Mickey Rooney has been played on 1098 lists, including 149 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.The Grass May Be Singing, but Underneath It's Deathly QuietGhost of Stiffs Past627
2.Birdman 17Bird537
3.Oh Mickey you're so fineBird537
4.Birdman 4Bird535
5.Zsa Zsa's a BoreSilentcalvin533
7.Birdman - My fingers are tiredBird432
8.Birdman 9Bird432
9.Pardee in the HouseSilentcalvin430
10.FOOTBALL FANThe rebel.426
11.Rat Bastards 3USER02215426
12.Charlie Don't Surf with Lily ThaiCharlie Dont Surf425
13.Chicken at Tresky's #2Chicken at Tresky's424
14.POTUS 17USER02464423
15.POTUS 18USER02464423
16.Dr. Who - Free for AllDr. Who422
17.Thank's For The Memories 2Digger O Dell 10418
18.Walking dead?Crystal Balls418
19.I Can Change This Later, Right? - IBut Is It Art?416
20.Charlie Don't Surf with Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf323
21.Taking that 1st StepTrinettRae321
22.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls320
23.Jackalope Ghost - Uncle Floyd's RevengeJackalope_Ghost319
24.two ghoulsdoorma319
25.Dust to DollarsDRave13315
26.Going going GoneBigsunset1967315
27.Outta Here 2Nicky Hoi315
28.Googuse's Good Oddsgooguse314
29.No way they'll see 2014ashifman314
30.900 YearsUSER01080313
31.Out of TimeoutsMUWarrior82311
32.Drop Dead 1Drop Dead310
34.I like games where people die.narwhalicorn25338
35.Death is the Final CancellationRastafarian Mormon219
36.headed up IComeonallready219
37.Strictly Come DyingOicho Throw218
38.Coffin Up A StormThe Gilberator217
39.Cupcakes & Champagne 2012nlcfsemfc217
40.farmfresheleven 13Wayneauxmygod217
41.I Got A StiffyI Got A Stiffy217
43.Extreme Deathpooling List #2SFisher215
44.Grunt 0311Rogue Marine215
45.Death Race 2013USER02395214
46.Feeding the treesHoneybee214
47.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb214
48.Ignatius' Rubber GloveIgnatius' Rubber Glove214
49.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy214
50.Poor Kittylindbergh214
51.Deadline for Death 1Burn'em All213
52.It's over, go home!Crystal Balls213
53.My SinDiamondToothGertie213
54.Old but on the way outTheHolySpigot213
55.Open the Pod Bay Door, Hal!Crystal Balls213
56.Flirt With DirtasthedeadtuRNs212
57.harsh realityMarshrat211
58.NoNames 2jim dibello211
59.Three strikes, you're out!Mort d'Zsa Zsa211
60.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #6FrankJac210
61.Radtex: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex210
62.turn me on, dead man!USER01515210
64.death will come to manyT&D29
65.Going down down downRastafarian Mormon29
67.NiceknowinyaWJG v3.029
68.Yadier Molina is a good situational hitter.LMac29
70.NoNames 1jim dibello28
72.Who doesn't want their red stufflindbergh28
73.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #6Shoeguy27
74.!!! elderlytitan36026
75.headed up IIIComeonallready26
76.Joe Theismann's ProstateBagger26
78.You're Dead to Me IINick ‘n Beth23
79.Deadline for Death 3Burn'em All110
81.Joe G ListJoe G110
82.Close the CasketDestroyers19
83.Zsa Zsa is a undead zombieDonkey Sausage19
84.Zsa Zsa will be safe as long as she is on my list 3Maryjo8019
85.Big Dirt SandwichTheBus18
86.Bunns 2012 LeftoversBunn's Bones To Be18
87.Death Becomes Uspeople meat18
88.I Hope They Go - SJRJ Thurmont18
89.J Sizzle's 2013 Bucket ListJSizzle18
90.My Ten Funerals Entertainers 2013Jerrytopdown18
91.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #1Shoeguy18
92.The All-Star ListHugh G. Wrekshun18
93.The Regulator ListWarren G18
94.Dead and taxedTerminator17
95.They're in da holeVaGentry17
97.very old hollywoodme first17
98.WE GOT BUSH!!Pokey2217
99.2013 Daisy PushersRWorkman16
100.Alternating Picks of DoomLMac16
101.Brat PackUSER0246116
102.Googuse's Last Minutegooguse16
103.NoNames 3jim dibello16
104.Rigor IVRigor16
106.Potty Humordead presidents15
107.RoadkillDr Drunk15
108.Skike's PicksSkike14
109.bucket kickerscultleaderjessica12
110.Oldies but GoodiesPHALEX12
111.Rigor IRigor12
112.Rigor IIIRigor12
113.An Old Rangers Shopping ListCanadian Alldeads11
114.chalk'm upthemayorpete11
115.Dented Bucket Brigadejimdkc11
117.Its all over but the dying 2fossilhead11
118.North Tacoma Creepers IIcheeseburger11
119.Rastalls Reapers 2013 IRastalls11
120.roll 'em inHighbeam11
121.Sleddog11 1sleddog11
122.Autumn Harvest - Pez & Butters SamichPezintree00
123.Bring out yer dead 2pooblemoo00
124.CaSkeT CrAzY... Famous Dead GuysCaSkeT CrAzY00
125.Divas and Douchebagsreadsforfilth00
126.DJ Badger: So long, MOM!DJ Badger00
127.Don't Let the Door....Crystal Balls00
128.Get On With It!boomshadow00
129.I Really Dig These GuysDick Rotten00
130.Its Not Fun or FunnyDead Already?00
131.Jokin and CroakinJokin and Croakin00
133.Mayan MalarkeyWallbanger00
134.Nedermayer!! DEAD!!Boner Stabone00
135.Not So Fuckin' Funny Now, Is It?humanmeal00
136.Now I Lay You Down to SleepTheLeeJrwinna!00
137.Older than dirtElster00000
138.One foot in the graveMeanMom7400
139.Petey's HotDog IIINancyD00
140.pool 1spookymagoo00
142.Rigor IIRigor00
144.Shady Pines Nursing HomeEvil Lemons00
145.Shanny Valleypisco00
146.Six Feet Under IVChelsea Dagger00
147.Stop the Healing!Yule Log00
148.The Big SunsetBigsunset196700


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