Hosni Mubarak has been played on 1110 lists, including 146 lists in The 2014 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2014Meo429
3.They Should've Went in 2013Rus253429
4.American Top 40-Bring back NixonThe game changer428
5.Victory AND Death 8Shams427
6.List 1Donkey Sausage425
7.Potts Kitchen & BaconMarkMx425
8.Cash from Cancer: Roberto MalignantCash From Cancer421
9.Die Easy 2: Die Easiershroom421
10.McMurdo 2014.2McMurdoMan418
11.Bring It OnDEATH DEMON416
12.VG - Bukakke Teriyakivomit_god416
13.Cash from Cancer: Exit Stage IVCash From Cancer414
18.The Compost HeapMarkMx320
19.Death By Pinocle 2014 # 1oregontrail319
20.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag319
21.Leavin' the Scene in '14Scott in Philly318
23.Swmming with the Fishes - OneLegal-ly Dead318
24.Of Corpse You're Dead 5Shoeguy317
25.Rigor 3Rigor 1317
26.Tommytsled-The Revolution Is Closer Than You ThinkTomtsled317
27.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag316
28.goddammit 3goddammit315
29.Thin iceDead Eye Jack315
30.Tsuga - Die EngelTsuga314
31.Cash from Cancer: Rhythm is a CancerCash From Cancer313
32.Death Rattle: Lying-In-Waitanarchess313
33.!!! elderlytitan360312
34.Death Rattle: Coffin Up Dirtanarchess312
35.Death Soup: Grim Reaper BypassMJ and Friends312
37.Choken in the KitchenIndyHawk311
38.perks picks2perks picks311
39.Four HorsemenAnitrak39
40.Zip-A-Dee-Dead-Day IIFredNietzsche219
41.Die Easyshroom217
42.From My Cold Dead HandsFMCDH217
43.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit or Cash For CadaversFrankJac216
44.It ain't over 'til it's overBigski14216
45.BringOutYerDeadMr Happy215
47.Death By Pinocle 2014 #2oregontrail215
48.NVN: What the fuck, it was freeNo Viagra Needed215
50.goddammit 1goddammit214
51.goddammit 2goddammit214
52.List 3Donkey Sausage214
53.Big G's List of Dirt NappersDead Fred213
54.Cash from Cancer: Buddy Ryan O'NealCash From Cancer213
55.Martha PearlDiane213
56.Andy's 2014 BIG LISTAndrew Edling212
57.Death- You Dropped A Bomb On MeJayRockers!212
59.RD: A double double of death pleaseRD02212
60.The Last StrawMadCapLaughs212
61.Bye Bee-lee!RottenToast211
62.Dictator saladJohnHinesJr211
63.Digger O Dell 9Digger O Dell 10211
64.Holden All The CardsK Dog211
65.JMD - Bloated PoliticsMr Wonderful211
66.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards211
67.Sarky - SwissSarky211
68.Die for dollarsThe rebel.210
69.Pundertaker: Boys' Night OutThe Pundertaker210
70.Stop using all the oxygenChris Goulart210
71.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls29
72.Oldies but Goodies - hits of the EightiesTenPaces29
73.Otis' Cirrhosis - Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers29
74.Cash from Cancer: I'm your private cancerCash From Cancer28
75.Cash from Cancer: The Grim Reaper gets a new BuddyCash From Cancer28
76.Celebrity Zombie Apocolypsemsastria28
77.Quietly DecomposingPushing Up Diasies28
78.Victory AND Death 5Shams28
79.Petey's Hot Dog XNancyD27
80.Cupcakes & Champagne 2014nlcfsemfc26
81.Dead Fred's list of almost Dead!Dead Fred26
82.Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It26
83.Mort, please?Mort26
85.Cash from Cancer: The Twilight of the Billy GrahamsCash From Cancer24
87.c ya wouldnt wanna be yacristalblu110
88.Carpe Dead 'emdoorma110
89.CoffinRattler-The Sickcoffinrattler110
90.Get Diggin' 2014BuffaloBartman110
91.JMD - Toe Tag 10Mr Wonderful110
92.RD: Now On With The CountdownRD02110
93.Sen3Mr Sen110
94.Shameless plagiarism of last year's favouritesringbark110
95.Swmming with the Fishes - TwoLegal-ly Dead110
96.The Grim Reaper's "To Do List"March Of The Maggots110
97.BringOutYerDead pleaseMr Happy19
98.BringOutYerDead pretty pleaseMr Happy19
99.Cartman- The LeftoversCARTMAN19
100.Coffin up BloodKirby19
102.leaders edition 2014bjaskols19
103.Trout's Dead Fish IIITrout19
104.!!!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE ALREADY 3Albrecht18
105.another oneJason P.18
106.Bring It On: Here Kitty Kitty KittyDEATH DEMON18
107.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls18
108.Of Corpse You're Dead 2Shoeguy18
109.Cash from Cancer: How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough?Cash From Cancer17
110.Drop Dead 2Drop Dead17
111.Betsy's Bodies 2Betsy15
112.Cash from Cancer: pushin' up Rhododendrons with RhodaCash From Cancer15
113.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER0148415
115.Smitty's Stiffiesamandansmith15
116.Well nobody died, did they? 2Archangel15
117.'Til Death Do Us Part Allah Willing 1*Allah Willing14
118.playing the oddsbjaskols14
119.YOLO 2014Nancypleasediegrace14
120.This is how political rumors get started 2014USER0224813
121.Aknauf D list 2014aknauf12
122.All aboard for the afterlife!Stooge12
123.McMurdo 2014.5McMurdoMan12
124.One more this yearlaptoplg12
125.Rip 2014Carolb12
126.Click Here If You wanna Blow mezombie lover11
127.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER0148411
130.Death Row All StarsDeath Row00
131.Dictators and DicksSwine00
132.Falling StarsNick ‘n Beth00
133.Gory Days IPisher00
134.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER0148400
135.Ken's Kicked it ListDead On00
136.List ZweiAlduzfl00
137.Loss of PowerCheck, Please!00
138.No Chance In Helltoomanycards00
139.Notorious Dudesmemorialparkranger00
140.Notorious R.I.P.Radler00
141.Reaper SchmeaperToe-Tag00
142.Sen1Mr Sen00
143.The Best is yet to end!Pooky00
144.The cock ring of dead pool lists. I'll take the crown now.NecktieJesse00
145.The Only Good Politician is a Dead PoliticianAmy Sue00
146.Well nobody died, did they? 1Archangel00


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