Johnny Oates has been played on 1493 lists, including 250 lists in The October '02 Lee Jr..

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1.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008417
2.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER00059323
3.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER00059322
4.Oh DeathUSER00008319
6.Potted Plant 1DePressED315
7.And Then There Were NoneDePressED313
8.Frankie 1DePressED313
9.Cacklin' HenUSER00008312
10.The ChosenUSER00750311
11.Little old lady got mutilated late last night..DePressED310
12.POPE 6USER00108310
14.DePressED 1DePressED218
15.MA 05: The Big C is more lethal than handgunsUSER01375217
16.Orange Mountain SpecialUSER00008216
17.Anybody Here Seen My Old Friends Johnny?USER00008215
18.Everything Comes To An End TonyUSER00750215
19.Otto The Auto Weds Diane GoodmanUSER00750215
20.D-Day is Here 1USER00594214
21.Lon Chaney Jr. walking with the Queen...DePressED214
22.DePressED 7DePressED213
23.DePressED 8DePressED213
24.Die - O - RamaUSER02634213
25.Feeling Not So FineUSER02634213
26.Madam SpankalotDePressED213
27.Will You Miss MeUSER00008213
28.Letter Opener Of Death - Now Limited To 47 Chared head212
29.MA 16: Got my FC kneepads onUSER01375212
30.Man Of Constant SorrowUSER00008212
31.Potted Plant 2DePressED212
32.Very New Cheese Or Very Old Meat?USER00750212
33.DePressED 5DePressED211
34.MA 07: Hope springs eternal--but just in caseUSER01375211
35.Pyramid SchemeUSER02634211
36.Daddy's Wildwood FlowerUSER00008210
37.DePressED 3DePressED210
38.Rank Strangers To MeUSER00008210
39.Redsox Fan 011BCeltics210
40.Savannah StarrDePressED210
41.They just won't dieUSER02634210
42.Vinnie K. VontzUSER02634210
44.Mafia Actuary 01: Wizard of OddsUSER0137529
45.Cherry RobertsDePressED28
46.Die2K 2USER0116128
48.Frankie 2DePressED28
49.MA 03: Werewolves? There wolves. There grave.USER0137528
50.So? He Fucks With UsFTG28
51.Barbie SpreadumDePressED27
52.Die2K 3USER0116127
55.Justin Hale 6USER0153127
56.MA 06: You'll Never Walk AgainUSER0137527
58.Barney Does Filthy Things To Thelma LouUSER0075026
60.DePressED 4DePressED25
62.I'll Wear A White RobeUSER0000825
63.MA 11: 105 years later you're hungry againUSER0137525
64.Venus LovemotionDePressED25
65.D-Day is Here 2USER00594110
66.D-Day is Here 3USER00594110
68.Frank Sinatra's DandruffUSER02634110
69.Trust Me I Know What I'm DoingFTG110
70.vomit_god3 - WTF is up with this El Nino?vomit_god110
71.Hollywood LeftoversUSER0263419
72.MA 13: Fifth stage is acceptanceUSER0137519
73.POPE 2USER0010819
74.Redsox Fan 031BCeltics19
75.Redsox Fan 111BCeltics19
76.And all who sail in herrwt18
77.Bob Seger has liedUSER0263418
78.Carload O' CorpsesUSER0263418
79.Cartman's A ListUSER0101318
80.Cartman's B-ListUSER0101318
81.DePressED 2DePressED18
82.Find The Hidden FishUSER0075018
83.He's So Far Up My Ass I Can Taste BrylcreemUSER0075018
84.I name this listrwt18
85.Letter Opener Of Death - Meet Junior Samples Jred head18
86.MA 10: Excuse me--do you have any dead Papon?USER0137518
87.May God bless herrwt18
88.Nurseboy 6Nurseboy18
89.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER0005918
90.POPE 1USER0010818
91.Redsox Fan 051BCeltics18
92.She's So Fat Her Blood Type Is RaguUSER0075018
93.Spinzo's First ListUSER0161818
94.Spinzo's Second ListUSER0161818
95.Spinzo's Third ListUSER0161818
96.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 1USER0271718
97.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 2USER0271718
98.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER0271718
99.Bad Karma 5M. Bessette-Kennedy17
100.Bart and DJ - Jared Leto In CornrowsDoc & DJ17
101.BIG E - People's ChoiceUSER0136717
102.Cartman's Free ListUSER0101317
104.Pepster 5USER0158317
105.POPE 3USER0010817
106.POPE 4USER0010817
107.Redsox Fan 071BCeltics17
108.Redsox Fan 091BCeltics17
109.Styx Ferryman - HadesUSER0161717
110.Supreme SacrificeUSER0263417
111.Death by RequestUSER0263416
112.He'll rip your lungs out JimDePressED16
113.Justin Hale 1USER0153116
114.Justin Hale 2USER0153116
115.Justin Hale 3USER0153116
116.Justin Hale 4USER0153116
117.Justin Hale 5USER0153116
118.Justin Hale 7USER0153116
119.Justin Hale 8USER0153116
120.Justin Hale 9USER0153116
121.lush diveUSER0002516
122.Pepster 9USER0158316
123.Redsox Fan 021BCeltics16
124.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 4USER0271716
125.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 5USER0271716
126.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 6USER0271716
127.Tsuga - Cemetary PolkaTsuga16
128.Werewolves of Buffalo 1USER0138216
129.Beaver CleavageDePressED15
130.Blackadder 300000215
131.Christopher Reeve - Werewolves of GeorgiaUSER0002015
132.Die2K 1USER0116115
135.Discount Casket OutletNurseboy15
136.Heaven's DoorknockersUSER0112715
137.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED15
138.Last but not LeastUSER0263415
139.MA 12: Rangers finish last with or without himUSER0137515
140.Moraxian - Hope Oates feed the GipperMoraxian15
141.Nurseboy 4Nurseboy15
142.POPE 5USER0010815
143.Redsox Fan 061BCeltics15
144.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED15
145.Tonya SlickbootyDePressED15
146.Your New Assignment at Bloody CreekFTG15
150.Doc--Jay Fiedler Tops My Wish ListDoc & DJ14
151.Doc--What am I? A schmuck on wheels?Doc & DJ14
152.Hallo-I-Am-FenaBiff Thanatos14
153.Pretty Girls, City LightsUSER0000814
154.Styx Ferryman - SheolUSER0161714
155.Bart and DJ - Entering A No Spin ZoneDoc & DJ13
156.Bart and DJ - Sabotage and ShenanigansDoc & DJ13
157.DePressED 9DePressED13
158.Doc--I Recommend Fisher & SonsDoc & DJ13
160.Pepster 8USER0158313
161.Circling The DrainUSER0067112
162.DePressED 6DePressED12
163.MA 02: Death means never having to say ur sorryUSER0137512
164.Pepster 7USER0158312
165.Rocky IslandUSER0000812
167.Bart and DJ - I Let Him GoDoc & DJ11
168.DEEJ 1DEEJ11
169.DEEJ 3DEEJ11
170.Dr. Who - Drive In HearseUSER0014611
171.MA 04: He's faking it to avoid Iran-Contra mess?USER0137511
172.MA 08: Happy 100th Strom. Now die.USER0137511
173.MA 14: Kegger at the VaticanUSER0137511
174.Roland, the headless thompson gunnerNurseboy11
175.Sittin' On Top Of The WorldUSER0000811
176.U2ony Needs a ShaveUSER0112311
178.2002: a stiffs odysseyUSER0263400
179.A Question of DoubtUSER0263400
180.Bart and DJ - Did You Say Meow?Doc & DJ00
181.Bart and DJ - Runs With ScissorsDoc & DJ00
182.Blackadder 200000200
183.Both Otto DieUSER0000800
184.bright diseaseUSER0002500
185.Captured Live on VideoUSER0263400
186.Chad - 7 J's All In A RowUSER0111500
187.Christopher Reeve - Lynda the Dairy PrincessUSER0002000
188.Christopher Reeve...and pray for rainUSER0002000
189.Clinch Mountain BackstepUSER0000800
190.Cubs and Red Sox - Game 7USER0075000
191.Defrocked PriestsFrankie Pentangeli00
192.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ00
193.Doc--Fuck BaseballDoc & DJ00
194.Doc--I Voted for the Teal M&MDoc & DJ00
195.Doc--Jesus Christ, David...They're Only NipplesDoc & DJ00
196.Doc--Neidermeyer! Dead!Doc & DJ00
197.Doc--You Know, I'd Like to Meet Liz TaylorDoc & DJ00
198.Dr. Paul Shipherd's Most Recent Fail-SafeUSER0065200
199.EBrake 1 For the MoneyE-Brake00
200.EBrake 2 Cancer 0E-Brake00
201.EBrake 3 is a CrowdE-Brake00
202.EBrake 4 Better or WorserE-Brake00
203.EBrake 5 Regular Five DecafE-Brake00
204.EBrake 6 Months is All I NeedE-Brake00
205.Feedbag and ExtortionNurseboy00
206.heaven or hell?USER0263400
207.Hooked on Serial KillersUSER0263400
208.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost00
209.Jackalope Ghost vs. Uncle FloydJackalope_Ghost00
210.Jon 1Jon0006000
211.Jon 2Jon0006000
212.Jon 3Jon0006000
213.Just Plain DJ - Hopelessly Old-FashionedUSER0096900
214.L. POGUE likes to TOMA USER0163400
215.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost00
216.Lizzie Needs a HugUSER0112300
217.MA 09: Can't Get Enough of your death babeUSER0137500
218.MA 15: In case we find Osama AliveUSER0137500
219.Marc's Macabre Future MummiesM. Bessette-Kennedy00
220.Moraxian - RetreadsMoraxian00
221.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed00
222.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy00
223.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy00
224.Nurseboy 3Nurseboy00
225.Nurseboy 5Nurseboy00
226.Nurseboy 7Nurseboy00
227.Nurseboy 8Nurseboy00
228.Nurseboy 9Nurseboy00
229.Pepster 1USER0158300
230.Pepster 6USER0158300
231.Redsox Fan 041BCeltics00
232.Redsox Fan 081BCeltics00
233.Redsox Fan 101BCeltics00
234.Redsox Fan 121BCeltics00
235.Scared of LaWandaUSER0263400
236.Slick Needs to Lay Off the SodomitesUSER0112300
237.Soon B Gonn IIIEdhead2200
238.Styx Ferryman - GehennaUSER0161700
239.The Grim Bonelli 1USER0163700
240.The Second GunUSER0263400
241.They are all old or sick STILLUSER0120600
242.Tomb of the Unknown CelebrityUSER0263400
243.Tommytsled-Peace Through Superior Firepower Tomtsled00
244.Tribute to Tri-State CrematoryUSER0263400
245.Tsuga - Cold Cold GroundTsuga00
246.vomit_god1 - WTF is up with the stock market?vomit_god00
247.vomit_god2 - WTF is up with the war on terror?vomit_god00
248.vomit_god4 - WTF is up the Jets this year?vomit_god00
249.We Spin Terror 1USER0114500


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