Tom Laughlin has been played on 811 lists, including 130 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Skool Bird's DadUSER00999524
2.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 1USER02717427
4.Dead Cat Bounce 7USER03714421
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Beauregard is YodelingFTG418
8.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: 76 Trombones Play TapsFTG322
9.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 2USER02803321
10.Die2K 2USER01161320
11.Die2K IIUSER01161320
12.Pepster 1USER00055320
13.T. Switala 01USER00025320
14.Vicious Piranha-Bob Your Uncle?USER02829320
15.Dead Cat Bounce 2: PinballUSER01330319
16.DePressED 2DePressED319
17.T. Switala 12USER03672319
18.Circling Vulture - No HopeUSER00780318
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotFTG318
20.Hell Is Other PeopleUSER00750318
21.T. Switala 03USER02799318
22.T. Switala 04USER00025318
23.And Then There Were NoneDePressED317
24.Vicious Piranha-In Memory of Cadaver DogUSER02833316
25.DePressED 6USER03721315
26.Necro Phil in the Taliban StrongholdUSER01371315
27.Nurseboy 09Nurseboy315
28.Vicious Piranha-Billy Jack-He DeadUSER01260315
29.La Petite CanadienTINOYES314
30.Marisa Tomei's Cat PredictsUSER02807314
31.DNR/DNI 1USER02763313
32.For Quickest Exit Please Use The RampUSER02807313
33.Dead Cat Bounce 6USER01330312
34.Tonya SlickbootyUSER03720312
35.Carrie-If Looks Could KillUSER03747219
36.DePressED 9USER03722219
37.Pepster 2USER00055219
39.Vicious Piranha-Freddy's DeadUSER02833219
41.Barbie SpreadumDePressED217
42.DePressED 7DePressED217
43.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeFTG217
44.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherUSER02621217
45.Savannah StarDePressED217
46.Vicious Piranha-The Breaks Of The GameUSER02831217
47.C. Reeve - I Want VP's TrophyUSER00020216
48.Dead Cat Bounce 4: Candlepin BowlingUSER03713216
49.DePressED 3USER02659216
50.DePressED 5DePressED216
51.Heaven's DoorknockersUSER01127216
52.LOOPS' LISTUSER01555216
53.Madam SpankalotDePressED216
54.Vicious Piranha-Cavalcade of DeathUSER01260216
55.Vicious Piranha-Mean StreetsUSER03790216
56.Vicious Piranha-The Triumph Of The WillUSER02828216
57.Alberto Y Los Trios ParanoiasUSER00750215
58.Beaver CleavageUSER02765215
59.Cherry RobertsDePressED215
60.Dead Cat Bounce 1: My Favorite Pastimes are DyingUSER01330215
61.Either He's Dead Or My Watch Has StoppedUSER00750215
62.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Day The Indians WonUSER03763215
63.Graveyards Are Full Of Indispensable MenUSER00750215
64.Potted Plant 1DePressED215
65.She's Got Betty Friedan ThighsUSER03732215
66.Vicious Piranha-Blood On The BadgeUSER02831215
67.Vicious Piranha-The Dead ZoneUSER02831215
68.Vicious Piranha-The New JackalUSER02827215
69.Circling VultureUSER03690214
70.DePressED 1DePressED214
71.Mulch Monkey 1USER00309214
72.Potted Plant 2DePressED214
73.Strom's Paddle BoyUSER00750214
74.Venus LovemotionDePressED214
75.Vicious Piranha-Feeding FrenzyUSER02829214
76.Vicious Piranha-Smells Like...Victory!USER02831214
77.Dead Cat Bounce 5USER01330213
78.DePressED 4DePressED213
79.Nurseboy 02USER02750213
81.Vicious Piranha-Ashes By NowUSER02831213
82.Vicious Piranha-Seashells and BalloonsUSER01260213
83.Vicious Piranha-Untamed HawkUSER02827213
84.DePressED 8DePressED212
85.Femme FataleUSER01205212
86.Nurseboy 03USER02750212
87.Potted Plant 3USER02765212
88.The CHOSENUSER00750212
89.Rick The Bastard 08USER00425211
90.Vicious Piranha-Long Shot GambleUSER02828211
91.Vicious Piranha-The Art of DyingUSER01260211
92.Vicious Piranha-Uncle CreepyUSER02831211
93.C. Reeve - Georgia politicians eat dirtUSER03668210
94.DNR/DNI 2USER02763210
95.Rick The Bastard 01USER00425210
96.Ron Santo's Other LegUSER02807210
97.Necro Phil Goes to Forest LawnUSER0137127
98.Aliensheepdog Team Held CaptiveUSER00750110
99.C. Reeve - Wilt the Stilt's Love ChildUSER00020110
100.Dead Cat Bounce 3: Jai-alaiUSER03712110
101.KITTY GROHUSER00963110
102.Nurseboy 01Nurseboy110
103.Nurseboy 07Nurseboy110
104.Nurseboy 08Nurseboy110
105.Nurseboy 10 Nurseboy110
106.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER02757110
107.Paddy O'Bitchery 5USER02757110
108.Vicious Piranha-Dig This If You WillUSER02833110
109.Vicious Piranha-I Fought The PiranhaUSER02827110
110.Vicious Piranha-Instant ReplayUSER02831110
111.Vicious Piranha-The Vish Is Back!USER00965110
112.Vicious Piranha-Time Has Come TodayUSER02831110
113.Vicious Piranha-Whatever It TakesUSER02831110
114.Vicious Piranha-Wheelchairs UnlimitedUSER02833110
115.Vicious Piranha-Win One For The GipperUSER01260110
116.Vicious Piranha-World Gone WrongUSER02833110
117.C. Reeve - Pols past their primeUSER0002019
118.C. Reeve - Ralphing up a listUSER0366219
119.C. Reeve - Think Jodie and Tatum ever did it?USER0002019
120.Redsox Fan 41BCeltics19
121.Rick The Bastard 10USER0368819
122.Necro Phil Tries Cordless Bungee JumpingUSER0137118
123.P.L.A.I.N. 3USER0365218
124.Mulch Monkey 2USER0030917
125.Sheckadoo AnewUSER0112317
126.Sheckadoo ReviewUSER0112317
127.Rick The Bastard 04USER0042515
128.P.L.A.I.N. 2USER0082013
129.Rick The Bastard 02USER0042500
130.Rick The Bastard 12USER0368700


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The shock of his death was universal. No one seemed to know that he was still alive.

(d) September 17th, 1996