Olivia de Havilland has been played on 3796 lists, including 362 lists in The 2020 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.Mere Mortalsbridgy847
3.Death Plus One- Casket 100Radler846
4.I'm Bidding on a TableJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag844
5.Jalepeno ballstkdmel748
6.It's Time 1Toe Tagged Luminary746
8.Kick The Bucket List 2Kick The Bucket List743
9.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ741
10.I'll Take Future Stiffs for 400, AlexCzechpointChrly741
11.Bags are Packed, Ready to gothedeadmanshand739
12.Please Don't Die, really.thedeadmanshand739
13.And Away We GoDEADMOM1960738
14.Answer: The Daily Doublecarseycritter738
15.Bring out your deadMarkMx738
16.John D. Smiley 2nd Listjohndsmiley738
18.The Real DudeThedudescrew736
19.This is 2020!Shannon Fisher734
20.Weekend At Bob Dolesbridgy733
21.Death be Not Proudsplittertogo732
22.DePressED 04DePressED645
23.Kirk will live forevercarseycritter644
25.Get Vertical 2NotComingDownForBreakfast642
26.Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceCBS641
27.Get VerticalNotComingDownForBreakfast641
28.MQ's Morbid ListPhoenixDown641
29.Robbie and the RottensThedudescrew641
30.Star Trebekin Across Uhuraverseurbscholar641
31.Til Death Due Us PartSal & Barb641
32.8 centenarians and 2 that are closeBunn's Bones To Be640
33.Beth Knows Old PeopleRastafarian Mormon640
34.Deathrider 2020deathrider640
35.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death640
36.Go towards the lightmikegldn640
37.The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague.uselessexistence640
38.Don't Fear the Reaper/I Hope I Die Before I Get OldMOJO639
39.Wake Up DeadMr Bungle639
40.Wohlert's rotting remainsonefunsob639
41.Birds Never Look Into The SunDePressED638
42.Death Becomes YouThe Force is Deathening638
43.Don't Fear the ReaperMOJO638
44.Reap 'Em and Weep #1USER00557638
45.Tears Like Rain...Rob.Bob638
46.Death By Pinocle 3oregontrail637
47.Expiration Date 12.31.19Pokey22637
49.Ranker Leftoverszombiebait637
50.Walking Dead 2020Zombie Mom637
51.Coffinrattler - The Ancientcoffinrattler636
52.Deadly DebutanteDeadly Debutante636
53.Die for us.The rebel.636
54.My liver can't handle Trump much longer!Joker636
55.New Decade, new stiffs!onyx2783636
56.Petey's *%&# UpNancyD636
57.Death By Pinocle 1oregontrail635
59.Cheryls Daisy PushersEuro-trash634
61.Lfd listratmandu1634
63.Tales From The Cryptbridgy634
64.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost633
65.The Regulator ListWarren G633
66.Anarchy is a Title 9 SportAnarchy and a biscuit632
67.Anarchy with Biscuits & JamAnarchy and a biscuit632
68.death by chocolateDie Celebrity Die632
70.Are You Coming or Not?JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag631
71.Corpses Aplenty in 2020Scott in Philly631
72.Ig's dead guys IThe Ig631
73.DePressED 06DePressED630
74.Venus LovemotionDePressED630
75.Bugs and Bones 2USER05927628
76.Black Dog Down Down DownBlack Dog Down625
77.Skunkhair 2020 #1Skunkhair 2013625
78.Some old peopleRastafarian Mormon625
79.Enough of you alreadyCcantu902540
80.This is my yeardie u sob540
81.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl539
82.Going AwayChris Goulart539
83.Going, Going, Gone....Chris Goulart539
84.If Tomorrow Never ComesSal & Barb539
85.MBalmed 2020MBalmed539
86.Rat Bastards 2USER02215539
87.Bugs and BonesUSER05927538
88.Kick The Bucket ListKick The Bucket List538
90.Aardvark1Hugh G. Wrekshun537
91.Bloodbath & BeyondBloodbath & Beyond537
93.Dead and dustyDead Person Specialist, E537
94.MATTOID - Coonhound FrenzyThe Mattoid537
95.Sirdrexl's StiffsSirDrexl537
96.Covfefe or cadaver?MarkMx536
97.Death RowCcantu902536
98.From The Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 4BillFromDaShore536
99.Olivia, it's time to gocarseycritter536
100.Put Pennies on Their EyesBairBones536
102.And Then There Were NoneDePressED535
103.Are We Dead Yet?DEADMOM1960535
104.Get In The Box 2020darianwiccan535
105.Ghouls IncorporatedGhouls Incorporated535
106.La Muerte Die Already DammitLaMuerte535
107.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko535
108.Anarchy tastes like phoAnarchy and a biscuit534
110.Death comes for us alltowelielife534
111.Death March 21BCeltics534
113.Deej's 2020 Dead PeopleDEEJ534
114.Maloyo2020 - 4Maloyo2317534
115.That WAS Entertainment 2020Filmslave534
116.Azabache 2020azabachenegro533
117.Death March1BCeltics533
118.Deathlist Leftoverszombiebait533
119.Do It Tomb Me One More TimeLefacebella533
121.Coffin BoogalooJamoke532
122.Damn Near DeadBada Bing532
123.Death By Pinocle 4oregontrail532
124.Doom From the Tombfromthetomb532
125.Flock of Geezers 2020kenthegreat532
126.Life is a warm short momentReaper Crew532
127.say yes to the death 1berg1199532
129.Chelsea MourningBea Hind531
130.DGD Back in the Saddle AgainDGD531
131.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2020calvey531
134.Bought the East Hill Farmsplittertogo530
135.Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies in the EndMichenley530
136.Terrible newslittle terr530
138.DGD Rides AgainDGD529
139.Doornail's Dead 2020TheDoornail529
141.Skunkhair 2020 #3Skunkhair 2013529
142.Dead On ArrivalThe Coroner528
143.Mourning Wooddoobie77528
144.Of Corpse your Dead 3Shoeguy528
145.Of Corpse your Dead 4Shoeguy528
146.Oh Noes!!!!mommyster528
147.Rock N Roll Me 'Til I'm DeadTrav528
148.Smiling Memphis finally kicked it.Huckleberry528
149.Star light, star bright, first star to croak tonight.Big Guy528
150.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E528
151.2020's clearly goneUSER00562527
152.Another one bites the dustsplittertogo527
153.Cheswick UnderwaterCheswick527
154.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly527
155.Dead Still not DancingDead Person Specialist, E527
156.Death be with youdisgruntled goat527
157.heaven sentDie Celebrity Die527
158.Mr Stiff's PicksMr. Stiffs527
159.Very Old Codgers, Sorry Commish!anarchess527
160.Aging OutChris Goulart526
161.DGD Back in BlackDGD526
162.IAGO 2IAGO526
163.Killer TomatoesIndyHawk526
164.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED526
165.Dead in the WaterBwildered525
166.Donald Be Dead NowDead Person Specialist, E525
167.There Is No EliteDePressED525
168.This Is The One We've Been Waiting ForThe Shadow525
169.Death Rattle Get OFF my lawn!!anarchess524
170.Gold Medalist in the Underground LugeMcPutt524
171.Final Jeopardy 2020Pokey22523
172.Martha PearlDiane523
173.The Centenarian DecadeSilentcalvin523
174.The Game of LifeUSER02045523
175.They Dead...so deadDead Person Specialist, E523
176.Sirius Thecat Did ItSirius Thecat did it522
177.You're Dead To MeThe Shadow522
179.MausoleakumUncle Stiffy434
180.Older Than DirtNVRGVUP434
181.Petey Sez Bub-INancyD434
182.Saints Preserve Us!Paul of St. Augustine433
183.Tom's cryptmatesEuro-trash433
184.Victory AND Death 1Shams433
185.Cheswick PoolboyCheswick432
187.JoeRam5Adios Amigos432
188.MrJeff2000's New Decade of Deteriorationmrjeff2000432
189.Saddle up to the BarChris Goulart432
190.Death Rattle and RollCheckingOut431
191.Enough of you already 2Ccantu902431
192.Oak Tree BoysMardiRob431
193.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb431
194.Snitches Get NichesUncle Stiffy431
195.DEAD 2020FLACO300430
196.DePressED 08DePressED430
197.Hermie BoolieHerm Boolie430
198.I don't hear enough RIPpingrazorben430
199.It's Personallaptoplg430
200.It's Personallaptoplg430
201.Jalepeno Eyestkdmel430
203.Older Than Dirt 2NVRGVUP430
204.Susie Sicko 3Susie Sicko430
205.Are We Dead Yetgoodwin73429
206.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx429
207.Kick The Bucket List 3DKick The Bucket List429
208.The Easiest Way to Stay Alive is to be on my Listlabgrrl429
209.This is my listmeanguy429
210.ACG ghoulsCaitlinmorgan428
211.Ah Dee Ohs 2020DuctTapeSmith428
212.Buh Bye 20 02TenPaces428
213.Chindon, That's enoughptgkc428
215.Honey You Can't Hide Your Dyin' EyesDeath Always Wins428
216.IAGO 3IAGO428
217.Team DeathWish 2020 (2)gfultz1428
218.What Lifestyle are you living....Huckleberry428
219.You Never Told Me You Knew Johnny FontaneFrankie Pentangeli428
220.You're Outta Hereslider1964428
221.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk427
222.Exit stage lefthillbillymacdaddy427
223.I kicked the Bucket ListBud Davenport427
224.Mr. Blake's Fairer SexMr. Blake427
226.Of Corpse your Dead 1Shoeguy427
227.Ruck 2020USER00186427
228.Sand Mountain Death WatchWallbanger427
229.Toe Tagger 2020Wallbanger427
230.you're dead to metheappointment427
233.Knock knock, you deadDead Person Specialist, E426
234.Live and Let DieRickSaturday426
236.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail426
237.Still Sucks to be OldElster000426
238.Yeah, That's A Shame 1BodyFarmBound426
239.Cheswick the FloaterCheswick425
240.Die god damn it! DIE!!!!Lobo425
241.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl425
242.I was 0 for 10 in 2019ColFitz68425
243.Limited FutureFound Down425
244.No Sideline HeatersGaelFC425
246.Blue Eyes Dyin in the Rainchunkemintheclay424
247.DC DoomMeg128424
249.Dust to DollarsDRave13424
250.The Queen Must Go!Deckhawk424
251.Autopsy Turvyborn2run59423
252.Gale Sayers -- I am Thirdlaptoplg423
253.Like a Tombstone CowboyAltois423
254.Xyla PhonyGhoulash423
255.Anarchy's spirit animal is Kate BushAnarchy and a biscuit422
256.CHICKEN AT TRESKY'S # 1Chicken at Tresky's422
257.Susie Sicko 2Susie Sicko422
258.DucksPanama Luke421
259.FRANK'S LIST 2020Meo421
260.JoeRam3Adios Amigos421
261.Live Free or DieRobin421
262.My secondlaptoplg421
264.And then there were 9 #1JohnHinesJr420
265.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl420
266.Laer's 2020 Dirt Napnrubsol420
268.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy420
269.Niche Way Did They GoUncle Stiffy419
270.suicide blondeDie Celebrity Die418
271.Old, Older, and OldestChris Goulart416
272.Take Donald First 2020Dead Person Specialist, E416
273.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It327
274.Death Wish 2020DeathWish327
275.Enjoy Your Last RideTwisted Freak327
276.I never thought it would end this way, gunned down by Santa Claus.PIxiaq327
277.On our way OUT!!!Chris Goulart327
278.Grave DesiresChuckie326
279.I Got A Place to Stay in Vegas, Baby!FroggyB326
280.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIIBJCx78326
281.DEAD IS GOODLpb325
282.Farts of the ArtsRoquefort325
283.grimey reaper 1grimyreaper325
284.Just Die AlreadyDr Drunk325
285.Meat PcCombsPEMCCO325
286.REPEAT 2019 DARTBOARD PICKSBud Santimyer325
287.Soul Catcher - T3TeamTrautz1325
288.grimey reaper 2grimyreaper324
289.Jalepeno Mouthtkdmel324
291.Habitat for Necromancygidget323
292.PolKat 1PolKat323
293.This is betty\'s yearJames30224323
294.Tomb Raters 2020 ITomB rater 666323
295.Act Like You\'re Deaddannykel322
296.Dave\'s Dead Pool Dream #1Your Dead Pool Highness322
297.Deadbeats Not Related To MeEllexxxx322
298.Dusty RichmondGhettoZombie322
299.NO SHAME, NO SHAME 3USER00809322
300.Spelled D.E.A.D. 2020Dead Person Specialist, E322
301.The Walking DeadJerri Blank322
302.More famous peopleAndy321
303.Pete Davidson\'s momMaryjo80321
304.Cauliflower CasketsHuckleberry320
305.Dead FilesBwildered320
306.Death by ActingJanisdoll320
308.Coffin CornerDRave13319
309.God Dammit 2goddammit319
310.grimey reaper 3grimyreaper319
311.Tomb Raters 2020 IIITomB rater 666319
312.Yeah, That's A Shame 3BodyFarmBound319
313.2020 Visionabone318
314.At The TollboothFredo let's go fishing318
315.Cold Dead Handsel bobbo318
316.Doc & DJ--What Is: "As Stiff as Holzhauer's Smile"?Doc & DJ318
317.Maloyo2020 - 2Maloyo2317318
318.Time To Die In 2020Larry4444318
319.10 Funerals 1Jerrytopdown317
320.Badger K says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger317
321.Daisey Pusherssquidly766317
322.God Dammit 1goddammit317
323.Ig's dead guys IIIThe Ig317
324.Saw The Light #3SAW THE LIGHT317
325.Oh Noes!!!mommyster316
326.Well nobody died, did they? #1Archangel316
327.Of Corpse your Dead 5Shoeguy315
328.Saw The Light #1SAW THE LIGHT314
329.Wild GuessDed Yet??314
330.The Good Die Young XTimur312
331.Saw The Light #2SAW THE LIGHT39
332.Lady LuckYoungFreund219
334.To Die For!!shrek219
335.Toodles...Ded Yet??217
336.Dicks out for harambe 3chick813216
337.Hamburger TimeBuffalo Bell Biv DeVoe216
338.AAA Old People 2SatiricalAlexandria215
339.God Dammit 3goddammit215
340.Gotta Go - T2TeamTrautz1215
341.Let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa215
344.Old People 3 and Drug AddictsSatiricalAlexandria214
345.Dying is not very Entertaining.Chris Goulart213
346.NO SHAME, NO SHAME 2USER00809213
348.Death Pool Gambler 4Death pool gambler211
349.Marxed for DeathMarxie Von Trapp211
350.DxRob IDX Rob29
351.Old People 1SatiricalAlexandria29
352.Dead F-ersMadhatter25
353.Anarchy Prefers Gin to VodkaAnarchy and a biscuit110
354.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics110
355.Oscar says Diechillybilly110
356.The People Formerly Known As AliveDr Drunk110
357.Fredo Lets Go FishingFredo let's go fishing19
362.🤞🏻 Fingers Crossed.Amicus mortis11


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