Madame Chiang Kai-Shek has been played on 1551 lists, including 183 lists in The 2001 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Dr. TombUSER00491323
2.DU LAC 2USER02675320
3.POPE 2USER00108314
4.Kevorkian's Ten Most WantedUSER02703219
5.Vicious Piranha - A Charge To KeepUSER02826219
6.DU LAC 3USER02675217
7.Well You Died, Shit Happens 1USER00043217
8.Andre's Pirating The 2000 LeadersUSER02618216
9.The Father, The Son, and the Holy GhostDePressED216
10.Liverworst 1USER00925215
11.Year Of The Living DeadUSER02703215
12.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Beneath the Sands of Iwo JimUSER02682214
13.Obit 2USER02753214
14.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Uncle Miltie is a ThumbdickUSER03526213
17.all in all it's just another stiff in the vaultUSER01223212
18.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Afternoon Bugle Plays 'Taps'FTG212
19.Outworn Welcomes 1USER00073212 3USER03477212
21.DU LAC 5USER02675211
22.For those about to DIE we salute youUSER01058211
23.ForrestTucker'sGhost: Penny Over The Crawling EyeFTG211
24.Go into the damned light, already.USER03478211
25.Spinzo the Christmas RabbitUSER01088211
26.Midwest Morgue Mogul Lari's Over-the-Hill ClubUSER0273929
27.The Sick PuppiesGhoulash29
28.'Youth In Asia'Frankie Pentangeli28
29.Nighttime For Noca 1USER0122727
30.BAIRBONES 1BairBones110
32.Bought the FarmUSER03455110
33.Chad - From Broward County FLUSER01115110
34.Colin 2USER00977110
35.Death Returns From A HolidayUSER02703110
36.Dem Bones 2USER02657110
37.Dont Fear the ReaperUSER01171110
38.Eulogies R UsMaudieG110
39.ForrestTucker'sGhost: California PassagesUSER02682110
40.Late SlotUSER03458110
42.Special KUSER01273110
43.Team SklarUSER00791110
44.The Curse of 1918USER01204110
46.Vicious Piranha - The Party's OverUSER03524110
47.Bart&DJ 4 You're Dead FockerDoc & DJ19
49.DePressED 3DePressED19
50.ForrestTucker'sGhost: The not so Quiet GunFTG19
52.MBALMED 1MBalmed19
53.morts sur l'arrivee deuxUSER0059419
54.Outworn Welcomes 2USER0007319
56.Todd 2USER0281419
57.Dead Puppies are no Fun!USER0261418
58.Death EgomaniacsUSER0063218
59.Doc--Steve walks merrily down the streetDoc & DJ18
60.Loki 2USER0272118
61.Nighttime For Noca 3USER0350318
62.POPE 8USER0276418
63.Sarcasm Man 2USER0031218
64.The Total Package's TombstonesUSER0128018
66.Crematerry 2USER0344417
67.CUERVO D.O.AUSER0062017
68.Krem 1Krem9917
69.MortisJohn 3:1617
70.The Choir InvisibleUSER0117117
71.Todd 1whit2517
72.ZWOL 2USER0046017
73.Die You Fucking Cunts!!!!!filthy whore16
74.No Hope for BobUSER0056916
75.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!!noseinbook16
76.rap music sucksNo Viagra Needed16
77.Todd 3USER0281416
79.Ghoul Girl 3USER0346915
81.VivaMolly 2USER0028115
82.Dead MeatUSER0011914
83.Pushing Up the DaisiesUSER0117114
84.Saxon P. Graham Cracker the PutzJim14
85.Sending a Covered DishUSER0078814
86.the DUDELebowski14
87.Unit C- Bedsore CentralJim14
88.Bastille BoyUSER0351713
89.Krem's FreebieUSER0350013
90.Larry Ann Mele (Unit B)USER0351013
91.Strommin' on that 'OLD' banjoUSER0274613
92.Caught between the moon and New York City 2USER0022712
93.Gravediggers 1USER0123312
95.morts sur l'arrivee troisUSER0344112
96.D.N.R. 3USER0266211
97.Dr. WhoUSER0014611
98.Pull The SwitchUSER0345111
99.3 Years- Same List--Die Fuckholes, DieUSER0005100
100.almost-a-stiff in phoenix 1USER0081400
101.almost-a-stiff in phoenix 2USER0081400
102.Armin's Inferno: The 6th CircleUSER0106200
104.Badger PattyUSER0095800
105.Bag 'em and Tag 'em 100000200
106.Bag 'em and Tag 'em 200000200
107.Bedtime for 'Ronzo'USER0274600
109.Blackadder 100000200
110.Blackadder 3USER0263600
111.Bob Hope Better Fucking Die This Year!BibsPal00
112.Buck 1Buck00
113.Buck 2Buck00
114.Daisy PushersUSER0063100
115.Dead People Server
116.Death Angel 2Angel of Death00
117.Death NEVER Takes A HolidayUSER0349900
119.Doktor Robert 2USER0344500
121.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 1USER0113000
122.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 2USER0113000
123.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 3USER0113000
124.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 4USER0113000
125.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 5USER0113000
126.Dominick John Sylvester III 'I see dead people!' 6USER0113000
127.Dr. Steve 2USER0053600
128.ethnic cleansinghop196200
129.Every Death You TakeStarwanderer00
130.Fryfogel's FollyUSER0078800
131.Glad It's Not Me 1USER0116400
132.Go See God- Free is good, right?USER0341600
133.Go See God- My Chad is Really HangingUSER0077900
134.Gravediggers 3USER0269200
135.Grim Rapper 2Grim Rapper00
136.Grim Rapper 3Grim Rapper00
137.Grim Rapper 4Grim Rapper00
138.Guess Who Died? 3USER0348800
139.Habeas Corpses 2BradWalt00
140.He Reaps While You SleepStarwanderer00
141.Hey Moe Hey LarryUSER0120700
142.Hope Springs EternalUSER0106300
144.Jimmy's Rigor Mortis JambalayaUSER0123400
145.Kamikaze JAPUSER0117400
146.Mac's Assorted MortsUSER0272800
147.Mary Tyler Morgue 3USER0274200
148.MATTOID - Bag 'EmThe Mattoid00
149.MATTOID - Drop 'Em in the HoleUSER0349800
150.MATTOID - Tag 'EmThe Mattoid00
151.Means More RockUSER0274700
152.Midwest Morgue Mogul GigiUSER0062400
153.Midwest Morgue Mogul LariUSER0014100
154.MR C 1USER0050300
155.Necro Phil's Fun & CorpsesUSER0001700
158.NO SHAME, NO SHAMEUSER0080900 viagra neededNo Viagra Needed00
160.Not Gotti Nuff Time 2USER0062100
162.PVT RYAN 200000200
163.Raging Household ObjectsUSER0022000
164.Reap 'Em & Weep 2USER0277500
165.Rick The Bastard 1USER0042500
166.Rick The Bastard 2USER0042500
167.Roger Gowiththrottleup 3USER0347600
168.Sheckadoo TooUSER0112300
170.Snoopy's All-Dead StarsUSER0108100
172.Team O.B.E. 1USER0040500
173.Term LimitNurseboy00
174.The Mad Vampire Hajduk 1USER0047300
175.The Mad Vampire Hajduk 2USER0047300
176.The Ralph Lunsford Steering Committee 1USER0058100
177.Tsuga AbracadabraUSER0343800
178.Tsuga ValhallaUSER0003900
179.We Love to Die and It ShowsUSER0117100
180.We Spin TerrorismUSER0114500
181.We Spin TerrorvisionUSER0344900
182.Wednesday 3USER0283600 1USER0119200


Guess the Stiff!

Somebody's gonna have to explain this whole Heaven's Gate thing to us. Yeah, it's a pretty bad movie, but it couldn't possibly be as bad as Beaches, and you almost never hear about people killing themselves over that.

(d) February 20th, 1998