Zsa Zsa Gabor has been played on 6912 lists, including 114 lists in The Dale Earnhardt Memorial Three Bagger.

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1.Death Soup: Zsa Zsa Ali Ali Gene GeneMJ and Friends216
2.deadhead 333nicegrrl333212
3.Doc & DJ--He Drives By Daddy's Death Turn 1,000 Times a YearDoc & DJ211
4.Old and Beat 3rojoepeters211
5.The Bone CollectionGhettoZombie211
6.Diaper Dandiesshorty7ft29
7.Doc & DJ--Doc Gave DJ the Tickets to See Dale's Death in PersonDoc & DJ29
8.Heywood Jablome, Please?USER0011929
9.jimmy durante the nose IIIDead_Men_Tell_No_Tales29
10.Etta. It Rhymes With Deada. Part 2.Ghost of Stiffs Past27
11.Jose Greco de MuertaMaudieG27
12.What Do You Say When an Athiest Sneezes?Ghost of Stiffs Past26
13.Old and Really Beatrojoepeters110
15.AARP first, then DEATHshorty7ft19
16.AARP means DEATHshorty7ft19
17.Old & Beatrojoepeters19
18.Old and Really Beat 3rojoepeters19
19.Old and Beat 2rojoepeters18
20.Old and Really Beat 2rojoepeters18
21.Qaddafi Duck (4-1-11)Midaba200418
22.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ17
23.GO! GO! GO!0249517
24.Internet Game Ends. 3 Dead. Hundreds Injured.jimdkc17
26.Birdman 7Bird16
27.Doc & DJ--Sterling Killing Him Is Why We Don't Drink Coors LightDoc & DJ16
28.My Boss is Still An Assholezombie lover16
29.Three Write Ins Four The WinRD0216
31.Counting on uComeonallready15
32.Don't Fear The ReaperMOJO15
33.Doomed to be FamousLittleT15
34.Embalmer's Wish Listhotchickembalmer15
35.watch me now!me first15
36.Birdman 1Bird14
37.im watching IIim watching14
38.The Older They Are, the Quicker They Score?Ghost of Stiffs Past14
39.Tilton 1Blueboy14
40.Death Soup: Shuffling the DeckMJ and Friends13
41.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ13
42.Doc & DJ--We Only Wanted Three Lists, but Can't Stop Making 3 JokesDoc & DJ13
43.jimmy durante the nose IIDead_Men_Tell_No_Tales13
44.Oxpeen's Triple Tag n BagOxpeen13
46.Doc & DJ--They Found His Head & Shoulders On The DashboardDoc & DJ12
47.Hurry-Up and DIE!BrumtownMangler12
48.it's over ,, go homeCrystal Balls12
51.Doc & DJ--Kerry..Meet Frank, Billy, Jim, Ozzie, Etc.Doc & DJ11
52.jimmy durante the nose IDead_Men_Tell_No_Tales11
53.Oh hell - why notBunn's Bones To Be11
54.A Date With Sebree In The AfterlifeTomtsled00
56.Billy's Blue Hair Brigadebillyd4400
57.BingBang's East-Pointing ErectionCharlie BingBang00
58.Birdman 10Bird00
59.Birdman 11Bird00
60.Birdman 12Bird00
61.birdman 13Bird00
62.birdman 14Bird00
63.Birdman 2Bird00
64.Birdman 3Bird00
65.Birdman 4Bird00
66.Birdman 5Bird00
67.Birdman 6Bird00
68.Birdman 8Bird00
69.Birdman 9Bird00
70.Blurred1 Dale Listblurred100
72.Cash From Cancer: Jobs will be lostCash From Cancer00
73.cemetery girls 8Cemetery Girls00
78.Destroyers 10Destroyers00
79.djmrmex SECOND LISTdjmrmexico00
80.djmrmex TOP LISTdjmrmexico00
81.Doc & DJ--France is Picking Up Guns? You Know This Shit is On!Doc & DJ00
82.Doc & DJ--How Did They Know Dale Sr. Had Dandruff?Doc & DJ00
83.Doc & DJ--The Goodwrench, The Bad and The UglyDoc & DJ00
84.Dr McCoys Patientshemlock please00
85.EMFC Formaldehyde and SeekEMFCoffin00
86.EMFC Slipping the surly bonds of EarthEMFCoffin00
87.EMFC We've all got a leg up on Zsa ZsaEMFCoffin00
88.Everybody Knows That Ferlin Husky Is FamousGhost of Stiffs Past00
89.Grim Profiteer3Nice Sicko00
90.Headin' to the lightPhitz100
91.Heywood Jablome AgainUSER0011900
92.Heywood Jablome One More TimeUSER0011900
93.I See Dead PeopleBarzini00
94.jeffs listjgreene00
95.Joe's Campy CorpsesJoe Mazz00
96.Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's doorMrEGhoul00
97.Last LegGizmo00
98.leeannes listLeeanne9800
100.Necrodancers in Hellrealtortlc00
101.Net UrningsUrn While U Learn00
102.oggies dead listoggyoggyoggy00
103.Old reliablespandorra00
104.Perched on the Edgejhaberli00
106.roro's deadroro00
107.Scootie McBoogerballszombie lover00
108.So die already!!!PHALEX00
109.Soon B. DaleEdhead2200
110.This Year in JerusalemGhost of Stiffs Past00
111.Whorses for CorpsesUltimo Galactus00
112.WTF, these people are supposed to die.shorty7ft00
113.You Wouldn't Believe Who Just Died!!billyd4400
114.Zsa Zsa G'bye, Finally (94's the Charm)Ghost of Stiffs Past00


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(d) March 2nd, 1999