Billy Wilder has been played on 535 lists, including 167 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Justin Hale 2USER02717529
2.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 1USER01531526
3.Cartman- You're a Mean One Mr DeathUSER01013434
4.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 1USER02717427
5.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 2USER02717427
6.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 3USER02717427
7.Justin Hale 1USER01531427
8.Justin Hale 3USER03788427
9.Go, Go, Go, Johnny O.USER02717426
10.POPE 15USER03933425
11.T. Switala 05USER00025323
12.Cartman- Kyle's Mom's a Stupid BitchUSER01013321
13.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Real Harold HillUSER03758321
14.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 2USER02803321
15.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER02803321
16.T. Switala 01USER00025320
17.T. Switala 02USER00025320
19.T. Switala 12USER03672319
20.C. Reeve - Without Kubek, there is no MazerowskiUSER03663318
21.Die2K Jr.USER03682318
22.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ318
23.Hell Is Other PeopleUSER00750318
24.T. Switala 03USER02799318
25.T. Switala 04USER00025318
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Swordfight At The FriarsFTG316
28.Vicious Piranha-In Memory of Cadaver DogUSER02833316
29.Vicious Piranha-Billy Jack-He DeadUSER01260315
30.Doc--Washington Generals of the History ChannelUSER03744314
31.La Petite CanadienTINOYES314
32.Beanbag 1USER01243312
33.Lester Flatt? No, Lester Maddox.USER00008312
34.Already DeadUSER01128219
35.Already Dead AgainUSER01128219
36.Already Dead ResurrectedUSER03673219
37.Carrie-If Looks Could KillUSER03747219
38.EB2: Gotti Milk?E-Brake219
39.Pepster 2USER00055219
40.Vicious Piranha-Freddy's DeadUSER02833219
41.EB1: Gotti Getta HitE-Brake218
42.Mary Tyler Morgue 2USER02742218
45.Pookie Jones 3USER03678217
47.Spinzo's Can't Miss 2002USER01088217
48.Vicious Piranha-The Breaks Of The GameUSER02831217
49.2002 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots216
50.Chad - Bree Daniel's Non-Sexual ClientUSER01115216
51.LOOPS' LISTUSER01555216
52.T. Switala 10USER00025216
53.Vicious Piranha-A Dead KennedyUSER02831216
54.Vicious Piranha-Cavalcade of DeathUSER01260216
55.Vicious Piranha-Mean StreetsUSER03790216
56.Vicious Piranha-The Triumph Of The WillUSER02828216
57.C. Reeve - Get a drool cup for Jack BuckUSER00020215
58.Chad - Katherine Tramell's Icepick ManUSER01115215
59.Either He's Dead Or My Watch Has StoppedUSER00750215
60.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008215
61.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed215
62.Todd 1whit25215
63.Tsuga - Dance SuckaUSER00039215
64.Vicious Piranha-Blood On The BadgeUSER02831215
65.Vicious Piranha-The Dead ZoneUSER02831215
66.vomit_god2 - Dark Side of the Morguevomit_god215
67.D.N.R. 2MarkMx214
69.Vicious Piranha-Smells Like...Victory!USER02831214
70.Worm CandyUSER03674214
71.Dead Cat Bounce 5USER01330213
72.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484213
73.It's Time To Go 1USER00316213
74.It's Time To Go 2USER02705213
75.SEE YA !! LOVE YA!! DIE!!!!Bucket Kickers213
77.Vicious Piranha-Ashes By NowUSER02831213
78.Vicious Piranha-Seashells and BalloonsUSER01260213
79.Vicious Piranha-Untamed HawkUSER02827213
80.1sickbitch 1USER01264212
81.Jon 2USER02713212
83.The CHOSENUSER00750212
84.vomit_god5 - A Momentary Lapse of Breathingvomit_god212
85.C. Reeve - Wilder by the bunchUSER00020211
86.Pookie Jones 1USER01361211
87.Vicious Piranha-King Of The WorldUSER02829211
88.Vicious Piranha-Long Shot GambleUSER02828211
89.Vicious Piranha-The Art of DyingUSER01260211
90.Rick The Bastard 01USER00425210
91.Jon 1Jon0006029
92.King of Death 2USER0377129
93.NJ Underground 2USER0377225
94.King of Death 1USER0145223
95.BAIRBONES 1BairBones110
96.Bart and DJ - Osama bin blown da fuck up!Doc & DJ110
97.C. Reeve - Wilt the Stilt's Love ChildUSER00020110
99.gravediggers 1USER01233110
100.JMC Hearse 3USER02711110
101.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER02757110
102.Paddy O'Bitchery 6USER02757110
103.Vicious Piranha-I Fought The PiranhaUSER02827110
104.Vicious Piranha-Instant ReplayUSER02831110
105.Vicious Piranha-Time Has Come TodayUSER02831110
106.Vicious Piranha-Whatever It TakesUSER02831110
107.Vicious Piranha-Wheelchairs UnlimitedUSER02833110
108.Vicious Piranha-Win One For The GipperUSER01260110
109.Vicious Piranha-World Gone WrongUSER02833110
110.C. Reeve - Ernie Ladd is my spiritual leaderUSER0002019
111.C. Reeve - Ralphing up a listUSER0366219
112.C. Reeve - Think Jodie and Tatum ever did it?USER0002019
113.Death Becomes ThemUSER0114919
115.Guess Who Died? 4ZUSER0148419
116.HEETERGAL 5USER0269919
117.Legion Of Doom 2002 3USER0378719
118.Rick The Bastard 10USER0368819
120.SALMICK 2TheMick119
121.SALMICK 3TheMick119
122.Fawn Liebowitz Killed in Kiln ExplosionFrankie Pentangeli18
123.It's Time To Go 3USER0270518
124.JMD - Please turn blue in 2002Mr Wonderful18
125.Loki 1Loki18
126.Mandy's Lulu Of A ListUSER0000818
127.Prepare for DepartureUSER0078818
128.Spinzo's Free List 2002USER0279318
129.Spinzo's Second Chances 2002USER0279318
130.C. Reeve - Write these people offUSER0002017
131.Mrs. Patrick CampbellDiamondToothGertie17
132.Sheckadoo AnewUSER0112317
133.Sheckadoo ReviewUSER0112317
134.Team O.B.E. 1USER0040517
135.The Green Reaper - The Post-Modern Ennui ListUSER0141417
136.As If It Were Your Last 2Minnesota Neil16
137.Hollywood to Forest LawnDollar Bill16
139.Troll 1Death Troll16
140.VING 2USER0152016
141.Bigherb 1Kirby15
144.Ivor NovelloUSER0364715
145.Rick The Bastard 04USER0042515
146.allycat 3USER0371514
148.allycat 1USER0142711
149.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve11
150.allycat 2USER0142700
151.Crematerry 3USER0375300
152.Dead See SquirrelsUSER0120700
154.Death EgomaniacsUSER0063200
155.Die ya BastardUSER0145200
156.Georges DuroyChicken at Tresky's00
158.Living In A BoxUSER0093500
159.Miss Jean BrodieDiamondToothGertie00
161.Prince SirkiPrince Sirki00
162.Redsox Fan 21BCeltics00
163.Rick The Bastard 02USER0042500
164.Rick The Bastard 07USER0042500
165.Rick The Bastard 12USER0368700
167.Spiny NormanUSER0142100


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