Augusto Pinochet has been played on 1054 lists, including 191 lists in The 2005 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Cryptkicker 2JohnRandy738
2.95 Plus ClubJohnRandy734
3.Dirt Nap ExpressUSER01690633
4.Carl's Junior listUSER01377531
6.Death Rattle Ianarchess529
7.Burnin' Popery Ianarchess526
8.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed526
9.Three Two One Times UpUSER01764525
10.Lym PhomaMaudieG434
11.Doc--Stick it Write-In ThereDoc & DJ433
12.MA15: Thanks to the Pope for making it to 2005USER01375433
14.Weekend at Bernie'sPaul1681432
15.Cryptkicker 1JohnRandy431
16.Eternal Dirt NapFireMutt35430
17.MA08: She made her mind up back in ChelseaUSER01375430
18.sink or dieUSER02141430
19.The Shadow Puppet of Death 3USER00495430
21.Chad - Breaking News - Rosa Parks It For Good!USER01115428
22.The Ralph Wiggum ArmyUSER01469428
23.Car CinomaMaudieG427
24.Wracked's Obscured By ShroudsWracked427
25..001 Losers' Clubeastvanhalen426
26.The Shadow Puppet of Death 1USER00495426
27.Doc--I Met You at the DresdenDoc & DJ425
28.DGD - Use all your well-learned politesseDGD424
29.Susie StinkoSusie Sicko424
31.I Dinna Got The Power, Captain!USER01690423
32.Danszaman Does DeathUSER00444419
33.SDAC - (You Can Run, But You'll Only Die Tired)USER01718419
34.starch - Annie Get Your Gubstarch419
35.Team Formalin Ianarchess419
36.Fat Lady is Singing 1USER01830415
37.Danszaman DOAUSER00444414
38.Notorious D.O.A.MarkMx327
39.Raoul 05USER01531327
40.Spinzo's Unimaginatively Named ListUSER02138326
41.DGD - Other People's LeftoversDGD325
42.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ325
43.Dr. Steve4Dr. Steve325
44.Killer Advocate IIlaptoplg325
45.Please Die. I Wanna Win.Beer Ninja325
46.Buh ByeUSER01223324
47.GUNSLINGER: What The Fuck Is Grimace?GUNSLINGER324
48.Just Die, BabyUSER01275324
49.Susie SickoSusie Sicko324
50.MA18: Wish I knew which were the good listsUSER01375323
51.Tsuga - Dark Star CrashesTsuga323
52.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye323
53.Death is a good thing right?Big Guy322
54.Ph.DeathSquire 2USER01907322
55.19xx - 2005USER01387321
56.Better offUSER02188321
57.Off the Bus 2USER00621321
58.Otter listUSER01377321
60.Danszamans CroakersUSER00444320
61.Death March 31BCeltics320
62.DGD - The Old & the DecrepitDGD320
63.Ph.DeathSquire 3USER01907320
64.Stiffy Pete's Travelling Corpse ShowScott in Philly320
66.Al's UK Teamtrollette319
67.Dead Men Not Walking6USER00977319
68.Death Rattle IIanarchess319
69.Die Die DieUSER02165319
70.Pope's on the RopesUSER00925319
71.Terror Couple Killunit13319
72.Dead Men Not Walking1USER00977318
73.NOT CENSUS ELIGIBLETitanPilot583318
74.Off the Bus 1USER00621318
75.We Have A Piper Down 2dryden2911318
76.Year of the Cat 1USER01264318
77.Cubby 1Loki317
78.Dead Men Not Walking4USER00977317
79.dead-men-walking1cape cadaver317
80.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl317
81.Loki 1Loki317
82.Reagans Prefrontal CortexUSER02118317
83.starch - The Crungestarch317
84.JMK-The Urge to DirgeUSER01551316
85.Tig Ol BittiesUSER02227316
86.Googuse ?ber Allesgooguse315
87.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper315
88.Tied to the 90'sbridgy315
89.Troll 2Death Troll315
90.Bastille: War and stuffUSER00220314
92.Grim Rapper 6Grim Rapper314
93.Tsuga - Sharks Patrol These WatersTsuga314
94.Charlie Don't SurfCharlie Dont Surf313
95.DGD - Too Ill to AttendDGD313
96.Grandma Cowman's Angelic Angel Food CakeUSER02018312
97.We Spin Terror 2USER01145312
98.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl311
99.Dead Men Not Walking2USER0097739
100.90 is Enough - The LeadersDollar Bill219
101.ACP3 - Everyone on this list needs to dieACP219
102.Chicken at Tresky'sChicken at Tresky's219
103.Damn you all 1goddammit219
104.Damn You All 2goddammit219
105.Damn You All 3goddammit219
106.Don't Die for me ArgentinaUSER00103219 3Oh No You Ditten219
110.'TIL DEATH DO US PART*Allah Willing217
111.Eyechart's 1st 2005 List: The Sick OnesUSER01382217
112.Maggot Infested Rotting CorpseUSER02244217
113.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga217
114.Bleeding Monkeys are my friendUSER01796216
115.Dick Tate or Dick Tate EdUSER02131216
118.JMD - Take Dive in 2005Mr Wonderful216
119.Killer Advocate IIIlaptoplg216
120.Rhymes With SethUSER01743216
121.starch - Get Your Hands Off My Heinie Manuschstarch216
122.Too Sick Minds - Your Corpse HereUSER01711216
123.Wednesday #3Wednesday216
124.Bloody Mary #3USER01804215
125.Death to WhiteyBig Bald Jon215
126.Killer Advocatelaptoplg215
127.MORE BRESLAU DATATitanPilot583215
128.Scorched EarthRoloTomassi215
129.BREAK dancing on WOHLERT'S GRAVEonefunsob214
130.I got a mandateUSER02156214
131.IAGO 3IAGO214
132.NVN: What happens if Zach dies ?No Viagra Needed214
133.starch - Epididymis Rexstarch214
134.We Have A Piper Down 3dryden2911214
135.Dead Men Not Walking3USER00977213
136.Grandma Cowman's Ghoulish GoulashUSER02018213
137.JMK-Deadly DooRightUSER01551213
138.La Muerte 1LaMuerte213
140.Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My CorpsesTomtsled213
141.Evil Monkey Gets SpankedUSER01755212
142.Excuse Me For Coffin #7USER00594212
143.Ph.DeathSquire 1USER01907212
144.SeaPepto - Alive in '05SeaPepto212
145.The Relics ListVirtualrelic212
146.GoodMourningEvanstonGood Mourning Evanston211
147.Grim Rapper 3Grim Rapper211
148.IAGO 1IAGO211
149.Moraxian: Rough SleddingMoraxian211
150.Dead Men Not Walking5USER00977210
152.We Have A Piper Downdryden2911210
153.Grim Rapper 5Grim Rapper29
154.Jackalope Ghost IIJackalope_Ghost28
155.Grim Rapper 4Grim Rapper27
156.MrJeff2000's Cauldron of Calamitymrjeff200027
157.YOU WILL DIE!!!!USER0094726
158.Around the World - International DeadSusieb110
159.E-Brake & Mafia Actuary: Love to hate you babyE-Brake110
160.Gowiththrottleup 1Roger Gowiththrottleup110
161.starch - 50 Ways to Leave your LeVar Burtonstarch110
162.Death-Bet You Can't Eat Just OneJayRockers!19
164.Grim Rapper 2Grim Rapper19
165.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER0148419
166.NVN:Somebody has to pay for my next Disney tripNo Viagra Needed19
168.starch - Bend it like Beginstarch19
169.starch - Kubla Khan and Olliestarch19
170.Toe Tag Abe & The FlatlinersUSER0066119
171.Death to All FanaticsRoloTomassi18
172.Foolish Mortals IIIUSER0190918
173.Haole Movie GirlUSER0112418
174.River Styx Shipping News - Damn the TorpedoesUSER0172918
176.Susie's First ListSusieb16
177.Bury Me! IICash From Cancer14
178.Death Doesn't Take a HolidayUSER0178714
179.GoodMourningEvanston2Good Mourning Evanston13
180.Kurt Cobains Trigger FingerUSER0209212
181.grave matthews bandwildrush11
182.A Death Wish 2005DeathWish00
183.Brianscat KittenUSER0114700
184.Chad - Breaking News - Biggs Bites Bullet!USER0111500
186.DGD - Second Tier DecrepitnessDGD00
187.Die 4 Me Willya ReduxChickeyd00
188.Dr. Who - Studs in a boxUSER0014600
189.Femme Fatale: Your Vote Does CountUSER0120500
191.Grandma Cowman's Devilish Devil's Food CakeUSER0201800


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Not quite as fearsome as he once was.

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