John O'Connor has been played on 328 lists, including 116 lists in The 2000 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.NY Football GiantsUSER00632633
3.The CHOSENUSER00750535
4.Yooper Quincy 2USER00461533
5.Nurseboy's Big CUSER00965531
6.DePressED 3USER00965527
7.Late SlotUSER02723524
8.DePressED 1DePressED523
9.Yooper Quincy 1USER00461523
10.Nurseboy 2USER00965432
11.O'Connors On The CornersUSER02723432
12.Mandy's LuLu Of A ListUSER03391429
13.How's It Goin' Eisenhower?USER02723428
14.Frankie 2USER02658427
15.M. I. Rich? At Times.USER02737425
16.Deathpool DaveDRave13423
17.Reaper's minionUSER00979423
18.Tape Dispenser 3USER00965422
19.Fucko's BrainUSER00965420
20.Vicious Piranha - A Bad Deal In The ValleyUSER02813420
21.Otis, You Want A Treat?USER02723417
22.T. Switala 6USER00965416
23.Tape Dispenser 4USER00965416
24.Fucko's Sense Of HumorUSER00965327
25.Doktor Robert 3USER00965322
26.Elvis Has Left The ToiletUSER00989322
27.Mafia Actuary 1USER01375322
28.John WeickUSER00547321
29.Mrs. HuggyUSER00975321
30.PVT. RYAN 1000002321
31.STATUS PROS 1USER00245321
32.Team OBE 2USER00909321
33.Vicious Piranha - The Dark And Bloody GroundUSER02813321
34.Fucko's Left NutUSER00767320
35.Mafia Actuary 2USER01375320
36.Mafia Actuary 3USER00965319
37.Needed Them Last YearUSER00008319
38.PVT. RYAN 2000002319
39.Huggy Jr.USER03390318
40.Fort Lee Body PoliceUSER00845317
41.One Foot in the Grave...The other on a Banana peel000002317
42.PVT. RYAN 5000002317
43.Blackadder 2000002316
44.Du Lac 1USER01009316
45.PVT. RYAN 4000002316
47.Du Lac 2USER00965312
48.Obit 4USER0005938
49.Mr. BatemanUSER00829219
50.strangerthanthou 1ohsostrange219
51.Ghoul Girl 3USER00965218 undertaker 3USER00965218
53.Doctor HuggyUSER00975217
54.Doktor Robert 1USER00489217
55.Necrophiliacs AnonymousUSER02835217
56.Sniffing Natalie WoodUSER02835217
57.STATUS PROS 3USER00965217
58.Vile JellyUSER00336217
59.Waiting for ArteUSER00569217
61.Doug the Reaper 3USER00965216
62.PVT. RYAN 3USER02679216
63.STATUS PROS 2USER00965216
64.strangerthanthou 3USER00965214
65.Betsy's BodiesBetsy213
66.Quick Get A ShovelUSER00817213
67.Teddie's TumorUSER00931213
68.Tom's Mortal List 3USER00965213
69.coffin dancerUSER00297212
71.D.N.R. 1MarkMx211
72.No Y2K for YouUSER03400211
73.Tape Dispenser 1USER02658211
75.LuckyGlick 1USER00906210
76.Tom's Mortal List 4USER00418210
77.Dick Gozinya 2USER0086628
78.The worms await theeUSER0339528
80.Dave KamslerGeneralisimo Francisco Fr27
81.Et Tu Kevork 2USER0090127
82.Buried Under Sonny's BlochUSER0340226
83.GG Doom Patrol 3USER0096526
84.Bad ScooterUSER00964110
86.Death From AboveUSER00306110
87.Doktor Robert 2USER00965110
88.Dr. JackUSER00553110
89.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper110
90.JeffK 1USER00300110
92.PONTIFF OF DEATHUSER00422110 undertaker 2USER00692110
94.The EdgeCheetahisDead110
95.The Rusty TrombonesBrad Delp's Cry For Help110
96.'This Time, For Sure!' 3USER0096519
97.Johnny B. DeadUSER0057119
98.Woboy 1USER0091819
99.Woboy 2USER0091819
100.GG Doom Patrol 2USER0096518
101.Johnny 99USER0262818
102.Team OBE 3USER0096518
103.Look What I DudUSER0083317
104.Woboy 3USER0091817
105.JeffK 2USER0030016
107.Seventy-Eight, 79, 80USER0340616
108.Straight to HellUSER0030616
109.Team Toast 2K 3USER0096515
110.Thisismorefunthansex 3USER0096515
111.FlamingoNut 1FlamingoNut14
112.JMC HEARSE 1USER0099714
114.Katy's Second EntryUSER0088112
115.Guess Who Died? 3USER0096511
116.Obit 7USER0096511


Guess the Stiff!

Yes - he was a 24 time all-star selection, compiled 3630 hits, and is widely considered the best left fielder of all time, and is in the Hall of Fame. But for OUR money, the fact that he played the harmonica on Hee Haw in 1994 AND made an album of harmonica songs? THAT is what makes someone famous.

(d) January 19th, 2013