
160.Crematerry 2USER0112517
161.Dead or Alive - But Not Wanted Either WayUSER0365517
162.Elvis Grbac uses feminine hygiene productsUSER0108317
163.Feet Firstphenry17
164.Jim Morrison's Heroin Butt CrackUSER0126717
165.KimE - Corpses Wantedcalvey17
166.NVN: No fancy name entryNo Viagra Needed17
167.The Sporting Death 1USER0092517
168.Who is stinking up the house?USER0114317
169.Buck 1Buck16
170.Buck 2Buck16
171.Mac's MortsUSER0107616
173.VING 1USER0152016
175.Big BossesUSER0156315
176.Bigherb 1Kirby15
178.kevinthesunJerri Blank15
179.vomit_god6 - The Not-So-Great Gig in the SkyUSER0367015
181.goddammit 2goddammit14
182.goddammit 3USER0373614
183.Necrophiliacs Inconefunsob14
184.Rey MuertoUSER0147214
185.RigorMortis 1Rigor14
186.DR HUGGYUSER0097513
187.P.L.A.I.N. 2USER0082013
188.Badger Kelley says: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger12
189.Dead or AliveUSER0148612
190.The Total Packages TombstonesUSER0128012
192.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve11
193.Badger Kelley says: It's A Virtual Cornucopia of CDJ Badger00
194.Badger Kelley says: This One Is for You, Mum!DJ Badger00
195.Bagged and Taggedecho081600
197.BigRedMachine 2USER0138300
198.Bring Out Your Dead. But I'm Not Dead Yet!!Knockin on Heavens Door00
200.Dead See SquirrelsUSER0120700
201.Death EgomaniacsUSER0063200
203.Freddie's DeadUSER0104500
204.Georges DuroyChicken at Tresky's00
205.JMD - Quick, Get a ShovelMr Wonderful00
206.kasey 3USER0378100
208.Lou SifferUSER0040600
209.Midwest Morgue Mogul GigiUSER0062400
210.Miss Jean BrodieDiamondToothGertie00
211.MK Final CurtainMBalmed00
213.Nuns VaginaUSER0270900
214.Nurseboy 04USER0275000
215.Off the deep endUSER0372600
217.RogerGoWithThrottleUp 1Roger Gowiththrottleup00
218.SeaPepto '02SeaPepto00
220.Take a long nap, guysUSER0154700
221.The OdoBanLadyUSER0095000
223.xian 1USER0048800
224.xian 2USER0048800
225.xian 3USER0371600


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From being a Jesuit priest and an associate of Pope John XXIII during the era of the Second Vatican Council, Mal made the natural vocational progression and wrote the best-selling thriller "Hostage To The Devil" in 1976. Look it up.

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