Leni Riefenstahl has been played on 722 lists, including 154 lists in The 2003 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.Pepster 5USER01583217
3.Already Dead- Old and in the WayUSER01128216
4.Chad - Enema Of The StateUSER01115215
5.Eyechart 3USER01382215
6.Georges DuroyChicken at Tresky's215
7.Dwyers Death Watch 1Jim213
8.Dwyers Death Watch 3Jim213
9.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 6USER01531212
11.Viscous Pariah--Banned for LifeUSER01772212
12.JMD - Ashes Alee in 2003Mr Wonderful29
13.MK - MBalmed 2MBalmed29
14.The Forbidden PoolUSER0067329
15.1 Sick Bitch 1USER0126428
17.JMD - Dirt Nap DecathlonMr Wonderful27
18.Redsox Fan 031BCeltics27
19.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 13USER0113027
20.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 14USER0113027
21.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 15USER0113027
22.Too Many Stitches in Time 1USER0169427
23.1 Sick Bitch 5USER0126425
24.Dead Men Not Walking 1USER0097725
25.Necro Phil's Nouveau SickeUSER0137125
26.The Dead Travel FastHasenji23
27.$15.00 Down The ToiletUSER00119110
28.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 1USER01531110
29.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 2USER01531110
30.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 3USER01531110
31.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 4USER01531110
32.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 5USER01531110
34.DirtNapsters 2USER00032110
35.DirtNapsters 3USER00032110
36.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve110
37.Grrrrr's Grand Ole Party 2USER01653110
38.Handful of Dust - DreamlessUSER01410110
39.Handful of Dust - Slow DissolveUSER01410110
40.MATTOID - Waco Rod & Gun CLubThe Mattoid110
41.MK - Final CurtainMBalmed110
42.Name that Tomb 1USER01720110
43.Name that Tomb 2USER01720110
44.Northern Reapernorthern reaper110
45.Oldstersalan smithee110
46.POPE 03USER00108110
47.Probate Lawyer Seeks WorkUSER00073110
48.Really Old ShitUSER01714110
49.Rot You Are!USER00835110
50.Shotrock's Burned StonesUSER01726110
51.Spiny NormanUSER01421110
52.The Green Reaper - Post-Modern Ennui IIUSER01414110
53.Todd 2whit25110
54.Troll 2Death Troll110
55.Death's GhoulfriendUSER0162319
56.die alreadyUSER0166219
58.Eighty?s EnoughUSER0007319
59.King of DeathUSER0145219
60.Krem 1Krem9919
61.La Petite CanadienTINOYES19
63.My Wife Thinks We're A Bunch of Sick Fucks 1Tripper19
64.No Hope for the PopeUSER0180119
65.River Styx Shipping NewsUSER0172919
66.Roger Gowiththrottleup 1Roger Gowiththrottleup19
67.The Grinning Reaper says: Die Already!!!USER0176819
70.ANOTHER 1 BITES THE DUST !?!!???!!!!????USER0176418
72.Doc--The Breast Damn Atwater List PeriodDoc & DJ18
73.Embalmable BoyUSER0180118
75.Midwest Morgue Mogul LariUSER0014118
76.MK - MBalmed 3MBalmed18
77.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER0138718
78.Car CinomaMaudieG17
79.Chad - Breaking News - J-Lo DEAD!USER0111517
80.Filthy Whores 1filthy whore17
81.Get Ye GoneUSER0007317
82.Grim Rapper 5Grim Rapper17
83.Older Than OklahomaUSER0099917
84.Spooky T.USER0075817
85.Starch- Hakan Loob is my deity of choicestarch17
86.Steve's list of soon to be dead peopleUSER0172417
87.Three GoonsUSER0054017
88.Dead as a can of Spam 1Oh No You Ditten16
89.Dr. Who - Only the Good Die YoungUSER0014616
91.JMK- Maintain your decomposureUSER0155116
92.let the bodys hit the floor again 3USER0094716
94.SecretSquare 3USER0081216
95.Stiff Upper Lip: Payne Stewart's CorpseUSER0133216
96.The Dirt NappersUSER0128016
97.Dead as a can of Spam 3Oh No You Ditten15
98.Gorgo ReptilicusUSER0121015
99.Maggie and Bianca Belong TogetherRhody Trash15
100.SALMICK 4TheMick115
101.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 01USER0113015
102.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 02USER0113015
103.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 03USER0113015
104.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 04USER0113015
105.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 05USER0113015
106.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 06USER0113015
107.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 07USER0113015
108.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 08USER0113015
109.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 09USER0113015
110.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 10USER0113015
111.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 11USER0113015
112.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick 12USER0113015
113.BIG EUSER0136714
114.Go Leni GoUSER0121013
115.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper13
116.Grrrrr's Grand Ole Party 1USER0165312
117.JMK- Bound for the groundUSER0155112
119.Raging Household Immunity ChallengeUSER0022011
120.Wednesday 2Wednesday11
121.Anne ElkUSER0142100
122.As If It Were Your Last 1Minnesota Neil00
124.Big Gay Al UK teamtrollette00
125.Booger Thompson is my catRhody Trash00
126.Die ya BitchUSER0145200
127.Doc--Robsen Got Him Some Ghetto GumsDoc & DJ00
128.DP SecundusUSER0092900
129.Feisty Old BroadsDollar Bill00
130.FemmeFatale 3USER0120500
131.Flying Below SonarUSER0172900
132.Georgie PillsonDiamondToothGertie00
133.Gracie Got AteUSER0172200
134.i HOPE BOB dies this year 1USER0098600
135.Joe Ram 3JoeRam00
136.Loki 3Loki00
137.Mafia Actuary 16USER0137500
138.MATTOID - Committee to Pave IraqThe Mattoid00
139.Mr. JellineckDiamondToothGertie00
140.NVN: Bury me boner side upNo Viagra Needed00
141.Offal TruthUSER0179700
142.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER0005900
144.Pvt Ryan 100000200
145.Pvt Ryan 200000200
146.Pvt Ryan 300000200
147.Pvt Ryan 400000200
148.Pvt Ryan 600000200
149.Starch- Every inch of my lunchstarch00
150.Tom Brown's SchooldaysDiamondToothGertie00
151.Uncle Marty: And the Arishikage Ninja ClanUSER0139200
152.Unhealthy and UnamericanUSER0128000
153.Von Pretty SmurfyRhody Trash00


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As we suspected, his love was NOT unlimited.

(d) July 4th, 2003