Johnny Oates has been played on 1493 lists, including 111 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Go, Go, Go, Johnny O.USER02717426
2.Got a Stiffie??USER01158423
3.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Yellow BirdFTG324
4.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Major Duncan's Last VisitFTG323
5.Bart and DJ - A Tribute To FC as sung by BowieUSER03742321
6.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Larger Than DeathFTG321
7.T. Switala 06USER02800320
8.Tommytsled-Driving Too Fast, Steering Too SlowTomtsled320
9.Dead Cat Bounce 2: PinballUSER01330319
10.Funeral for a Friend 1USER00594319
11.T. Switala 12USER03672319
12.Circling Vulture - No HopeUSER00780318
13.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Rare BreedFTG318
15.T. Switala 03USER02799318
16.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Reach For The Sky PardnerUSER03759317
17.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big CatFTG317
18.NVN: Who to leave offNo Viagra Needed317
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big BatFTG316
20.Mafia Actuary 09USER02726316
21.Mafia Actuary 13USER00965316
22.The BagmanUSER00216316
23.Vicious Piranha-In Memory of Cadaver DogUSER02833316
24.Vicious Piranha-Jack Buck Stops HereUSER01260316
25.How's It Goin' Eisenhower?USER00008315
26.For Quickest Exit Please Use The RampUSER02807313
27.Heroes of the HeadstoneUSER00594313
28.vomit_god1 - Wish You Weren't Herevomit_god312
29.Blackadder 2000002219
30.We Spin TerrorUSER01145219
31.I'll be grateful when they're dead 3USER03751218
32.Funeral for a Friend 2USER03783217
33.T. Switala 09USER02802217
34.Vicious Piranha-The Breaks Of The GameUSER02831217
35.A Big Fan of Vicious PirahnaUSER03770216
36.Bart and DJ - We Don't Mind Sucking On ToesDoc & DJ216
37.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: O'Rourke EnterprisesFTG216
38.Teddy EndgameUSER02780216
39.Alberto Y Los Trios ParanoiasUSER00750215
40.Bart and DJ - Abe Its Playboy not Playdead!USER03719215
41.Dead Cat Bounce 1: My Favorite Pastimes are DyingUSER01330215
42.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fighting Coast GuardFTG215
43.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Day The Indians WonUSER03763215
44.Gentleman Death 3USER03699215
45.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed215
46.Vicious Piranha-The Dead ZoneUSER02831215
47.vomit_god2 - Dark Side of the Morguevomit_god215
48.2002 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots214
49.Circling VultureUSER03690214
50.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: TimestalkersFTG214
51.I LOVE THE DEAD 3USER02702214
52.Jackalope GhostUSER03746214
53.K-Team 2002USER01558214
54.Mulch Monkey 1USER00309214
55.Putnam's Rene Goulet's French AccentPutnam's Tomahawk Chop214
56.Dead Cat Bounce 5USER01330213
58.Vicious Piranha-Seashells and BalloonsUSER01260213
59.Vicious Piranha-Untamed HawkUSER02827213
60.2002 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots212
61.Jon 2USER02713212
62.Lenny's Lethal LegionUSER01562212
63.Mafia Actuary 01USER01375212
64.Putnam's Chief, Ya Gotta Be Shittin' meUSER03800212
65.The CHOSENUSER00750212
66.vomit_god5 - A Momentary Lapse of Breathingvomit_god212
68.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Break In The CircleFTG211
69.Letter Opener of Death - They Just Can't Go Oned head211
70.Mafia Actuary 12USER02726211
71.Vicious Piranha-Long Shot GambleUSER02828211
72.Vicious Piranha-The Art of DyingUSER01260211
73.Doc--How's that working out for you?Doc & DJ29
74.Jon 3USER0271325
75.The Sporting Death 2USER0092524
76.Aliensheepdog Team Held CaptiveUSER00750110
77.Bart and DJ - You're Dead Focker!Doc & DJ110
78.Dead Cat Bounce 3: Jai-alaiUSER03712110
79.Dr. Paul Shipherd 2USER00652110
80.Letter Opener of Death - Not Wishing Or Nothing, Bed head110
81.Mafia Actuary 03USER02729110
82.Mafia Actuary 04USER02729110
83.Mafia Actuary 06USER03791110
84.Mafia Actuary 07USER02729110
85.Mafia Actuary 10USER02726110
86.Mafia Actuary 15USER00965110
87.Vicious Piranha-Dig This If You WillUSER02833110
88.Vicious Piranha-I Fought The PiranhaUSER02827110
89.Vicious Piranha-Whatever It TakesUSER02831110
91.Bart and DJ - Reckless use of Exclamation Points!USER0374119
92.NVN: You cant have everyoneNo Viagra Needed19
94.Tig Ol BittiesUSER0063219
95.Bigherb 2Kirby18
96.Putnam's Die Dudley, Die!USER0379918
97.vomit_god3 - Another Stiff in the Wall, Part 2USER0367018
98.vomit_god4 - The Coroner's Final Cutvomit_god18
99.Mulch Monkey 2USER0030917
100.Sheckadoo AnewUSER0112317
101.Sheckadoo ReviewUSER0112317
102.The Sporting Death 1USER0092517
104.vomit_god6 - The Not-So-Great Gig in the SkyUSER0367015
105.YouthInAsiaFrankie Pentangeli13
106.60 and under and 6 feet underUSER0377300
107.Death EgomaniacsUSER0063200
108.Half The Man I Used To BeUSER0379700
110.Rick The Bastard 02USER0042500
111.SeaPepto '02SeaPepto00


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