Mr. T has been played on 300 lists, including 75 lists in The 1999 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Vicious Piranha 09USER00023424
2.Vicious Piranha 04USER00023422
3.Vicious Piranha 07USER00023420
4.Vicious Piranha 01USER00023321
5.Vicious Piranha 02USER00023319
6.POPE 07USER00108318
7.Vicious Piranha 06USER00023316
8.POPE 17USER00108315
9.Phillip Plotz 3ed head314
10.Mark McGee 2USER00620214
11.Oh The Humanity! 1USER00563214
12.Oh The Humanity! 2USER00563214
13.Oh The Humanity! 3USER00563214
14.Vicious Piranha 11USER00023214
15.Vicious Piranha 08USER00023212
16.POPE 14USER00108210
17.Vicious Piranha 12USER00023210
18.Steve Silver 3USER0006329
19.Sick Sisters 2USER0005127
20.Steve Silver 1USER0006327
21.Steve Silver 2USER0006326
22.Monte HendersonUSER0052624
23.Capt. DeadpoolUSER00230110
24.Phillip Plotz 1ed head110
25.Wombat 3USER00242110
26.Collette Matise 1USER0038219
27.Vicious Piranha 10USER0002319
28.Will Chill 1equestzim719
30.Phoenix 3USER0012718
32.Will Chill 3equestzim717
33.The Irish Sports PagesUSER0048516
34.The N & M Grim Reapers 1USER0060216
35.Will Chill 2equestzim716
37.Hockey Guy BryUSER0042715
38.Tom's B-ListUSER0038215
39.Jason Arvey 3USER0007414
40.Mustang Sally 1USER0034314
41.Full Frontal 1USER0037613
42.Groovechild 1USER0013413
43.kasey1313 2USER0030813
44.MR. C 1USER0050311
45.MR. C 2USER0050311
46.(Bowel) Movers and ShakersUSER0005100
47.10 and OutUSER0039100
48.2 feet in the groundUSER0038900
49.Big LarUSER0028900
50.Captain Grundle 2USER0030500
51.Collette Matise 3USER0038200
52.Da Baers 2USER0050200
53.Damnit Jim, I'm DEATH Not a Doctor!!USER0004700
54.Death's Door 1USER0041300
55.Dr. JackUSER0055300
56.ElleBee 1USER0047900
57.Ginsu Knife 3USER0037800
58.Jo JoUSER0009600
59.Live and let dieUSER0044700
60.MCB 2Deathscore00
61.mona 2bruinmom00
62.Neil Erickson 2Minnesota Neil00
63.No Future For YouUSER0007300
64.PD&C 3USER0051200
65.Phaug the misty cloud of deathUSER0040800
66.Phillip Plotz' Pistol Pete Pee por Poo Listed head00
67.Poopy Daddy 2USER0278100
68.R U DEAD YET 3USER0004300
69.Sean PennellUSER0038200
70.SiflNOllyRock 2USER0028100
71.Snow DogUSER0035400
72.Ten Dead JabroniesUSER0003800
73.The Grin ReaperUSER0038900
74.Vermicious 2USER0034400
75.Worm FeastUSER0005100


Guess the Stiff!

If you mix up the letters in his name, you get "Die, Mr. Van Ill". Isn't that CRAZY? No? Well, OK. That's all we got.

(d) November 16th, 2016