Robin Gibb has been played on 554 lists, including 340 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Big Game Powwow: A Means to an EndGhost of Stiffs Past850
2.An Atwater Entry That Has the Potential to WinGhost of Stiffs Past849
3.Birds Never Looked Into The SunDePressED846
4.When You're Gambling Cards On Love You PlayDePressED846
5.No Such Thing as a Sure ThingSilentcalvin844
7.Doc & DJ--2012 Prediction: Bucs Hire Greg SchianoDoc & DJ748
8.Daisy A Day DearDePressED746
9.DGD - Both Parties SuckDGD746
10.Doc & DJ--Hot Pepper in Your LadybitsDoc & DJ746
11.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED746
13.Venus LovemotionDePressED744
14.DGD - Cancer means never having to say you're sorryDGD743
15.There Is No LeadDePressED743
16.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots742
17.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED742
18.Baxley - Megrahi Giap Wouk, and a fine chianti...Baxley741
20.Swan Songs 2012USER00621740
23.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ645
24.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ645
25.And Then There Were None AgainDePressED644
26.Doc & DJ--All Things Scottish...And PizzaDoc & DJ644
27.Doc & DJ--Visit Why not ".com"? Because Who's Better Than Us?Doc & DJ644
30.Doc & DJ--Have You Got Diploma from Flower Class?Doc & DJ643
32.DGD - O Lord...Ooh, You are so big...DGD642
33.DGD - Hitchslapping JesusDGD642
34.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ642
37.DGD - And finally, a wafer thin mint.DGD641
38.Doc & DJ--Cunnilingus and Psychiatry Brought Us to ThisDoc & DJ641
39.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ641
40.Stranger Blue Leaves Us AloneDePressED640
41.Death Soup: You Etta, No Betta, You Dead!MJ and Friends639
42.IAGO 3IAGO639
43.The Dirt NappersTaugh639
44.The Old C Againrojoepeters639
46.Insert Clever List Name HereGregDean638
47.Baxley - Gots the Heebie-Beejies?Baxley637
48.The Cremation Gang 2012Fry's Crematorium637
49.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED637
50.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED637
52.IAGO 2IAGO636
53.They Should Have Known DeaderGregDean636
54.Birdman 5Bird635
55.Deathication 2012Loquacity83635
58.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BarqueroFTG633
59.Itoman Death Squad1BCeltics632
60.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED632
61.NVN: Someone shit in the ovenNo Viagra Needed632
62.Who Says Cancer Is A Bad Thing?DeathRace632
63.Asystole 6Ben Dover631
64.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bring on the Dancing GirlsFTG626
65.Baxley - At Last, a Home Run!Baxley540
66.Doc & DJ--You Win, Dick Clark...We Stopped Playing YouDoc & DJ540
67.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED540
68.Osama Ben Who?evilredhead540
69.Return of the Dead GuysGregDean539
70.Doc & DJ--DJ's Jack White Man CrushDoc & DJ538
71.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye538
72.What's your ETA, Etta?DGD537
73.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls536
74.Generalisimo Francisco Franco is Still DeadBo Knows Death536
75.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail536
76.-Dewey-alan smithee535
77.Baxley - Run, Run Away!!Baxley535
78.Charlie Don't Surf with Leena NguyenCharlie Dont Surf535
79.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends535
80.E-B: Two For The ShowE-Brake535
81.Martha PearlDiane535
83.Pookie's Stiffs #2Pookie's Stiffs535
84.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail535
85.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye535
86.-Huey-alan smithee534
87.It was the salmon mousse.DGD534
88.Lynch MobTaugh534
89.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl534
90.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye534
91.You Must Be a Dimwitted Dolt to Pick EyDIE GormeGhost of Stiffs Past534
92.10 for 10BarisAurelius533
93.Birdman 1Bird533
94.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls533
95.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls533
96.Chancy's Second Stiff List #1Chancedog533
97.Death WatcherCheetahisDead533
98.DJ Badger: My wife Lanna says DIE!DJ Badger533
99.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bugles in the AfternoonFTG533
100.JON 3Jon00060533
102.Somebody put Zsa Zsa out of her miseryDGD533
103.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls532
104.I'd Rather Go Blind Than Get a Zero For This ListRD02532
105.This is how rumors get started 2012 - 2USER02248532
106.Cognitive DissonanceDGD531
107.Dwyer's Death SquadJim531
108.Marked For TermiNeyTion 2012TermiNeyTor531
109.Pit and the pendulumLaurencedemedici531
110.A Fate Worse Than DeathSanta Fe Syndicate530
111.Cupcakes and Champagnenlcfsemfc530
112.DNR/DNI 1Nurseboy530
113.Give Me HeadstoneDashaAndBethers530
114.RIPPED to ShredsNick ‘n Beth530
115.Boomshadow - I Also Post as Newbielucky punk529
116.DNR/DNI 3Nurseboy529
117.Rev. Jedi highlander - Loves Turning Leftlucky punk529
118.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye529
119.You're plot awaits you!Fry's Crematorium529
120.Last RitesDashaAndBethers528
121.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail528
122.Pick Off The Weak OnesNice Sicko527
123.And Then There Was Nonefireflyt526
124.bird livesPIANOGIRL526
125.Charlie Don't Surf with Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf526
126.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl526
127.Cadillac JCadillacJ524
128.cryptkicker 1Cryptkickers Inc.524
130.DNR/DNI 2Nurseboy524
131.Coming Back in 2012!MsWhatsit434
132.Commie Pinkos vs. Facist Jebus LoversDGD434
133.E-B: One For The RoadE-Brake434
135.Loach's guaranteed to live till 2013 listLoach434
136.So this baby seal walks into a club...DGD434
137.Tenth place - free list.DGD434
138.The dude abides.DGD434
139.Death Rattle II: Almost got ya, Biggsy!anarchess433
140.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots433
141.Team Formalin: Got ya on the Run, Run Run!anarchess433
142.The (No Longer) Walking DeadBasil433
143.Are we dead yet?Eat sh!t and die!432
144.Death Rattle: Pate', anyone?anarchess432
145.MJ Lives! IIIMJ Lives432
146.Sarah Karma's PicksSarah Karma432
147.Death Rattle & Roll....At last...Twilight is Near431
148.Death Soup: Turn Me On, Dead ManMJ and Friends431
149.die zsa zsa dieUSER02524431
150.Jimmy Darmody died because he f'ed his momRD02431
151.Pookie's Stiffs #1Pookie's Stiffs431
152.Von Ryan's ExpressTaugh431
153.-Louie-alan smithee430
154.Asystole 4Ben Dover430
155.Birdman 2Bird430
156.Death Soup: The Usual SuspectsMJ and Friends430
158.Radtex : I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex430
159.The Old Crojoepeters430
160.Tumor Makes a Does-InTumor_Makes_A_Does_In430
161.2 for the showTheOriginalDub429
162.A Corpse, A Corpse, My Kingdom For A CorpseBLUISH TINGE429
163.Ah Ah Ah Ah Not Stayin' AliveBird429
164.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends429
165.Egg SaladDr.Slime429
166.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots429
167.home to jesusbjaskols429
168.IAGO 1IAGO429
169.In Honor of Mrs. C.Bo Knows Death429
170.Light at the End of the TunnelCheck, Please!429
171.MK - MBalmedMBalmed429
174.ScottLevision - I Knew Someone Who Was a Real Assholelucky punk429
175.Stone ColdDashaAndBethers429
176.Absolut PinheadsJim428
177.fresh souls in the corn fieldTodd Blankenship428
178.JON 2Jon00060428
179.made my move too soon 2USER00562428
180.Rat Bastards 3Rat Bastard428
181.Asystole 8Ben Dover427
182.Chicago Jake: Coma ChameleonChicago Jake427
183.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bye Bye BalloonFTG427
184.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484426
185.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484426
186.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2012Meo426
187.MK - MBalmed2MBalmed426
188.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers426
189.pauly shore will outlive us allUSER02524426
190.Worm FoodDashaAndBethers426
191.youre outwsprotte426
192.Abby's Pet CemeteryDave425
193.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484425
195.MJ Lives! IIMJ Lives425
196.Nipples 4 CripplesJim425
197.Forrest Tucker's Ghost BustersFTG424
198.home to jesus3bjaskols424
199.Last Stop 2Last Stop424
201.Oprah's VaginaStink Finger for Christ424
202.Otis' Cirrhosis - Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers424
203.Pining for the FjordsPining for the Fjords424
204.Trout's Dead Fish IITrout424
205.A Fine List 2012jwin55423
206.Chicken at Tresky's #1Chicken at Tresky's423
207.Coal Stompersradrunninal423
208.Last Stop 3Last Stop423
210.Top Of The Mournin'DeathRace423
211.2011:The Year Golden Girls Death Streak StoppedRD02422
212.Buh-Bye 3FireMutt35422
213.CHAD - Hey, Where Are My 2 Pistol Pete Specials?CHAD422
214.Chicken at Tresky's #2Chicken at Tresky's421
215.Ignatius' Rubber GloveIgnatius' Rubber Glove421
216.The person you've reached has been disconnectedBetter Off Dead420
217.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterEspionageFTG419
219.Siempre viva! Zsa Zsa lives forever!Pokey22419
220.Chancy's Second List #3Chancedog418
221.Float like a butterfly, stink like a corpseNiche Myers417
222.The Reaper's Dinner GuestsAmy Sue416
223.Ghoul Girl !IIGhoul Girl414
224.bird don't livePIANOGIRL327
225.Cancer is the AnswerTumor_Makes_A_Does_In327
226.Check, Please!Check, Please!327
227.Ding Dong DeadCheck, Please!327
228.Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots327
229.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots327
230.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots327
231.Letter Opener of Death Reduxed head327
232.Mashiki Assassins1BCeltics327
233.Naha Assassins1BCeltics327
234.Sandbags n' CordwoodBlue Cock327
235.Unfor-TEN-ately, Your Number is UpTumor_Makes_A_Does_In327
236.Break a Leg and the RestGregDean326
237.DGD - I Hate My Familylucky punk326
238.EMFC: Fuck the Mayans! We're Going EarlyEMFCoffin326
239.Radtex : AbracadaverRadtex326
240.Radtex : His and HearseRadtex326
241.Asystole 2Ben Dover325
242.Cryptly's Bereave It Or NotDeathRace325
243.EMFC: Now, the Bee Gees with "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"EMFCoffin325
244.No one can hear your falsetto in HellSarky325
245.Pookie's Stiffs #3Pookie's Stiffs325
246.Stand and deliver 2012Sgrayva325
247.why am i still here?bjaskols325
248.Chicago Jake - Anarchy on Lake Shore Drivelucky punk324
249.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus324
250.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!DJ Badger324
251.made my move too soon 3USER00562324
252.Otis' Cirrhosis - Jubal Foster's StillKudsKroakers324
253.Teeterers - just a nudge awaySarkon324
254.A Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson323
255.Blake's Bones IMr. Blake323
256.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death323
258.POTUS 13USER02464323
259.Death Soup: Death of a Disco DancerMJ and Friends322
260.EMFC: Schlemiel, Schlimazel, the End of an Embalming NozzleEMFCoffin322
261.Free and Worth Every Penny MarshallRhody Trash322
263.MsWhatsit's 2011 Survivors ListMsWhatsit322
264.Pokey's Picks 2012Pokey22322
265.Ride the Pale HorseyDashaAndBethers322
266.Stones Girl thanks Pistol PeteStones Girl322
267.Two snaps up!!USER00562322
268.CHAD - 10 Easy PiecesCHAD321
269.Corpse a DiemDave321
270.Easy MoneyEasy Money321
271.Girls Kick Butt 1oregontrail321
272.Half Past DeadDashaAndBethers321
273.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part Ihurryupndiealready321
274.Mary Worth Takes Over for KevorkianRhody Trash321
275.What the Hell, Why Not!MsWhatsit321
276.Dancing With Mr. DBetter Off Dead320
277.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl320
278.Gone Like Cianci's ToupeeRhody Trash320
279.It's not fair. All the p**** and half the money.DGD320
280.made my move too soon 1USER00562320
281.Rachel's Salem Haunting 6Rachel A320
282.You Etta, You Etta, You Bet!Sarky320
283.Charlie Don't Surf with Lilly ThaiCharlie Dont Surf319
284.Gather Ye RosebudsDiamondToothGertie319
285.THE CHOSEN ONESSmoke Good Cigars319
286.Trout's Dead FishTrout319
287.CHAD - I Was NOT Born This WayCHAD318
288.CHAD - The Vagina Is A Self Cleaning OvenCHAD318
289.My Ten Funerals 2012Jerrytopdown318
290.Put Out the FlameYule Log318
291.THE LUCKY ONES 1Smoke Good Cigars318
292.1 ajlposhajlposh317
293.Andy's 2012 list!!!Andrew Edling317
294.Ham SandwichBigFishAZ317
295.I Done Them WrongDiamondToothGertie317
296.Tombstone TerritoryBetter Off Dead317
297.El Fantasma de Forrest TuckerFTG315
299.POTUS 15USER02464315
300.There Can Be Only 1ThatDudeAR315
301.The Maggot HotelNick ‘n Beth314
302.Dannykel's Deadpool Comes In Threesdannykel313
303.POTUS 14USER02464313
304.Same time next year?bjaskols313
305.Who Dented My Bucket?jimdkc313
306.Everything's Deader in TexasBluelena219
307.My wife finds this offensiveknkaustin219
308.Pine OvercoatDashaAndBethers219
309.Sleeping With the FishiesDashaAndBethers219
310.The Dead Travel FastHasenji219
311.Two dead Jakes- LaMotta and RobertsTwilight is Near219
312.What is that smell?rchand219
313.Don't Fear The Reaper 2012MOJO218
314.Coffin Up BloodNick ‘n Beth217
315.Last Stop 1Last Stop217
316.The Big GoodbyeAUTOGRAPHHOUND1217
319.No Time Left To Lawn BowlRexhanover216
320.Things to do in Denver when your DEAD.shorty7ft216
321.Golden's dead poolmikegldn215
322.Rachel's Salem Haunting 1Rachel A215
323.Rachel's Salem Haunting 2Rachel A215
324.This will win by 2090 guaranteed!!DirtyDeeds215
325.Deadly DebutantDeadly Debutante214
326.NoNames 1jim dibello214
327.Robin Gibb's probably dead.oihersons213
329.Feral Fodder #1BMT330210
330.Good night Chuckles...kewlness210
332.Bonnie and ClydsedaleDave29
333.Minerva, Mayhem and MortalityBooBeau29
334.Saw The Light #3SAW THE LIGHT29
336.Casket Christiebitsybug19
337.Dannykel's Deadpool Part Deuxdannykel19
338.stiffey 2Wills19
339.Death by Chocolate Chipsmommyster15
340.I told you I was sickUnfunnybunny11


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