Augusto Pinochet has been played on 1054 lists, including 165 lists in The 2006 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Something Unholy and EvilFrankie Pentangeli728
2.DGD - Another Fine MessDGD639
3.DGD - Top 40 LeftoversDGD624
4.Temporary Darkening of the StoolUSER00750537
6.We Spin Terror 2 -- Beggin' The Fame CommitteeUSER01145530
7.Loki 1Loki528
8.Justin Hale 18USER01531526
9.The Waiting ListUSER01842526
10.Grandma Cowman's Ghoulish GoulashUSER02018525
11.DGD - Brooke Astor Must Die!DGD523
12.Baxley - Stats Lie But They Win!!!Baxley521
13.Leave The Body And Leave It ColdUSER02297518
14.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 1FrankJac432
15.DGD - Too Ill To Attend ReduxDGD429
16.guess who died? 2USER02329428
18.JMD - Shiny Silver Dollar on Either EyeMr Wonderful424
19.MA04: Thank you Brooke for making it to 2006USER01375424
20.TROLL 2Death Troll423
22.DGD - Gut CheckDGD422
23.Louie Louie #2USER02320422
25.koolkat - Artie Shaw fucked me goodUSER02160421
26.Rigamortis or BustUSER02285421
27.As If It Were Your Last #2Minnesota Neil420
28.Murder and Mayhem TwoDoubled484420
29.Paulapoo--Working Towards the DeadLinepaulapoo420
30.DocS - The Two RonniesUSER01560419
31.Paul's PyreUSER02347419
32.Baxley - Forrest Tucker's ActuaryBaxley418
34.Cancerous AllStarsUSER02305417
35.Just die already, I'm sick of waitingUSER00043417
36.Unmistakably LouUSER02320417
37.Bunts 01USER01675416
39.SeaPepto - Gettin' My Kicks in 2006SeaPepto327
40.Better Dead Than RedBig Bald Jon326
42.In the long run we are all dead 2006USER02056323
43.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends322
45.Heaven Help MeUSER01690321
46.NVN: Preston eats scabsNo Viagra Needed321
48.Wracked Greasing The WheelsWracked321
49.Death Soup: Death TrollMJ and Friends320
50.Death-Welcome To The JungleJayRockers!320
51.Drain BamagedSBUMP2320
52.NVN: Thanks T.O you selfish prick bastardNo Viagra Needed320
53.Research? What research?Rhody Trash320
54.DGD - Everybody's LeftoversDGD319
55.DGD - Prime CutsDGD319
56.DGD - Smellin' Kinda RipeDGD319
57.Otter's ListUSER01377319
58.Sirhan Wilkes OswaldUSER02131319
59.Dead Zone 5USER01929318
60.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ318
61.E-Brake1: Groovy Dead PeopleE-Brake318
62.MA17: In case Lou Rawls hangs in thereUSER01375318
64.Quit Breathing My Air!USER01690318
65.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga318
66.E-Brake & MA: I Just Called To Say I Hate YouE-Brake317
67.IAGO 1IAGO317
69.koolkat - Give it up DanUSER02160317
70.MrJeff2000's Hounds of Hellmrjeff2000317
71.Pam Anderson's red swimsuitJerri Blank317
72.UPS Extra Extra Cheesejoseph8080317
73.River Styx Shipping News - Neptunes A-ListUSER01729316
74.95 Plus ClubJohnRandy315
76.Dead Man RottingStarwanderer314
77.Knockin on Heaven's DoorUSER01830314
78.This is how rumors get startedUSER02248314
79.Butkus #2USER02144313
80.Cartman- 06 Feet UnderUSER01013313
81.RE: It's All my VaultUSER01551313
83.Hurry up and die, already!hurryupndiealready312
84.Lobster PussyUSER02254312
86.Femme Fatale-Cold LeftoversUSER01205311
87.Ho-Chunk Dead Chunk#2hochunkguy311
88.Sleeps with the FishesTrout39
89.Tsuga - Sharks Patrol These WatersTsuga219
90.Dead or CanadianRadler218
91.Last Gasp '06Scott in Philly218
92.THE MICK1TheMick1218
93.Tsuga - Drak Star CrashesTsuga218
94.All Stiffed in Phoenix and nowhere to go 3USER02204217
95.Death Cab for UglyUSER02331217
96.Last Gasp for First LadiesExit Stage Four217
97.Razorben and his magic dancing avacadorazorben217
98.Razorben and his magical dancing artichokerazorben217
99.Tommytsled-Last Minute No Self Control ListTomtsled216
100.Please Die I need Beer MoneyUSER01894215
101.Suit in a BagPezintree215
103.Dead or Canadian IIRadler214
104.Fat Man SingingUSER01595214
105.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx214
106.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl214
107.Ah-nuld:Election Not Only Thing He Will LoseRD02213
108.ALT - Worm DelightAngel of Death213
109.Bring it on AgainDeath Bastard213
110.Chicken at Tresky'sChicken at Tresky's213
111.Chitty Chitty Death BangUSER02328213
112.Dead Zone 1USER01929213
113.Die Please & Thank You!USER02228213
114.IAGO 3IAGO213
115.Katy Sucks At ThisUSER00881213
117.The Importance Of Being Googusegooguse213
118.Class of 90USER01832212
119.Nonagenarians in PerilTitanPilot583212
120.Now I am serious. Just Die! Now! Right Now!Big Guy212
121.CS - Stay Of Executionquoth-the-raving211
122.Doc--Numbers GameDoc & DJ211
123.Dr. Steve deltaDr. Steve211
124.Foolish Mortal I- the best of the bestUSER01909211
125.HAS BEENS LIST 2USER02076211
126.JT02: Last Year's Top Ten SurvivorsTripper211
127.koolkat - The dead pool is sick funUSER02160211
128.Lost In LindenhurstThe game changer211
129.My Dead Pool List 1Larry211
130.PB: Still Waiting to DieUSER02255211
131.Return of the ShadowThe game changer211
132.The Devil From GermanyUSER02280211
133.koolkat - Don't cry just dieUSER02160210
134.The Boz needs $2006USER01894210
135.BREAK dancing on WOHLERT'S GRAVEonefunsob29
136.Death Wish 2006DeathWish29
137.Grave Robber:The ListUSER0217129
138.WOTS the fuck?USER0233729
140.Body CarUSER0176328
142.Keep on DigginUSER0228627
145.State CriminalsUSER01595110
146.The Boz needs Beer MoneyUSER01894110
147.Arbeit Macht Freittc431919
148.Dick Tate or Dick Tate EdUSER0213119
149.I Told You So 34Digger O Dell 1019
151.the cheat is deadUSER0224019
152.JT04: A Time for DyingTripper18
153.Boz Needs OJs HelpUSER0189417
154.Bring Out Yer DeadUSER0227316
155.Death Rattleanarchess16
156.Here Kitty Kitty 1USER0126416
157.Delta TangoOldDocMcCoy14
159.Hurry up and die, already, part II!hurryupndiealready14
161.My Dead Pool List 2Larry14
162.Bwanna Been Boned in da BungholeUSER0122312
163.Foolish MOrtals IV- die you rotten bastardsUSER0190912
164.Not Keeping It RealUSER0159512
165.Team Formalin 2anarchess11


Guess the Stiff!

Crazy. He was completely healthy at a rally in Tulsa last month, and now he's dead of Covid. Hard to imagine.

(d) July 30th, 2020