Queen Elizabeth II has been played on 1225 lists, including 194 lists in The 2022 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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3.The Good Die Young XIITimur325
4.2020, too too too toomommyster324
5.Don't I look like myself.......Don't I look like myself.324
6.Going underground for a whileIn the Box Looking Up321
7.I'm Having a Stiff OneJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag321
8.Bugs and Bones 2USER05927320
9.Celebrity Death MatchLisaBeauchamp320
10.Mr. Blake's Last LapMr. Blake320
11.Star DustleuppagusStar Dust320
12.Supernova IIStar Dust320
13.Bloodbath & BeyondBloodbath & Beyond319
14.Withered ApplesMardiRob319
15.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly318
16.Toe Tagger 22Wallbanger318
17.Enough of You AlreadyCcantu902317
18.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl316
19.Raindog's Deatharamaraindog316
20.Hell AwaitsDownInAhOle315
21.Not as EntertainingThe Force is Deathening315
22.The Big AdiosMarkMx315
23.CROSSING THE VEILpeople meat314
24.Dasiey Pushers IIsquidly766314
25.Luck Be A Lady Tonighthitbyabus314
26.Peanut Brittle 1USER00562314
27.Reap 'Em and Weep #3USER00557314
28.Still Trying Since 2008Sarkon314
29.Supernova IStar Dust314
30.Times Up 1NotComingDownForBreakfast314
31.The Geist Blacklistgeist or ghost313
33.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail312
34.Shuffle off this mortal coilAndrew Edling311
36.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl310
37.Star Duster Offer HufferStar Dust39
38.Toe Tagger 22 TooWallbanger37
39.Aunt GrimmCBS219
40.Sorry #1Bud Santimyer219
41.GAS1Big Guy218
42.Keeping Betty White AliveColFitz68218
43.sleddog 2022 3sleddog218
44.Chicken at Tresky's #1Chicken at Tresky's217
46.Death By Pinocle 1oregontrail216
47.Team Deathwish (1) 2022gfultz1216
48.The Die is CastBruinmom02216
50.Ryan's listWhoIsNext2022215
52.Bugs and BonesUSER05927214
53.Death SurferHauntedWebmaster214
54.Freebie OneBunn's Bones To Be214
55.Ivy Cliff Ahodag21378214
56.JoeRam2Adios Amigos214
57.The End Is HERE!TarotGuy214
58.The Walking DeadLisaBeauchamp214
59.You Die NowBizarowill214
60.All the Presidents, Deadgidget213
63.Out They Go!TarotGuy213
64.Say Yes to the Death! 4berg1199213
65.Why don't they call anymore .1Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales213
66.Do It and Decrease The Surplus PopulationTwisted Freak212
67.Jenn's listScornForSega212
68.JoeRam6Adios Amigos212
69.The Geist Gardengeist or ghost212
70.coffin cornerDRave13211
72.Death By Pinochle 2oregontrail211
73.Death By Pinochle 4oregontrail211
74.Death- Cherry PieJayRockers!211
75.Dirt NapNick ‘n Beth211
76.Joe exotic's terminal prostateAndyPants211
78.Roaring 20swet grave211
79.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko211
80.The Other Listlostriver211
81.The Wizard of DefunctJoker211
82.Ice Ice Baby 1KenBuzz210
83.let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa210
84.MamaCyns List1TeamTrautz1210
85.Rat Bastards 2USER02215210
86.Throw enough Stiff on the wall and something has gotta StiffTheJtizzle13210
87.Daisy PushersGhettoZombie29
88.2022 has spokenUSER0056228
89.Maggot Farm IIDead Pharaoh28
90.Well nobody died, did they? #2Archangel28
91.The FloatersCheswick27
93.Death StarsEuro-trash26
94.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIVBJCx7826
95.Coffinrattler - Maybecoffinrattler25
96.Mr Stiffs PicksMr. Stiffs25
97.Why don't they call anymore .2Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales25
98.Chicken at Tresky's #2Chicken at Tresky's24
99.Damn Near DeadBada Bing23
100.2022 dead listLenaLabianco110
101.2022 death trapLenaLabianco110
102.2022 skidooUSER00562110
103.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk110
104.Anna's Death List MWAHAHAHALizCat110
105.Betty Betty Bettymommyster110
106.Bones Marie and Dead ManateeBones Marie110
107.Down and DirtyDRave13110
108.DX Rob IIDX Rob110
109.DX Rob IIIDX Rob110
110.First List 2022Sarkon110
111.Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still DeadBo Knows Death110
112.I Am the Dark One list #2I am the dark one110
113.I Am the Dark One List #3I am the dark one110
114.I Am the Dark One List #4, I thinkI am the dark one110
115.I Am the Dark One List #5I am the dark one110
116.I Am the Dark One List #8I am the dark one110
117.I Am the Dark One List 6 or 7, who's countingI am the dark one110
118.I have no idea what's going ontowelielife110
119.It Aint Heaven and It Aint IowaFredo let's go fishing110
120.Joe Bacon's Dirt Nappers #1Chancellor D'Exchecker110
121.JoeRam5Adios Amigos110
122.Kill 'Em All, Let Xenu Sort 'Em OutDr Drunk110
123.LMac\'s Dirty SecretLMac113110
124.Master DebatersStromThurmond69110
125.No Booster Needed!Shannon Fisher110
126.old white peoplerazorben110
127.PEOPLE MEATpeople meat110
129.Soul Hunters 2022Hunterbeer110
130.Stifflers' StiffsTheJtizzle13110
132.Top of the Heapthedeadmanshand110
133.Ashes,Assholes & AllBodyFarmBound19
135.Bo Knows DeathBo Knows Death19
137.Connor's List of FunLizCat19
138.Dead ManateeBones Marie19
139.DEATH PALS! '22TheSilva19
140.Future fertilizerdannykel19
141.Goin' straight to Hades!!!ztreto19
142.I Am the Dark One List#1I am the dark one19
143.JoeRam1Adios Amigos19
144.Last One This YearBunn's Bones To Be19
145.Maloyo 2022-3Maloyo231719
146.Stiff drinkmirandate19
147.The Kissinger of Deathmerder4eva19
148.Tick tockDoug Graves19
149.Bag O' TwigsMarshrat18
150.Death Pool Gambler 3Death pool gambler18
151.Fredo Lets Go FishingFredo let's go fishing18
152.I Am the Dark One List #7.4I am the dark one18
153.Jacques Cousteau is DeadBo Knows Death18
154.Oops wrong hole againJleetz18
156.Death's Doorstep 2Steve P17
157.DIE DIE DIE!!!pignap17
158.I Am the Dark One List #9I am the dark one17
159.JoeRam3Adios Amigos17
160.Last Dance, Last Chancehumanmeal17
161.Nicoles 2022 List of People Who Will Live 4everspol8517
162.Albrecht Says Die 1!!!!!Albrecht16
163.Bring out yer deadzimm44mag16
164.I Am the Dark One List #3 or 4-I am drunkI am the dark one16
165.Ie Shima Death Squad1BCeltics16
166.List 1Male stripper16
167.Manchop Sheriffpants We're fbuxoredSheriff Manchops16
168.One for 2022 from RDRD0216
170.2022 Kick-the-Bucket Listdeltawhiskeyhotel15
171.Big D's Deathslostriver15
172.kiss my ass 2Male stripper15
174.Money and Powerthedeadmanshand15
175.Skunkhair 2022Skunkhair 201315
176.The Regulator ListWarren G15
177.Bone Marie's List #1Bones Marie14
179.Dead Perfectdhoughten14
180.JoeRam4Adios Amigos14
182.Nenn mich nicht mildred 2Male stripper14
183.Shirley Shirleymommyster14
184.2020, too too toomommyster13
185.First TimeTeamKingCale13
186.Ivy Cliff Chodag2137813
187.Say Yes to the Death!berg119913
188.Turn and BurnGrimPeeper13
189.Buh-ByeDed Yet??12
190.Death Race 2022-4Chris Goulart12
191.Seeya 2022VaGentry12
192.Tears Like Rain...22Rob.Bob12
193.Ten Toe Tags Coming Up!Cheswick12
194.Goin' straight to Hades IIztreto11


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This Grammy-winning songwriter burned to death in a kitchen fire, and was later cremated. Hopefully, they didn't charge full price.

(d) February 26th, 1997