Angela Lansbury has been played on 596 lists, including 136 lists in The 2022 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Reap 'Em and Weep #3USER00557518
2.Team Deathwish (4) 2022gfultz1429
3.2020, too too too toomommyster426
4.Bugs and Bones 2USER05927423
5.Kick The Bucket ListKick The Bucket List423
6.Betty... couldn't you wait 9 more hours?MarkMx422
7.Shuffle off this mortal coilAndrew Edling420
8.Enough of You AlreadyCcantu902419
9.Dasiey Pushers IIsquidly766416
10.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy415
11.Peanut Brittle 1USER00562415
12.Bring out your Dead 3jim dibello414
14.The End Is HERE!TarotGuy322
15.Bones Marie and Dead ManateeBones Marie321
16.GAS1Big Guy321
17.I Don't Hear Enough RIPpingrazorben321
18.The Other Listlostriver320
19.let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa319
20.coffin cornerDRave13318
21.Maloyo 2022-2Maloyo2317318
23.Rocks and Headstones 2022Rocks and Headstones318
24.Schadenfreude Social Justice WarriorsLaMuerte317
25.The Kissinger of Deathmerder4eva317
26.Aardvark1Hugh G. Wrekshun316
27.Bugs and BonesUSER05927316
28.Death- Cherry PieJayRockers!316
29.Do It and Decrease The Surplus PopulationTwisted Freak316
30.Out They Go!TarotGuy316
31.Roaring 20swet grave316
33.The Walking DeadLisaBeauchamp316
34.You Die NowBizarowill316
35.Death By Pinochle 3oregontrail315
36.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death315
37.Why don't they call anymore .1Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales315
38.The Regulator ListWarren G314
39.The People Formerly Known As AliveDr Drunk313
40.Joe exotic's terminal prostateAndyPants312
41.Joe Exotic's Terminal Prostate IIIAndyPants312
42.Death's Doorstep 3Steve P311
43.Rat Bastard 1USER02215311
44.Throw enough Stiff on the wall and something has gotta StiffTheJtizzle13311
45.Throw them in the ashesCzechpointChrly310
46.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIVBJCx7839
47.Maggot Farm IDead Pharaoh37
48.Why don't they call anymore .2Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales37
49.McNearly Deadaggiewes219
50.I Am the Dark One List #3I am the dark one218
51.I Am the Dark One list #2I am the dark one217
52.Toolpimp2The tool pimp217
55.2022 dead listLenaLabianco215
56.Bury the Ledechoppersicballs215
57.DIE DIE DIE!!!pignap215
58.Janet's Johnsons 2022shasimo215
59.Soon to be dead people 2zombiebait215
60.2022 skidooUSER00562214
61.Big D's Deathslostriver214
62.Down and DirtyDRave13214
63.DX Rob IIIDX Rob214
64.First List 2022Sarkon214
65.I Am the Dark One List#1I am the dark one214
66.PEOPLE MEATpeople meat214
67.Mr. Blake's Last DanceMr. Blake213
68.No Booster Needed!Shannon Fisher213
69.Why don't they call anymore .3Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales213
70.2022 death trapLenaLabianco212
71.I Am the Dark One List 6 or 7, who's countingI am the dark one212
72.Kick The Bucket List 3DKick The Bucket List212
73.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive211
74.Bugs and Bones 3USER05927211
75.Death March1BCeltics211
76.I Am the Dark One List #4, I thinkI am the dark one211
77.Nicoles 2022 List of People Who Will Live 4everspol85211
78.shot in the darklaptoplg211
79.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E211
80.Bring out your Dead 2jim dibello210
81.Buh-ByeDed Yet??210
82.Dead Perfectdhoughten210
83.FreakDr Drunk210
85.I Am the Dark One List #7.4I am the dark one210
86.Kid GhoulashGhoulash210
87.Saints Preserve Us!Paul of St. Augustine210
88.sleddog 2022 1sleddog210
89.Actually the bones are about itdhoughten29
90.Bring out your Dead 1jim dibello29
91.Final ConsiderationsBarrCreeWenn29
92.Goin' straight to Hades IIIztreto29
93.Hollywood's Dirt Nap CowboyStrlinmoss29
94.I Am the Dark One List #9I am the dark one29
96.Joe Exotic's Terminal Prostate IIAndyPants29
97.Killer TomatoesIndyHawk29
99.Coffinrattler - The Ancientcoffinrattler28
100.Leftovers TWOBunn's Bones To Be28
102.Dirt Nap #2JanitorArea5126
103.Habitat For Necromancygidget26
104.OK Ok One More ListBunn's Bones To Be26
105.Please Don't Die, Really!thedeadmanshand26
106.Dirt Nap #3JanitorArea5125
107.First TimeTeamKingCale25
108.Two Dead Sandies for 22Bagger25
109.NONAMES 2jim dibello24
110.Say Yes to the Death!berg119924
111.Turn and BurnGrimPeeper24
112.Death Race 2022 - 18Chris Goulart110
115.Time's UpGanefManx18
116.Death to my tv familyRastafarian Mormon17
118.Pinewood CoffinRastafarian Mormon17
119.Celebs who will see the reaperTriplez47816
120.Death Pool Gambler 2Death pool gambler16
122.Sand Mountain Bucket ListWallbanger15
123.The List - 2022Lord Dickerson15
124.Vesty\'s ListVestament15
126.No Chance In Helltoomanycards14
127.Nut NutSirJacob14
128.They deadDead Person Specialist, E14
129.bob outUSER0056213
130.Come On Covid!OichoThrow13
131.Death Race 2022 - 8Chris Goulart13
132.Dying to Win 2022jhaberli13
133.Death Race 2022-3Chris Goulart12
134.Death Race 2022-5Chris Goulart12
135.Well nobody died, did they? #3Archangel12
136.Death Race 2022-1Chris Goulart11


Guess the Stiff!

That should put an end to all that goddamned screaming.

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