Valerie Harper has been played on 1598 lists, including 177 lists in The 2017 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Mr. Reynolds, It's a Wrap...Better Off Dead536
2.September MournRadler529
3.Deadmaster - Kandideadmaster427
4.Dead Serious!Dead Person Specialist, E424
5.Sic Transit 1sictransit424
6.Autopsy Turvyborn2run59418
7.Dead ReckoningDead Person Specialist, E417
8.Saw The Light 3SAW THE LIGHT417
9.All Lights are out!The rebel.416
10.It'd be cool if Jerry Lewis died. That guy's a DICKTwilight is Near416
11.Dave's Deadpool Dream - 2017 TWOYour Dead Pool Highness415
12.Deadmaster - Cherylldeadmaster414
13.Pay Dirt IIIFrau schadenfreude323
14.Otis' Cirrhosis from Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers322
16.Pay DIRT IIFrau schadenfreude321
17.Dr. of Death 3the doctor of death319
18.Ig Man's dead guys 2The Ig319
19.Death By Pinochle 1oregontrail317
20.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E317
21.Hospice Phone Home #2BodyFarmBound316
22.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED316
23.Xyla PhoneyGhoulash315
24.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2017calvey314
25.The Corleone Family Wants to Buy You OutFrankie Pentangeli314
27.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls312
28.Lets die laughing-1Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales312
29.The Death-cast 2firewife4life312
30.Birdman - look who's back, back again.Bird310
31.DucksPanama Luke310
32.LB - 2lisa-b310
34.Daisey Pusherssquidly766219
35.Mortician's CelebritiesJanisdoll218
36.Sic Transit 3 Trying Hardersictransit218
38.Chilly 1chillybilly216
39.Death By Pinochle 2oregontrail216
40.Free deaths!The Force is Deathening216
41.Name That Smellosmoses216
42.Tombstone ChampionsDirt Nap Roll Call216
43.Bang a Gong - So Longzabac10215
45.These Are Not The Stiffs You're Looking Forkeee07215
46.You be done 2Dirtdiggindogs214
47.DJ Badger - This One's for You, Mom!DJ Badger213
48.Do you smell that?Altois213
49.La liste de MEO 2017Meo213
50.PAY DIRTFrau schadenfreude213
51.Style PointsAndyPants213
52.Don't Make An Ash Of YourselfUncle Stiffy212
53.Dream TeamTeam Sleep212
54.Goodbye, Dolly!CDPNYC212
55.Birdman - tombstone cowboyBird211
56.Looking Kinda' BlueDead Person Specialist, E211
57.MausoleakumUncle Stiffy211
58.Ohhhh, Rob!Bea Hind211
59.Really Freaking Old!Dead Person Specialist, E211
60.Reaper threeFear the Reaper211
61.Somehow Survived 2016TrinettRae211
62.Toe Tagger Too 2017Wallbanger211
63.Birdman - shoot the doc, stab the djBird210
66.Grimey reaper 1grimyreaper210
68.Ivy Cliff Memorial 1hodag21378210
69.This is still so wrongNipper210
70.Death March1BCeltics29
71.Knocking on Heaven's DoorKaraandmeredith29
72.They Gone 2fouriikc29
73.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED29
74.2017 Rockslittle terr28
75.goddammit 1goddammit28
76.goddammit 2goddammit28
77.Lets die laughing-3Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales28
78.Michael Jackson Lives in IsraelMJ Lives28
79.Old Bucket Listptgkc28
80.The Good Die Young VIITimur28
82.Hamburger TimeBuffalo Bell Biv DeVoe27
84.Just a HunchBunn's Bones To Be27
85.Of Corpse You`re DeadShoeguy27
86.Reaper oneFear the Reaper27
87.Y'all gonna dieFatJackal27
88.Doc & DJ--Bird's Been Ducking Us for YearsDoc & DJ26
89.I Am Spartacus!!Pokey2226
90.Mad Dogsdeathrider26
91.And Then There Were NoneDePressED25
92.Digital DeathSandifur25
93.Last year's runners upJohnHines25
94.From the Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 1BillFromDaShore24
95.Feasting Maggots 3 The DamnedFeasting Maggots110
96.Headstone Cowboychunkemintheclay110
97.John D Smiley 2017 2nd Listjohndsmiley110
98.Life's a BeachDEADMOM1960110
99.Sand Mountain Bucket List 2017Wallbanger110
100.The White DeathPozzo110
101.Victory AND Death 2Shams110
102.You're Outta Hereslider1964110
104.Buying the farm and checking the turnipsMarkMx19
105.Deadmaster - RCCdeadmaster19
106.I'm Not Dead Yet 001goodwin7319
107.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost19
108.Luck Be A LadyYoungFreund19
109.Thanks for the memories. Now die.Big Guy19
110.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly18
111.Click here to apply for the prison bitch positionzombie lover18
112.Death- Chains of LoveJayRockers!18
113.SoLongFarewellAufwiedersehnGoodnightThe Shadow18
114.Will They or Won't They (Live) vol. 4luluhead1518
115.Will They or Won't They (Live) vol. 5luluhead1518
116.Dem Stiff Bonesmommyster17
117.goddammit 3goddammit17
118.Toodlum Is That You???Bison17
119.Doc & DJ--You Threw Food at Vito. That's Gotta Be Resolved.Doc & DJ16
120.Done ferosmoses16
121.For Whom the Death Reaper TrollsDeath Troll16
124.Reaper twoFear the Reaper16
125.Teddy SaladTex Antoine16
126.Will They or Won't They (Live) vol. 6luluhead1516
127.Hearse HearsayRichardHertz15
128.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail15
129.Mommy I want to take a Dirt Napthestiffmeister15
130.Say Hi to Elvis 1 - 2017Spudboy15
131.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ14
132.Grimey reaper 2grimyreaper14
133.Lets die laughing-2Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales14
134.Politics are a BitchDr. Who14
135.The SicklyMissAnnThrope14
136.2016 Leftovers 2USER0056213
137.Doc & DJ--At Least The Game Going to Shit Saves Us MoneyDoc & DJ13
138.DX ROB IDX Rob13
139.Erika Anne Cut Off Her HeadBuffiedee13
140.This was Harder than I Thoughtammalu13
142.Celebrity Lives MatterSickle Cell - #2 cause of12
143.Dying to Be Your PallbearerWorm Farmer12
144.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl12
145.Of Corpse You`re Dead #2Shoeguy12
146.The Dead Shall PassIndyHawk12
147.80's Friends Who Have Been Here too LongRastafarian Mormon11
149.When Your Gambling Cards On Love You PlayDePressED11
150.!!! Infirmtitan36000
151.2017 > 2016urbscholar00
152.Andy Kaufman is still alive!trashking00
153.Another dumpster fire yearmirandate00
154.Another Dumpster Fire Year IImirandate00
155.Compared to Death, Life is ShortLast Call at Jonestown00
156.Death by ChocolateLast Call at Jonestown00
158.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ00
159.Even More GonersMeanMom7400
160.Explode into Darknessgreatnimrod00
161.Fredo let's go fishingFredo let's go fishing00
162.Heads of Statemirandate00
163.I'm sorry, I hope none of you really dieAndyPants00
166.Murphy's MifitsMurphy's Law00
167.Out of TimeHey, did you have. . . .00
168.Oxygen is a Toxic GasLast Call at Jonestown00
169.Painted Toe TagsPainted Toe Tag00
172.Ten Funerals 2Jerrytopdown00
173.Well nobody died did they? 1Archangel00
174.Who will 2017 2016?labgrrl00
175.Will They or Won't They (Live)luluhead1500
176.Will They or Won't They (Live) vol. 2luluhead1500
177.Will They or Won't They (Live) vol. 3luluhead1500


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