Ronnie Biggs has been played on 3414 lists, including 215 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Plowing The Deep 3hop1962745
2.Fossil Farmhop1962743
3.Birdman 15Bird742
4.Not Gonna Do It. Wouldn't Be Prudent.Ghost of Stiffs Past740
5.Birdman - She gives me WoodwardBird738
6.From Stage Robber to Grave RobberEradicator738
8.Hold On Tight We'll Muddle Through One Day At A Time 2RottenToast645
9.Birdman - Mandatory Helmut LawBird639
10.Birdman 12Bird638
11.Birdman - Everyone has a PriceBird637
12.There Is No LeadDePressED637
13.DNR/DNI 3Nurseboy635
14.Disturbed Graveslilsqueakyone632
15.Cherub SpringThe Sting of Steve Irwin631
16.Heywood Jablome XUSER00119629
17.If It Truly Was Pancreatic, Then I Didn't Play Hosni EnoughGhost of Stiffs Past538
18.Birdman - I will be DePressED if this doesn't winBird537
19.Birdman - DePressED has never seen the sunBird535
20.Birdman 4Bird535
21.Cartman- Fifty Shades of Grey PallorCARTMAN535
22.Doc & DJ--Three-Bagging with Some UggosDoc & DJ534
23.Dwyer's Dirt NappersJim534
24.Johnny Carson Gets Another Chance To Pet Zsa Zsa's PussyRottenToast534
25.Van Quishedlucky punk534
26.Dx Rob IIDX Rob533
27.Come On, I Wanna See Em In A Mausoleum 3EdRulz532
28.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: FingermanFTG531
29.Hold On Tight We'll Muddle Through One Day At A Time 1RottenToast531
30.Unnamed Red Shirted Star Trek GuysHe's Dead Jim531
31.Williams Bay MorticiansJerry's Kids530
32.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye530
33.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye529
34.Come On, I Wanna See Em In A Mausoleum 2EdRulz528
35.Ethnic Cleansing 2hop1962528
36.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Never Say GoodbyeFTG528
37.Death Be Not Proud IVTimur527
38.Feel the Burnlucky punk527
39.The Anti-Kreb's Cycle Listdie4metoday527
40.Come On I Wanna See Em In A MausoleumEdRulz526
41.This Committee Owes An Apology SenatorFrankie Pentangeli526
42.G Listseaiowe525
43.Heywood Jablome XIUSER00119525
44.IAGO 1IAGO523
46.DNR/DNI 2Nurseboy520
47.Checking it twice 1RJD519
48.Daisy A Day DearDePressED433
49.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: OuttakesFTG432
50.Team Formalin: That's Showbiz!anarchess431
52.Come On, I Wanna See Em In A Mausoleum 4EdRulz430
53.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye429
54.Trout's Dead Fish IIITrout428
55.Tsuga - Dirt In the GroundTsuga428
56.Death Rattle: Coughing Up Dirtanarchess427
57.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotFTG427
58.DNR/DNI 1Nurseboy426
59.Don't Fear the Reaper Zsa ZsaMOJO426
60.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl426
61.Pining for the FjordsPining for the Fjords426
62.Cancerous or GeezerousRhody Trash425
63.Dead Fred list of Soon to be DeadDead Fred425
64.Lots o' old and sick bastards VBJCx78425
65.Tsuga - Die EngelTsuga425
66.Fidel & Some FriendsPastaPower424
67.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag424
68.The President's Piano GunJohnHinesJr424
69.ZZZzzzz Long Nap in the SkyUSER01718424
70.Are We Dead Yet?Eat sh!t and die!423
71.Nearly Departedboshh423
72.Passing Through Nature To EternityRus253423
73.perk's picksperks picks423
74.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!DJ Badger422
75.Goddammit 3goddammit422
76.Mashiki Assassins1BCeltics422
77.Saw The Light #2SAW THE LIGHT422
78.Zsa zsa's final standchick813422
79.Cancer is the AnswerTumor_Makes_A_Does_In421
80.Daisey Pusherssquidly766421
81.More Leftoverswet grave421
82.Deadly Debutante 2Deadly Debutante420
83.Death takes a holiday. Except for these guys.Big Guy420
84.Is PeopleSoylentGreen420
85.Stiff as a board!Chancedog420
86.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl419
87.The Living DeadAutopsyTurvy419
89.Williams Bay Morticians 3Jerry's Kids419
90.You,re outdel bird419
93.IAGO 3IAGO414
94.Death Rattle: Humming Alonganarchess325
95.Team Formalin: Lying-in-Waitanarchess325
96.Brutesquad - Hollywoodbrutesquad64324
97.Pookie's Stiffs #3Pookie's Stiffs324
98.Rat Bastards 1USER02215324
100.The Dirt NappersTaugh323
101.Dying is an Artbridgy322
102.Ethnic Cleansing 3hop1962322
103.Last Ditch Efffortjminrod322
104.Rachel's Walking Dead 1Rachel A322
106.Taking that 1st StepTrinettRae321
107.They were going to die anyway 2Maryjo80321
108.Trouts Dead FishTrout321
109.Former 2012 Apocalypse SurvivorsHauntedWebmaster320
110.I am Sorry....There's Been No Phone Call From the Governor. Pull The Switch!!!Better Dead Than Red320
111.Chris Knauf 2013Chris Knauf319
112.Just Kickin' ItJLM211wx (Just Kickin It!319
113.two ghoulsdoorma319
114.Village Stiffy 6village144319
117.A Little Power is a Dangerous Thingthebrainsbackstage318
118.Andy's 2013 list!Andrew Edling318
119.Blake's Bones IIMr. Blake318
120.Death Table 3TitanPilot583318
121.Death Table 1TitanPilot583317
122.Zsa Zsa's "Good" Legbridgy317
123.Bought the East Hill Farmsplittertogo316
124.Digger O Dell 97Digger O Dell 10316
125.Kid GhoulashGhoulash316
126.Loki 2Loki316
127.Radtex: I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex316
128.The Clock is Tickingchriscott97316
129.tic tag toeroderner316
130.Break on through to the other sidemikey the man315
131.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484315
132.homerunOda Mae Brown315
133.last hope springs uneternaldisplayname007315
134.Luca Brazi swims with the fishesTwilight is Near315
135.older than the dirt we toss over themdisplayname007315
136.Sarky - Fucko da clown, face downSarky315
137.Third Times a Charm...and FreeTrinettRae315
138.too much to caredie u sob315
139.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2013 - Chodag21378314
142.No way they'll see 2014ashifman314
144.Here for the RemovalKiller Swedes313
145.Sollozzo, he's good with a knifeTwilight is Near313
146.I am going to helllax11570312
147.Old or Sick People are Good Betswet grave312
149.abe vigota needs to die this year!!uselessexistence311
150.Dying to meet you.Clever Team Name311
151.If Tomorrow Never ComesSal & Barb311
152.Memphis Dead 2013trashking311
153.Greg's 2013 Deadpool 2gfultz1219
154.My Kingdom For A CorpseFluvenson219
156.!!! infirmtitan360217
157.2nd Chancejminrod215
158.Die'yer MakerasthedeadtuRNs215
160.Zsa Zsa, Run Run and Associatesmoribundus215
161.A Grateful Deadhead 2013 UnoJudysomething214
162.Bad News Bears 2012nlcfsemfc214
163.I'm a Dead Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!bridgy214
164.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy214
165.Toast CelebritiesCanucklehead214
166.z zis zor zookieGrime Reaper214
167.Dirt NapsDeathAlert213
168.Egg SaladDr.Slime213
169.Sarky - Dead Dick TatersSarky213
170.CaSkeT CrAzY... Bunch a Dead Dickheads...CaSkeT CrAzY211
171.Donne In!splittertogo211
172.harsh realityMarshrat211
173.Montalban's GhostSkike211
174.NoNames 2jim dibello211
175.The Real Housewives of Dead CelebsDave211
176.Burry'n Bill 2013CBurry'n Bill29
178.Death Never Takes a Holiday 2Nipper29
179.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl29
180.Leftovers from Last yearmoribundus29
181.NiceknowinyaWJG v3.029
182.NVN: Never trust a fat vegetarianNo Viagra Needed29
183.Well nobody died did they? #2Archangel29
184.Death- Leftovers Warmed OverJayRockers!28
187.The Answer Key!FroggyB28
188.MY 2013 LISTLord Dickerson27
189.Zsa zsa's last stand 2chick81327
190.When you come to a fork in the road........dieThe Shadow26
191.ThisisaMorbidActivity - ILikecarseycritter24
192.Deadline for Death 3Burn'em All110
193.Burry'n Bill 2013ABurry'n Bill18
194.J Sizzle's 2013 Bucket ListJSizzle18
195.Just get it over with Zsa ZsaCosmo Underground18
196.Dead and taxedTerminator17
197.For the love of Paulmommyster17
198.rotting corpsestowelielife17
199.Put Out the FlameYule Log16
200.Rigor IVRigor16
201.I hope this goes better than last year.Doctor Arcane15
202.Just plain dead...Chancedog15
204.Quietly DecomposingPushing Up Diasies15
205.You're Dead to Me IXNick ‘n Beth15
208.Rastalls Reapers 2013 IIRastalls12
209.Rigor IRigor12
210.Rigor IIIRigor12
211.This Group Might Do Okayhumanmeal12
212.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls11
213.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 2Joker11
215.Rastalls Reapers 2013 IRastalls11


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