John Gotti has been played on 1849 lists, including 185 lists in The March '01 Lee Jr..

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1.Think Nancy And Jane Wyman Get Along?USER00008418
2.Vicious Piranha? Digger's HarvestUSER02823324
3.Vicious Piranha? Taking Care Of BusinessUSER02823324
4.Dead Cat Bounce 3USER02653323
5.Vicious Piranha? Gotti's Last RambleUSER02823323
6.Vicious Piranha? Odds Against TomorrowUSER02823323
7.Vicious Piranha? Out To LunchUSER02823323
8.Dead Cat Bounce 1USER01330322
9.Vicious Piranha? Ironhead's Last LapUSER02823322
10.Vicious Piranha? Marshall Is Going The Wrong WayUSER02823322
11.Vicious Piranha? Point Of DepartureUSER02823322
12.Vicious Piranha? McVeigh's Last MealUSER02823321
13.Vicious Piranha? My Uncle Used To, But She DiedUSER02823321
14.Vicious Piranha? Untamed HawkUSER01260321
15.M.I.'s Just For Fun 3USER03558320
16.Pepster 5USER02760320
17.Pepster 6USER02760320
18.The Road To RooneUSER00008320
19.Adolph Cutyourcockoff (Boris is my Bro) 2USER02689319
20.The Mexican Fireman: Hose-A 3USER02689319
21.Adolph Cutyourcockoff (Boris is my Bro) 3USER02689318
22.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: When Shugs AttackFTG318
23.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Meshuma HakanumaFTG317
24.Gladys GoodentightUSER01531317
25.Pokey 1USER01083316
26.98.6 degrees is way too warm...USER03566313
27.And Then There Were NoneDePressED312
28.Nurseboy 1USER0177239
29.DePressED 3USER02621219
30.Edward LionheartUSER02621218
31.Paul ToombesUSER02621218
32.Dead Cat Bounce 2USER01330217
33.DePressED 1USER02621217
34.HEETERGAL 4USER03562217
35.M.I.'s Lethal InjectionUSER00008217
36.Vicious Piranha? Easy WinnersUSER02823217
37.Coatlicue-Rising UsurperUSER01058216
38.DePressED 5USER02621216
39.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Play Taps Dobbs!FTG216
40.Mr. Justice WargraveUSER02621216
41.Rick The Bastard 1USER00425216
42.Vicious Piranha? Dutch Belongs On Mt. RushmoreUSER02823216
43.Vicious Piranha? The Breaks Of The GameUSER02823216
44.Adolph Cutyourcockoff (Boris is my Bro) 1USER02689215
45.Ancient RooneUSER02621215
46.DePressED 7USER03575215
47.Giving V.P. A Run For The Moneyed head215
48.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008215
49.The Mexican Fireman's Kid: Hose-B 1USER02689215
50.The Mexican Fireman's Kid: Hose-B 2USER02689215
51.The Mexican Fireman's Kid: Hose-B 3USER02689215
52.The Mexican Fireman: Hose-A 1USER02689215
53.The Mexican Fireman: Hose-A 2USER02689215
54.The Reagan YearsUSER02805215
55.Arsenic Frosting on the Cyanide CakeUSER02805214
56.Coatlicue-Ritualistic ExpectationUSER03543214
57.DePressED 2USER02621214
58.Dr. Anton PhibesUSER02621214
59.Mandy's Lulu Of A ListUSER00008214
60.Pokey 2USER01083214
61.Teemy And MeemyUSER00008214
62.DePressED 9USER02621213
63.Pokey 3USER03539213
64.BMACP 2USER02637212
65.BMACP 3USER02637212
66.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotsFTG212
67.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Ill CrosswindsUSER02685212
68.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Quiet GunFTG212
69.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Wild Blue YonderFTG212
70.In The Event Bob Hope DiesUSER03551212
71.Mafia Actuary 3USER02730212
72.Where's Wally?USER02621212
73.Allied Bomb GroupUSER02805211
74.Bart and DJ - Absence makes the heart grow fonderDoc & DJ211
75.Cartman's Jr. C ListUSER03548211
76.M.I.'s Just For Fun 1USER00008211
77.DePressED 6USER02621210
78.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: OuttakesUSER02685210
79.Purple People EatersUSER02621210
80.Who The Hell Is Mimi Farina?USER03544210
81.Wild John's Ash AssemblageUSER01057210
82.DNR/DNI 1USER0357229
84.Cartman's Jr. B ListUSER0101328
85.POPE 2USER0010828
86.Teflon JohnUSER0067328
87.Blackadder 3USER0263627
88.He Kill MeUSER0133227
89.Mafia Actuary 2USER0137527
90.On Their Last Legsohsostrange27
91.Obit 3USER0275325
92.DePressED 8USER02621110
93.Crash Davis 2USER0132019
94.DePressED 4USER0262119
95.DXRob 1USER0048919
96.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Coroner CreekFTG19
97.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fort MassacreFTG19
98.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Stagecoach to FuryFTG19
99.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The 86 Proof SpringFTG19
100.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: You Heard the Sarge!FTG19
101.Gotti Get Me Some Of ThatUSER0000819
103.How's It Goin' Eisenhower?USER0000819
105.Late SlotUSER0272419
106.M.I.'s Just For Fun 2USER0000819
107.Man In The Box 3USER0273219
108.Otis You Want A Treat?USER0000819
109.Pam's GrandUSER0000819
110.POPE 1USER0010819
111.Royally ScrewedUSER0275619
112.Snoopy's All-Dead Stars IIUSER0108119
113.Spirits Having FlownUSER0280519
115.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersUSER0262119
116.Wild John's Celebrity CinerariumUSER0341119
117.Won't Be Long NowUSER0280519
119.Blackadder 200000218
120.BMACP 1USER0130818
121.Coatlicue-Chosen ExecutionerUSER0105818
122.Fresh Fruit for Rotting VegetablesUSER0075018
123.Man In The Box 2USER0273218
124.Notorious D.E.A.D.Starwanderer18
125.Nurseboy 3USER0275118
126.Obit 1USER0005918
127.Wasted StiffsUSER0280518
128.elegance to the end 1USER0099217
129.Man In The Box 1USER0107417
130.Nurseboy 2USER0177217
131.POPE 4USER0010817
132.Putnam's Meaning of the word respectUSER0276917
133.Chad - aka Jeb Bush's Shoplifting Convicted WifeUSER0356716
134.Don Pescado-The Farbissina Trophy is MineUSER0105816
135.elegance to the end 3USER0357016
136.If It Ain't Stiff It Ain't Worth A Fuck USER0075016
137.Nurseboy 4USER0177216
138.Pepster 3USER0005516
139.Putnam's License to kill gophersPutnam's Tomahawk Chop16
140.Chad - aka George W Bush's CockUSER0111515
141.Jonathan 3USER0271415
142.Mafia Actuary 5USER0137515
143.Mafia Actuary 6USER0355915
144.POPE 3USER0010815
145.Hangin' by a thread 2USER0131514
146.Jonathan 1Jon0006014
147.Mafia Actuary 4USER0137514
148.Pepster 1USER0005514
149.Pepster 4USER0005514
150.Mafia Actuary 1USER0137513
151.Die2K Jr.USER0116112
152.DNR/DNI 2USER0357312
153.Just Plain DJ's Tomorrow Is Another DeathUSER0096912
155.Uncle Marty and The Lost City of GoldUSER0066811
156.60 feet of dirt makes me smileUSER0106400
157.An entry with no nameNo Viagra Needed00
158.Blackadder 100000200
159.Cartman's Jr. A ListUSER0101300
160.Chad - aka Katherine Harris' CuntUSER0111500
161.College Ghoul QueenDEADMOM196000
163.Don Pescado-Groovy TimesUSER0354200
164.Dr. Who - Pushing Up DaisiesUSER0267400
166.DXRob 2USER0267600
167.Fred C. Dobbs Jr.USER0075800
168.General Blastforth 2Roger Gowiththrottleup00
169.Go See God- Take a deep breath and hold it..USER0341600
170.Gov. William J. LePetomaneUSER0278900
171.Hangin' by a thread 1USER0131500
172.Hangin' by a thread 3 ... going straight to Hell.USER0354100
173.Jonathan 2USER0271400
174.No Viagra Needed 1No Viagra Needed00
175.Obit 2USER0005900
176.Pepster 2USER0005500
177.Putnam's 30 days in the coolerUSER0276900
178.Putnam's Boy the way Glenn Miller playedUSER0276900
179.Putnam's Little monkey womanUSER0276900
180.Sheriff BartNo Viagra Needed00
181.Sooner RetardUSER0099900
182.The Infamous Zooey GlassUSER0133100
183.Tsuga Comes AliveUSER0355600
184.Uncle Marty 2: Electric BuggaloUSER0282100
185.Uncle Marty 4: Working the GimmickUSER0282100


Guess the Stiff!

He single-handedly created the Milky Way, Snickers and 3 Musketeers bars. Shouldn't there be, like, a statue of this guy?

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