Eli Wallach has been played on 1389 lists, including 250 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Birdman 18Bird744
2.It's Time to Put the LATE Back Into Late Briton!Ghost of Stiffs Past631
3.Star Dust - Bonnie Franklin & Her FlowerbedStar Dust535
5.DGD - The Dead, The Bad and the UglyDGD533
6.Baxley - I Despise This ListBaxley532
7.Williams Bay MorticiansJerry's Kids530
9.Judy Demanski is a MoronJim526
10.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Gunsmoke in TucsonFTG525
11.Heywood Jablome XIUSER00119525
12.Last Siop 3Last Stop525
13.IAGO 1IAGO523
14.DGD - Hugo Six Feet UnderDGD434
15.Daisy A Day DearDePressED433
16.DGD - No Big Country for Old MenDGD431
17.Itoman Death Squad1BCeltics431
19.Hearse Chasin HottieVoodoo428
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotFTG427
21.Don't Fear the Reaper Zsa ZsaMOJO426
22.Cancerous or GeezerousRhody Trash425
23.Dancing With The Dead In The Moonlightfireflyt425
24.Play Those Harps, St. PeterBust Out The Harps, Peter425
25.The Good Die Young IIITimur425
26.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls424
27.Around the World in 10 Stiffsboshh423
28.Dwyer's Corpse CountersJim423
29.Passing Through Nature To EternityRus253423
30.POTUS 18USER02464423
31.Cayman Gonecayman went422
33.Deadly Debutante 2Deadly Debutante420
34.Beer LeagueYellowbeard418
35.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison415
36.IAGO 3IAGO414
37.Drop Dead Already!PigPen325
38.Brutesquad - Hollywoodbrutesquad64324
39.Last AssemblyRuns with Scissors324
40.Justin Hale 08USER01531323
43.Ding, Dong, Dead!Check, Please!322
44.Dying is an Artbridgy322
45.Herb's hellcatsdel bird322
46.Killer Advocate Goes Onlaptoplg322
47.Toe Tag #1Painted Toe Tag322
48.All gomers die of somethinglindbergh321
49.Trouts Dead FishTrout321
50.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls320
51.Former 2012 Apocalypse SurvivorsHauntedWebmaster320
52.I am Sorry....There's Been No Phone Call From the Governor. Pull The Switch!!!Better Dead Than Red320
53.PigglesworthDr Drunk320
54.Something to do with Corpses 5Shams320
55.These Folks Can Start Planning 2014.bigmfnal31320
56.Chris Knauf 2013Chris Knauf319
57.Everyone Dies in the EndMichenley319
58.two ghoulsdoorma319
60.Last Stop 1Last Stop318
61.Outta HereNicky Hoi318
62.Amazing.... The bitch won't die!!shorty7ft317
64.La Muerte2LaMuerte317
65.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail317
66.Zsa Zsa's "Good" Legbridgy317
67.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends316
68.tic tag toeroderner316
69.Break on through to the other sidemikey the man315
70.Dust to DollarsDRave13315
71.Going going GoneBigsunset1967315
72.homerunOda Mae Brown315
73.No Chance In Hell 1toomanycards315
74.Outta Here 2Nicky Hoi315
76.ReaperMadness #1ReaperMadness315
77.REST IN PEACEHeart Stopper315
78.Third Times a Charm...and FreeTrinettRae315
79.Leaders of the Packbillyd44314
82.900 YearsUSER01080313
83.Death Never Takes a Holiday 1Nipper313
84.Hardanger Dies TomorrowHardanger Dies Today313
85.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2013Meo313
86.Saw The Light #3SAW THE LIGHT313
87.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2013- Ahodag21378312
88.Knockout Kingsbillyd44312
89.Old or Sick People are Good Betswet grave312
90.Thrown the C Everett KoopDonkey Sausage312
92.Memphis Dead 2013trashking311
93.Outta Here 3Nicky Hoi39
94.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2013 - Bhodag2137838
95.Sarky - Hugo fuck yourselfSarky37
96.Dancing With Mr. DBetter Off Dead218
97.Shapen the trochar, we're gonna be busy5Fry's Crematorium218
98.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus217
99.Det Sjunde InsegletThe Grime Reaper217
100.farmfresheleven 13Wayneauxmygod217
101.I Got A StiffyI Got A Stiffy217
102.My Chest HurtsMy chest Hurts217
103.Sharpen the trochar, we're gonna be busy4Fry's Crematorium217
105.that s#%t is not funnydisplayname007216
106.The OldCharon's Obol216
107.2013 Resting PeacefullyRWorkman215
108.Death will part us allT&D215
109.Die'yer MakerasthedeadtuRNs215
111.A Grateful Deadhead 2013 UnoJudysomething214
112.CHAD: How Old Are You Again?CHAD214
113.Fill In My Toe TagDick Rotten214
114.I'm a Dead Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!bridgy214
115.Loki 3Loki214
116.This Won't Hurt A Bit...Altois214
117.z zis zor zookieGrime Reaper214
119.All stiffed up and nowhere to go in phoenix 2USER02204213
120.Egg SaladDr.Slime213
121.Rachel's Walking Dead 4Rachel A213
122.50 shades of crazyEvil Lemons212
123.A Grateful Deadhead 2013 DosJudysomething211
124.Adios AmigosMarty211
125.Ashes to AshesDestroyers211
126.CaSkeT CrAzY... Bunch a Dead Dickheads...CaSkeT CrAzY211
127.Chuckles Bites The DustDave211
128.Death Becomes Themlilsqueakyone211
129.NoNames 2jim dibello211
130.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb211
131.The Real Housewives of Dead CelebsDave211
132.The Thatched Roof of DirtThe Gilberator211
133.Village Stiffy 4village144211
134.bird don't livePIANOGIRL210
135.Doctor of Death--the Menthe doctor of death210
136.Dr. Who - A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who210
137.My Random StiffsT-Rex210
138.Penguin's Picks 1ThePenguin210
139.Sharpen the trochar, we're gonna be busy1Fry's Crematorium210
140.Burry'n Bill 2013CBurry'n Bill29
143.Cayman therecayman went28
145.The Pine Box is CallingMore Beer28
146.Who doesn't want their red stufflindbergh28
147.Why won't you die?Altois28
149.Expiration Date 12/31/12Pokey2227
150.Mayan MistakeWallbanger27
151.MY 2013 LISTLord Dickerson27
152.My Ten Funerals Mixed Bag 2013Jerrytopdown27
153.Next in Linejhaberli27
154.See Ya, Wouldn't wanna be yaBigsunset196727
155.The "Last" Minute Ijwin5527
156.This Pine Box Doesn't Shine for me AnymoreMore Beer27
157.headed up IIIComeonallready26
158.It puts the lotion on its skinBuffalo Bell Biv DeVoe26
159.Dead people of the futureTodd Blankenship25
160.Famous Fossils IHugh G. Wrekshun25
161.Kirk Douglas and the Late Dinah Shore(ah)bridgy25
162.Old SmellUSER0252425
163.Stuffin' Sallybillyd4425
164.GA. BULLDAWGS FANThe rebel.23
165.Cartman- They Outlived TwinkiesCARTMAN110
166.High Anxiety - Its You That I Feardead presidents110
167.Not lookin' Good for HugoElster000110
168.Too late for goodbyesPHALEX110
169.Close the CasketDestroyers19
170.Concrete Shoes 2Concrete Shoes19
171.Death Soup: Turn Me On Dead ManMJ and Friends19
172.extra 2USER0056219
173.Habeas CorpsesBradWalt19
174.Martha's listMartha19
175.No green bananasSwine19
176.Burry'n Bill 2013ABurry'n Bill18
177.Holocaust 2013FredNietzsche18
178.J Sizzle's 2013 Bucket ListJSizzle18
179.Lite My PyreDr. Doom18
181.My Ten Funerals Entertainers 2013Jerrytopdown18
182.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #1Shoeguy18
183.Schindler's 2011/2012 Listnlcfsemfc18
184.The Regulator ListWarren G18
185.You're Dead to Me IIINick ‘n Beth18
186.Dead and taxedTerminator17
187.Mix an Match Leftovers First TimersBunn's Bones To Be17
189.Too Old to LastChris Goulart17
190.2013 Daisy PushersRWorkman16
191.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #4FrankJac16
192.POTUS 16USER0246416
193.Rigor IVRigor16
194.BillssecondBill J15
195.Death Never Takes a Holiday 3Nipper15
197.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 1Joker15
198.Mom & Elizabethkristi15
199.Quietly DecomposingPushing Up Diasies15
200.Sleddog 2sleddog15
201.The Game of LifeUSER0204515
203.Bucket Kickers 2013Bucket Kickers 201214
204.Old White Guys, MostlySteve from Jersey14
205.Petey's HotDog IINancyD14
207.Cremation NationDestroyers13
208.Its all over but the dying 3fossilhead13
209.Mayan MiscueWallbanger13
210.Sinatra is Still DeadT-Rex13
211.The "Last" Minute IIjwin5513
212.Oldies but GoodiesPHALEX12
213.Pay DirtBigsunset196712
214.Reap 'Em & Weep #1USER0055712
215.Rigor IRigor12
216.Rigor IIIRigor12
217.The Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It12
218.This Group Might Do Okayhumanmeal12
219.Waiting at heavens doorChuckie12
220.Bucket Kickers 1Bucket Kickers11
221.Dusty Musty & Crustygentilej11
222.Fuckin' Old GeezersRev Jamie11
223.Sen 1Mr Sen11
224.Six Feet Under IIChelsea Dagger11
225.WAH 2013 DVHUSER0259311
226.Your 15 Minutes Are UpHauntedWebmaster11
227.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It00
228.Autumn Harvest - Pez & Butters SamichPezintree00
229.Burry'n Bill 2013BBurry'n Bill00
230.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's00
231.Dawn of the Dead1Dying 4 Cash00
232.Dick Trickles_Bye Bye Hugh Downsdigginsjp00
233.Dick Trickles_Die Already Zsa Zsadigginsjp00
234.Digger O Dell 19Digger O Dell 1000
235.First StabAbilene00
237.Golden Oldiesthebrainsbackstage00
238.Its Not Fun or FunnyDead Already?00
240.Mayan MalarkeyWallbanger00
241.mayan overtime 2USER0056200
243.Older than dirtElster00000
244.Shady Pines Nursing HomeEvil Lemons00
245.Stop the Healing!Yule Log00
246.The "Last" Minute IIIjwin5500
247.The Mayans were wrong...Chris Goulart00
248.Tick Tock Tick TockK6lly00
249.When You're Dying of Thirst, You'll Drink From a MudholeDiamondToothGertie00
250.Zsa Zsa NoMorehancoach1300


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