Bob Novak has been played on 158 lists, including 158 lists in The 2009 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye744
2.Frankie 1DePressED738
3.yeah yeah buh bye yeah yeah buh bye642
4.Frankie 2DePressED639
5.DePressED01 - An Honorary Degree Too ManyDePressED637
6.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED636
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunFTG632
8.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 2Kolchak the Night Stalker540
9.And Then There Were NoneDePressED539
10.DePressED02 - I've Had The Time Of My LifeDePressED539
11.2009 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots538
12.2009 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots538
13.2009 Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots537
14.Beaten By A Connie Chung ChristmasRD02537
15.DePressED12 - All DunneDePressED537
16.2009 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots536
17.2009 Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots536
18.DePressED03 - I'll Raise You One PancreasDePressED536
19.I Don't Know The Way You Came AliveDePressED536
20.2009 Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots535
21.DePressED09 - You're Still Hanging Around?DePressED535
22.We Spin TerrorUSER01145535
23.Venus LovemotionDePressED534
24.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye534
25.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ533
26.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED533
27.Death Soup: Ghost Of A ChanceMJ and Friends532
28.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Three Violent PeopleFTG532
29.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: TimestalkersFTG532
30.Four Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past532
31.The Lynch MobTaugh532
33.DePressED10 - At The Tone Leave Your NameDePressED531
34.DePressED11 - And Who Exactly Is Bill Shamblin?DePressED531
35.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1Kolchak the Night Stalker530
37.Daisy A Day DearDePressED528
38.Rhododendrons are growing out of my buttUSER02598528
39.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: ChemosabeFTG527
40.Bury CorpesinFTG525
41.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED524
42.DePressED04 - Cancer ClubDePressED522
43.Cannot Make Fur Coat From Feather of GooseFTG434
44.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED434
45.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ433
46.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484433
47.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484433
48.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484433
49.DePressED07 - Down Cemetery Road For RealDePressED431
50.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed431
51.NVN: Lights out weirdosNo Viagra Needed431
52.The Dirt NappersTaugh431
53.DePressED05 - Prince Of DarknessDePressED430
54.Doc & DJ--Ten Years of Stiffs<>Top Finish: 17thDoc & DJ430
55.Hurry up and die already part Ihurryupndiealready430
56.There Is No LeadDePressED430
57.You Couldn't Die Last Year, ya Fuck?USER00750430
59.Counting bodies Like SheepDGambrinus429
60.Ghost of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past429
61.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED429
62.Von Ryan's ExpressTaugh429
63.Where the HekawiFTG429
64.Don't Be Like Ellie Nesler NowRD02428
65.Loki IIILoki428
66.FTG: Iron Horse Robber Go HomeFTG426
67.Jenny Was SweetDePressED425
68.Nineteen Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past425
69.DIE you fucking WEASELS!USER02599424
70.ErahUSER00750424 puts Swayze with a coronervomit_god424
73.Forrest Tucker's Ghost in the MachineFTG423
74.JT02: Smile and Say, SHIT!Tripper423
75.Cash from CancerCash From Cancer422
76.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Face KillaFTG422
77.DePressED06 - In The Water On 15 In 86DePressED420
78.Wracked Kharma FreezeWracked420
79.DePressED08 - Too Lovely To DieDePressED419
80.Run Run StopUSER00750416
81.EMFC You're out of timeouts Coach WoodenEMFCoffin415
82.ReaperMadness #2ReaperMadness415
83.Cartman- Roger's Third EarUSER01013327
84.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends327
85.DGD - Something (In the Way She Smells?) DGD327
86.E-Brake1: Que Sara, SarahE-Brake327
87.E-Brake2: Winner WInner Chicken DinnerE-Brake327
88.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl327
89.Three Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past327
90.Eight Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past326
91.Atomic DogfuckerUSER02598325
92.Cartman- Not Going 0-16USER01013325
93.NVN: Phillies 08 World FUCKING ChampionsNo Viagra Needed325
94.NVN: Suzie and Charlie go to hellNo Viagra Needed325
95.DGD - Don't Fear The Reaper DGD324
96.DGD - Me & Julio Down By the Graveyard DGD324
97.DGD - Wish You Weren't Here DGD324
98.DGD - You Got Another Thing Dying DGD324
99.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED324
101.RADTEX: His and HearseRadtex324
102.RADTEX: I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex324
103.RADTEX: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex324
106.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 3Kolchak the Night Stalker323
107.Toonces Doesn't Drive Well EitherRhody Trash323
109.DGD - What is and What Should Never Be DGD322
110.DIE you fucking RODENTS!!USER02599322
111.Good Luck -- We're All Counting on Diealan smithee322
112.Yes, Have Some ... Deathalan smithee322
113.Die 4 Me Willya 2009-2Chickeyd321
114.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve321
115.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve321
116.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve321
117.Dr. Steve 4Dr. Steve321
118.Dr. Steve 5Dr. Steve321
119.Dr. Steve 6Dr. Steve321
120.Betty Ford's Facelift BackfiresRhody Trash320
121.Cash from Cancer 2Cash From Cancer320
122.DGD - Fight The Good Fight, Then Die DGD320
123.I Can't Win But It's FreeRhody Trash320
124.Jeff Bird #3Bird320
125.Pauly Shore is Still DeadUSER02524320
126.Seven Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past320
127.Marked For TermiNeyTionTermiNeyTor319
129.Jeff Bird #12Bird318
130.Lots o' sick bastardsBJCx78317
131.Wracked Zealous AcolytesWracked316
132.Destroyers 2USER00977315
133.Destroyers 4USER00977314
134.Sucking AirUSER00750313
135.Touch My Sister Again and I'll Kill YouFrankie Pentangeli312
136.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(c)EdRulz38
137.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(a)EdRulz37
138.Chicken at Tresky's 3Chicken at Tresky's219
139.Doc & DJ--Tryin' to Catch Us Write-In DirtyDoc & DJ219
140.Five Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past218
141.Two Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past218
142.DGD - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath DGD217
143.DGD - Spiro Agnew Must Die! Oh, wait? DGD217
144.DGD - Working Man DGD217
145.In the Deep StuffUSER00750215
146.Death Soup: Stand It's M'LiverMJ and Friends214
147.DGD - Swingin' From The Gallows Pole DGD214
148.Dr. Mccoys PatientsUSER02209213
149.Evans andUSER00750211
150.Afraid of the Dark? #3Minnesota Neil210
151.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(e)EdRulz210
153.Tsuga - Get Me a Dorito and Bring it in LowTsuga28
154.Destroyers 3USER0097723
156.Cash from Cancer 4Cash From Cancer110
157.DGD - Imagine There's No Livin' DGD19


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