W. Mark Felt has been played on 281 lists, including 145 lists in The 2007 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.We Spin Terror 2USER01145429
3.2007 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots428
4.Death March 41BCeltics427
5.Legion Of Doom 2USER00497426
6.Tsunami WarningUSER01787426
7.DGD - Eight Won't Be EnoughDGD425
8.Aiming for Asystole 1USER01857421
9.Come On I Wanna See Them In A MausoleumEdRulz421
10.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost418
11.Cold Dripping Blood 2USER00872325
12.Look Ma-no brain waves!USER01375325
13.Opie's murder by slingshot ? Winkin's MomKudsKroakers324
14.Tommytsled-The Best Lists In Life Are FreeTomtsled324
15.DGD - Knotted Necktie For Saddam's Half BroDGD322
16.Baxley - Just NineBaxley321
17.Lights Out In The Boston HillsJoker320
18.Super Karate Monkey Death Caralan smithee320
19.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye320
20.Jackalope Ghost -- Yo Mamma Eats DirtJackalope_Ghost319
21.MK EmbalmedMBalmed319
22.THE MICK 1TheMick1319
23.A Death by any other name would smell as sweetUSER02056318
24.Death Press 6USER01546318
25.Guido the Sicilian Actuary - Horse Head in BedUSER02420318
26.RXRob IIIUSER01896318
27.We Spin Terror 3USER01145318
28.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye318
29.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow PencilUSER02224317
30.Prophet of the Graveyard 2USER00316317
31.Aiming for Asystole 7USER01857316
32.DGD - Casey Kasim LeftoversDGD316
33.connies boyme first315
34.Doc & DJ--We're Kind of a Big DealDoc & DJ315
35.A Brief History Of DeadUSER01690314
36.Make the world a better placeptgkc314
37.RJ Thurmont: Disposition 20RJ Thurmont314
38.RJ Thurmont: Walking DeadRJ Thurmont314
40.Mongo Like CandyRhody Trash311
41.NVN: Sober hasn't worked lets try this loadedNo Viagra Needed310
42.NVN: It's great to be Stiff in 07No Viagra Needed39
43.Fat Man WalkingUSER0159537
45.Martha Pearl in 07Diane219
46.Roger GowiththrottleupRoger Gowiththrottleup219
47.Sticking With Abe VigodaUSER02060219
48.Bwanna Been Boned in da BungholeUSER01223217
49.Check For VitalsUSER01690217
52.Class of 90USER01832216
53.Deep DeadUSER01690216
54.NVN: Sadam and Satan not just a cartoon anymoreNo Viagra Needed216
55.O3 and HydrogenO3216
56.the mick 5TheMick1216
57.We're Drivin' the Bus to HellUSER02215216
58.YES-The only good repuklican is a dead oneUSER01486216
59.Big O's Dead List 2007USER00493215
60.Prophet of the Graveyard 3USER00316215
61.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl215
62.Tsuga - Dark Star CrashesTsuga215
63.Aiming for Asystole 3USER01857214
64.Aiming for Asystole 5USER01857214
65.Hurry up and die already part VIII!hurryupndiealready214
66.Prophet of the GraveyardUSER00316214
67.Tommytsled-In The Morning I Piss ExcellenceTomtsled214
68.Bring out your dead!Cash From Cancer213
69.Collect your eternal reward dammitt!Scott in Philly213
70.Kidney DonorsUSER02287213
71.OLD SKOOLPanty Pirates213
72.rekrabdc-The Killers' Greatest HitsUSER01585213
75.You FUcking Cunts!!filthy whore213
76.Dead Zone 1USER01929212
78.Peggy Hill's Joke of the DayRhody Trash212
79.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER01387212
80.Elvis Grbac Still Sucks Vol. 3USER01083211
81.Just Dye BabyUSER01275211
82.Axeholes 2USER00355210
83.Guido the Sicilian Actuary - Names & AdressesUSER02420210
84.Mortal CoilPining for the Fjords210
85.Team Formalin 1anarchess210
86.koolkat - who?USER0216029
87.Beame TeamlessUSER0054728
88.Stop Living Pleaseptgkc28
89.Aiming for Aystole 9USER0185727
90.Grave Robbers: The Wish ListUSER0217127
91.hoosie daddyraymond27
92.Make Room For DeadyUSER0121027
93.Personally I Blame the GovernorRhody Trash27
94.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends26
95.NVN: Preston and Steve fucking rockNo Viagra Needed26
96.Susie's DeadbeatsSusie Sicko26
97.The New Night Terrorsunit1324
98.A Grateful DeadheadJudysomething110
101.Death Press 4USER01546110
102.Dursty and Liz DNR LISTUSER02336110
104.Loki IIILoki110
107.The BaronUSER00750110
108.Very Old BonesUSER02395110
110.Going for the MoldDoozy19
113.EBRAKE3: That's It No More Shrimp Before BedE-Brake18
114.YES-I HATE Repuklicans!USER0148618
115.A Tisket A tasket let's fill up a casket! Ittc431917
116.Hurry up and die already part VI!hurryupndiealready17
118.Rasputin's ExecutionerUSER0213117
119.Aiming for Aystole XUSER0185716
120.Doc & DJ--?Than a Manning in a Playoff GameDoc & DJ16
121.JMD - Toe Tag 10Mr Wonderful16
122.Lord Haw HawUSER0033616
123.Dark CloudUSER0179715
124.has beens 2USER0207615
125.Run Run Do Not Walk to the GraveStarwanderer15
126.Say Goodnight, GracieEville Linda15
127.Femme Fatale IIIUSER0120514
129.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ13
130.915 Dead and CountingUSER0031112
131.Dead Men RottingStarwanderer12
132.EBRAKE6: I Shop Therefore I AmE-Brake12
133.Team Formalin IIanarchess12
135.1 More Time #2USER0183000
136.Bring It On You Old FuksDeath Bastard00
137.Death Comes a Knockin'Mr Happy00
138.Dick Clark's No more Rockin Eveecho081600
139.Doc & DJ--Write-In The Storm OutDoc & DJ00
140.Eris' Undoingslilsqueakyone00
141.grave matthew's bandwildrush00
142.Grim Reaper UnknownWidows&Orphans00
143.Happy Stiff In Phoenix 2USER0220400
144.Lobster AssUSER0225400
145.Lobster DickUSER0225400


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His full name was John Jacob Frankenheimer-Schmidt (da-da da da da-da da).

(d) July 6th, 2002