Here are the standings for The 2022 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool, which runs from January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022. The participants in this game created 603 lists featuring 663 potential stiffs, 17 of whom have taken the long dirt nap during this game.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.The Tribe Has SpokenPhoenixDown322
3.Kick The Bucket ListKick The Bucket List320
4.Betty... couldn't you wait 9 more hours?MarkMx319
5.IAG0 1IAGO319
6.Lindenhurst Tradition ListThe Shadow319
7.MBalmed 2MBalmed319
8.Wohlert's rotting remainsonefunsob319
9.Beelzebruh- You're the next contestant!unit13318
10.WAH2022 - DVHUSER02593317
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Guess the Stiff!

A blumkin by any other name, would smell as -- wait, that's not right. Well, she's dead, anyway.

(d) August 8th, 1998