Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi has been played on 1169 lists, including 398 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.An Atwater Entry That Has the Potential to WinGhost of Stiffs Past849
2.Birds Never Looked Into The SunDePressED846
3.No Such Thing as a Sure ThingSilentcalvin844
5.Doc & DJ--2012 Prediction: Bucs Hire Greg SchianoDoc & DJ748
6.Daisy A Day DearDePressED746
7.DGD - Both Parties SuckDGD746
8.Doc & DJ--Hot Pepper in Your LadybitsDoc & DJ746
9.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED746
11.Venus LovemotionDePressED744
12.DGD - Cancer means never having to say you're sorryDGD743
13.There Is No LeadDePressED743
14.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots742
15.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED742
16.We need a mandatory Helmut lawBird742
17.Baxley - Megrahi Giap Wouk, and a fine chianti...Baxley741
19.Etta. It Rhymes With Deada.Ghost of Stiffs Past740
21.TWGTDA - Three's a CrowdJMC10000731
22.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ645
23.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ645
25.And Then There Were None AgainDePressED644
26.Doc & DJ--All Things Scottish...And PizzaDoc & DJ644
27.Doc & DJ--Visit www.loudsilence.us. Why not ".com"? Because Who's Better Than Us?Doc & DJ644
28.Hate to see Shelby goBird644
31.Doc & DJ--Have You Got Diploma from Flower Class?Doc & DJ643
33.DGD - O Lord...Ooh, You are so big...DGD642
34.DGD - Hitchslapping JesusDGD642
35.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ642
37.Birdman 158Bird641
39.DGD - And finally, a wafer thin mint.DGD641
40.Doc & DJ--Cunnilingus and Psychiatry Brought Us to ThisDoc & DJ641
41.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ641
42.Danse MacabreMr. Redrum640
43.Oh no Joe!Bird640
44.Stranger Blue Leaves Us AloneDePressED640
45.Death Soup: You Etta, No Betta, You Dead!MJ and Friends639
46.IAGO 3IAGO639
47.The Dirt NappersTaugh639
48.The Old C Againrojoepeters639
50.Insert Clever List Name HereGregDean638
51.Baxley - Gots the Heebie-Beejies?Baxley637
52.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED637
53.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED637
55.I M Pei FreelyBird636
56.IAGO 2IAGO636
57.Birdman 5Bird635
58.Newbie - On Government Assistancelucky punk635
61.finally doneBird633
62.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BarqueroFTG633
63.My fingers are tired from typingBird633
64.Itoman Death Squad1BCeltics632
65.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED632
66.NVN: Someone shit in the ovenNo Viagra Needed632
67.Asystole 6Ben Dover631
68.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bring on the Dancing GirlsFTG626
69.Baxley - At Last, a Home Run!Baxley540
70.Doc & DJ--A Fuck and a Hot TubDoc & DJ540
71.Doc & DJ--Esophagus Is the New PancreasDoc & DJ540
72.Doc & DJ--You Win, Dick Clark...We Stopped Playing YouDoc & DJ540
73.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED540
74.Doc & DJ--I Got What I Got All Despite YouDoc & DJ539
75.Return of the Dead GuysGregDean539
76.Doc & DJ--DJ's Jack White Man CrushDoc & DJ538
77.Someone unplugged the FridgeBird538
78.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye538
80.Doc & DJ--If Barker Ever Hits We Have a Great StoryDoc & DJ537
81.What's your ETA, Etta?DGD537
82.Bag of BonesMr. Redrum536
83.Cemetery Girls 5Cemetery Girls536
84.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail536
85.Jenny Was SweetDePressED536
86.Ten Past MidnightMr. Redrum536
87.The Good Die Young IITimur536
88.-Dewey-alan smithee535
89.Baxley - Run, Run Away!!Baxley535
90.Charlie Don't Surf with Leena NguyenCharlie Dont Surf535
91.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends535
92.I like traffic lights...DGD535
93.Martha PearlDiane535
95.Pookie's Stiffs #2Pookie's Stiffs535
96.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye535
97.-Huey-alan smithee534
98.Birdman - looking forward to the Andrews Sisters reunionBird534
100.Lynch MobTaugh534
101.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl534
102.The Kid is out at homeDGD534
103.10 for 10BarisAurelius533
104.Birdman 1Bird533
105.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls533
106.Chancy's Second Stiff List #1Chancedog533
107.Death WatcherCheetahisDead533
108.DJ Badger: My wife Lanna says DIE!DJ Badger533
109.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bugles in the AfternoonFTG533
110.Please don't be in a Superbowl commercial this yearBird533
112.Somebody put Zsa Zsa out of her miseryDGD533
113.1 2 3 zsa zsa zsa, die die die zsa zsa zsaBird532
114.Birdman - time for the English Fly Catcher to goBird532
115.Cash from Cancer: Phyllis Diller, land fillerCash From Cancer532
116.Graham Cracker CrustedGhost of Stiffs Past532
117.I'd Rather Go Blind Than Get a Zero For This ListRD02532
118.Making the News One Last TimeGregDean532
119.This is how rumors get started 2012 - 2USER02248532
120.Dwyer's Death SquadJim531
121.Marked For TermiNeyTion 2012TermiNeyTor531
122.Nurrrrrrrrrrse!BLUISH TINGE531
123.Pit and the pendulumLaurencedemedici531
124.A Fate Worse Than DeathSanta Fe Syndicate530
125.Death March1BCeltics530
126.Johnny Dare Morning ShowBird530
127.Boomshadow - I Also Post as Newbielucky punk529
128.Cash from Cancer: Etta James plays the harpCash From Cancer529
129.Cash from Cancer: Yitzhak Shamir, you still here?Cash From Cancer529
130.DNR/DNI 3Nurseboy529
131.Rev. Jedi highlander - Loves Turning Leftlucky punk529
132.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed528
133.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail528
134.Pick Off The Weak OnesNice Sicko527
135.Charlie Don't Surf with Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf526
136.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old IronpantsFTG526
137.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl526
139.Always look on the bright side of death2Angel of Death524
143.Adieu, Run Run Run, Adieu, Run RunGhost of Stiffs Past519
144.Coming Back in 2012!MsWhatsit434
145.Recent LeftoversDGD434
146.Death Rattle II: Almost got ya, Biggsy!anarchess433
147.Happy Ramadan, Charlie Brown!DGD433
148.i cant pronounce it eitherBird433
149.Team Formalin: Got ya on the Run, Run Run!anarchess433
150.The (No Longer) Walking DeadBasil433
151.Are we dead yet?Eat sh!t and die!432
152.Baxley - Iron LadybootsBaxley432
153.Birdman - or stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird432
154.Death Rattle: Pate', anyone?anarchess432
155.MJ Lives! IIIMJ Lives432
156.Sarah Karma's PicksSarah Karma432
157.Abdelbaset HoundGhost of Stiffs Past431
158.Bending time are we?Bird431
159.Birdman - Stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird431
160.Birdman 6Bird431
162.Death Rattle & Roll....At last...Twilight is Near431
163.Death Soup: Turn Me On, Dead ManMJ and Friends431
164.die zsa zsa dieUSER02524431
165.oh, bye bye, sassoonBird431
166.-Louie-alan smithee430
167.Asystole 4Ben Dover430
168.Birdman 2Bird430
169.Death Soup: The Usual SuspectsMJ and Friends430
170.Graham CrackaBird430
171.Jacque the monkeyBird430
172.Jumping the Big AlBird430
175.2 for the showTheOriginalDub429
176.A Corpse, A Corpse, My Kingdom For A CorpseBLUISH TINGE429
177.Ah Ah Ah Ah Not Stayin' AliveBird429
178.Andy Rooney may have company soonBird429
179.Ariel SupplyBird429
181.birdman 447Bird429
182.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends429
183.Doin' it our wayBird429
184.Egg SaladDr.Slime429
185.home to jesusbjaskols429
186.Hugo, man of 1000 facesBird429
187.IAGO 1IAGO429
188.MK - MBalmedMBalmed429
189.Petticoat JunctionBird429
191.Run Run AwayBird429
192.Sir RichardBird429
193.Trapp shootBird429
194.Absolut PinheadsJim428
195.Bomerica Big BoardMrEdBowe428
196.Cash from Cancer: Carter the Unstoppable Glioblastoma machineCash From Cancer428
197.Cash from Cancer: The World's Foremost Authority on living too damn longCash From Cancer428
198.My lists are the elixer for eternal lifeBird428
199.andrew knauf's listaknauf427
200.Asystole 8Ben Dover427
201.dingy momome first427
202.Cash from Cancer: Hugo to the Harp FarmCash From Cancer426
203.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484426
204.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484426
205.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2012Meo426
206.pauly shore will outlive us allUSER02524426
207.Worm FoodDashaAndBethers426
208.youre outwsprotte426
209.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 1oregontrail425
210.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484425
211.Loki 1Loki425
212.McSwindlers List 2hop1962425
213.Nipples 4 CripplesJim425
214.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing 1*Allah Willing424
216.CONCRETE SHOESConcrete Shoes424
217.Destroyers 6Destroyers424
218.Pining for the FjordsPining for the Fjords424
219.Trout's Dead Fish IITrout424
220.vg - The Metamucil Christmas fruitcake was a big (s)hitvomit_god424
221.Coal Stompersradrunninal423
222.RottenToast Wins At LastRottenToast423
223.Top Of The Mournin'DeathRace423
224.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 7EdRulz422
226.Y & I, The Initial PeopleBo Knows Death421
227.I See Dead People v2Barzini420
229.Destroyers 3Destroyers419
230.Styrofoam Bologna 3Gina3030419
231.Dead Bagsrojoepeters418
232.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #2Shoeguy416
233.Ghoul Girl !IIGhoul Girl414
234.Bird - the guy was a senator and can't spell Bird rightBird327
235.Birdman - praying for a write in approvalBird327
236.Birdman 3Bird327
237.Birdman 4Bird327
238.If the world ends in 2012 at least I'll go 10/10Bird327
239.M I C... hope not to see you real soon!Bird327
240.Mashiki Assassins1BCeltics327
241.McSwindlers List 3hop1962327
242.Naha Assassins1BCeltics327
243.The Jaws of DeathBird327
244.Whole Lamotta shakin' going on.Bird327
245.Would you pull that crap with Annette?Bird327
246.You can't spell Eydie without DIEBird327
247.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow PencilJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag326
248.Asystole 2Ben Dover325
249.Cash from Cancer: Billy Graham, you are damnedCash From Cancer325
250.Cash from Cancer: Kid Carter, dead martyrCash From Cancer325
251.Death-Smoke 'em if You've Got 'emJayRockers!325
252.GravediggersThe Coroner325
253.MJ Lives!MJ Lives325
254.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus324
255.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!DJ Badger324
256.Happy Apocalypse 2012!HauntedWebmaster324
257.Plowing The Deephop1962324
258.Death Rattle and Roll get 'em in a six foot holeTwilight is Near323
259.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death323
260.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part IIIhurryupndiealready323
261.Poodle's Third Time CharmPoodle323
262.Canaries in a Coalmine TooCanaries in a coalmine322
263.Cash from Cancer: Run Run, you are done!Cash From Cancer322
264.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 4EdRulz322
265.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 6EdRulz322
266.MsWhatsit's 2011 Survivors ListMsWhatsit322
267.Not Dead Yet IITimur322
268.Are We Dead Yet 001goodwin73321
269.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 3oregontrail321
270.Death March 21BCeltics321
271.Easy MoneyEasy Money321
272.On Our Way Out SoonerMicky the Eyes321
273.Styrofoam Bologna 1Gina3030321
274.Bring out Your Dead!Dead Fred320
275.Come On I Wanna See Them In a MausoleumEdRulz320
276.Dear Abby, Are you dead yet?Pokey22320
277.Die Easyshroom320
278.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl320
279.NVN: Fucking Mayans better be wrongNo Viagra Needed320
280.Shelved in '12, too late !!!Wormicelli320
281.vg - What did Preparations A through G do for hemmorhoids?vomit_god320
282.You Etta, You Etta, You Bet!Sarky320
283.Charlie Don't Surf with Lilly ThaiCharlie Dont Surf319
285.Poop SandwichUSER02535319
286.Trout's Dead FishTrout319
287.We got Bush! WE GOT BUSH!Pokey22319
288.Destroyers 8Destroyers318
289.Nobody's Fool (Least of All Yours)RJD318
290.Rat Bastards 1USER02215318
291.Rock me on your DaisSarky318
292.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing 3*Allah Willing317
293.Die Already will yacristalblu317
294.JCudds 1JCudds317
295.Shelved in '12Wormicelli317
296.Two Zsas for the Price of OneScott in Philly317
297.We have a piper down 2dryden2911317
298.What the Hell? Just Die FidelEdRulz317
299.Act UnnaturallyRJD316
301.ReaperMadness #3ReaperMadness316
302.Shelved in '12, too !Wormicelli316
303.Tell Your Boss I Ain't No Band LeaderFrankie Pentangeli316
304.YCB's #2USER05897316
306.horcrux haterzboshh315
307.Death Never Takes a Holiday INipper314
308.grave matthew's bandwildrush314
310.Franz ListTrajan313
311.GA. BULLDAWG FANThe rebel.313
312.Killer Advocate Part Deuxlaptoplg313
313.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 2Joker312
314.27 Club: Run, Kirk, Run!1000_Ways311
315.Monkey Knife FightGaelFC39
316.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy39
317.You're All Royally ScrewedDeckhawk39
318.Are We Dead Yet 002goodwin73219
320.Destroyers 9Destroyers219
322.Mourning GloryBLUISH TINGE219
323.Pennies On Your Eyesdoorma219
324.Say Hi to my Goldfish when you get there!doorma219
325.vg - Bernie Finedusky's basketball shower campvomit_god219
326.vg - Bukkake Karaokevomit_god219
327.vg - Fucko brushes his teeth with Vagisilvomit_god219
328.vg - Hoc initium funestivomit_god219
329.your next!me first219
330.Sunshine Up My SkirtSunshine Up My Skirt218
331.Death BenefitsBuck217
332.Extreme Deadpooling List #1SFisher217
333.Canaries in a CoalmineCanaries in a coalmine216
334.E-B: Hate List Du JourE-Brake216
336.Hoosier Daddy 2littlejohn1954216
337.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing 2*Allah Willing215
338.Aiming for Asystole 2012Aiming For Asystole215
339.Extreme Deadpooling List #2SFisher215
340.Extreme Deadpooling List #3SFisher215
341.Gravediggers IIThe Coroner215
342.Not an Original List Name1carseycritter215
343.On Our Way Out QuickMicky the Eyes215
344.Taking a Stance No MoreGregDean215
345.1 for the moneyTheOriginalDub214
346.2nd chancejminrod214
347.Live and Let DieRadler214
348.Paul's Pyre 2012USER02425214
349.We have just been informed that you are DEAD.Sarkon214
350.cd5dh - Friends applaud, the comedy is overcerista213
351.Die Sucka's Die!Nhirish Joe213
352.Rigor IRigor213
353.Soon B. Gonn 1Edhead22213
354.Soul HuntersHunterbeer213
355.Burton Mercer makes an arrest from heaven!dubwest212
357.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 1 or What's That Smell?FrankJac212
358.Lucky's Dead 10USER05897212
360.Death March 31BCeltics211
361.PB: This is My Yearpbear211
362.We have a piper down 3dryden2911211
363.Death Be Proud for Once No Matter What Everyone Sayskierkegaard216210
365.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #5Shoeguy210
366.Time for a dirt nap 3chick813210
368.Rigor IIRigor29
370.MATTOID - Africa Wins, every timeThe Mattoid26
371.Baxley - Frucking Stats 2Baxley110
372.Mort, ftwMort110
373.Not an Original List Name2carseycritter110
374.Well nobody died did they? #2Archangel110
377.Going, going,....Big Guy19
378.Room temp here we comesureiscoldinhere19
379.Time for a dirt nap 2chick81319
380.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 1Joker18
381.Not an Original List Name3carseycritter18
382.DXRob IIIDX Rob17
383.Flatliners 1The Shadow17
384.hoosier daddylittlejohn195416
385.Just Kickin' It!JLM211wx (Just Kickin It!15
386.Last call for Death....captaindabby14
387.The Kellster Lives!Kellster14
388.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ13
390.MausoleakumUncle Stiffy13
391.Sarah and Eric's DeathpoolEric_Sarah 201213
392.That's All Folks 22Digger O Dell 1013
393.Time for a dirt napchick81313
394.Vadnelly VoodoosVadnelly Voodoos13
396.The United States Supreme Corpsesaintbaloney12
397.YCB's Dead 10USER0589712
398.Occupy DeathIndyHawk11


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Ah, the intracranial hemorrhage. Those kooky little episodes that doctors sometimes refer to as "different strokes."

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