Valerie Harper has been played on 1598 lists, including 186 lists in The 2016 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Celebrity lives DONT matterSickle Cell - #2 cause of533
2.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED523
3.Frankie 3DePressED520
5.Aren't they gone yet?RcktManIL430
6.Susie's Dead WeightSusie Sicko430
7.Dirt NappersTaugh429
8.Dropping Like FliesThe Coroner427
9.Death By Pinochle List 2 2016oregontrail426
10.DJ Badger: My wife Lanna says DIEDJ Badger424
11.Greasy Grimy Gopher GutsNick ‘n Beth424
13.OF Corpse You're Dead 1Shoeguy423
14.You made the list!AdamTheO423
15.Bag it and tag it DuckyBig Guy422
17.2016 1mirandate420
18.Frankie 2DePressED420
19.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2016Meo416
20.Are You People Ever Gonna CroakNascar912414
22.Erika Anne Has Stopped Taking Her MedsBuffiedee324
23.Venus LovemotionDePressED323
24.It's Not Heaven and Not IowaFredo let's go fishing322
25.Ruck 2016USER00186322
26.Death Soup: He's A Hall of Famer! FAMOUS!MJ and Friends321
28.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost321
29.Come On I Wanna See Em In a Mausolieum 2EdRulz320
30.Fatal AttractionJanisdoll320
31.That's all folks!Toe Tagged Luminary320
32.2015's Runners-upJohnHines319
33.Bucket KickersUtica Dave319
34.Droppin' Like FliesThe Coroner319
35.Grimey reaper 2grimyreaper319
37.Skunkhair 2016 #1Skunkhair 2013319
38.Terr it uplittle terr319
39.Victory AND Death 3Shams319
40.Bobby Brown's BathtubCDPNYC318
41.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E318
43.Death.. Time To Get Them!!!People Meat317
45.Drop Dead 2Drop Dead317
46.The Aunt Danielle Curse of NYE Death listRex317
47.Toodlum....Is That You???Bison317
48.Better Luck This Yearptgkc316
49.Goodbye, Dolly!Pozzo316
50.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED316
51.Politics are a BitchDr. Who316
52.Chicken at Tresky's # 3Chicken at Tresky's315
53.Lucifer's GrottoLucifer's Marionette315
54.Bring out yer deadMr Happy314
56.Hefner Reunites With MarilynPokey22314
57.Say Hi to Elvis #2 2016Spudboy314
58.they are oldFrogSoda313
59.Click here if you want to be my prison bitchzombie lover312
61.Go ahead and drink the kool aidzombie lover39
62.Stranger Blue Leave Us AloneDePressED38
63.Either this man is dead or my watch has stoppedToe Tagged Luminary219
64.Forrest Tucker's GhostFTG218
65.rookiesThe Shadow218
66.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive217
67.Come On I Wanna See Em In a Mausolieum 3EdRulz217
68.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ217
69.Doc & DJ--You Threw Food at Vito. That's Gotta Be Resolved.Doc & DJ217
70.The Good Die Young VITimur217
71.Turn Me On, Dead ManUSER01515217
72.Aids FistYour Mom216
74.2016 Nixon Birthday invitesAndy215
75.Cartman- The OaksCARTMAN215
76.Chilly Dead 3chillybilly215
78.Doc & DJ--She Just Turned 30 and Is Raising My ChildDoc & DJ215
79.Lemmy is dead; who care#2More Beer215
80.When Your Gambling Cards On Love You PlayDePressED215
81.Cash from Cancer: Valerie Harper LeeCash From Cancer214
82.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls214
83.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ214
84.harping on deathmirandate214
86.The Political GraveyardChris Goulart214
87.DANCING on WOHLERTS grave.....onefunsob213
88.Do you really give a fuck?zombie lover213
89.Getting serious nowChris Goulart213
91.Trout's Dead BitchesTrout213
92.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye213
93.And Then There Were NoneDePressED212
96.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost212
97.Jim's New ListBunn's Bones To Be212
99.Looking Kinda' BlueDead Person Specialist, E212
101.80's Expiration DatesRastafarian Mormon211
102.Belezebrah (Graham's Crackers edition)unit13211
103.Chilly Dead 1chillybilly211
104.Come On I Wanna See Em In a MausolieumEdRulz211
105.Frankie 1DePressED211
106.Freddie Gray's AnatomyDeath Row211
107.Hearse HeresayRichardHertz211
108.In Through the Out Doorptgkc211
109.There Is No EliteDePressED211
110.Birds Never Look Into The SunDePressED210
111.Bobybags aToetags IItrojones210
112.Haystacks CalhounTex Antoine210
113.Lucifer's KitchenLucifer's Marionette210
114.NR Fuck'em all List 4northern reaper210
115.NR Fuck'em all List 6northern reaper210
116.Bodybags and Toe Tags IIItrojones29
118.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger29
119.goddammit 2goddammit29
120.goddammit 3goddammit29
121.Victory AND Death 2Shams29
122.!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 2Albrecht28
123.Death- Bang The Drum All DayJayRockers!28
124.Shitter's Full!tkdmel28
125.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots27
126.MBalmed - Told You I Was SickMBalmed27
127.Luck B A Stiffy Tonightmommyster26
128.Au Revoir, Shoshanna!tkdmel25
129.MTM and some old favesJohnHines25
130.Die Listshroom110
131.Diggin' Up Bones AgainJagrnut110
133.Mad Dogs 2016deathrider110
134.Take Dick Cheney with Youdoorma110
135.2016 2: The Revenge (of mortality)mirandate19
136.Bone Oui! It's a Z! Violins for Prinze Fredbonevoyage19
137.Dead Serious!Dead Person Specialist, E19
138.Grimey reaper 1grimyreaper19
139.New Years 2016!BetterOffDed19
140.Take Her Upstairs. Get Her A DoctorFrankie Pentangeli19
141.Umberto Dlucky punk19
142.Betsy's mostly republican listBetsy18
143.Cash from Cancer: does your pancreas Hurt?Cash From Cancer18
144.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #5FrankJac18
145.Our Ten Funerals 3Jerrytopdown18
146.Petey's Revenge IINancyD18
147.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye18
148.Cash from Cancer: They will be dead, we will be GratefulCash From Cancer17
149.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail17
150.Knock, Knock, Knocking on Death's DoorDead and Loving It17 1 gets out alivedisplayname00717
152.Death to MingYour Mom16
154.goddammit 1goddammit16
155.Worm Farmer's Too Sick for Wormin'Worm Farmer16
156.CHAD - 7 and a HalfCHAD15
157.Hugh Beaumont loves Mole PeopleBigdaddy15
158.Lemmy is Dead; Who cares #3More Beer14
159.Smoked Banditchunkemintheclay14
160.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly13
162.Michael Jackson Lives in CanadaMJ Lives13
163.Michael Jackson's bitch titsTwilight is Near13
164.That's a BINGOtkdmel13
165.Body bags and Toe tagstrojones12
166.Old, Sick, and TiredChris Goulart12
167.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye12
168.Blake's Bones 2Mr. Blake11
169.Insatiablelucky punk11
171.ALS Ice Bucket Challengehossdaddynick00
172.Baltimore Sunpapers suckBigdaddy00
173.Black Aids FistYour Mom00
175.LIGHTS OUTThe rebel.00
176.Live and Let DieRadler00
177.Living on the edgesnakedya00
178.Morgue Than Readywildrush00
179.NR Fuck'em all List 5northern reaper00
180.NR Fuck'em all List 8northern reaper00
181.NR Fuck'em all List 9northern reaper00 day bang! you get hiveslindbergh00
183.Three Cement StepsCement Steps00
184.we already went to heavendisplayname00700
185.Who Shot Ya?lonedryad00
186.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye00


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