Here are the standings for The Dale Earnhardt Memorial Three Bagger, which ran from April 1st, 2011 to August 7th, 2011. The participants in this game created 154 lists featuring 372 potential stiffs, fourteen of whom took the long dirt nap during this game.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Etta. It Rhymes With Deada. Part 2.Ghost of Stiffs Past313
2.Death Soup: Zsa Zsa Ali Ali Gene GeneMJ and Friends216
3.Three on a MatchBunn's Bones To Be215
5.deadhead 333nicegrrl333212
6.Doc & DJ--He Drives By Daddy's Death Turn 1,000 Times a YearDoc & DJ211
7.Old and Beat 3rojoepeters211
8.The Bone CollectionGhettoZombie211
9.Diaper Dandiesshorty7ft29
10.Doc & DJ--Doc Gave DJ the Tickets to See Dale's Death in PersonDoc & DJ29
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Guess the Stiff!

He was an English comedian. And you know how funny THEY are.

(d) October 4th, 2010