Ronald Reagan has been played on 3741 lists, including 176 lists in The October '02 Lee Jr..

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1.POPE 6USER00108310
3.Feeling Not So FineUSER02634213
4.Madam SpankalotDePressED213
5.Will You Miss MeUSER00008213
6.Very New Cheese Or Very Old Meat?USER00750212
7.Pyramid SchemeUSER02634211
8.Savannah StarrDePressED210
9.They just won't dieUSER02634210
10.Vinnie K. VontzUSER02634210
11.Mafia Actuary 01: Wizard of OddsUSER0137529
12.BIG E - The A ListUSER0136726
13.Venus LovemotionDePressED25
14.Great American StiffsUSER02634110
15.Werewolves of Buffalo 3USER0138219
16.Bob Seger has liedUSER0263418
17.Carload O' CorpsesUSER0263418
18.Cartman's B-ListUSER0101318
19.DePressED 2DePressED18
20.Find The Hidden FishUSER0075018
21.Nurseboy 6Nurseboy18
22.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER0005918
23.Pepster 3USER0158318
24.POPE 1USER0010818
25.Spinzo's Second ListUSER0161818
26.Spinzo's Third ListUSER0161818
27.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER0271718
28.Tsuga - Down Down DownTsuga18
29.Tsuga - UndergroundTsuga18
30.BIG E - People's ChoiceUSER0136717
31.Cartman's Free ListUSER0101317
33.Pepster 5USER0158317
34.POPE 4USER0010817
35.Styx Ferryman - HadesUSER0161717
36.Tsuga - Dragging a Dead PriestTsuga17
37.Death by RequestUSER0263416
38.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Death Valley DaysFTG16
39.Justin Hale 3USER0153116
40.Pepster 9USER0158316
41.Beaver CleavageDePressED15
42.Blackadder 300000215
43.Christopher Reeve - Werewolves of GeorgiaUSER0002015
44.Last but not LeastUSER0263415
45.Moraxian - Hope Oates feed the GipperMoraxian15
46.POPE 5USER0010815
48.Doc--What am I? A schmuck on wheels?Doc & DJ14
49.Femme Fatale 3USER0120514
50.Styx Ferryman - SheolUSER0161714
51.Adios muchachos! 1Tripper13
52.Bart and DJ - Entering A No Spin ZoneDoc & DJ13
53.Doc--I Recommend Fisher & SonsDoc & DJ13
54.Pepster 8USER0158313
55.Blackadder 100000212
56.Circling The DrainUSER0067112
57.Go See God-Send Lawyers,Guns and CasketsUSER0077912
58.MA 02: Death means never having to say ur sorryUSER0137512
59.Pepster 7USER0158312
60.Soon B Gonn IIEdhead2212
61.Tsuga - Whistlin Past the GraveyardTsuga12
62.Willis's Real Dead ListUSER0162512
65.Final ApproachUSER0263411
66.MA 04: He's faking it to avoid Iran-Contra mess?USER0137511
67.MA 08: Happy 100th Strom. Now die.USER0137511
68.Pepster 4USER0158311
69.1SickBitch 2USER0126400
70.2002: a stiffs odysseyUSER0263400
71.A ListJaneguy00
72.A Question of DoubtUSER0263400
73.Achingly Ready To Piss On Reagan's Graveed head00
74.Andrea's ListUSER0160000
75.Angelina Scary JolieUSER0002600
76.Bad Karma 4M. Bessette-Kennedy00
77.Bart and DJ - Runs With ScissorsDoc & DJ00
78.Big USER0160400
79.BIG DORK 1Drunky Dead List00
80.BIG E - Long ShotsUSER0136700
81.Big Titty KittyUSER0067300
82.Blackadder 200000200
83.Bob HopelessElster00000
84.Caligula (DIE BONESMAN DIE!)USER0164100
85.Captured Live on VideoUSER0263400
87.Chad - 3 Rons Don't Make A RightUSER0111500
88.Christopher Reeve - Lynda the Dairy PrincessUSER0002000
89.Christopher Reeve...and pray for rainUSER0002000
90.Dag's DeadUSER0159900
91.Daisy pushersUSER0160700
92.Dead DucksUSER0163100
94.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E00
95.Dead On Their FeetDead Person Specialist, E00
96.DigAHole 2cape cadaver00
97.Digger's September 2002 listDigger0000
98.Dirt Mongers 1USER0113400
99.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ00
100.Doc--Fuck BaseballDoc & DJ00
101.Doc--I Voted for the Teal M&MDoc & DJ00
102.Doc--Neidermeyer! Dead!Doc & DJ00
103.Don't I look like myself Don't I look like myself.00
104.Dr. Paul Shipherd's Most Recent Fail-SafeUSER0065200
105.Dr. Who - Bon MortUSER0014600
106.Drop Dead GorgeousDead Person Specialist, E00
107.EBrake 4 Better or WorserE-Brake00
108.Funky JunkiesUSER0263400
109.Go See God- He's Just an Excitable CorpseUSER0077900
110.God's Waiting Room 3USER0065700
111.GrouchoHarpoChico and Deado 3GrouchoHarpoChicoDeado00
113.heaven or hell?USER0263400
114.Hog HeavenUSER0161900
116.In Search of Bob CraneUSER0263400
117.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost00
118.Japanese BukkakeFrankie Pentangeli00
119.Jeff's Real Dead ListUSER0162500
122.Jon 1Jon0006000
123.Jon 2Jon0006000
124.Jon 3Jon0006000
125.Just Plain DJ - Hopelessly Old-FashionedUSER0096900
126.KCP 2USER0161100
127.L'Chaim 5USER0160400
128.L. POGUE likes to TOMA USER0163400
129.Larry's ListLarry444400
130.Lawyers Guns and Money wont save himRD0200
131.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost00
132.Lizzie Needs a HugUSER0112300
133.MA 17: Hate and Mortality--what a team!USER0137500
134.Marc's Macabre Future MummiesM. Bessette-Kennedy00
135.Moraxian - RetreadsMoraxian00
136.Necro Phil and the Grim Reaper's CheerleadersUSER0137100
137.Necro Phil Makes a Right Turn on the Left BankUSER0137100
138.Necro Phil's Human TenpinsUSER0137100
139.Nurseboy 5Nurseboy00
140.One - two - Freddy's coming for YOU!USER0158700
141.Pepster 1USER0158300
142.Pepster 2USER0158300
143.Pepster 6USER0158300
144.Reap 'Em & Weep 1USER0055700
145.Redsox Fan 041BCeltics00
146.Sac HornetUSER0163400
147.Secular ApotheosisUSER0160200
148.Shall We Die?USER0163300
149.Stephen's Real Dead ListUSER0162500
150.Still Another ListJaneguy00
151.Styx Ferryman - GehennaUSER0161700
152.Ta ta for now USER0162400
154.The blood clot gang 1USER0162600
155.The blood clot gang 2USER0162600
156.The blood clot gang 3USER0162600
157.The Circling BuzzardUSER0164200
158.The Grim Bonelli 1USER0163700
159.the Grim Wunder 1USER0159800
160.The List of GloryUSER0163300
161.The Second GunUSER0263400
162.The TombescentUSER0143900
163.They are all old or sickUSER0120600
164.Third Try, Die Die Die!Sarkon00
165.Tlazolteol 3USER0162100
166.Tomb of the Unknown CelebrityUSER0263400
167.Tribute to Sam PeckinpahUSER0263400
168.Trollette and Al UK combotrollette00
169.Trollette UKtrollette00
170.tr_to_the_b 1USER0164500
171.Tsuga - The Black RiderTsuga00
172.vomit_god1 - WTF is up with the stock market?vomit_god00
173.vomit_god2 - WTF is up with the war on terror?vomit_god00
174.vomit_god6 - WTF is up with Bob Hope? Die already.vomit_god00


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