Ian Dury has been played on 389 lists, including 138 lists in The 2000 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.NY Football GiantsUSER00632633
3.DNR/DNI 1USER02751535
4.The CHOSENUSER00750535
5.Yooper Quincy 2USER00461533
6.Nurseboy's Big CUSER00965531
7.DePressED 3USER00965527
8.Late SlotUSER02723524
9.DePressED 1DePressED523
10.Yooper Quincy 1USER00461523
11.O'Connors On The CornersUSER02723432
12.Reflected GloryUSER02776432
13.Nurseboy 3USER00965431
14.Rest In PiecesUSER00673430
15.How's It Goin' Eisenhower?USER02723428
16.Vicious Piranha - Forced RetirementUSER02813428
17.Frankie 2USER02658427
18.M. I. Rich? At Times.USER02737425
19.Death EgomaniacsUSER00630424
20.Tape Dispenser 2USER00965424
21.Deathpool DaveDRave13423
22.Near Death ExperienceUSER00673423
23.Reaper's minionUSER00979423
24.Tape Dispenser 3USER00965422
26.Otis, You Want A Treat?USER02723417
27.Tape Dispenser 4USER00965416
28.Pope 11USER00965327
29.Red Wolf Babe 1USER01010327
30.DePressED 2USER00965326
31.Pope 04USER00965326
32.Vicious Piranha - This Case Is ClosedUSER00023326
33.K-Team 2000USER00633325
34.Red Wolf Babe 2USER00965325
35.Pope 02USER00965324
36.Red Wolf Babe 3USER00965324
37.Stars UnderFootUSER02776324
38.Vicious Piranha - Counter GambitUSER02813324
39.Pope 01USER00108323
40.Pope 06USER00965323
41.Six Feet DownUSER00518323
42.John WeickUSER00547321
43.Mrs. HuggyUSER00975321
44.Pope 12USER00965321
45.Team OBE 2USER00909321
46.Vicious Piranha - The Dark And Bloody GroundUSER02813321
47.Dem Bones 1USER00192320
48.Jim's Party MoneyJim320
49.Coffin CoronerRigga More-Dis319
50.M.T. GravesUSER00044319
51.Disco SuperflatulentUSER00854318
52.JMC HEARSE 2USER00965318
53.1 point for Myra H.USER00884317
54.Dr. Paul Shipherd 1USER00652317
55.Fort Lee Body PoliceUSER00845317
56.Worm Food GourmetUSER02651317
57.Obit 1USER00059316
58.gravediggers 2USER00452315
59.Rick The Bastard 1USER00425315
60.Tape Dispenser 5USER00965315
61.Du Lac 2USER00965312
62.Kiss Of Death 2USER00965311
63.Obit 6USER03916311
64.George StiffinopolisUSER02697310
65.Frankie 1USER0265839
66.Tom's A-ListUSER0101336
67.Vicious Piranha - The Return Of The Black ShadowUSER02813219
68.183 Centimetres UnderUSER03387216
69.Not ToddUSER00570216
70.Obit 3USER00059216
71.Beautiful Downtown NecropolisUSER02651215
72.Friends of Dorothy 2USER00965215
73.Make My DayUSER02651215
74.Mikey PalmiceUSER00965215
75.rmc4th 2USER00562215
76.MaggieMae 3USER00965214
77.Buck 2Buck213
78.Going Going Ghandi 3USER00965213
79.Dem Bones 9USER00965212
80.Let's Hear It For Shawn Walters 3USER00965212
81.Pure BullUSER02651212
82.Unit C Grave FillersJim212
83.Head (VJ)USER00362211
85.Cuervo D.O.A. 1USER00620210
86.waterczar 1USER00707210
87.Bart and D.J. 2Doc & DJ29
88.Circling VultureUSER0078029
89.Dryad 2USER0084229
90.Paulie WalnutsRJ Thurmont29
91.waterczar 2USER0096529
92.Wombat 1USER0024229
93.Dem Bones 4USER0096528
94.The worms await theeUSER0339528
95.Cuervo D.O.A. 3USER0096527
96.Dem Bones 6USER0096527
97.MaggieMae 1USER0056027
98.Wombat 3USER0096527
99.Buck 3USER0096526
100.Du Lac 3USER0096525
101.Dem Bones 2USER00965110
102.Dem Bones 8USER00965110
103.Die I tell you!USER00936110
104.M.T. Graves Jr.USER00044110
105.Dem Bones 7USER0096519
106.Morgue-N-Fairchild 1Mary Tyler Morgue19
107.Nostradamus Predicts Intelligent Life on alt.obitsUSER0265119
108.Reading a fresh obituary.....PricelessJim19
109.TV Nut Job 3USER0096519
110.Celebrity Clear-outUSER0088318
111.Pogue M'honUSER0084918
112.Cosmo 2USER0077417
113.Obit 2USER0005917
114.We have a piper down! 2USER0096517
115.AbraCadavers 1USER0016516
117.You're Very Sick ... Now DieUSER0339416
118.Famous, Sick & DoomedUSER0339615
119.'Man! You Gotta be Kiddin' Me!'USER0261414
120.die you bastardsUSER0093614
121.Jackass JeffUSER0099914
122.Roger the LodgerUSER0082514
123.Stimpy 2USER0022214
124.The Down Unders 1USER0044314
125.Cuervo D.O.A. 2USER0096513
126.Dig Deeper, Lads!USER0092913
128.Let's Hear It For Shawn Walters 1USER0058113
129.Russell Carter Artist Mgmt.USER0057713
130.Tommy's Tele-TubbiesUSER0084513
131.AbraCadavers 2USER0016512
132.Bart and D.J. 3USER0096512
133.No Such Thing as KarmaUSER0084112
136.Stiff Shirts 2USER0039112
137.Midwest Morgue Mogul LariUSER0014111
138.Midwest Morgue Mogul MeganUSER0037111


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