Luise Rainer has been played on 1877 lists, including 241 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED742
2.Baxley - Megrahi Giap Wouk, and a fine chianti...Baxley741
3.Swan Songs 2012USER00621740
4.Oh no Joe!Bird640
5.The Dirt NappersTaugh639
6.Here We Are, in a Room Full of Strangers, Decomposing in the DarkGhost of Stiffs Past638
7.Itoman Death Squad1BCeltics632
8.Who Says Cancer Is A Bad Thing?DeathRace632
9.Baxley - At Last, a Home Run!Baxley540
10.Doc & DJ--I Got What I Got All Despite YouDoc & DJ539
11.What's your ETA, Etta?DGD537
12.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls536
13.Baxley - Run, Run Away!!Baxley535
14.I like traffic lights...DGD535
15.Birdman - looking forward to the Andrews Sisters reunionBird534
16.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls533
17.Death WatcherCheetahisDead533
18.DJ Badger: My wife Lanna says DIE!DJ Badger533
20.Baxley - Randolph's RevengeBaxley532
21.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls532
22.Death March1BCeltics530
23.Last RitesDashaAndBethers528
24.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed528
25.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail528
26.bird livesPIANOGIRL526
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old IronpantsFTG526
29.cryptkicker 1Cryptkickers Inc.524
31.Happy Ramadan, Charlie Brown!DGD433
32.Baxley - Iron LadybootsBaxley432
33.Birdman - or stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird432
35.Pookie's Stiffs #1Pookie's Stiffs431
37.A Corpse, A Corpse, My Kingdom For A CorpseBLUISH TINGE429
38.Stone ColdDashaAndBethers429
39.Absolut PinheadsJim428
40.MK - MBalmed2MBalmed426
41.Older than Cheeta :DDGD426
42.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers426
43.Loki 1Loki425
44.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing 1*Allah Willing424
45.Joe Paterno Knew.Bones McCoy424
46.Jose Greco de MuertaMaudieG424
47.A Fine List 2012jwin55423
48.Age Before Beauty IISilentcalvin423
49.CHAD - Hey, Where Are My 2 Pistol Pete Specials?CHAD422
50.!!! elderlytitan360420
51.Destroyers 3Destroyers419
53.Styrofoam Bologna 3Gina3030419
54.Dead Bagsrojoepeters418
55.FOOTBALL FANThe rebel.418
56.Ten Toes UpKeath Graham411
57.bird don't livePIANOGIRL327
58.Check, Please!Check, Please!327
59.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots327
60.Jobs woulda been better than health care.DGD327
61.The Jaws of DeathBird327
62.Unfor-TEN-ately, Your Number is UpTumor_Makes_A_Does_In327
63.DGD - I Hate My Familylucky punk326
64.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow PencilJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag326
65.Radtex : His and HearseRadtex326
66.Cartman- Ten Ways To DieCARTMAN325
67.Death-Smoke 'em if You've Got 'emJayRockers!325
68.Pookie's Stiffs #3Pookie's Stiffs325
69.Chicago Jake - Anarchy on Lake Shore Drivelucky punk324
70.Googuse's Old Fuckersgooguse324
71.Happy Apocalypse 2012!HauntedWebmaster324
72.Plowing The Deephop1962324
73.Soon B. Gonn 2Edhead22324
74.ATL. FALCONS FANThe rebel.323
75.Blake's Bones IMr. Blake323
76.Nietzsche's Dead GodsFredNietzsche323
77.Poodle's Third Time CharmPoodle323
78.POTUS 13USER02464323
79.THATS ALL FOLKSThe rebel.323
80.Free and Worth Every Penny MarshallRhody Trash322
81.Not Dead Yet IITimur322
82.Pokey's Picks 2012Pokey22322
84.Half Past DeadDashaAndBethers321
85.On Our Way Out SoonerMicky the Eyes321
86.Gone Like Cianci's ToupeeRhody Trash320
87.It's not fair. All the p**** and half the money.DGD320
88.Shelved in '12, too late !!!Wormicelli320
89.TWGTDA - Part DeuxJMC10000320
90.You Etta, You Etta, You Bet!Sarky320
91.dieing to get on heredisplayname007319
92.Everyone will have a perfect bracket when the world endsUSER05777319
93.Gather Ye RosebudsDiamondToothGertie319
95.Trout's Dead FishTrout319
96.We got Bush! WE GOT BUSH!Pokey22319
97.Destroyers 8Destroyers318
98.HAPPY DEATH DAYThe rebel.318
99.Nobody's Fool (Least of All Yours)RJD318
100.Rock me on your DaisSarky318
101.Fake ShempGhoulash317
102.On Our Way OutMicky the Eyes317
103.Shelved in '12Wormicelli317
104.Shelved in '12, too !Wormicelli316
106.Tell Your Boss I Ain't No Band LeaderFrankie Pentangeli316
108.Age Before DutyRJD315
109.BringOutYerDeadAgainMr Happy315
110.Strictly Businessboomshadow315
111.All My GeezersHugh G. Wrekshun314
112.cryptkicker 3Cryptkickers Inc.314
113.Styrofoam Bologna 2Gina3030314
114.The Maggot HotelBeth Rhymes with Death314
116.GA. BULLDAWG FANThe rebel.313
117.MK - Final CurtainMBalmed313
118.Rat Bastards 2USER02215313
119.CyrusBurn'em All312
121.Lewis Elevenbrucelew312
122.Dr. Who - No Country for Old MenDr. Who311
123.Fill In My Toe TagDick Rotten311
124.Irwin Corey; end of storyCash From Cancer311
125.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy39
127.Pennies On Your Eyesdoorma219
128.Pine OvercoatDashaAndBethers219
129.Say Hi to my Goldfish when you get there!doorma219
130.Sleeping With the FishiesDashaAndBethers219 - Bernie Finedusky's basketball shower campvomit_god219 - Bukkake Karaokevomit_god219
133.What is that smell?rchand219
134.Who Buried J.R.?Pokey22219
135.your next!me first219
136.Die Mommie Die (apologies to Charles)splittertogo218
137.Justin Hale 12USER01531218
139.Dancing on WOHLERTS graveonefunsob217
140.Dead...And Im loving itDonkey Sausage217
141.Death BenefitsBuck217
142.Destroyers 1Destroyers217
143.End of the Liners AgainTombstone Jen217
144.The Big GoodbyeAUTOGRAPHHOUND1217
145.Dorothy's Designeessplittertogo216
147.Hoosier Daddy 2littlejohn1954216
148.La Muerte1LaMuerte216
150.Shelved in '12, toodles !!Wormicelli216 league 2Yellowbeard215
152.Chilly Dead 3chillybilly215
153.Dr McCoy's Patientshemlock please215
154.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BrimstoneFTG215
155.GuessWhosComingForAnal 2: Anal BoogalooGuessWho'sComingForAnal215
156.Not an Original List Name1carseycritter215
157.On Our Way Out QuickMicky the Eyes215
158.Rachel's Salem Haunting 5Rachel A215
159.ReaperMadness #2ReaperMadness215
160.Dust to DollarsDRave13214
161.Paul's Pyre 2012USER02425214
163.Die please, thank youBucket Kickers213
164.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost213
166.Wake Me for the RapturePozzo213
167.At Last!Bones McCoy212
168.Burton Mercer makes an arrest from heaven!dubwest212
169.Life's a GambleBuck212
170.Trout's Dead Fish IIITrout212
172.A Grateful Deadhead's 2012Judysomething211
173.Afraid of the dark? #1Minnesota Neil211 leagueYellowbeard211
175.Bought the East Hill Farmsplittertogo211
176.Celluloid HeroesRuns with Scissors211
177.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 2oregontrail211
178.Death March 31BCeltics211
179.I just saw him alivelindbergh211
180.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 3Joker211
181.We have a piper down 3dryden2911211
183.Copy kat killersNhirish Joe29
185.Notorious R.I.PRadler29
186.One Way Ticket HomeKeath Graham29
188.bugs and bones old fartsUSER0592728
190.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!noseinbook25
191.A fork in your ASS and your doneshorty7ft110
192.Donne In!splittertogo110
193.Early to Rise, Early to DieBones McCoy110
194.If Tomorrow Never ComesSal & Barb110
195.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo110
196.Poof!, What a waste!splittertogo110
198.We have a piper down 1dryden2911110
200.Babes of DeathReaperMadness19
202.Grave ConsiderationsBarrCreeWenn19
203.MrJeff's Crypt of Confusionmrjeff200019
204.Death Never Takes a Holiday IIINipper18
205.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 1Joker18
206.Not an Original List Name3carseycritter18
207.Help Us SteveSal & Barb17
208.GATOR HATERThe rebel.16
209.hoosier daddylittlejohn195416
210.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #1Shoeguy16
211.Expiration Date: 12/31/11Pokey2215
212.The Wizard of West LA 1FroggyB15
213.CHAD - 6 Sides Is A HexagonCHAD14
214.LA LISTE DE MEO 2012Meo14
215.Last call for Death....captaindabby14
216.Always look on the bright side of death3Angel of Death13
217.Go into the Light 12NVRGVUP13
219.MATTOID - Come on, die already...The Mattoid13
220.Time for a dirt napchick81313
221.Time for your dirt napBig Guy13
223.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards11
224.Occupy DeathIndyHawk11
225.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb11
226.1+1+1+.....nevermindGrime Reaper00
227.Beat it, stupid!USER0260900
228.Better Call Saul!USER0260900
229.Deep Down, They're good people...CaSkeT CrAzY00
230.Digger O' Dell 16Digger O Dell 1000
231.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 4 or Cash For CadaversFrankJac00
232.flatliners mostly femaleThe Shadow00
233.GagaBurn'em All00
234.Last chancetbone00
235.Leftovers from last yearmoribundus00
236.Lewis Eleven (2)brucelew00
237.Necronomicon (Abridged)boomshadow00
238.NJM Green MileNJMCW00
239.OLD AND MOLDYbrutesquad6400
241.Stones Girl tries againStones Girl00


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