Brooke Astor has been played on 1596 lists, including 143 lists in The 2004 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.MA03: Ya Gotta Bereave!USER01375529
2.MA01: They've Lost That Loving FeelingUSER01375426
3.Agatha's HordeUSER01807425
4.FTG: The Strange World of Planet XFTG420
5.MA04: Skeeter? Hardly Even Know Her!USER01375327
6.Death March 121BCeltics325
7.Death March 111BCeltics324
8.GET STIFF!!USER01841324
9.MA11: Reunited with Jack BuckUSER01375323
10.Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The ...? 02USER01531323
11.Venus LovemotionDePressED321
12.Death March 21BCeltics319
14.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunFTG318
17.Justin Hale 07USER01531219
18.Already Dead- Old and in the WayUSER01128218
19.Die Die Die - Frequent Die-ersSarkon218
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Loco BrothersFTG218
21.MARY TYLER MORGUE 3Mary Tyler Morgue218
22.We're off to see the Wizard...USER01690218
23.Deadly ObsessionDead Person Specialist, E217
24.Death March1BCeltics217
25.Death March 31BCeltics217
26.Death March 71BCeltics217
27.Grim and Bear ItUSER00775217
28.Like sand through the hourglass...USER01690217
29.Other People's LeftoversDGD217
30.Death March 91BCeltics216
31.Death Rattleanarchess216
32.Go See God- 2004 TerminationsUSER00779216
33.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 3000002216
35.SLEEPS WITH THE FISH 2Mary Tyler Morgue216
36.Start DiggingUSER01832216
37.Fade to BlackFade to Black215
38.MA09: State Vegetable of Cah-lee-fawn-yahUSER01375215
39.Steve's hedge list of soon-to-be-dead peopleUSER01724215
40.The Reaper Cometh 2USER01973215
41.Already Dead ResurrectedUSER01128214
42.Dead PresidentsUSER00750214
43.MARY TYLER MORGUE IMary Tyler Morgue214
44.Shotrock's Screaming TakeoutsUSER01726214
46.Eighty's EnoughUSER00073213
47.SLEEPS WITH THE FISH 1Mary Tyler Morgue213
48.We Hope These People DieUSER02054213
49.Dwyer's Death WatchJim211
50.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Face KillahFTG211
55.POPE 2USER0010829
56.Dwyer's Death SquadJim28
57.Lori's ListUSER0200628
58.Who Wants to Lick the Spoon This TimeUSER0150028
59.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Dirge for the ScourgeFTG27
62.The Dead Travel FastHasenji26
63.Say goodnight GracieUSER0184123
65.Barbie SpreadumDePressED110
66.Class of 90USER01832110
67.Dead on their feetDead Person Specialist, E110
68.Grave ConsequencesUSER01919110
69.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484110
70.JMK- Decomposing HarryUSER01551110
72.MrJeff2000's Vault of Venommrjeff2000110
74.dead zoneUSER0192919
75.Death Soup: Last BreathUSER0054019
76.Drownproofing 101 with Prof. Ted KennedyDGD19
77.Eton Rifles 1USER0147719
78.Eton Rifles 2USER0147719
79.Eton Rifles 3USER0147719
80.I Can't Win If You Don't Die 2USER0172819
81.Just Die BabyUSER0127519
82.MARY TYLER MORGUE 2Mary Tyler Morgue19
83.No Viagra Needed 6No Viagra Needed19
85.Shotrock's Hammer USER0172619
86.Team Formalinanarchess19
88.Death Is My Business And Business Has Been GoodUSER0188618
89.Dwyer's Doom TeamJim18
90.Mostly Stolen DregsRhody Trash18
91.Shotrock's Burned StonesUSER0172618
92.SLEEPS WITH THE FISH 3Mary Tyler Morgue18
93.Cooter Croakerstom690417
94.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E17
95.Death Rattle 2anarchess17
96.Go Fish5USER0189817
97.Great Caesar's GhostPaul168117
98.I Think I'll get myself some Ice CreamFTG17
99.Jordan's I Can Almost See The White LightRJ Thurmont17
100.Playin' It SafeBibsPal17
101.We Spin Terror 1USER0114517
102.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED17
103.Eyechart's 3rd 2004 ListUSER0138216
104.Go See God- Hope this one Hits!USER0077916
105.Sly Guy ListUSER0195216
106.AA1-Grim Reapers To do ListUSER0175514
107.JMD - Decaying Damsel Dirt NapMr Wonderful14
108.Please Die so I can pay my billsUSER0189414
109.MK - MBALMED1MBalmed13
111.We Spin Terror 2USER0114513
112.Midwest Morgue Mogul Gigi (A)USER0062412
113.MK - MBALMED3MBalmed12
114.Sick SyndiUSER0146112
115.Jachin & Boaz 3USER0108111
116.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 600000211
117.Midwest Morgue Mogul Gigi (Freebie)USER0062411
118.Wish Upon A StarUSER0162311
119.1 Sick Bitch 1USER0126400
120.1 Sick Bitch 5USER0126400
121.1 Sick Bitch 6USER0126400
122.AA2-Over 95 and time is running outUSER0175500
123.As If It Were Your Last #1Minnesota Neil00
124.Baby Don't Fear The ReaperUSER0188600
125.bring out some more dead peepsUSER0195400
127.Bunts Number 3USER0167500
128.CheriG22 is Number One AgainUSER0198100
129.Chevy Chase's CareerUSER0028300
130.Death's GhoulfriendUSER0162300
131.Dr RockUSER0094700
132.Drop Dead Gorgeous 2004 #2USER0168800
133.Eyechart's 2nd 2004 ListUSER0138200
134.Go See God- Word to Your MotherUSER0077900
135.Jordan's Dust in The VeinsRJ Thurmont00
136.MK - MBALMED2MBalmed00
138.Mr. C #1USER0050300
139.Mr. C #2USER0050300
140.PLAIN's Freebie AKA The really-old-folks homeUSER0082000
142.Steve's list of soon to be dead people - year 2USER0172400
143.Z's 10 StiffiesUSER0034800


Guess the Stiff!

He's dead as hell and he's not going to take this anymore!

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