Ted Williams has been played on 1023 lists, including 183 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.The Carl's Junior picksUSER01377525
2.Cartman- You're a Mean One Mr DeathUSER01013434
3.POPE 15USER03933425
4.Roone Is DoomedUSER02783422
5.Excuse Me for Coffin 1USER00594420
7.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl326
8.POPE 02USER00108322
9.Bart and DJ - A Tribute To FC as sung by BowieUSER03742321
10.Cartman- Kyle's Mom's a Stupid BitchUSER01013321
11.Pepster 3USER02760321
12.T. Switala 11USER00025321
13.Guess Who Died? 3USER03734320
15.T. Switala 06USER02800320
16.Vicious Piranha-Bob Your Uncle?USER02829320
17.Wild John's Power DectetUSER01057320
18.Funeral for a Friend 1USER00594319
19.Just Die, BabyUSER01275319
21.BIG EUSER01367318
22.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ318
23.Dominick John Sylvester III 04USER01130318
24.Sarky - Fucko Bites the PillowUSER00312318
26.BAIRBONES 2BairBones316
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big BatFTG316
28.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER00059316
29.Necro Phil in the Taliban StrongholdUSER01371315
30.Tobacco Death RoadUSER02783315
31.Bob Hope will die as soon as I take him off my lisBibsPal314
32.GGDP 3USER02688314
33.DNR/DNI 1USER02763313
34.Heroes of the HeadstoneUSER00594313
35.Cartman- Purple Monkey DishwasherUSER01013219
36.Coatlicue-Aztec RitualUSER01513219
37.I'll be grateful when they're dead 1USER00058219
38.My First BlumpkinUSER00999219
39.I'll be grateful when they're dead 2USER00058218
40.I'll be grateful when they're dead 3USER03751218
41.POPE 03USER00108218
42.Funeral for a Friend 2USER03783217
43.I'll be grateful when they're dead 4USER00058217
44.World Harmony and DeathUSER02783217
45.Bart and DJ - Dooya Like Dags?Doc & DJ216
47.Madam SpankalotDePressED216
48.Mafia Actuary 02USER02729216
49.Peace Love and DeathUSER03792216
50.princess barbie of darknesshop1962216
51.Team O.B.E. 2USER00405216
52.Teddy EndgameUSER02780216
53.Vicious Piranha-Cavalcade of DeathUSER01260216
54.Alberto Y Los Trios ParanoiasUSER00750215
55.Chad - Katherine Tramell's Icepick ManUSER01115215
56.Cherry RobertsDePressED215
57.Either He's Dead Or My Watch Has StoppedUSER00750215
58.Excuse Me for Coffin 3USER03650215
59.Gentleman Death 3USER03699215
60.Gotti Get Me Some Of ThatUSER00008215
61.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost215
62.Nurseboy 05USER02750215
64.The Ralph Wiggum ArmyUSER01469215
65.Todd 3USER02814215
66.Uncle Marty: I really suck at this USER01392215
67.Vicious Piranha-The Dead ZoneUSER02831215
68.I LOVE THE DEAD 3USER02702214
69.JMC Hearse 1USER00997214
70.K-Team 2002USER01558214
71.Mafia Actuary 14USER02726214
72.Putnam's Rene Goulet's French AccentPutnam's Tomahawk Chop214
73.Wolfman RatUSER00492214
74.ethnic cleansinghop1962213
75.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484213
76.It's Time To Go 1USER00316213
78.Bottom of the NinthUSER03749212
79.Drooling at the obit deskUSER03804212
80.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: That's Show BizFTG212
81.Im Fillin Up Uncle PercyUSER01167212
82.Jon 2USER02713212
83.Mike's Amazing Life Restoring ListUSER03703212
84.Probate Lawyer Seeks WorkUSER00073212
85.Putnam's Chief, Ya Gotta Be Shittin' meUSER03800212
86.RigorMortis 2USER02779212
87.Anastasia 1MissAnnThrope211
88.Charlie Don't SurfCharlie Dont Surf211
89.Colin 2USER00977211
91.Rick The Bastard 08USER00425211
92.Vicious Piranha-King Of The WorldUSER02829211
93.kasey 1USER00308210
94.The Otter picksUSER0367929
95.Wednesday 1USER0380729
96.Special K - The People's PicksUSER0379428
97.MK Going, Going, GoneUSER0370427
98.goddammit 1goddammit26
99.The Sporting Death 2USER0092524
100.6 Billion minus 10 equals $2002USER03805110
101.Agent SmithUSER01516110
102.Aliensheepdog Team Held CaptiveUSER00750110
103.Colin 1USER00977110
104.DEATH MASTER 3USER02655110
105.Disco SuperflyUSER00854110
106.Dr. Paul Shipherd 1USER00652110
107.Hold Me Closer Tony DanzaUSER03796110
108.Mafia Actuary 04USER02729110
109.Mafia Actuary 06USER03791110
110.Nurseboy 01Nurseboy110
111.Nurseboy 07Nurseboy110
112.Paddy O'Bitchery 5USER02757110
113.Paddy O'Bitchery 6USER02757110
114.Tsuga - The Piano's Been DrinkingUSER00039110
115.Turning HeadstonesUSER01098110
116.Vicious Piranha-Time Has Come TodayUSER02831110
117.Bart and DJ - Reckless use of Exclamation Points!USER0374119
118.C. Reeve - Think Jodie and Tatum ever did it?USER0002019
119.dapper daveGeneralisimo Francisco Fr19
122.NVN: Write in's gambleUSER0369619
125.Rick The Bastard 03USER0042519
126.Rick The Bastard 10USER0368819
127.The MasterBig Guy19
128.The RavenUSER0152919
129.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063219
130.Todd 2USER0281419
131.Uncle Marty: That's not salad dressingUSER0378419
132.A corpse is a corpse of corpse of corpseUSER0380618
133.It's Time To Go 3USER0270518
134.Jimmy's Essence of Death - BAMUSER0123418
135.Loki 1Loki18
136.Reaper MadnessUSER0143118
137.SEE YA !! LOVE YA!! BYE!!!!!Bucket Kickers18
138.Terminal TenJoeRam18
139.Mr. Peabody's List Of DeathMichenley17
140.Pandas are People tooUSER0156117
141.The Sporting Death 1USER0092517
142.Buck 1Buck16
143.Buck 2Buck16
144.Mac's MortsUSER0107616
145.Mel AnomaMaudieG16
146.Pete's BonusUSER0377816
148.Troll 2USER0281616
149.VING 1USER0152016
150.Big BossesUSER0156315
152.Elvis Grbac's mother wears army bootsUSER0368515
153.Ivor NovelloUSER0364715
154.goddammit 2goddammit14
155.goddammit 3USER0373614
156.Necrophiliacs Inconefunsob14
157.Rey MuertoUSER0147214
158.Troll 3USER0281614
159.Line Up Of The Damnedttc431913
160.P.L.A.I.N. 2USER0082013
161.YouthInAsiaFrankie Pentangeli13
162.Redsox Fan 3USER0373812
163.The Total Packages TombstonesUSER0128012
165.Andre's Last Year's Left-OversUSER0262200
166.Bring Out Your Dead. But I'm Not Dead Yet!!Knockin on Heavens Door00
168.Freddie's DeadUSER0104500
169.Good GriefUSER0114400
170.GoodMourningEvanstonGood Mourning Evanston00
171.JMD - 10 who hope athiests are wrongMr Wonderful00
172.JMD - Toe Tag 10Mr Wonderful00
173.La Muerte 2LaMuerte00
175.Lou SifferUSER0040600
176.P.L.A.I.N. 1USER0082000
177.RogerGoWithThrottleUp 1Roger Gowiththrottleup00
178.SeaPepto '02SeaPepto00
179.Take a long nap, guysUSER0154700
180.The Pervez Musharraf All-StarsUSER0148300
182.woody/wayne eighteenDONT GET WELL00
183.xian 3USER0371600


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