Jimmy Carter has been played on 1887 lists, including 290 lists in The 2021 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Zsigmond FolliesGhoulash531
2.At Room TemperatureAt Room Temperature525
3.Blissters 2rjb121162434
4.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost430
5.MBalmed 3MBalmed430
7.The Ig's Daisy Pushing ListThe Ig428
8.Another one bites the dustsplittertogo425
9.Death becomes themThe rebel.424
10.when you gotta goFrogSoda422
11.Get Vertical 01NotComingDownForBreakfast420
12.Actually the bones are about itdhoughten419
13.Donald Be Dead NowDead Person Specialist, E419
14.Donne In!splittertogo418
15.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail418
16.Your Reservation At Gilgo Is WaitingThe Shadow418
17.Old folks onlycarseycritter417
18.Beelzebruh- Rush to judgementunit13326
19.Last Legs '21columbus59325
20.Victory AND Death 3Shams324
21.The Ig's Daisy Pushing List 3The Ig323
23.you're dead to me 2021theappointment322
24.A list 2021Sunshine Up My Skirt321
25.God Dammit 2goddammit321
26.Golden Age of Deathbridgy321
28.Teddiebehr27 2021-3Teddiebehr27321
29.2021 is the loneliest numberlittle terr320
30.Wake Up DeadMr Bungle320
31.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It319
32.Poolboys and GirlsCheswick319
33.Rat Bastards 1USER02215319
34.2020 SurvivorsLights Out318
35.Cemetery Girls 2Vera318
36.Dark Bidding on the InternetJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag318
37.Doom From the Tombfromthetomb318
38.Bman2021 03TrumpSoon317
39.Covid 21bridgy317
40.Dead Still not DancingDead Person Specialist, E317
41.Death Rattle: 2020 Recovery Unitanarchess317
42.Put your mask on Karen!!!Joker317
43.Damn Near DeadBada Bing316
44.Nicoles 2021 List of People Who Will Live 4everspol85316
45.Petey's EncoreNancyD316
46.Sirdrexl's StiffsSirDrexl316
47.Top of the Heapthedeadmanshand316
50.Bring out your dead 2.0MarkMx314
51.Off You Go...Ded Yet??314
52.Dead Perfectdhoughten313
53.Laers 2021 Dirt Napnrubsol313
55.Kick The Bucket List 2: COVID-19 EditionKick The Bucket List312
56.Brooks Road Deadtrashking38
57.Cemetery Girls 4Vera38
58.Sand Mountain Bucket ListWallbanger36
59.A deadly 2021onyx2783219
60.A Little on the Sick SideEuro-trash219
61.Death StarsEuro-trash219
62.Dodgering a BulletSBUMP2219
63.Don't Fear the ReaperMOJO219
64.God Dammit 1goddammit219
65.God Dammit 3goddammit219
66.JoeRam4Adios Amigos219
67.Assumed Room Temperaturechriscott97218
68.JoeRam1Adios Amigos218
69.JoeRam5Adios Amigos218
71.Rocks and Headstones 2021Rocks and Headstones218
72.The ultimate cancellationUSER02524218
73.Enough of you alreadyCcantu902217
74.Get In That Coffin!Danm49217
75.No vaccine neededPoke the Bear217
76.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb217
78.Who can make itPhoenixDown217
79.I'm Having a Stiff OneJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag216
80.Ivy Cliff Ahodag21378216
81.JoeRam3Adios Amigos216
82.Schadenfreude Maybe This TimeLaMuerte216
83.Team Formalin: Screw 2020anarchess216
84.Ten Little Dead Peoplebridgy216
85.They Dead...so deadDead Person Specialist, E216
86.Dodger Bleeds BlueSBUMP2215
87.Down and DirtyDRave13215
88.Mr. Stiff's PicksMr. Stiffs215
89.No Chance In Hell 1toomanycards215
91.Xyla PhonyGhoulash215
92.Dust to DollarsDRave13214
94.Out They Go!TarotGuy214
95.Willie Die?The Shadow214
96.Anarchy with Biscuits & JamAnarchy and a biscuit213
97.Big Yinalan smithee213
98.Don't Fear the Reaper govMOJO213
99.I died of cancer and went to hell and all I got was this lousy T-shirtCzechpointChrly213
100.Potts Kitchen BaconMarkMx213
101.2022 Is Not For Youashifman212
102.Fettucine al Deado 7.0MarkMx212
103.Grateful DeadDeader Than A Doornail212
105.OrderByAgeDescStiff Curry212
106.The Good Die Young XITimur212
107.They GoneFrogSoda212
108.Too Old Too TiredChris Goulart212
109.Two Dead Sandies for 2021Bagger212
110.!!!!!Albrecht Says DieAlbrecht211
111.10 funeralsJerrytopdown211
112.Dead on Arrival 3The Coroner211
113.Death Rattle: GOP Can Shove It!anarchess211
114.Death's Doorstep 2Steve P211
115.Extreme Unctionmaximumralph211
116.Fate Worse Than Death...Again...Santa Fe Syndicate211
117.NO SHAME, NO SHAME 2USER00809211
118.Reap 'Em and Weep #1USER00557211
119.Well nobody died, did they? #1Archangel211
120.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death210
121.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo210
122.Ann Craft listMaryjo8029
123.Excuse Me For Coffin: List O The Dead 2EMFCoffin29
124.Gold Medalist in the Underground LugeMcPutt29
125.Honey I\'m HomeHoney I’m home29
126.In their ninetiesBunn's Bones To Be29
127.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards29
128.Reaper's RosesDead Flower Florist29
129.Death March1BCeltics28
130.Do You Need These Shoes???Bison28
131.Money, Politics, Talentthedeadmanshand28
132.Bman01 o4TrumpSoon27
133.Bugs and BonesUSER0592727
134.Aardvark2Hugh G. Wrekshun26
135.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison26
137.On their way outChris Goulart25
138.Pushing Daisies BLJ Part 2bottonlinej25
139.Brooks Road Dead 1trashking24
140.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIIIBJCx7823
141.And a two....Big Guy110
143.Da Dum Dum DeadDead Person Specialist, E110
144.Deadbeats Unrelated To MeEllexxxx110
145.Death- Tarot WomanJayRockers!110
146.don't call me MildredMale stripper110
147.End GameS Geist110
148.Got Stiffs?TheJtizzle13110
150.Maloyo 2021-4Maloyo2317110
151.Masked and Ready 1USER00562110
152.Masked and Ready 2USER00562110
153.Masked and Ready 3USER00562110
154.Memorial Park Ranger 1memorialparkranger110
155.Mortician's Dozenmaximumralph110
157.rush n' ready 4USER00562110
158.rush n' ready 5USER00562110
159.Rush Turns To MushElle DoubleYou110
160.Skunkhair 2021 #2Skunkhair 2013110
161.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko110
162.Susie Sicko 2Susie Sicko110
163.Toe Tagger TooWallbanger110
164.Zsa Zsa's Still DeadJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag110
165.Coffinrattler - The Ancientcoffinrattler19
166.Dean Of The Dead 2021DeanOfTheDead19
167.Dustbin of HistoryMgordo6519
168.screw you guys I'm going homeMale stripper19
169.Sick Old PeopleLMac19
170.Skunkhair 2021 #3Skunkhair 201319
172.The Choir InvisibleGhettoZombie19
174.I know old peopleRastafarian Mormon18
176.Master of DeathS Geist18
177.Satan's Butt PlugLucifer's Marionette18
178.Soul TrainFredo let's go fishing18
179.2021 to 2020, \'Hold My Beer\'Shannon Fisher17
180.Big Johnsonsmikeman717817
181.Grieve 'Em and WeepGrieve 'em and Weep17
182.mom and dad listtheappointment17
183.Notorious RIPRadler17
184.Saw The Light 1SAW THE LIGHT17
185.Team DeathWish 2021 (3)gfultz117
186.Dave\'s 2021 Deadpool DreamYour Dead Pool Highness16
188.Hallowed Grounds IIIbjaskols16
189.Put me out of my miserytowelielife16
190.The B List 21RWorkman16
191.The Royal BluesMardiRob16
192.Dead is goodLpb15
193.Deadly ForceBwildered15
194.Diggin up dirt 2021firewife4life15
195.Prince Sirki1Prince Sirki15
196.Are We Dead Yet? 001goodwin7314
197.Bought the East Hill Farmsplittertogo14
198.Dead AheadBwildered14
199.Mr. Blake's PoliticiansMr. Blake14
200.Pushing Daisies BLJ Part 3bottonlinej14
201.Sleddog again 1sleddog14
202.Soul HuntersHunterbeer14
203.Brooks Road Dead 2trashking13
204.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly13
205.Kick The Bucket List 3DKick The Bucket List13
206.Pushing Daisies BLJbottonlinej13
207.Skunkhair 2021 #1Skunkhair 201313
208.Stick's listStick13
209.Age is EVERYTHING in a number, you moronsLMac12
210.All the Presidents Deadgidget12
211.Death By Pinocle 3oregontrail12
212.From The Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 5BillFromDaShore12
213.grimey reaper 1grimyreaper12
216.Bone's Boneyard 2021abone11
217.Chilly Dead 1chillybilly11
218.Deej 1DEEJ11
219.Dying for 2020 to end alreadyICDeadPPl11
220.Julia Child's Dinner Party ListPanama Luke11
221.Just old 3NVRGVUP11
222.Killer TomatoesIndyHawk11
223.Saints Preserve Us!Paul of St. Augustine11
224.Saw the Light 3SAW THE LIGHT11
225.Taking Dead Aimdhoughten11
227.Tom\'s Listtherron211
228.2021 FRANK'S LISTMeo00
229.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk00
230.A Tisket, A CasketDed Yet??00
231.Aaaaand We WaitDEADMOM196000
232.Bag O' BricksMarshrat00
233.Betty White Better Fuckin DieElster00000
234.Big Sleep Anyone?BairBones00
235.Bugs and Bones 2USER0592700
236.Bye BobMgordo6500
237.Dasiey Pusherssquidly76600
238.Dead to RightsPrncsJuli00
241.DEAR GOD I HOPE 2021 IS BETTERTwo Worlds00
242.Death Pool Gambler 1Death pool gambler00
243.Death Rattle and RollCheckingOut00
244.Death Wish 2021DeathWish00
246.Die and Decrease the Surplus PopulationTwisted Freak00
247.Expiration GuaranteedJamoke00
248.First TimeK9fan22800
249.Get In The Box 2021darianwiccan00
250.Ghouls IncorporatedGhouls Incorporated00
251.Go towards the light!Found Down00
252.grimey reaper 2grimyreaper00
253.grimey reaper 3grimyreaper00
255.I am the dark one - List 2I am the dark one00
256.I only want a couple of these people to actually dieColFitz6800
257.I'm not sick, it's just a little COFF....INAltois00
258.If Tomorrow Never ComesSal & Barb00
259.It Always good to hopeultimateace00
260.It wasnt my bestultimateace00
261.It's Up to Me NowHowlingmadd00
262.Just old 1NVRGVUP00
263.Last minute listrazorben00
264.Let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa00
265.List of Anti-Death Wardchoppersicballs00
270.More DeadbeatsEllexxxx00
271.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy00
274.Old People 1SatiricalAlexandria00
276.Pushing up daisiesblaum100
277.Radioactive Owlsmikeman717800
279.Satan's DildoLucifer's Marionette00
280.Satan's VibratorLucifer's Marionette00
281.Serenity NowVariousMethodsOfEscape00
282.Slow and the Dead - T2TeamTrautz100
283.The beat goes onChris Goulart00
284.the double warren listultimateace00
285.The Other Listlostriver00
286.The People Formerly Known As AliveDr Drunk00
287.The Political GraveyardChris Goulart00
288.Waltz Into DarknessDiamondToothGertie00
289.Warpigs Waddling WippetSeneeb00
290.Yay for Euthanasia!Euthanasia00


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