Jimmy Carter has been played on 1887 lists, including 180 lists in The 2019 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Tie Die Time2JohnGoose530
2.Take Donald FirstDead Person Specialist, E429
3.Jims Leftovers TwoBunn's Bones To Be425
4.La Liste de Meo 2019Meo424
5.Welcome to the party, palrchand424
6.Toe Tagger TooWallbanger423
7.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's422
8.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ420
9.Coffin Rattler - Ancientscoffinrattler419
10.Happy Hour is too shortJoker325
11.Somthin' smells SquatchyEuro-trash324
12.Anarchy double with a collusion backAnarchy and a biscuit323
13.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk322
14.MCS Dirt NappersNJMCW322
15.Wohlert's rotting remainsonefunsob322
16.Spelled D.E.A.D....Dead Person Specialist, E321
17.Dead From The Waist DownUSER01515320
18.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIBJCx78320
20.Tastes Just Like ChickenCBS319
22.Death- Brand New DayJayRockers!318
23.Damn Near DeadBada Bing317
24.grimey reaper 1grimyreaper317
25.Pushing up DaisiesGoing, Going, Gone!317
26.Sic. Transit 2sictransit317
27.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly316
28.Remember To Compost Your Elders 5Evil Lemons316
30.Blissters 2rjb121162314
31.Politics Will Be The Death of Youthedeadmanshand314
32.Begging for a dirt nap 2019onyx2783313
33.DxRob IIDX Rob313
34.old people suck 6Steve P312
35.Skunkhair 2019 #2Skunkhair 2013312
36.goddammit 3goddammit311
37.All lights out.The rebel.310
38.Look How They Massacred My ListFrankie Pentangeli38
39.Fear the Reaper 2019XCheckmate217
40.Toe Tagger 19Wallbanger217
42.grimey reaper 2grimyreaper216
43.More famous peopleRastafarian Mormon216
44.Poke The Bear 1Poke the Bear216
45.Remember To Compost Your Elders 3Evil Lemons216
46.Don't Fear the Reaper 100 +or-MOJO215
47.Dead EndsBwildered214
48.goodbye centenariansGrim Rapper214
49.Just Die Already!Dr Drunk214
50.Martha PearlDiane214
51.Toe Tagger MoreWallbanger214
53.Buck & MichelleBuck213
54.Go meet your maker peopleJames30224213
55.Hurry up will ya! 2Toe Tagged Luminary213
58.Toodlum......Is That You???Bison213
59.Bob Bliss is stooooopidEuro-trash212
60.Body Bags and Toe Tags IVtrojones212
61.Death pool gambler 1Death pool gambler212
62.Good Ol' BoysYoungFreund212
63.Mr. Blake Buries Old MenMr. Blake212
64.This is the EndThis is the End212
65.A Touch of Tourette's 2ACP211
66.Commence the dirtnapDeader Than A Doornail211
67.Dead LeadersThe Force is Deathening211
68.Killer Advocate - are you kidding?laptoplg211
69.Of Corpse You`re Dead 1Shoeguy211
71.Doctor of Death - Dead Endthe doctor of death210
72.Killer Advocates yet againlaptoplg210
73.99 Bottles of BeerG.Beatty29
74.Bobby Bags and Toe Tags IItrojones29
75.Dirt Nap DelightsRJ Thurmont29
76.Fredo Let's Go FishingFredo let's go fishing29
77.goddammit 1goddammit29
78.My wife Lanna says DIEDJ Badger29
79.Now Departing Gate 2019Nick ‘n Beth29
80.Older than UtleyHuckleberry29
82.Well nobody died, did they? #1Archangel29
83.Gold Medalist in the Underground LugeMcPutt28
84.Bugs and Bones 3USER0592727
85.Body Bags and Toe Tags Itrojones26
86.Gone 4 GoodCharla26
87.Lucky Gwenthing21126
88.Orange & Black CoffinCBS26
90.Bluff City Dead 3trashking110
91.Dead is goodLpb110
92.ENJOY YOUR LAST RIDETwisted Freak110
93.Norther Reaper List #1northern reaper110
94.Otis' Cirrhosis - Jubal Foster's StillKudsKroakers110
95.A good year to dieDixie_Crystal19
96.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls19
97.joined the choir invisible 2019splittertogo19
98.Rastalls all 90's & oldRastalls19
99.Assorted AyHoles 19Ranger27518
100.Daisey Pushers Isquidly76618
101.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics18
102.grimey reaper 3grimyreaper18
103.Hey! I'm Not Running for JESUS, Pal!humanmeal18
104.Like a Tombstone CowboyAltois18
105.MATTOID -Spank the PoodleThe Mattoid18
106.Reaper's CarpoolToe-Tag18
107.The Usual SuspectsUSER0056218
108.2018 Cardinals RecordMITINCUSA17
109.Blissters 6rjb12116217
110.Body Bags and Toe Tags VItrojones17
111.Buh Bye 19 02TenPaces17
112.Get in the box!darianwiccan17
113.goddammit 2goddammit17
114.No Chance In Hell 3toomanycards17
115.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed17
116.Serious IllnessThe Shadow17
117.you're gone, go home.Crystal Balls17
118.American AyHoles 19Ranger27516
119.Anarchy rules the worldAnarchy and a biscuit16
120.U can't take it with UUnsub6916
121.Underground Heroes 3Dirt Nap Roll Call16
122.All That CremainsCheckingOut15
123.Bag of bonesMarshrat15
124.R Lee 2019azabachenegro15
125........And It\'s Deep TooBison14
126.Death March 21BCeltics14
127.Raindog's List of Despairraindog14
128.Sled dog 3sleddog14
130.You look tired. Take a dirt nap.Big Guy14
132.Rat Bastards 1USER0221513
133.Death List 1firewife4life12
134.Dieing to winfireflyt12
135.Hurry up will ya! 3Toe Tagged Luminary12
137.Reap 'Em and Weep #2USER0055712
138.Unk's Death ListDinorider1612
139.Ghouls Inc. #1Ghouls Incorporated11
140.sherlocks ghostssherlock11
141.!!!!! Albrecht Says Die 1Albrecht00
142.2019 Can\'t be Worse than 2018MrBogantilla00
144.All The Presidents Deadgidget00
145.Bag O' Bones 18Ranger27500
146.Banana Peel ShuffleSwissfist00
147.Bucket Kicking MastersTheJtizzle1300
148.Bye, FeliciasShamorrison00
149.Cordell CordellPrincess Tessa00
150.Dave's Dead Pool Dream 2019 Part 1Your Dead Pool Highness00
151.DirtnapsJay Cutlers Vagina00
152.GRIMREAPERS 2019grimreaperstl00
154.Hurry up will ya! 1Toe Tagged Luminary00
156.In the Ground, Out of the Ground?jws796800
159.Lesko Peco TrainLesko00
160.More Old PeopleSatiricalAlexandria00
162.Natalie Woods life guardMaryjo8000
163.Old Rich White Guysrazorben00
164.Oldies but GoodiesColFitz6800
165.People are dying to get on this listmikegldn00
166.Pepe Tocino's Dirt Nappers #1Chancellor D'Exchecker00
167.piscoe 19theappointment00
168.Politics at its bestNVRGVUP00
171.Saw The Light #2SAW THE LIGHT00
172.Tamis listtmayse027300
173.Team Deathwish (1)gfultz100
174.The End #1Once upon a time...00
176.Tom Herron\'s Listtherron200
178.Up and DoneChris Goulart00
180.Year of the Living DeadBridgcorp00


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